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  1. Day 0- Morning Phase

    For their own individual reasons, our characters have declared they wish to become elite mages, the first step to becoming a knight. To accomplish this, they must live in the mage's district, and apply to live under the guidance and command of an existing knight. Each of your characters has been accepted by the knight Lancelot, and are arriving to his orientation.

    Once Everyone Arrives (open)

    "Today in the Kingdom of Rikeira, in the city of Merton, you have declared your intent or been conscripted to live the life of an elite mage. Everything you could possibly need to improve your magic is located here. Regardless of if you'd like to store greater amounts of magic, cast mightier spells, control the flow of your magic, or make your flow that of a waterfall, you will find yourself accommodated. After your training, everyone will be allowed to make use of the arena to test their abilities and hone their tactics. All of these services are not services however. Do not forget that your magic belongs to your lord, Rikeira. Your training is not optional, for you must improve to better serve your lord. That is the responsibility you accepted by living in the mage's district, and it is part of my job as knight to see you nothing interferes with your ability to serve the lord. As you should be well aware, I am the knight assigned to oversee your group, Sir Lancelot. If you have any questions or concerns, you can find me in my quarters, though don't expect to find me except in the morning; however, you might find me on patrol in the night if you are lucky. I will now dismiss you all for training. I recommend getting to know those around you and getting along as best you can, for as of this moment, you will all be collectively responsible for each individual's actions, and you will be living in that building together." Lancelot points to what equates to a giant, ugly, insulated storage facility. "You are all dismissed." Lancelot goes back into his quarters to handle records and reports.
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  2. (Sorry... I can't get this centered for some reason...)
    Meijin's Mood (open)

    Forgive me, for I couldn't get the gif in all its glory...
    And also, please ignore the white haired boy.
    Meijin's EXACT Mood

    After traveling for a long time, Meijin had finally arrived in the capital. She was excited and nervous all at the same time, but she just knew that she was going to have an amazing time. She was sure that she was going to make lasting memories in this town. It was the first step in her long journey, and she knew it would be hard. She would work hard to help herself and others reach their goals. She knew that she wanted to become one of the most powerful mages, studying every type of magic. That wasn't the only goal she wanted though. She wanted to help others, even if she was being used. Meijin wanted to know that she existed and by helping others, in her own way, it was proving that she was living.

    Meijin walked around the town, trying to find the place where the great knight, who had taken her in, lived. She walked over to people and asked for directions, but they all responded with, "Oh, you'll know where it is" or "You'll get there eventually." What kind of answers are those? I... I don't think I can find it, but if I've been told I can do it... I guess I can. I have to do it for you, Fuko. She looked up into the sky and then started off again, wandering aimlessly through the town.

    She walked. She walked for a very long time. Meijin believed it was about three hours, but she wasn't quite sure. Her feet were tired and she was sick of looking around a place that she had never been before. She sat on the edge of a fountain to rest. She looked up at the sky and sighed. Fuko... I can't find the stupid place where I'm supposed to meet the great knight, Lancelot. I'll just keep looking. No... I've tried that and it didn't work... What am I going to- Hold on. Do I hear- She heard the mutterings of some kind of gathering, which she thought might be her group. By her luck, it was. She saw Lancelot, whom she had recognized from numerous pictures. And she saw a few people standing near him, listening to what he had to say. She went closer and got into the group. She nervously laughed. She patiently waited for Lancelot to begin after she had settled in a bit.

    She listened to the first half of Lancelot's speech intently and smiled more than a few times. After that, she kind of zoned out and then once, he told them that they were dismissed, she got back on track. W-Wait! I just missed part of Lancelot's speech! What am I doing? I must look so disrespectful... Great, you're already starting off on the wrong foot.

    After Lancelot was done giving his speech, she tried to act very natural, but she was sure that she just looked nervous because she hadn't heard part of the speech. Since she did hear the part where he suggested that they get to know one another, she tried to introduce herself first. "Hello!!! I'm Meijin. Meijin Kobitora. And you guys are?"
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  3. For a great many mages, the journey towards knighthood was a vigorous process involving a journey of many miles to the nearest mage training facility. Thanks to the many monsters that litter the areas outside of the leylines, this typically also meant owing favors to a skilled mage, something extremely pricy considering it is one of the few things that are both largely scarce and in demand, or braving the trip with your life on the line. Astra however, was fortunate enough to live in a town with a properly funded mage's district, meaning that she would be just a few minutes away from home. Even despite this, the mage's district is like a whole other world. Regular citizens who haven't sworn themselves to the lord and been assigned to a knight aren't even allowed in this part of town, and over half the population is bound to be from out of town. Lancelot especially seems to have a fondness for foreigners, so it could well be that Astra is the only native here.

    Astra only got out of bed an hour ago before cleaning herself, and getting dressed into the special outfit she prepared for her journey as a mage. Most people would like something with magic plating to defend against stray magic for arena fights, but Astra instead elected to outfit herself for training. Her long brown hair was held up with her two signature red ribbons. The ribbons are actually made from a frost wyrms tail hide, later dyed red, which makes them cool to the touch and makes the heat more bearable with long hair. For her outfit, Astra elects show a lot of skin, wearing what equates to a tricked out sleeveless male tunic. This piece was made from frost wyrm hide, and instead of being dyed, had its color transmuted finely into shades of purple, white, and pink. Also, instead of wearing shoes, Astra has coated her body with a complex mixture of elemental essences, making a faintly shiny coat. It appears to repel dirt, as her feet and body appear to be completely clean wherever she goes, and it likely protects against sunburn as any reasonable person would wear long clothes to protect against just that. Lastly, for her weapon, Astra has her right hand marked with the symbol of the Aether-dagger, a weapon designed to appear on command, but lacks in penetration, reach, and durability. Although Astra was not a particularly wealthy individual, she did have a lot of good friends, and a lot of support from a certain nobleman who initiated the investigation years ago, allowing Astra access to such luxurious items and services. Needless to say, Astra's odd appearance and unique fashion often catch a person's attention.

    Many people found her quite a distraction on her way to orientation, for which she arrived just in the nick of time. While most people were listening to Lancelot himself, Astra was more interested in the extremely awesome magical armor he was rocking since she basically already understood the functions of mage district. Lancelot was always more of a showoff than he liked to admit, and that gold plated armor of his was absolutely no exception. As a Knight, Lancelot has access to the Kingdom's royal armory, which has the rarest materials in the realm. That armor is so powerful, Astra would be unlikely to pierce the armor even if she hit him directly with a heart bullet, and definitely not her flimsy weapon. Plus, you can tell the craftsmanship is exquisite. That armor is fit for a King, and complements Lancelot's golden blonde hair and red eyes. Astra isn't into guys, but if she had to, Lancelot would be her first choice.

    With the conclusion of Lancelot's speech, Astra's favorite part had finally arrived. She wanted to get to know everyone there, and see who she could convince to join her in the underground meditation room with her. Despite the name, actually meditating does not help absorb any additional power from the layline, so without company it is essentially just standing in a room alone if you don't have any company. Fortunately, a black-haired cutie did Astra the favor of breaking the ice, so she'd certainly make a good candidate for the first person she could get to know. Lunging forward, Astra warps her arms around the girl's waist into a hug. Cheerfully, "Nice to meet you Meijin. My name's Astra. I'm glad to be here with everyone." Letting go of the poor girl, Astra quickly turns to face the rest of the group with her arms held behind her back in an attempt to look cute, but also as a reflection of the nervousness she felt when meeting a bunch of strangers she'd have to live with from now on. "I'm not the most capable as a mage, and I don't have any real aspirations other than helping people, but if you ever find yourself lost, I know my way around. I live here, so that's why. I mean, I hope I'd know the place well right?" Astra laughs nervously, hoping she didn't seem too awkward, not that she would change her behavior if it was.
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  4. Enoch Brody
    Enoch yawned quietly as he woke up, blinking his eyes sleepily, recalling where he was slowly but surely... As soon as everything started to come into perspective, he snapped awake, looking around; he had spent his first night in the mages district. It had been quite the interesting experience as far as he knew, though, he had a feeling there was still quite alot he had to experience, that much was obvious, realizing that he should probably head out, noticing the clock nearby, he stumbled, a bit groggily, towards his dresser, blinking a few times as he noticed something was missing... Where was his map? A rising sense of panic welled up inside him as he frantically looked around, dashing about the room until he finally spotted it, right underneath the edge of the ground below the bed. Seeing that he had unwittingly left his window open when he had crawled tiredly into bed after that long hike, he quickly realized how much worse things could have gone.

    As he started to breath, calming himself down, he carefully picked up the now slightly crumpled map, rolling it up and placing it on the table, closing the window this time... He figured he'd get changed out of his worn clothes soon enough, taking out a fresh set from his suitcase and placing them on the bed; he had wanted to unpack his belongings earlier, but, he had simply been too exhausted to last night. Perhaps he'd do it after Lancelot's first briefing or something, speaking of which, it would probably be in his best interests to head over to the location he was informed to meet him at right away! First off, however, he decided to bathe himself, washing off the dirt that had collected on his skin over the course of yesterday's trecking... After he dried himself off, he went over, and put on the fresh set of clothes he had taken out earlier, feeling a little more relaxed now, ready to head out and meet Lancelot, with the drive to improve his own skills over the course of his stay. Though, first, he quickly walked over to the dressed, taking his rolled up map and looking if over a few more times, satisfied with the progress he had made on it so far, he tucked it in a pocket within his outer robe; this map is what marked the way home. Without it, he dreaded to think what would happen, especially if he had ended up losing his way; reassuring himself that he would never lose hold of that valuable map, he took a deep breath, and headed out the door.

    His walk was rather uneventfull, though, as he walked along quietly, "strutting" along somewhat, trying to act confident despite the variety of looks he recieved from the local townsfolk. Some were warm, friendly, and even welcoming, while others were a little resentfull, judgemental, or perhaps just curious really... After all, it was strange to see someone, all the way from the mines of Montes Cristallum living amongst the townsfolk, or perhaps Enoch just thought that's what was causing the occasional passerby to glance at him in a manner that made him feel uncomfortable. Despite this though, he kept his cool, continuing to walk along, pretending nothing was happening to him, though, soon enough, out of compulsion, he quickly brought out the map he had drawn so far, unrolling it and adding a few details he had missed to it. He carefully studied it a few times before he put it back in his inner pocket, making sure to carefully fold it up first as he realized it might be protruding a little too much, or perhaps he was just paranoid that it was. In the end, he finally reached the area where they were supposed to be meeting lancelot, he noticed there was a few others there already. Seeing Lancelot himself reminded Enoch that he himself was quite inexperienced in the arts of magic; he wasn't even wielding a proper weapon, just a flimsy old dagger, nothing he'd want to fall back to if his mana ran out...

    As Lancelot's speech started, he stood there, listening intently, to what he was saying, nodding occasionally, fortunately it wasn't a particularly boring speech... It would have been quite embarrassing if he had dozed off right on his feet; though, once the speech ended, he looked towards the building they were going to stay at, eyeing it with uncertainty. He turned though upon hearing a few others start to talk, introducing themselves; they seemed to be having a really casual discussion, and, with that in mind, he wondered if he should join in... Lancelot did advise to talk with the others a little. So, in an attempt to "mingle" with the others as one would say, he approached them, clearing his throat softly before he spoke, trying to mask his nervousness. "Hello there... It's nice to meet you... Meijin, and you as well, Astra." He said, waving a little as he smiled, a hint of awkwardness to the expression on his face, it seemed he was trying his best to put on a calm, non-challant sort of act, but, it hadn't entirely worked.

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  5. "Goodbye, my old friend." Caelis muttered into the ear of a handsome, amber brown rouncey. The horse flaired its nose in response as Caelis patted its mane for one last time. Caelis looked at the weathered looking man holding the horse's reins and said "I trust you to take care of Ventus, Captain." The man responded "Of course, he looks out for me, and I'll look out for him. You need a good relationship in the battlefield with your horse if you don't want to become unfortunately unhorsed." Caelis nodded and said his final bye. He departed the stable and headed to the meeting area in the mage's quarters. Caelis had woken up at the crack of dawn to meet the veteran captain. Caelis had been looking to sell Ventus. It wasn't because he needed the money per say. It was more because of the fact that no one could take care of him while Caelis was focused on becoming a mage. Plus, he wanted to give his mother and sister some emergency funds in the event that anything happened.

    But, saying goodbye was painful. Ventus was his companion since his youth. He cared for him and grew with Ventus as Caelis first met him when Ventus was a meager foal. He had been through everything with Ventus. In fact, Ventus was one of the key reasons that Caelis' family could safely flee from the wrath of their former King just several months ago. So, it really was difficult to part with Ventus. Ventus really was Caelis' best friend. Still, Caelis at the very least made sure that the person who would buy Ventus would take care of him well. The seasoned Captain was a pretty crude man. But, he had been in the field for years and knew the importance of having a trusty steed. So, Caelis knew that the Captain would value Ventus and care for him.

    It was still relatively early in the morning, which was fortunate since Caelis was still a bit far from the meeting area. In fact, the city only just recently began to stir with bakers just starting to fire up their ovens. The city was still idyllic with the occasional movement here and there. Needless to say, some of the citizens looked at Caelis as he walked by. Caelis wasn't exactly dressed like a normal person. He was pretty well dressed, which indicated a bit of wealth. Not to mention his spotless hooded cloak, which he was some what thankful for because under the cloak was the last gift from his father that he received when he became of age, a saber with his family's crest embedded on the hilt. People would be a bit bothered by a random man walking down the street with a sword by his side, so the cloak helped him to avoid unnecessary problems or concerns.

    Caelis eventually found himself at the predestined place. There were a few people already gathered, so he just decided to blend in the group and just wait. Then Sir Lancelot finally came to make his short speech. After the speech, the newly inducted students seemed to be excited that they were finally about to really become proper mages as they broke out into chatter. Their optimism somewhat annoyed Caelis. Not all of them would graduate, and even fewer will flourish as mages. Caelis then stopped thinking as he realized... "When did I become so skeptical?" he thought to himself. He decided that this kind of brooding was not productive or helpful. He might as well use his time effectively and meet people. He put on a friendly smile and walked a bit closer to the group to make everyone notice him. Then he said "Pardon me, I am sorry to intrude, but I just wanted to meet everyone and introduce myself. I am Caelis W-, Caelis. Yea, just call me Caelis. It's a pleasure to meet you all."
  6. Nonna was among the first to arrive at Lancelot's orientation. It wasn't due to any plan, rather she simply arrived at the mages district a day ahead of schedule and stayed there until it was time. She decided against spending her money and resting at an inn, opting instead for simply wandering the district and sleeping near the front door of a potion shop. It was probably the smells emanating from the shop that reminded her of home and helped her relax. One can argue that a woman alone at night is a dangerous circumstance, but most of the people in this district are too busy studying and improving their magic to bother her. As for intruders of other nearby districts, entering this district uninvited was ballsy enough but they'd try taking advantage of someone who may or may not be able to burn them to death without so much as moving a finger. All these circumstances led Nonna into a small sense of security, at least until the potion shop owner woke Nonna up with her broom and shooed her away.

    She was slightly bitter about the prodding broom making her dusty and dirty. She didn't care too much about her clothes, but the carmine leather armor and crimson mantle were things she did not like being disrespected. Along with their oft underestimated value, her leather harness, gauntlets, and boots were alchemically treated as a farewell gift from her parents. A traveler's companion, their resistance to the elements and surprising physical durability has some use in magical protection as well, though such use is limited and subpar compared to dedicated mage armor. She treated her mantle herself; Boiled and dyed in numerous potions and elixirs, her mantle gives off a potent, rejuvenating aroma that, while rather pungent to most people, makes Nonna feel comfortable and relaxed in.

    As for their design, they are well-made pieces of equipment that put a rather noticeable dent in her parent's shop's funds. They were made with mobility, utility, and comfort in mind, designed more to protect against the elements and animals while gathering resources rather than to deflect blades and monster claws in combat. As her hometown was a rather prosperous mountain village, it was easy to obtain discount Stone Wolf fur pelts and hides to fill out and line the underside of the armor set. As for the clothes underneath her armor, it's not nearly as expensive or flashy. A loose, brown long-sleeved shirt, some tan pants that are stained a muddy red under the knee due a previous mistake on Nonna's part, and a well-worn leather satchel at her hip are what make up Nonna's basic attire.

    Nonna returned to the meeting spot just as the stores were beginning to come to life. The wait wasn't long and most of the people here had just woken up and were too groggy to try whipping up a conversation or muse at her dusty appearance. When she saw Lancelot heading their way, she was a little surprised and humbled. Though her parents had worked hard to find a suitable leather armor set and worked tirelessly to treat it, Lancelot wore armor that he couldn't have purchased no matter how much wealth he had. She wondered at first if he were real or not: no man should fit as well into such unworldly armor as he did. It made Nonna feel uneasy, as if he was there not only to train them but to also scare them into his lord's service. 'You can look like me if you just sell your soul to your lord, or you can be silence for being a potential threat' is what Nonna felt when she looked upon him. There was no one half as handsome as him in her hometown, so she didn't really know how to deal with this pretty boy. Luckily, there was more people around so she could calm down by focusing on other distractions.

    Nonna listened to his speech with a mixture of excitement and disgust; She smiled mischievously when he spoke of improving their magic, and inaudibly scoffed whenever he said the phrase “serve our lord.” As far as Nonna was concerned, all lords were just greedy, lazy nobles who just used their family name to tax whatever lands and villages (like Nonna's hometown) to finance their extravagant luxuries. Her detest may also have spawned from her lack of knowledge of what the lords do exactly, and why these unknown persons hold a position of authority above her despite never meeting them. Nonna was in no hurry to get to know them either; chances are, the feelings would be mutual.

    Lancelot pointed to her new home, and Nonna grimaced at the building that embodied the complete opposite of Lancelot's armor. After telling the new recruits to get along and dismissing them, he left. Nonna took this time to brush off the last remaining dust on her, but it wasn't even a moment after Lancelot left before a new voice piped up and took his place.

    She introduced herself as Meijin. Though her voice was calm, she looked rather nervous. A small smirk grew on Nonna's face as mischief welled inside her. The smirk turned into a stifled laugh as a brightly dressed girl, Astra she called herself, leaped upon Meijin and held her waist. Nonna's laugh quickly died when she remembered that she'll be living with those two, and that Astra might try to do the same to her. But, she did know the place so maybe it wouldn't be too bad getting on her good side as long as Nonna kept an eye out for her sudden hugs. Another awkward introduction, though this time he didn't say his name. Before Nonna could really observe him, a rather mysterious voice spoke up. His introduction was polite (which irritated Nonna for some reason), but he seemed unsure of his own name. That got Nonna interested.

    “Alright, I think that's enough time to know who everyone is!” Nonna said aloud while clapping to get the group's attention. Introductions were nice and all, but Nonna didn't believe that people would get to know another all on the first encounter.

    “Little Meijin, Touchy Astra, Mysterious Caelis, and...” Nonna's raspy voice drifted off as she looked at Enoch. She didn't really know too much about the rest of the world. Travelers and merchants heading through her village is usually how they get information, so Nonna didn't know what or where he was from. She tilted her head for a moment trying to come up with a nickname, but shrugged and waved her hand at him dismissively. “And, uh, you. Yeah.”

    “Anyways,” Nonna pointed to their ugly new home and walked backwards towards it, still facing the rest of the group as she spoke, “You all know how to talk and walk, right? I'm interested in what we're going to be living in for the rest of the time we're here, so let's go ahead and introduce ourselves to the building while you're all at it.” Nonna flashed an excited, but impatient smile at them all.
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  7. Sorry again that I can't center it...
    Meijin's Mood (open)

    Inside Her Mind:

    What Other People See:

    Meijin simply eyed the rest of group while she waited for a response. She was unsure as to how different people would react to her sudden introduction. Though, her worried state was soon relieved when a girl wearing clothes that made her stick out like a sore thumb. She was gorgeous. Probably one of the most beautiful women she had seen in her life. Hell, she thought that she would probably be one of the only most beautiful women she would see in her entire life. E-Eh?!?! S-She's going to be rooming with ME?!?! She's going to become a knight like ME?!?! A-Am I in the wrong place? Fuko, AM I IN THE WRONG PLA-

    In the middle of her own thoughts, she was attacked. That's what she felt like, anyway. She felt the girl's hands slip around her waist and Meijin immediately froze. She kept a cool expression, but on the inside she was having a mental breakdown. She felt like crying, screaming, and smiling all at the same time. It was definitely a weird emotion for her to be feeling, especially since she hadn't been touched for a while. The last time she was touched was the day before she got into the mage's town, she helped an old man grab something out of his pocket. Unfortunately, she couldn't find anything in his pockets. All he said was, "There's something in there, just keep grabbing." He was smiling, so she thought that it was making the old man very happy. She was glad that she was able to make that old man happy and she was experiencing the same kind of satisfaction from hugging someone, but she was also terrified. Morbidly.

    After a few seconds of having the girl, whose name was Astra, hug her, Meijin kept her composure and continued listening. When she heard that Astra lived here, she nearly jumped for joy, but couldn't. Because she was still focused on Astra's soft, warm arms. She wanted to ask her if she could give her a tour of the place sometime, but that would have to come after everyone introduced themselves. But when she heard that Astra had the same purpose for being here, she made a small squeal, but before anyone heard it, another person chimed in.

    The second person was a man wearing all blue and white. He seemed very... ethereal. She thought so anyway. He didn't say many things and what he said was not profound, but the way in which he said it made all the difference. He was profusely polite and perfectly kind at first glance. She hoped that she would get to know this man better. Though the only thing that Meijin was left with questioning, was what his name was. She was sure she would find out later, but she didn't want to be rude and ask, "HEY. WHAT'S YOUR NAME?!" She imagined herself screaming at him and shivered at the thought.

    The next person to speak was pretty shy, but that's the way she seemed to take it. She wanted to just walk over and console the blonde-haired man. He said he was Caelis. Caelis something, though she thought that he covered up his last name, which made him a bit suspicious to her. Meijin thought that maybe this blonde-haired shy guy (Hehe. Mario.) had something that he was hiding. Not that she minded. He seems nice enough. He probably has his reasons for doing what he's doing.

    The last girl... The last woman. She... irked Meijin to some degree, which bothered her. She doesn't usually become irritated with people right off the bat, but there was something about this woman. Something about her just rubbed Meijin the wrong way. The way she demanded that people listen to what she say and then, and then... She just started walking and said, "I'm guessing you all know what walking and talking is, but..." OF COURSE I KNOW WHAT WALKING AND TALKING IS. DO YOU THINK I'M STUPID?!?! And Meijin suddenly realized how rude she was being. She was hoping that it was because of lack of sleep. Or maybe because she walked around too long, but she complied to what the last girl said and walked along with her.

    She tried to perk the crowd of her new-found roommates up by saying, "Alright guys, let's go explore the house! I'd bet there's some AWESOME trinkets waiting for us in there! I mean, we are the apprentices of LANCELOT. LANCELOT the KNIGHT. He couldn't leave us with such horrible quarters! Let's go!" (Please refer back to "What Other People See" gif) And as she was walking she began to question what she herself just told the rest of the crowd. Is Lancelot really going to provide us with trinkets?
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  8. cold-night-for-alligators.regular.png

    Leon awoke in one of the many taverns he saw walking down the main road of the town. He stared up at the wooden ceiling that looked liked it should be repaired or replaced soon, the roofing looked stained from a recent storm that came through the city just days before. Deciding to get up, Leon tore the sheets off of his body, tossing them off to the side and forming a messy pile on the bed. He swung his pale legs off of the bed carrying his lower torso with the motion, making him sit on the edge of the creaky bed. Observing the place, there was a nightstand next to where he laid down the night before. There was also a dresser that housed his spare clothes while his robes laid still upon the top of the furniture. Leon looked closer at the dresser as his morning grogginess started to wear off, causing him to see things a little clearer. He noticed that clothes that he had worn the previous night were strewn across the assortment of decorations in the room. One was hung on a painting, one was even hung on an open drawer to his nightstand. Slowly, he collected his attire and slipped them on as he smoothed them out before grabbing his robe. Leon admired the garment before putting it around his body; feeling the weight and texture of the blackened leather on his hands and shoulders. He turned to face his temporary sleeping quarters and procured his bag from the foot of the bed. Leon let out a slight sigh before heading out the door of his room. Then left the tavern to go to the predetermined location of the Knight meeting.

    When Leon arrived at the location, few people were there and some were in small groups, while others seemed to be waiting for Lancelot to arrive. He waited for a few minutes before deciding to go off and explore the surrounding buildings. He walked up to some abandoned looking building before walking up to the entrance and giving a few knocks on the door, just to make sure it was not inhabited. Leon grabbed the door handle and pushed into the decrepit building. A cold draft came from within the room, whipping his lower robes around. He quickly stepped into the large room before closing the door with a slight slam. He set his bag down and found a single chair near a window that faced the courtyard. Leon sat down and waited for the proclaimed Lancelot to arrive.

    After his rather boring speech, Lancelot left the mass of people to socialize among themselves. Some people stood out from the normal crowd. A girl in a white dress with blue ribbons seemed to be attacked by another girl in a tackle-hug motion, while another posh looking person talked to a girl in some red leather looking armor. Two smaller groups seemed to form a slightly larger form and started walking over to the clearly abandoned building. Hmm. Weird place to go for a meeting, but sure. Whatever. Leon thought to himself as the group came closer to the doors. The one with the white skirt seemed a bit more sensitive than before the other pink person tackled her but now when the pink one has released the white one, the white one almost wanted to take control or to quickly change emotion. While everyone else seemed to have stayed the same.

    "I guess it is time to introduce myself to these gentlemen and lovely ladies," Leon said softly to himself. He pushed himself off of the chair, letting it rock back and forth slightly before walking to the door while taking a stance of a high class butler, awaiting for some kings' arrival.​
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  9. Enoch Brody
    Enoch looked towards the vacant looking building, tilting his head to the side a little... It appeared to be nothing more than a barren Warehouse, but, at the same time, not the worst place to spend the night, though, the company he'd be with could say otherwise. The others seemed unique in their own way, each having distinct traits that he wasn't entirely sure how to feel about just yet, he shouldn't find it a problem living with them, but, he at least hoped there were areas seperated for them somewhere. He needed a place to move his stuff over to, and be sure that it'll all be safe if he were to leave it alone for a bit; he'd prefer not to lose what little he had around these parts to some unlucky incident, whatever it may be. He glanced towards the girl who had subtly adressed him, tilting his head a little, he wasn't unaccustomed to having people not know him by name, but, it was still an uncommon occurence nonetheless, though perhaps they could introduce each other later?

    For now, he decided to head towards the Warehouse building, and, looking inside, it did indeed appear to be more or less vacant, wondering if the others will follow suit sooner or later... He patted the spot where his map was kept out of habbit as he walked, trying his best to ease his worry of losing it; the way he had tucked it in, it should take more than a bit of walking to loosen that map enough for it to get lost. Though, despite knowing that full well, his paranoia was still getting to him a little, he tried his best to shake it off. It was only when he had entered the building that he realized three things; for one, the entire building seemed practically devoid of anything, with the exception of maybe a few dust bunnies here and there, and a lone chair for some reason, which confused him a little. The second thing that he realized was that he hadn't shared his name with the others yet... How embarrassing to have forgotten such a simple thing to mention when he had spoken earlier. The third one had to be the most intriguing, yet peculiar one; it appears one of their group members was already there, even giving them a polite, "butler style" bow when he had opened the door. He raised a brow, but, decided not to say anything yet, but, instead, headed towards a wall to his side.

    With a small sigh, he reached the wall, leaning himself against it as he studied the others more closely; from what he could gather, there were 5 others, 3 females, and 2 males... From what he had heard from them, they didn't seem to bad, and living with them should be much of a hassle, right? He really couldn't entirely be sure about that though as he barely even knew them; in fact, he barely even knew anyone around here. Though, sooner or later, it was quite obvious that he'd have to get to know them, it would certainly help him get settled around here really; he had a distinct feeling they'd be staying here for a while. Not that it was bad or anything, but, being himself, Enoch was getting a bit paranoid he might lose his map, and therefore lose his way back home sooner or later. In the end though, he cleared his throat quietly, trying to speak as calmly as he could "My name is Enoch... I apologise for forgetting to mention that earlier." he said, attempting to mask the slight embarrassed tone creeping it's way into his words.​

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  10. Astra looked on at her company, not really sure what to make of them. If she had to be truthful, she was slightly disappointed that nobody seemed to care about the cute girl vibe that she worked so hard to reinforce. Even though in reality, it was a bit ridiculous to expect people to go out of their way to mention such a thing after just meeting her, but that was Astra's desire nonetheless. If she had the choice, she'd love to have remained 7 years old merely because of the open praise she'd receive about how smart she was, how talented she was, how tall she was growing, and especially how cute she was. While most people outgrow such things, Astra still found herself fond of it.

    What Astra was not fond of was being called touchy. Regardless of the fact that it was 100% on the money about how Astra chooses to behave, she seemed extremely off-put that someone would go out of their way to make that her defining characteristic. Plus, just the way it came across felt like a personal attack against everyone she was talking to. And she didn't even give her own name, so Astra had to settle with the mental label of "little red". Probably not a good idea to actually call her that though. Little red seems like the type who'd start a fight over it, and while Astra can handle her own, she wouldn't want to mess up her appearance over something stupid.

    Then again, at the very least, little red did have a good point. There isn't a terribly long amount of time for them to just goof off in the morning, and we hadn't even looked inside of our new living quarters. Though, she could have been more polite about it like Meijin and Caelis and who was that last person... Astra didn't even notice that she hadn't gotten his name. It couldn't be helped that Astra was always the type to notice girls more, but it wasn't like she was trying to ignore the poor guy. Astra elects to simply wait for it to come up in conversation, but feels embarrassed for not remembering.

    Though, she also couldn't help but notice Meijin's naive optimism with their quarters. It really is just a warehouse. There isn't going to be anything special given to us just because we decided to become mages. It isn't like it is incredibly special to find a knight willing to accept you under their supervision. For the moment, the only real perk they had was the status of mage. Though, at the same time, Astra really didn't know how to bring up the subject in the right way, so she figured she'd wait for them to see the interior before trying to explain their situation. Along the way Enoch finally spoke up about his name, and Astra makes extra sure to remember it.

    Although Astra was fully ready to explain the state of their living space, she found her knowledge imperfect due to a man sitting in a lone chair that he must have either brought from elsewhere or materialized. Honestly, something about this man gave her the creeps. It might just be the fact that he dresses like a vampire, or maybe it was the realization that he was just watching us from the window during the orientation, but something about this man kept Astra on guard. After a moment of being overly defensive, Astra remembers to actually react to the building itself, and not the creepy man within it.

    Astra twirls around with her arms extended. "Wow, look at all the space we have. We could even make a second story if we wanted to. I think the first step is definitely going to be constructing the walls, and the additional floor if we go that route. I've never been much for planning... Are you all ok with getting together after arena to help figure out how we are going to structure the house?"
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  11. Caelis just kept smiling and nodding in response to people as they continued to blabber. He couldn't really tell if he would get along with anyone in particular... or anyone in general. Still, that was no reason to act hostile and make enemies for no good reason. So, he just kept relatively silent. He just gave curt responses and continued to act friendly as the group talked and made it's way to their so called new home. But, their new "home" was the furthest thing from being homely. In fact, it was a random warehouse, which typically are not exactly fit to house half a dozen young adults. Then again... they at the very least would have a roof over their heads.

    Once they reached the warehouse, they quite randomly encountered another person in the warehouse, who then was trying to act like a butler, with emphasis on the trying since it was quite obvious that this person had no such experience of being one and only relied upon stereotypical beliefs of their behavior. Regardless, it appeared that this new stranger was going to be one of them as well. So Caelis just maintained his amiable demeanor and gave a curt "Hello." to the aspiring actor before entering the warehouse. To his dismay, the warehouse was quite empty. It appeared that they had to provide for their own comfort and belongings, which made him look bitter for a second. The next thought that hit him was the fact that there was no privacy in this warehouse, and there were two different genders that had to share the same space. He hoped that no one was shameless enough to not care about that. Overall, the situation was a bit absurd.

    He had the money to furnish his own section of the building, but... the entire purpose of selling Ventus was to have an emergency fund for his mother and sister. He was determined to stick with his original plan, and did not want to spend a significant portion of it for himself. So, when Astra said "We could make a second story..." Caelis' attention went straight to her. When she finished talking Caelis then said "Woah there, let's wait for second. I don't think making a second floor or putting up walls is going to be that quick. He then looked around at everyone and said "I honestly think that the first thing that we should do is to get some sort of long sheet and divide the warehouse into two. One side for ladies and the other for men. That should afford us some minimal privacy until we can find someone to build something more permanent. Then each side can decide among themselves as to how their own halves will be organized whenever they want to. We can talk specifics later."

    He then took a long breathed and sghed a little. This day wasn't exactly going as planned, but he had to stay focused. He came here to learn and get stronger. Today was the first day of lessons, and he should be determined to make the best of it. So, he looked over to his new peers and said "Anyways, what are you all planning to do today? I think I'm going to go ahead and work on my SP flow. I have to admit that it's probably my weakest area that I need to work on."
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  12. Meijin's Mood (open)

    Inside Her Mind:

    What Other People See:

    As Meijin walked towards their new living quarters, she was still skeptical as to what she might find inside. She was at least hoping for something like a few beds, some nightstands, some comfy pillows, and some blankets. Some of the bare essentials for people to live with. She continued to think of things that might be in there, when she was suddenly interrupted by the proper blue man. It turned out to be that Enoch was his name. It seemed like a strange name, but oddly, she thought that it suited him. Enoch... It was such a unique and strange name.

    She wandered over to the inside of the warehouse where a man in black was standing, looking like a butler. At first, she was intrigued because she had never had a butler before. She was going to ask him to get her something, when she suddenly realized that he wasn't a butler. He seemed too... creepy. His disposition made her uncomfortable. The 'butler' profession didn't suit him. At all, but she was sure that if she asked for something, he may go and get it for her.

    She didn't want to ask for anything extravagant from the butler, so she tried to think of something really simple. Then, she felt the need to go get a drink of water. She felt kinda parched, which wasn't unusual because she was pretty nervous in front of all her new roommates. "Umm... Hello. Could you get me a glass of water please?" After asking, she completely ignored what the butler might have said because something in the warehouse caught her attention. A single chair. A single chair. (View "What Other People See") W-WHAT?!?! T-There's only a SINGLE chair in here?! N-Not even a bed! N-Not even a blanket?! What kind of world do we live in?!

    Meijin tried to be cheery, but she didn't seem too enthusiastic about what she was seeing. It was hard to tell if she actually came across as cheery or sarcastic. "Well... At least we have more room to move around!" It was true that she thought it was a roomy space, but she was really disappointed that there wasn't at least a few pieces of furniture there. This is horrible... I'm not totally shocked that it had nothing in it, but it's still not happy to hear. She thought for a moment about why Lancelot wouldn't provide them with anything. Then it hit her. It makes so much sense now! Lancelot is using this as our first test! He thinks we're not entirely capable of making the best of a bad situation! Well I'll show him!

    And right as she had that thought, Astra started to talk about decorating the warehouse to be something extremely spectacular. That made Meijin feel significantly better because it started to get her fired up for their first task. She didn't realize she was tricking herself into making the best out of this bad situation, but whatever made her motivated was something she could live with. She started to get fired up and cheered when Astra finished her little speech. She smiled and screamed, "Yeah! Let's do it!"

    After her small cheer, Caelis pitched right in. His comment wasn't of a cheerful nature, which made Meijin see the reality behind her the actual situation. It made Meijin a little sad, but she still understood what he was saying. It didn't make sense to try and hire someone and not have a home for some time instead of just having minimal privacy and actually having a home. Plus, she could decorate her own side with Astra... And the other girl. She knew that Astra was going to be one of her good friends while she was here. They seemed to have similar tastes, except touching others of course. She knew that no matter what they did in the warehouse that she would be content and make the best out of whatever ended up becoming reality.

    She tried to think of a way that she could contribute to the conversation. Then, after a few seconds she decided that it might be in her best interests to get opinions about the house from everyone, so she decided that they should take a vote. Plus, that included everyone so no one would be left out and feel lonely. "I think we should take a vote on what we should do! Then, after that we train, we can go and get the things we need to make our new living space amazing! Does that sound good to everyone because that sure sounds good to me! Also, Mr. Butler, you're welcome to vote too!" She paused for a tiny breath and then said, "I'll start." She looked over at Astra. "Astra, I know it sounds really fun to do your idea. And I mean, really fun. But, at the same time, Caelis makes a very good point. It might take long and I'd prefer not to spend more than a few nights in a rickety inn. I'd just prefer to have a comfy bed to sleep in with all of us." She realized that she might be coming off as someone that wasn't cheery, so she got a nervous. "A-And I think that we could get closer together by making the place awesome in our own unique way!" She smiled. "So that's what my vote's for." After all she said, she was worried about her role within the group. She thought maybe she had outstepped her bounds because the girl in red was the person who actually got them inside the warehouse in the first place. Did I make the right choice saying that to everyone? I hope no one thinks I'm weird...
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  13. Well, Meijin reacted a little unexpectedly from Nonna's predictions. Rather, she seemed to have ignored Nonna completely and repeated the gist of what she had just said moments ago (admittedly in a more cheerful, optimistic tone). I already said we should check out the warehouse, you little... Nonna's smile faltered while she thought of a few bitter remarks, her face looking more like a forced grin with furrowed brows than her previous mischievous expression. However, the lure of the warehouse's interior calmed her down as the rest of the group approached the doors. Well, not exactly calmed down; Nonna will hold a grudge on this, but for now she set it aside and focus on one thing at a time.

    As their nameless friend opened the door to their new residence, the first thing that greeted them was not the barren expanse inside the building but a strange man in a strange stance. Nonna's eyes narrowed and she clenched her fists tightly. She wasn't a fan of surprises, especially the ones where people sneak up on her. It was then, of all times, that Enoch decided to introduce himself. It wasn't hard to tell that he was embarrassed. If it's so embarrassing then why do it now? Nonna asked him mentally, though on the outside she relaxed and silently chuckled at the situation he set himself in. As awkward as it was, he managed to introduce himself to everyone at once, even to this surprise guest and—as she suggested they do previously—to the building as well. Nonna approved of his cleverness (intentional or not), and wondered if his nervousness and abashed personality he displayed before was just a clever ruse to distract from his actual cunning mind. As dramatic and overblown a situation can get, such a thing actually happened when she was younger. Her previous experience helped Nonna get fired up on the unfounded allegation, and she flashed a mischievous, almost carnivorous smile at Enoch.

    Astra snapped Nonna away from her daydreams and back to the warehouse. As everyone was entering the empty structure (during which, Nonna actually approved of Meijin's treatment of their guest. Ha! That'll show him!), Astra was explaining her plans of what to do with all this empty space. Nonna mentally agreed that it was indeed a vast amount of space that they can use for many things. Living in a mountain village in a thrice-renovated store taught her the value of efficiently using the space one has, but she wondered if the others knew of this lesson. After a brief moment of pondering (or lack thereof), she shrugged. She decided she'll figure it out when the time comes.

    Nonna broke from her thoughts in the middle of Caelis' stating his own opinion. She didn't hear the first part, but based on what she heard now he wanted a short-term answer to separating the males and females. She wasn't really worried about that because she was going to go try the potion shop down the road again later. Even this was the best tavern under the mountains, she didn't believe that she'd be able to sleep without the overwhelming scent of freshly made potions. Caelis then switched topics to their training... and spilled the weakness of his skills. Nonna could hardly believe that he'd tell that to people he's only met for a few moments. Hell, Nonna didn't even introduce herself! She was planning on doing it when someone asked, but now everyone knowing his weakness so easily felt like a handicap he placed on himself and an excuse in case he ever loses. “You knew my weakness before so that loss didn't count!” is what he would say, or “you know my weakness, so tell me yours!” It put a bad taste in Nonna's mouth, but she wouldn't fall for it and even up the field! No way! If he lost, it was because he—

    It was then that Meijin's voice rang out, breaking Nonna from her mental bashing of Caelis. Again, she was trying to take the lead of the group. Nonna scoffed bitterly, partly from the fact that her displeasure from Caelis' reveal still lingered in her mind, but also due to the fact that Meijin ignored and then copied Nonna just earlier. To Nonna, Meijin sounded like a yes man who would try to agree with everyone and not let anyone be hurt by her words. It annoyed Nonna, who felt that her opinion was her resolve; it was not meant to bend for everyone else. But if Meijin wanted to play leader, Nonna would play along with it. Meijin seemed easier to use than someone like Astra or Caelis.

    “Little Meijin has my vote,” Nonna called out, glancing around at the warehouse one last time. “Beds or sheets or whatever you are going to do to the warehouse, go ahead. As long as the bed's nice and comfortable, sleeping with all of you doesn't sound too bad,” Nonna gave Meijin an impish grin before heading back towards the door.

    “Well, I've seen enough empty warehouse to have my fill. Since we've decide that we'll be discussing all this later anyways,” Nonna mused, assuming that everyone else's votes will probably just go along with it, “I'm going to check out just how they train mages here. Maybe I'll stop by and check in on Caelis during his training.” The smirk she flashed at Caelis when she said that was not a particularly considerate one. “Or maybe it'll be tough enough that we'll all be too tired to care about what to do with this place later!” She laughed aloud at that mental image, giving a half-hearted wave as she walked out the door.

    Before she had even taken two steps outside the warehouse, she suddenly stopped, turned around, peaked back through the doorway, and showed bitter smile at Meijin.
    “...But that's probably what our little leader was going to say next anyways, right?”
  14. Astra looks around curiously, noticing that everyone seemed to have really different personalities. That awkward feeling from before was proving to be fairly accurate. Little Red may be a girl, but she really is kinda boyish. She reminds Astra of a bull, always charging in before thinking, not for a lack of tactics, but rather because charging and bullying is her tactic. Mostly Astra was just disappointed that nobody seems to pay her any mind. Astra's friends knew that she loved praise and attention, and were more than happy to give it to her, but these were complete strangers who not only didn't know but likely didn't care to do the same. As a result, Astra slowly finds herself not wanting to bother with interacting. What was the point if everyone was focused on things like where they were sleeping tonight, training, or whatever else was on their mind...

    Astra waits for everyone to finish commenting before she starts explaining, slightly flustered, "Oh, no no no, I didn't mean that it had to happen right away. I just saw that everyone looked pretty down about having nothing here, so I wanted to help. Plus, this is the first time I had this much space to myself." Astra looks down at her feet, looking up only slightly so her eyes are still visable, "Compared to my room, this place is huge. I know that in the end, we are probably going to need all this space. We are probably going to have to change the layout a lot. We are going to start small, but this is like our little castle. I agree that we should start small, but..." Astra looks towards everyone bravely, trying to show she is serious, "About separating the boys and girls. It is probably a better idea for me to sleep by myself. I'm attracted to girls, so it might be a little weird for me..." Astra turns to face the door, not wanting to show how scared she is of being bullied for disclosing this, "I'm going to go to the meditation room, but I don't want to do it alone. Could someone come with me?"
  15. Enoch Brody
    Enoch seemed to be looking around the room in the meantime, crossing his arms a little as he tried to assess his surroundings a little... One could only help but wonder why they were left a lone chair in this more or less completely empty warehouse, let alone how they were supposed to get furniture for themselves. He started to space out a little as he tried to figure out if he should unpack here yet, or figure out where to buy some furniture, and had even started to think about what types he'd bring in. Though, soon enough, he was jolted out of his thoughts by Astra's comment about how much space they had, suggesting figuring out how they were to construct some more liveable space for themselves here, with Caelis pitching in some usefull ideas as well. Meijin's suggestion to cast a group vote was what sparked his interest, it seemed like this group had some good strategization going for them, so, with a little hesitation as he considered the other options, he spoke up, trying to keep his voice level as per usual "Meijin has my vote too." he said, not moving from his spot, but, instead, making his voice loud enough that the others could hear, though it still most likely sounded a little faint.

    Despite not saying anything more, he was actually considering what he should do after decorating this place; one thing he knew he really needed to train was his ability to control his Mana; perhaps his flow as well, he was able to get a better hang of it than control, but, not by very much. Perhaps he could spend some free time in figuring out how to acquire furniture? If he couldn't buy it, he could always attempt to use a spell to create his own furniture, right? But, the problem then would be finding the right spell, and most importantly, figuring out the right prerequisites for such a spell. He certainly didn't want any mistakes if he were to create furniture, even if it was as simple as a chair, or a bed. This made Enoch frown a little, absent mindedly pressing a hand to that spot his map was at, a habbit of his, especially when he was deep in thought, he wondered what else he could do around here; it just didn't feel right at all, lingering around without contributing much. However, the other problem was that he didn't know how to talk to his room-mates, they weren't bad people, though some may be a little more stubborn than others, but, he just simply didn't know how to talk to others in general, outside of family members that is.

    Suddenly, a movement out of the corner of his eye caught his attention, and, looking to see what it was, it turned out to be Astra, looking around curiously as everyone continued talking for a while. The tone of voice she spoke in upon waiting for everyone to finish gave the impression that she seemed a little flustered, though, he couldn't be sure. What she talked about though revealed a great deal more about her than he had initially realized; it almost seemed to help him know her better, and, now that he thought about it, she seemed quite down to earth about what she had meant. Looking around at the others for a moment, their own distinctive traits were becoming more apparant than before, as if he'd gained a little more insight about them through just participating in their discussion. Certain personality traits were revealed, such as one being a bit Naive, not neccesarily in a bad way, and one being a little head strong to say the least, though he had a feeling there was more to it than just that; the two others, he wasn't entirely sure about though, one seemed like the analytical type while the other... Well, the other he couldn't really figure out just yet. His attention shifted back to Astra upon hearing that she was attracted to girls; though, before he had a chance to look at her closely, she turned to face the door, obscuring his view of her face as she requested for someone to come with her. At this, Enoch was tempted to step up, he really was, but, perhaps another group member could make better company than himself? It wasn't just that he wasn't too confident in his social skills, but, that those social skills weren't particularly developed, he didn't judge her for being attracted to girls, but, he felt maybe he should lay low for the time being... See how things played out, but, he hoped he was making the right decision when he did this...
  16. cold-night-for-alligators.regular.png

    Leon gave a bright smile to each one of his roommates that entered their new home. When some passed by and said hello, he courtly said it back. But the last person to enter, seemed nervous to meet him. She kindly asked for a glass of water. Somehow this butler thing is being pulled off. I never thought that this would work. Leon told himself as he looked around the warehouse once again, almost like he forgot that it was there. As a few other people said, it is very roomy with enough space for everyone to have their own place and then some. As he was still observing his surroundings again, the girl that asked for some water screamed something, snapping him back to reality. Then she gave her little mini speech about voting. But then white skirt girl said instead of his name she called him "Mr.Butler". Leon could feel his arm twitching, just wanting to smack the girl for her disrespect. Leon remembered that he actually has not formally said his name to the group and immediately felt bad about wanting to maim the girl. A quick frown appeared on his face before switching back to his beaming smile. " I am Leon Rani. I will cater to your every need. I will get your glass soon dear." He said, placing a hand upon the girl next to him, his figure looming over her. " I say we split the vote down the middle. We get some basic walls down the middle for basic privacy, then we can upgrade later into our own rooms. But that is just what I think." The butler backed away, lifting his hand off of the girl and stood in the doorway.

    Leon tried to hold back his laughter at red haired girl, but a small snort managed to escape. While normal butlers can usually hold this back, he was not trained at all. Sure, this might blow his cover as a butler, but that would be fine. Leon was actually surprised that the one with the bows said that she liked other women. While he suspected this when Leon was observing the group during the meeting outside, it still came as a shock to him. As the girl turned to face him and the red haired girl, he shifted around in place, starting to feel nervous and uncomfortable being in direct eyesight of the female.

    The group seems to be getting ready to leave. After some short thoughts, Leon decides that he will work on his pool. When the group leaves, Leon will trail behind them as they split off and head himself towards the pool training grounds.​
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  17. Meijin's Mood (open)

    Inside Her Mind:
    Meijin's Mood (open)

    "OH NOOOO!!!"

    What Other People See:

    [BCOLOR=transparent]After Meijin had her little speech different people threw in their piece. The butler even told her his name. His name was Leon Rani and he said that he would cater to her every need. It was a bit strange hearing those words come from his mouth, especially since he looked a bit like a vampire. It sounded like he was going to do something… something [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]really [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]inappropriate to her. It creeped her out and then simply thought that maybe he should be avoided.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]And after he had said that, the girl in red. The girl in [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]red[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] said these stupid, stupid things. Meijin was trying to incorporate everyone! Who does she think she is to go and say, “Well… It looks like instead of voting on this thing, you should follow me because I’m the one in charge. Oh wait, I’m not, but that’s what she was going to say, right?” [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Ugh! Who does she think she is? She’s been hostile to me ever since she got here! She’s so… She’s SO… [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]She clenched her fists in an effort to calm herself down. And when she was going to say something snippy back, Astra put in her two cents.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It turned out that Astra liked women and from what Meijin could tell, she somewhat wasn’t surprised. Especially after her [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]very[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] touchy hug. She seemed like the type to go out and get a rich guy if she wanted to. She seemed eccentric, but didn’t exactly show it. Not that Meijin cared at all. Meijin only accepted that which others would show her. If they didn’t want to tell her something, they didn’t have to. I mean, naturally, she would still want to know, but she wouldn’t pry. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Astra had calmed her down a bit now and she was more focused on training than the annoying, bull-headed red girl. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Oh! That’s a good one. I think I’ll keep that name for when we’re in private. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]She smiled towards the back of Astra and said, “Astra! I’m going to train pool too, so let’s train together! We could get a ride there together!”[/BCOLOR]
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  18. Caelis let out a quite audible sigh. He could already tell that this group was going to be... a handful to say the least. He was hoping to have some peace and quiet so that he could focus on what he needed to get done while here at the academy. But, it appeared that personalities were already clashing and people were more than willing to feed the fire. Interestingly, the red headed girl coldly smirked at Caelis for a moment. It appeared that Caelis was already the subject of scorn, perhaps contempt, for some reason, which he couldn't figure out why. Then again, some people just had a bone to pick with the world. But, everyone's behavior was a source of concern for Caelis.

    Thankfully, the situation had been defused for now; Meijin had seemingly brushed off the verbal gaff thrown at her . As Meijin and Astra began to leave to train their mana pool, Caelis walked over to the red head where he quietly but sternly said "Miss, I don't know what your situation may be, and I may be overstepping my bounds here. After all, it is not my place to lecture you. But, a word of advice. It's folly to mindlessly make enemies. You have a long life ahead of you, but what good does having a lot of people who want to see you suffer?" Caelis then stepped back from the red head. He then said out loud "Well then. I'm going to go take off and train my mana flow. It's been a pleasure meeting all of you and I'll see you ladies and gentlemen later." as he began to walk out of the warehouse and towards his first lesson at this academy.
  19. Astra was ballsy. That, or she didn't know how to read the atmosphere. Confessing that she liked girls and that it would be awkward for her to share a room with them, and then immediately after asking for company training? Nonna didn't really think much about her at first, but she seemed to wear her heart on her sleeve and that gave her some good points in Nonna's book. Nonna wasn't bothered by the fact that she liked girls so much as Nonna had a curiosity about them as well. However, it amused Nonna a bit to learn that Astra thought it would make things weird. Maybe Astra was an instinctual beast who assaulted maidens in their sleep! The mental image, though hilariously exaggerated and putting a large smile on Nonna, was not too unimaginable thanks to her open display of affection earlier.

    But for the rest of the situation, the vote ended just as she imagined it would. Nonna didn't know if she was just a psychic, or if there was no reason to have a vote in the first place. Astra and Meijin made a quick break for it as soon as they could, slipping out the door and past a waving, grinning Nonna. Leon and Caelis also started heading towards the door to leave. Imagining that she had gotten back at Meijin and all was right with the world, Nonna turned away from the door and began to psyche herself up for whatever hellish training awaited her.

    Nonna would've been happy for the rest of the day. She started her training to become a Knight, got along well enough (in Nonna's mind) with the rest of her peers, and even settled a score with some uppity girl. The day could've been great, if only Caelis had kept his mouth shut. She even tried ignoring his annoying tone of voice at first, but as soon as he said “lecture,” Nonna's grin fell, only to be brought back up to full glory as he continued. Nonna wondered what he was talking about, and how he came to such strange conclusions. If she wanted to make enemies, she found that her fists and magic do a much better and faster job than some petty words. And when he said “long life ahead of you,” Nonna nearly lost it. He looked hardly a year older than Nonna! She wondered what sort of immortality potion he took, and why he was here trying to threaten her instead of mastering all forms of ancient magic. And the finale! He sounded like he was worried about her, like he didn't want to see her suffer! Maybe something like love at first sight does exist! Nonna couldn't hold it in and burst out laughing.

    Of course, that's not what really happened.

    In reality, Nonna was furious at Caelis' gall. She was not smiling from his silly words, but glowering at his haughty attitude. She did not stifle laughter because he was making a fool of himself, she was smothering a snarl because he was trying to make a fool of her! This egotistical jerk had the nerve, the spine to try and pressure Nonna into being “nicer and quieter.” To her, he was trying to force her into being something she was not on the pretense that it would affect her later life. It took quite a bit to keep herself from giving him a new red and blue face. Of course if she did indulge herself, he would win and everyone would become her enemy just as he predicted.

    The only thing that kept her from firing off a few spells at him was that he was not the first to confront her about her personality, and Nonna imagined that he would not be the last. From her neighbors in her town to her parents in her house, everyone had confronted her about how she acted at least once before. When Caelis finished and left to go train, she spit at the ground he stood on.

    “If just a few words are enough to make people suffer for the rest of their lives, this world would be burning already,” she muttered under her breath. She took refuge in the idea that it wouldn't be her suffering, but everyone petty enough to become her enemy simply because she spoke her mind. She even relished in the idea that Caelis aligned himself with her enemies, and in turn to some inevitable suffering later on in life.

    Regardless, Nonna could only scoff at his attempt to change her. People far more important than him said the same things previously, and if they couldn't do it there was no way some stranger who hadn't even spoke to her before would be able to. She wondered how he came to the conclusion that speaking to her like that was a good idea. If Nonna really was mindless enough to make enemies whenever she could, obviously she'd do more than “make enemies” with someone who'd try to confront her, right?

    However, if now even strangers began to call her out, she became wary of the people remaining in the warehouse. Though she didn't put her grin back on, she waved to them nonetheless as she finally, truly left and headed out to training. Honestly, the moment I end one grudge I get another, she lamented to herself mentally. Even I know that I'm angry a lot, but I was kind've hoping that I wouldn't get mad here. At least, not this fast!

    Nonna grimaced at Caelis retreating back, slowing her pace so that she'd lose vision of him soon enough.

    “At least have the balls to threaten me aloud, you idiot,” she whispered with a mixture of anger and dejection. “And don't run away right after you throw the first punch.”
  20. Enoch Brody
    Enoch almost seemed to freeze when he heard Cealis's comment towards Nonna, something about the way it was said gave him the impression that it wouldn't sit well with that girl, especially with her... Explosive personality. A lone bead of sweat ran down the back of his head, much like it would if this were some sort of anime, and his gaze shifted towards Nonna's face which bore an furious expression, a likened to what he'd imagine his father would look if the mountains he mined in were suddenly depleted of their seemingly endless supply of crystals. He resisted the urge to cover his ears as he waited for this storm to take it's course, and, soon enough, it did, well, sort of; actually, it seemed she would have ranted, but, then Cealis sort of... Left, for training. In a way, it would most likely hurt one's pride, and maybe even self esteem more than just staying there to see what would happen, and in the end, he gained some respect for both Cealis, for having the guts to be blunt like that, and for Nonna, for somewhat keeping her cool, and not blowing her top like it almost looked like she would.

    After a while, Enoch decided to head off to training, on his own, he figured he'd start with honing in his skills in control; it was a skill he most definitely needed to work on. It had been neglected when he had trained himself as he wasn't very good at it in general, but, perhaps studying it with people that have acquired far more experience could be the key to being able to work on skills such as that. With that in mind, he headed off on his own, waving to the others a little "I'm training control." he said simply, patting the spot where his map was one more time, old habits really do tend to die hard to say the least. Then, he was out of sight, off to locate the University nearby, in hopes of finding a few magic Scholars that may aid him in his SP control skills... With any luck, he could come out of his training with more confidence in his abilities to control his SP, he had always felt the need to iron out weak spots such as those, before they became major potholes in his progress, and any co-operative tasks that he may need to use mana for.​
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