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  1. Since the beginning of time, there have been witches. Women, and occasionally men, who can command dark forces beyond the ken of most mortals. Covens have sprung up all around the world, where witches can learn to harness and master their powers, and perhaps the most infamous of these is the Bloodroses.

    Since the beginning of time, there have been witch hunters. Men, and sometimes women, who have a calling to stop supernatural beings of all sorts from preying upon humans. Now, a group of them has come to the town of Serenity, tracking rumors of a strong coven.

    This is not a roleplay of good and evil, but of light and dark merging in the shadows. Sometime soon, a threat will come that neither side can face alone, with the fate of the world at stake. Can they set aside their differences, or is there too much bad blood?

    Key Places (open)

    Castle Bloodrose- Home of the Bloodrose Coven, obviously. Hidden to nonmagical beings, the castle is much larger on the inside than it is on the outside, and comes complete with a large library, rooms for the practice of various schools of magic, a vast array of magical servants, and all the comforts one could ever want. Here is where the witches will be starting

    Serenity- A town about two miles away from Castle Bloodrose, with a population of about a thousand. Farming is a big thing here, but there's also several shops, a blacksmith, and the ever-popular Black Boar Inn. The Black Boar is well-known as a meeting point for groups of wandering witch hunters in the area, and will be the hunters' starting point.

    Other places will be added as needed, and can be added by any player. Need a deep, dark cavern to explore, or a romantic field? Go for it!

    A few notes on magic (open)

    First off, witches and warlocks are born, not made. There's no way for someone born without the ability to cast spells to learn it. That said, anyone can get their hands on a magical artifact and use it, though due to the general distrust and hatred of magic, few do.

    As for how magic works, it's... complicated. Some weak effects can be accomplished by thought alone, while stronger effects need an incantation. Heavy-duty effects often require a full-blown ritual, which may require multiple witches, blood sacrifices, or rare ingredients to pull off. Some witches prefer to skip all this and ritually summon an entity to do the hard work, either bargaining with the being or beating it into doing what the summoner wants. (Basically, I'll allow all sorts of magic systems, but if it's really weird, run it by me first.)

    While there are some basic abilities like minor telekinesis that are common to all witches, most, if not all, have a particular specialty. One might be a talented diviner, for instance, while another is a skilled telepath. Although there is some natural skill involved, it is possible for one witch to teach another their specialty and get the student up close to their level. Indeed, this sharing of knowledge is almost as big a reason for witches coming together in covens as mutual protection

    Weaknesses of witches (open)

    These weaknesses are common to all witches, but feel free to come up with one that makes sense to your particular witch. Hunters, it would be wise to bring some of these along!

    Gold- has antimagical properties. A hunter wearing gold has some resistance to magic, but it's never going to be a full immunity. If a witch is wearing gold, they will find their powers restrained, but never fully removed.

    Silver and crosses- burn witches and cause extreme pain. Must be touched to the skin.

    Lavender- lethally toxic to witches.

    One final note (open)

    It is possible to have a male witch or a female hunter. That said, they're rather rare and will probably have to work harder to prove themselves.

    The rules (open)

    I am GM, what I say goes. I will do my damnedest to be a benevolent dictator, but the latter must take precedence over the former.

    There will be collaborative posts written up on Titanpad, which is a free website for collaborating. You like to work on your posts alone, this might not be the roleplay for you.

    Apart from that, the usual. No godmodding/autohitting, keep OOC and IC separate, you know the drill

    Witch CS (open)

    Picture (Include any differences)

    Specialty Power (Please be as descriptive as possible)

    Hunter CS (open)

    Picture (Include any differences)

    Signature Weapon
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  2. SO, questions: Is everyone part of the coven a Bloodrose? Or are the Bloodroses just the running force of the coven itself? Also, what kind of images would you prefer? art, anime, or faceclaims?
  3. Alright, an explanation. Covens are named for their current leader, in this case, Madeline Bloodrose. (Her CS will be up Monday night.) The other witches are not necessarily blood relations to her, pardon the pun. They've gathered from all over

    In addition, either real or anime works for me.
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  4. Lily Evergreen
    Lily Evergreen



    Lily stands just under six feet in height with soft ivory flesh that havn’t a scar a visible. Her hair falls in long red waves down to her mid to lower back and more often than not, the curls and waves are left down to do as they please. Her eyes are ever changing hazel ranging from the darkest green to an inhuman gold. She tries to dress as one should if living in a castle, she wears long dresses, but leaves the more ornate of her wardrobe alone unless some kind of function dictates that she look her best. But no matter how well put together she manages to become, there’s always a bit of wild lurking behind her eyes.

    Quiet, Standoffish/shy, wild, primal, kind, territorial, wise,
    Lily is a quiet soul, even after she warms up to someone she tends to communicate nonverbally more than she uses her voice. She has a kind heart. Her soft face is expressive, which is sometimes off putting when a more bestial expression crosses her face such as when she bares her teeth. There are a lot of animal like mannerisms in the way she holds herself, and the way she acts can be downright primal under the etiquette she was raised with. The redhead is possessive of what’s hers and doesn’t like it when others invades what she considers to be her territory. Although not the most book smart in the world, she has a quiet wisdom about her that makes it obvious that she’s no fool. Lily has a healthy, sometimes unhealthy, dose of curiosity that sometimes lands her into trouble. She’d rather be outside than inside and she enjoys wandering and exploring the Rosewood that lurks behind the castle.

    Lily was born on autumn morning outside of the castle walls in the woods. Her father is an unknown man that her mother never spoke of. While her mother had been known for her healing specialty, Lily, named after her mother’s favorite flower, was born to the woods and seemed to absorb some of its very essence into her soul. When she was young, Lily was indeed almost more animal than witch, it took more than just her mother to tame her into the woman she is today.

    Lily grew up just like others of the coven, learning from the elders and practicing her craft. Of course, Lily struggled with the concept of sitting still and staying inside. Especially he inside part. But she did take her lessons, sometimes with a grain of salt and she grew and practiced and became a witch of great power in her own right. She seems to have a talent for healing, but nothing like her mother before her.​

    Specialty Power:
    Witch of the Rosewood (Think Druid)
    Lilys specialty seems to reside in that of nature based magics. The flora and Fauna respond to her whims and bend to her will with ease. Animals won’t attack her, and she and they seem to understand each other. Lily is also to take on an animal form, that of a red fox and a butterfly. Which is perhaps why she finds herself closest to these creatures. She possesses greensight, which lets her see into the recent memory of the plantlife around her and she can share her sight with a willing creature, seeing through their eyes up until they leave her range (3 miles currently). Her abilities are strongest in the woods in which she was born, the forest surrounding that of Bloodrose Castle, she is at her best there. The strength of her abilities lessen the further into civilization she treads, the metals and engineering of humans perverting the natural feel of the world and so diminishing her specialty magics. Lily is perhaps even more susceptible to the metals that hurt her kind and she seems to dislike all processed metals in general (They sting her at a touch), but she seems to have a bit more tolerance to lavender than most witches. Lily is tied to the Rosewood and can’t stray too far from it, she’s never left its shadow overnight and the longer she’s away from it, the weaker she becomes.

    Rosewood Only:
    She is her strongest in the Rosewood and her very soul seems to be tied to the land there. As long as she’s in the Rosewood, she won’t get lost, even if she wanders into an area she’s unfamiliar with. She knows immediately if a threat steps into the Rosewood, she doesn’t know where it is, only that it’s somewhere in the forest. If she enters a meditate like state of being, she can “feel” the Rosewood, and can become part of the forest as long as she isn’t woken up. While in this state, the energy of the Rosewood will heal her if she is damaged and restore her own innate power.​

    EDIT: It's mostly done, but I'd like to add onto the bio as we get more people signed up, if that's alright, that way I can add relationships in if anyone is willing.​
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  5. Hm, tempted to make a witch. So can I confirm the basic plot is that a group of hunters want to kill the witches, but later some greater threat to both the witches and hunters is going to come along, which may (or may not) lead to unity amongst the witches and hunters?
  6. Looks good to me, Silver. Lily is accepted.

    Yes, that's the overall plot, Daz, but there will be several arcs within the story.

    One thing I forgot to mention, though. There's no character limit, make as many as you can handle.
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  7. Is her specialty power alright? and the weakness modifications I threw in for her?
  8. Thank-you, I just wanted to ensure I understood the plot! I'm starting school again tomorrow, so I'm going to see how I can handle the current RPs I've signed up to alongside school work. If I think I'll have the time to handle this as well, then I'll sign up. :)

    If I do sign up you can expect a cute trap character though~. You implied there is stigma against male witches, so I think it'd make sense for a male witch to pretend to be female in order to avoid such stigma.
  9. It's fine, Silver. Just know that she may be forced to leave the Rosewood for a little while on quests and the like.

    Definitely not what I was expecting Daz, but okay. If he's found out, though...
  10. Then the opinion of male witches can be explored further! I'm setting this character up for despair before I've even made them, if I can make them that is. I am curious to see how it would play out though.
  11. I'm gonna make a hunter - it seems that there could be a lack of them. Please give me a bit of time to come up with an application.
  12. Good to see you back, Fetz! Just be known, there's a few rules about smut round here if you wanna bring back Khan.
  13. So I'm just curious. Is this taking place in the modern realm or in a more medieval time period?
  14. Shit, I would love that XD
    Keeping my fingers crossed now for that CS

    I'm going to make a male warlock and female hunter, just because I like to go against the odds and make things interesting.
  15. Here's my application for a hunter.

    Lazarus de Seis

    Source: kaio89 @ DeviantArt

    Lazarus de Seis




    Lazarus looks much older than he really is: His hair is a bright white mess dangling from his head in long, solid streaks. His face consists of a not-so-young looking skin beginning to form small bags below his eyes. It lacks color, but is too dark to be considered really pale. He always wears a beard that doesn't seem to get more attention than the regular shaving once every two weeks or so. Eyes are steel blue and striking below his pronounced eyebrows. Despite heavy drinking, Lazarus has kept a lean figure. What makes things much easier for him in that respect is that he is seven feet five inches tall. His frame is broad and loaded with a remarkable amount of muscles, his weight could be estimated at 400 to 440 pounds.

    Lazarus can be considered difficult to become a friend of. When attempting to dig deeper into him instead of just scratching the surface, it usually feels like hitting a brick wall. It's not that he would be particularly grumpy, but he understands the meaning of a decisive rebuff. That is what likely will happen if you give up early enough. If not: It is easier to drive Lazarus into the explosive region by doing things that annoy him than it is with your average companion. It would not be the first time he has given someone both a verbal and a physical beating. He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but it's not too noticeable to be actually disturbing. On the other hand he knows very well that favors need to be returned and Lazarus values things like punctuality, orderliness and efficiency. If one sticks to some rules specific for him, he can become one's friend. A friend that can be considered a bit of an alcohol addict.

    Lazarus is the first son of a witch family, born inside the Bloodrose coven. What makes him distinctive is that he didn't inherit his blood line's talent for magic - he was as ordinary as a human can possibly be. Unfortunately for him, his parents weren't the sort that isn't deeply disappointed by such things. If Lazarus could not become a warlock, he should at least be infused by some magic! From a very young age onwards, he was subjected to a large number of different experimental and non-experimental rituals and incantations that were carried out in secrecy because his parent's didn't know if the Coven's leaders would accept such things or not.

    The results were his personality being damaged, his physical development being altered and his relationship to his own family destroyed. One day, he escaped the coven and tried to get as far away from it as possible. Attacks of pain emanating from inside his body that had undergone so much manipulation and the fact that he had no real home left made things difficult. Things turned for the better when monks of a local monastery took notice of him. Over the years, they tried to calm his impetuousness and treat him, but without knowing what they were truly dealing with, success was rather humble. Yet the monks currently and probably are his only true friends.

    With some sort of promise to return, he left them when he heard rumors leading back to his origin, the Bloodrose coven. It's not that he has a grudge against witchcraft and all of its disciples in general, but he certainly wants to exact personal revenge against a certain bunch of them.

    Signature weapon:
    The monks have taught him how to fight with wooden sticks, a method he has decided to adapt for his beginning episode as a hunter. Of course he has not chosen the next dead branch that happened to lie in his way and be straight enough: His weapon is a not so massive looking, but long, very sturdy piece of oak tree. It's bark is removed and it got cut smooth and treated with substances to prevent it from rotting and to make it gleam.​
  16. Looks good to me, Fetz. Accepted.
  17. Medieval.

    Btw.: Do signature weapons have the same meaning as in the original game ?
  18. Yes they do, Fetz.
  19. [​IMG]

    Name: Madeline Bloodrose

    Gender: Female

    Age: 59 (She's done... something to herself to slow her aging process to a crawl)

    Personality: Madeline is a quiet, thoughtful woman. She loves her coven passionately and is driven to make it better. Anyone outside the coven can burn, as far as she's concerned- and a few hunters have.

    Bio: The trouble with trying to learn about Madeline is sorting out the rumors from the facts. Did she find the Fountain of Youth in her carefree, younger days? Is her garden a prison for the souls of her former lovers? Is Madeline Bloodrose even her real name, or a mask to hide herself from the outside world?

    What is known for certain is that Madeline is a powerful witch, arguably the most well-rounded in the world. Many secrets of the art of magic can be found in her library, and she's on a first-name basis with several powerful entities. Cross her at your peril.

    Specialty Power: Divination. Seeing the future is a tricky business, but Madeline is an expert at it. Her visions aren't perfect (She might see someone wearing a green shirt, when in actuality they will be wearing a brown one), but she gets the basics right every time. She has several methods for foretelling, but her favorite is a runecarved and enchanted set of human fingerbones. Whose they were, she doesn't say.


    Name: Laurel Marrin
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28
    Personality: Laurel is a fun-loving woman, with a mischievous sense of humor. Many a member of the coven has found themselves on the receiving end of a minor jinx from her, but always more annoying than harmful. She also loves going into Serenity and making friends among the unwitting normals. It makes it that much more delicious when she needs one for a sacrifice.

    Bio: Laurel's family has been part of the coven for generations; her recently deceased mother was a trusted confidant of many of the older witches. Laurel, however, doesn't inspire the same feelings. Maybe it's her prankster nature, maybe it's the fact that her powers are disturbing even to other witches. Regardless, she has a lot to prove still.

    Specialty: Blood Curses. Blood is a potent magical fuel, whether from oneself or an unwilling victim. Laurel can use that fuel to inflict devastating afflictions on her foes. Twisted minds, corrupted bodies, she can do it all. She usually carries several vials on her person, enough to bring a couple of attackers to their knees, begging for death.


    Name: Abigail Varrus
    Gender: Female
    Age: 32

    Personality: Abigail's best described as ambition incarnate. She's always driven to be the best among the coven at everything, whether it be swordplay, magic, or a multitude of other tasks. She doesn't make friends easily, though, largely because her massive ego and drive get in the way.

    Bio: Abigail doesn't know anything about her family. All she knows is that she was abandoned at the gates of Castle Bloodrose as an infant by a dying warlock from another coven. Madeline took her in and raised her as her own daughter, training her in black magic. Nowadays, she's Madeline's right hand.

    Specialty Power: Mistress of Hell. Abigail is the most talented summoner of the coven by far, showing a natural talent for conjuring demons from the abyss. She trades bits and pieces of her soul, mind, and memories for temporary power, and is currently doing research for a special project, one that even Madeline can't pry the details from her. All anyone knows is that it's an act of magic that no witch has ever succeeded in before.


    Name: Abraham Elliot

    Age: 27


    Personality: If there is one word that can describe Abraham, it's dour. The man never seems to crack a smile, whether he's hunting some vampire or taking a load off in the tavern. In fact, one could say that he's a little too focused on his work.

    Bio: Abraham's family has been hunting... things as long as anyone can remember. He's slain several minor witches himself, but he wants to test himself against tougher prey. Rumors have reached him of strange events in Serenity, so he's made his way there to find out what exactly is going on.

    Signature Weapon: A straight sword he's named Endbringer. It has inlaid gold on one side and inlaid silver on the other, making it a dangerous weapon against witches.
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