Spending the day with you

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  1. If you could spend the day with any one of your RP characters, which would it be and why?

    What would you do with him/her?
  2. O -o I pick uh....right now I do not have many Rp Characters, but I would like to spend it with my vampire OC (Lalu Star) and become a vampire too!! lol
  3. Oh GOOOSH.. just one? :o uuuh.. hmm... not that one.. no no ... not that.. hmm.. nope.. ehm.. maybe.. hmm.. (Keeps counting them up in her head while mumbling for another hour)

    I think I would want to meet Jillian, she is a girl that can see the future and I would use her to win the lottery a couple of times xD Then I would take her shopping and go to see a movie and then go to an amusement park. x) She needs that after what she has gone thew xD
  4. I have no idea what Rastul would be like.
  5. I would definitely spend the day with Adare. He's so much fun, and a bartender to boot! We'd hang out, talk about guys together, and maybe drink some awesome cocktails or something. Karaoke, totally.
  6. I'd probably have to go with Arthur "Six" Stein from Murder city, cause he is a badass metal tendril slingin' supah villain! Not only would he be a good bodyguard, but we could visit his home in Germany someday...hopefully during Oktoberfest, beer and sausage all day long.
  7. I'd spend my day with...
    Gillian from The Ballad.<3
    He is a Berserker, but he is peaceful when he doesn't snap.<3
    He is also very quirky, and chill. Not to mention, a gentleman inside! >:3
    He's just a cool, righteous dude.
    Plus, he carries a portable bear trap around.
  8. I'd spend it with Kestrel, whom is a character from one of my to-be-completed novels.

    She's badass.
  9. I'd pick Fire Lily/Sandra from our Murder City roleplay. :] She's a badass with a fire powers and flamethrower, plus she shares my passion for gardening. I'd want her to kick the asses of my enemies with me and then hook me up with equipment like she's got.
  10. My Meta PC. Tahl'dhon. I would hang out with him and hang out and defeat baddies.