Spelling It Out - #1 - Happiness

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  1. Spelling It Out
    Write a verse of poetry that spells something down the left side that is related to the topic, in other words, the first letter of every line.
    For example:
    Something I'm thinking of, it lights up a room
    Maybe it's bright? Destroying the gloom
    If anyone answers, I wonder whom?
    Lest they notice my simple clue
    Easy is this puzzle to do...

    Theme: Happiness
    It's a fairly simple theme. There's a lot of freedom in it. Whether you make it into a story, a description, or whatever else your muse can conjure, make it spell something out!

    I think it would be funny to write a poem that fits the theme, but spells out something opposite. Consider that a bonus challenge! It's optional though, so you don't have to do it.
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  2. You could feel empty today
    Encouter your fears and break limitations
    Happiness is within you
    When searching for it
    You will face greater walls
    Find a way through these hardships and ask-
    Yourself in the end, if the journey was worth it?
  3. Left behind for who you are
    Arching your hand for help
    Utterly feeling a bit bizzare
    Gathered loneliness makes you yelp.

    How to escape the solitude
    To win back your freedom
    Enter into the kingdom of Eden
    Rendered of your gratitude.

    Ugh, it's pretty bad, isn't it? I was never that much of a poetry writer but i took up the challenge :-P
  4. (I think I did it wrong! Well this is my second chance)

    Scattered around the world
    Time is cut short
    Realization has to come
    Enter the mind but do not stop
    Negativity undermines your being
    Ghost of the past don't let you sleep
    Tick tock the time has come
    Hope was never lost
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  5. To be in love is being happy,
    Love is the light of life,
    Is hate really worth it?
    Happiness is loving others.
  6. Friendship is mysterious,
    Reminding every one of us
    In word and action, thought and dream,
    Each joint holds up another beam.
    Not one can stand up on their own;
    Do good and do not be alone.
    See others with a smile kind,
    However flustered be your mind.
    In all you do, in word and song,
    Prevent not love and friendship strong.
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  7. Sorry, I wasn't clear about that. (Fixed to directions to make it make mare sense. Hopefully.)
    Doxa and Magus have it correct. ^^