Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor Ragnarok News!!

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    Michael Keaton Joins ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ After All – Is He The Vulture?; ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Beefs Up Cast

    Michael Keaton has been confirmed for THE VULTURE in 2017's "Spider-Man: Homecoming!"

    Additionally, the same article reports that, for next year's THOR RAGNAROK, they've added to the cast: Cate Blanchett as HELA, Jeff Golblum as THE GRANDMASTER, Karl Urban as SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER, and Tessa Thompson (of 'Creed') will be playing VALKYRIE!


    MORE SOURCES: Thor: Ragnarok Adds Cate Blanchett, Jeff Goldblum, Karl Urban And More To Cast
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  2. Too sick of Spider-man. Hopefully Thor is better than TDW.

    Otherwise, neat. More movies for me to spend my money on.
  3. This better not f****** postpone Captain Marvel again D:<<

    but okay if it's Chris Hemsworth...
  4. Cate Blanchett is a pretty decent actress, but I'm not sure about her in the world of superheroes. I hope she nails it, but.....

    Spiderman is a meh for me, even after watching Civil War. But I'm pretty pumped for Thor.
  5. anythingwill be better than Dark World
  6. Care Blanchett is just adding to the monolith of acting royalty that's been a part of the Thor series. Hell, Marvel movies have tapped into genuine actors as a whole, and not just the young or no-named or washed out. Glenn Close, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Rene Russo, Michael Douglas, William Hurt, Tommy Lee Jones, Jeff Bridges... And while not MCU, Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian Mckellan for the X-Films over at Fox!!

    Besides, she's already been a Demi-goddess Elf lady in LOTR, she's allowed to be an actual goddess super villain over in Marvel. <3


    Y Iwaku u no love Spidey? ;_;
  7. No one likes men in tights unless it's Robin Hood.
  8. This
  9. I think I'm one of the very few people who didn't absolutely hate The Dark World. Not sure why, exactly. It probably bears a rewatching to figure out, but I don't think I'll bother (which might explain why no one likes that movie, now that I think of it).

    Pretty sure Blanchett will be awesome as Hela. They kept dark Galadriel to a minimum in LotR, but all she will have to do is play that version of the character and I will be satisfied, personally.

    Goldblum as the Grandmaster intrigues me. Seems to suggest they will be building up to 'Infinity War' in the next few movies, what with Benicio del Toro already playing the Collector in GotG. Hopefully they'll stay away from the rest of the Elders of the Universe, although that could be a good way to introduce Uatu the Watcher to the MCU. Hell, at this point I'm half expecting there to be another MacGuffin Infinity Stone that shows up in Doctor Strange.

    I find Michael Keaton playing the Vulture to be an appealing idea. If nothing else, he was already Birdman, although I'm pretty sure that in no way relates to this role. I never saw the film, so I can't say for sure. He seems to possess sufficient gravitas and versatility to play any number of villains, really. Just so long as he's better than he was in that Robocop remake.

    I for one am loving Tom Holland as Spider-Man so far. I think it's great that we are finally getting to see a true teenage Peter Parker who is not only learning how to be a hero, but also dealing with growing up. I'm looking forward to Homecoming and seeing where they go with the character.
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