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  1. Welcome to Spellheart, the great experimental roleplay which will feature a the first test of a unique fusion of tabletop and post-to-play mechanics.

    Spellheart is set in a medieval fantasy environment. Most settlements are located along laylines with lords who have the means to defend them. However, with the discovery of magic, food resources are extremely plentiful, therefore, the serfs have taken the role of foot soldiers that defend the town from attack, servery the surrounding lands for new laylines, and eliminate monster nests. The serfs are managed and led by the lord's knights, distinguished individuals who have been recognized by the lord for their combat skills and tactical abilities. In order to become knights, many serfs choose to train in the many facilities build to train their magical abilities and then test themselves in the arena in the hopes of attracting the attention of the lord.

    Phase Planning Sheet

    Today's Schedule

    PhaseActivityExpected Duration of Phase
    MorningCharacters can plan how they wish to train for the day with the other characters and meet with the knight they are assigned to.5/22
    TrainingDuring the training phase the character will get an opportunity to slightly increase one of their traits. They can train their SP pool by soaking in the power of the settlement's layline in the underground meditation room, their SP flow by enduring a wave of magic being pressed against them in the elevated training room, or their SP control by studying with the magic scholars in the university. Those who pick the same activity will be able to interact with each other.5/29
    AfternoonIn the afternoon, characters are able to go to the arena to spar against an opponent or observe a match. There are many different types of matches, including but not limited to; one on one, team, onslaught, and capture the flag. Combatants fight through magical copies of themselves, allowing them to safely fight to the death. This phase ends when all matches are complete.TBD
    NightThis is an optional phase that exists for characters who wish to meet up after the arenas close for the day or otherwise conclude the day.TBD

    Introduction (open)
    In pursuit of the goal of becoming a knight, most days will be spent in bettering your magic through training and combat, all while forming bonds and otherwise socializing with the other mages.
    Structure of a Typical Spellheart Day (open)

    PhaseActivityExpected Duration of Phase
    MorningCharacters can plan how they wish to train for the day with the other characters and meet with the knight they are assigned to.3 Days
    TrainingDuring the training phase the character will get an opportunity to slightly increase one of their traits. They can train their SP pool by soaking in the power of the settlement's layline in the underground meditation room, their SP flow by enduring a wave of magic being pressed against them in the elevated training room, or their SP control by studying with the magic scholars in the university. Those who pick the same activity will be able to interact with each other.3 Days
    AfternoonIn the afternoon, characters are able to go to the arena to spar against an opponent or observe a match. There are many different types of matches, including but not limited to; one on one, team, onslaught, and capture the flag. Combatants fight through magical copies of themselves, allowing them to safely fight to the death. This phase ends when all matches are complete.Variant
    NightThis is an optional phase that exists for characters who wish to meet up after the arenas close for the day or otherwise conclude the day.3 Days

    However, occasionally instead of a typical day, an event will occur. Events, unlike typical days, have a unique structure, but are still organized into distinct phases. Examples of events include defeating monster hoards, expeditions, vacations, and repelling attacks.
    Example Event Structure (open)

    PhaseActivityExpected Duration of Phase
    Learn the objectiveThe characters assemble to learn about the area they will survey3 Days
    Observe the surroundingsCharacters interact with each other and their surroundings on the way to the destination6 Days
    EncounterThe group is ambushed by goblins that they have to fight offVariant
    DiscoveryCharacters discover a weak layline amidst a cave lit by beautiful magic crystals3 Days
    ReturnThey make the return trip home and go to bed3 Days

    Events will occur based on player demand, and they will have a chance to create events of their own. Unlike typical days, the focus of events will be the showcasing of our characters and their abilities. They may also carry a great deal more risk and danger.

    Greater Detail on Creating Events (open)
    When creating an event, you aren't going to produce anything as rigid as the given example, as that shows what the event looks like after it has been completed. Although you will be in charge of separating the event into distinct phases, you will be doing so in real time with respect to what the player characters have decided to do. When proposing an event, all you need is a general idea of what the characters set out to do, and what challenges you have planned for them. I'm extremely comfortable with ambiguity here and I will likely approve any event that is submitted; however, do not be afraid to ask for help if you have trouble with any of the details. Surely the sum total of this thread's RP experience can solve any roadblock you might come across :).

    Character Sheet (open)
    Character Name: The name of your character.

    General Appearance: Eyes, Hair, Height, and other visual details. Pictures also work. In fact, pictures are awesome.
    Gender: Male, Female, etc.
    Orientation: Straight, gay, etc.
    Species/Race: Probably Human, but I'm flexible.
    Age: 19-22
    Birthplace: Where the character comes from. (the story takes place in the Kingdom of Rikeira, and most of the world lives in a feudal system)

    Current Goal/Purpose: Their agenda they would like to accomplish.
    Non-magical Talents: Little things your character is good at. This can be anything from cooking to playing Sudoku.
    Inabilities: Things your character is terrible at. For example, spelling or getting along with animals.
    Fears: Things your character is afraid of, has a phobia of, or even small events they don't want to happen.
    General Personality: This is the personality that the world sees. What people believe of your character. How they interact with other people.
    Inner Personality: The part of your character's personality that they don't like to reveal to others. What people rarely get to see!
    Secret: That one thing they don't want the world to find out.

    Spell Theme: This is the general idea of what kinds of spells the character will learn. For example, all the spells being related to fire would be a theme.
    Spell Library: *insert list of spells in the format of NAME: EFFECT (SP COST, TYPE)*

    General History: Childhood and important events that helped make your character who they are today.
    Present Life: The events in the present life that tie them to the current plot!

    Registered NPCs (open)

    Lancelot (open)
    Lancelot is the knight in charge of your mage group. He has a lot of authority due to his position, so it would be wise to show him utmost respect.

    Iola Marionelle (open)

    [YOH-lah mar-ee-uh-NEL]
    “Are you looking for a match?”

    A kind, motherly woman with a bright smile and soft expressions. She wishes to take an active part in apprentice mages' growth and help shape their future, but it often leads to her "children" feeling overwhelmed and burdened by her protective and devoted character. If that wasn't enough to scare away those under her wing, she is also rather impatient for her "children's" improvement, and angering her can reveal a side of herself that is rather... scary. Well, scarier than a mysterious person who never opens her eyes yet apparently can see everything around herself perfectly. Maybe she uses magic?

    At her best, "I'm so proud of you" and "I'll always be here for you" could be used to describe her personality.
    At her worst, "I (mother) know best" and "This is for your own good" could be used to describe her personality.
    Often, it's the latter that she shows the most.

    The World of Spellheart (open)
    • Most people live on laylines, natural sources of magic power that are used to charge SP. The laylines are considered a precious resource, and are the foundation of civilization. Using this power, people can provide for large numbers of people using materialization spells, spells that can create raw resources in almost infinite abundance for little effort. Living under a lord, most children are prepared to use magic for the rest of their lives, long before their magic actually awakens within them. At maturity, a person decides if they are better suited as a mage, or if they will support the Lord by working a trade.
    • Due to the super-abundance of resources, most necessities for life are free. Water, food, and most non-magical materials can easily be learned by an unskilled mage, and a single mage can easily produce more than enough for the entire settlement. Resources like laylines, monster spoils, and magical materials are extremely valuable due to their inability to be conjured by materialization spells. Due to the variety, large differences in perceived value, the lack of a need for a medium of exchange, and many complex factors; barter is the current system of exchange.
    • A Kingdom consists primarily of allied cities which are created on laylines. The person who owns the means of holding and defending the laylines is known as the Lord. Lords offer protection to the citizens, and in exchange, they offer their abilities to the Lord. The Lord is the highest authority, he owns all assets of his kingdom. The Lord appoints Knights to organize mages, who together form the protection which defends the city, and maintains its order. Mages operate under the command of a knight, and train in the Lord's facilities to increase their capacity to defend the kingdom. Those who do not become Mages instead serve the kingdom by creating food, building structures, designing equipment, accompanying Mages on expeditions with specialized skills (like mining), and any other means which they can assist the kingdom. This class structure is widely accepted due to the large amount of social mobility, individual satisfaction, super-abundance, and safety that it provides.
    • Mages are distinguished from other individuals in that they are the ones tasked with maintaining order and protecting the kingdom. Unlike non-mages, a mage will tend to have spells that are geared towards overcoming an enemy in combat, while non-mages prefer to learn spells that assist them in their trade. In addition, mages have a need for the resources to improve their magic. Unlike materialization spells which have extremely low SP costs, mages use spells with the intent to defeat other magic users. In order to overcome their enemies, they must be able to learn new, more powerful spells. For this reason, the Lord's resources for developing these spells are monopolized by the mages. However, a mage's entire worth is based on their ability to defeat opponents for their lord. Training is brutal, and many Mages end their career after their first day at the arena. For a mage, the ultimate goal is to gain the attention of the Lord, and become a Knight.
    • It is shaped like a gladiator's arena. Though interestingly enough, nobody actually fights within the physical building. There are plenty of reasons for this, the most obvious being that there are too many mages for everyone to be able to practice in just one facility, and space is too valuable to make multiple facilities. To counteract this problem, a technique called illusion-space is employed. Illusion-space is the creation of a false reality. It is completely worthless in combat, as this reality does not affect actual space, and there isn't an effective way to trap anyone in it. Non-mages exist all throughout the arena to offer their false reality for mages to fight or spectate within. The standard design for these arenas is a copy of the arena, with random environment in the center of the ring instead of the usual dirt ring; although, there is no limitation on what can and how things exist within illusion-space. In order to enter these illusion-spaces, mages cooperate with the non-mage to create a perfect copy of themselves within the illusion-space. However, magical items will not be transferred in this way. The copy functions exactly the same as the mage, and anything that the copy experiences can be transferred to the mage's memory, though doing so is optional. If the experience is too painful or frightening, the mage can discard memories of anything that happens within illusion-space.

    Rules/Guidelines (open)
    1. Due to the experimental nature of the RP, I reserve the right to "take-backsies". There may be times I say one thing, only to change my mind later since I really don't know what makes Spellheart balanced.
    2. Collaboration is mandatory. I'm a strong believer that making players work as a team creates long-lasting relationships and RPs. As such, I will often ask players to write collaborative posts together.
    3. Respect your fellow RPers. One of my greatest pet peeves of RPing is someone who doesn't consider the feelings and efforts of their fellow roleplayers. I'd like to think you are all gathered here because you enjoy being a part of something larger than yourself.
    4. This roleplay runs on a phasing system. That means that it has distinct phases representing different parts of the day. Although you may post as many times as you desire within any particular phase, you cannot exceed the parameters of that phase. Using this will allow us to accommodate all posting speeds while ensuring nobody gets left behind.
    5. I'm not going to create a lot of rules because you are all beautiful intelligent people. Allow me to continue to treat you as such.
    6. I will ignore any applications that do not go through the following process. Follow these instructions carefully.
    Character Approval Process (open)

    1. PM me the name of your character alongside a list of your character's traits(SP pool, flow, control) ranking them from E to S. (E=0, D=1, C=2, B=3, A=4, S=5) You have 9 points total to distribute among these.
    2. After everyone in the cast has given me this information, I will publicly post everyone's combat sheets, basing the stat distributions on the rankings. (if you'd like to change your mind at this point, repeat step 1)
    3. Once this information is posted you should, at your earliest opportunity, post your character sheet with everything but the field "spell library" filled out.
    4. Discuss your spell ideas with the cast and try to make an initial library of just 4 spells. It is a good idea to see exactly where the idea for your character's library falls in with all the others so that you can properly differentiate it.
    5. Finalize your list, and await approval.

    1. Create a positive IC environment. One of the most important things you can do to keep an RP alive is to make people want to post. You can do your part in this by making people feel like you read their post and reflected on how it affected your character. There is nothing quite like the warm fuzzy feeling of seeing that someone took the time to read your post in whole, and see the way their actions were reacted to.
    2. Create a positive OOC/Skype Environment. The OOC/Skype exists for us to get really excited, discuss stuff, talk about how much we are enjoying ourselves, share ideas, and all sorts of fun things. I love GMing because I want players to have fun and meet people who they have lots of fun with. If I can establish a sense of community among the people in my RP, then I feel driven to keep the RP going down to the end of the line.
    3. Please post at your earliest opportunity. If you wait till just before a phase is about to end to get a post up, that leaves no opening for other people to react to whatever it is that you did.
    4. Do not suffer in silence. If you have a question, ask. If you have a concern, express it respectfully.
    5. While there are game elements in Spellheart, it is not a game about winning with skill. First and foremost, Spellheart is an RP. When designing your character, I'd much rather you focus on how to make your skills match your character than what will make you more able to defeat stronger opponents.
    6. Even if you are busy, try to post a little something. There are going to be days where we have a lot to do and we just feel like we can't post with quality that is up to our standards, so we decide to just not post at all. When you feel that way, just remember that you have a GM who greatly respects players who get the post out. This is the case because while most of my RPs last a very long time, most of them die because people stopped wanting to post, and started creating a number of excuses on why they couldn't post. If you post what you can, even when it is difficult, it sends me the message that you don't want to excuse yourself from posting.
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  2. So, it looks like most of the people who were interested managed to get a sheet in. I'm formulating the combat sheets now, and will have those over to you soon, but until then I'll be distributing everyone's stat rankings. I was surprised to see that each of you distributed your stats very distinctly.

    ★Under The Stars★Name: Meijin Kobitora
     SP Pool: S
     SP Flow: B
     SP Control: C
    HeyitsjiwonName: Caelis Wolff
     Pool: A
     Flow: D
     Control: A
    gamer5Name: Fárya Gërénhürn
     SP pool: C
     SP flow: C
     SP control: S
    MiteName: Nonna Roeschlein
     SP Pool: B
     SP Flow: B
     SP Control: B
    ☆Luna☆Name: Astra Gaunt
     SP Pool: B
     SP Flow: C
     SP Control: A
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  3. Thanks for the patience. After a little bit of thought, I produced my first draft. TUMD is turns until mana is drained. The first does not adjust for if SP control is exerted, the second measure does. So I based the model around a typical battle lasting 5 turns at most. Increasing your SP Pool makes this number higher, increasing the flow makes it lower, and it is not extremely representative of combat strength. Because I balanced the characters this way, it is extremely easy for me to adjust how long we want the fights to last or nerf particular stats. Your combat sheet will be sent out to you individually in the form of a link. Keep that secret, it is for your eyes only.

        SP PoolSP FlowSP ControlUnadj TUMDAdj TUMD
    Default    7515055
    Trait Modifier   1055  
    Meijin Kobitora5311253054.1666666675
    Caelis Wolff41411520205.75Infinite
    Fárya Gërénhürn2259525253.8Infinite
    Nonna Roeschlein33310530153.57
    Astra Gaunt32410525204.221
    Enoch Brody342105351034.2
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  4. Hm after seeing this I guess that most of our characters will have 2-3 spells of 20-30 SP cost and maybe 1-2 of 30-40 depending on how big of a SP pool we have ... hm how does SP recharge? Each turn? Or it is slower then that?

    Anyways we players should discuss how to form a foundation for a balanced team. I was planing on making by character a supporter. What about you ladies and gentlemen?
  5. Excellent question. The characters you have are actually fairly low level, and that is why I set the target at 5 turns. SP does not recharge unless your character is in a leyline. The place where your characters live and train is built on a leyline(as are most cities), so they experience a recharge rate of 20% SP Pool per hour. Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that they will be able to take advantage of this in combat, so it will be treated as negligible unless there is reason to grant an exception.

    As for recommended spell costs, it all depends on what you want out of your character. It might be nice to use a slot on a defense that can be brought out immediately, or maybe an attack big enough to blow through their defenses, maybe a really cheap attack to hit them before they can bring up defenses, how about a utility spell that gives you a unique advantage over the opponent? There are a lot of cool things that you can do with spells, but they are going to be conditionally useful.
  6. Oh, and before I forget, I'm making a Spellheart group on Skype. If you want in on the good times, my Skype name is lunaluckylight, and avatar and name will look just like it does here.
  7. I go under the same name as here. Will try to be on as often as possible, trough the machine I am using has a hard time with having Iwaku and Skype up at the same time...
  8. No worries, but also, there are quite a few gamer5s on skype. I can't tell which is you.
  9. una.deus is my account. gamer5 is the nick.
  10. So, moving back to spell talk, when I look at your character, the first thing I'm drawn to is that she has an above average flow. This probably means that you are going to want to give her a bursting option. An offensive spell for 25.
  11. I am still thinking which kind of spells should I actually equip my character with. I want to discuss with others about possible teamwork and joint decisions about what to focus our individual characters on.

    Also given the nature of the magic system of Spellheart it might be a smart idea to allow our characters to use weapons in parallel with magic, as it gives them more things to due during their turn as well as something to fight with if they are out of MP.
  12. Yes. Character will be allowed to use weapons, though it will be restricted to a medieval tech level, and it will be considered an untrained skill unless your character finds someone who is willing to teach further weapon discipline.
  13. Got it! Also added you to my contacts on Skype.
  14. Well, having B's across the board was... a little more interesting than I expected. I expected Nonna to be outclassed by most everything (which she is, in SP Control and Pool) but still be a solid fighter in most situations. I didn't expect that she'd have one of the highest Flows and one of the shortest combat times, unadjusted.

    Now I really need to think hard about making a useful Spell theme~
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  15. Oh, and @☆Luna☆:
    What would've happened if SP Control surpasses SP Flow?

    For example, let's hypothesize that @gamer5's Fárya Gërénhürn spent the training phase studying with scholars and improving her control. Since her SP Flow and Control are equal currently, she would have a higher Control than she had Flow when the training is complete. Can that extra Control do anything at the moment, or will Fárya have to wait for her Flow to catch up before she can use her extra Control?

    Edit: Ah, shoot. I wasn't thinking where I was writing this and just mindlessly pressed submit. Forgive me for the double post.
  16. Well, that is what the skype group is for. Join us!
  17. The answer is actually pretty simple. Having more control than flow just means that you can control more mana than you can currently produce. If SP is added to your flow by a spell, you will still have the ability to decide how/if it is spent. In most situations it isn't useful, but it isn't without function.
  18. Character Name: Enoch Brody

    General Appearance:

    Appearance (open)


    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 19
    Birthplace: Montes Cristallum
    More: N/A

    Current Goal/Purpose: Master his skills in magic (and perhaps even try and be sociable for a change...)

    Non-magical Talents: Prospecting, carving gems, making jewelry, cartography, reading books (at least ones he finds interesting)

    Inabilities: Staying awake when bored and without something to occupy himself with, resist particularly powerful distractions, pay close attention to something he has no interest in, walk away from a situation that he feels "needs him"

    Fears: Getting lost, being in the dark in unfamiliar places for too long, failing classes, being left alone for too long.

    General Personality: Enoch is seen as a tough looking, but, relatively passive sort of person, maybe a bit introverted at times, and rough around the edges. Though he's blunt occasionally, and guilty of being grumpy from time to time, he's able to keep up a good conversation with as little words as possible.

    Inner Personality: Despite that occasional "tough act", and his slight tendency to distance himself from social situations, he actually likes conversing with others, when the right people are encoutnered but, rarely says so himself. Ironically enough, despite seeming like a bit of an anti-social sort of person, he's quite the contrary, often feeling the incessant need to socialize when he feels an impending sense of loneliness.

    Secret: Draws maps spastically on his free time to keep his fear of losing where he was at bay.

    More: N/A


    Spell Theme: Crystal

    Spell Library:
    - Crystal Barrier: Enoch raises both of his hands and forms a red colored Crystal wall in front of him, providing great defence against one attack/offensive spell, but, he is forced to remain stationary for a moment while this spell is casted, the barrier breaks right afterwards. (15 SP, Defence)

    - Shattering Light: An blue orb is formed above Enoch, detonating into an volley of blue, crystal projectiles, aimed generally at his target. (30 SP, Offensive)

    - Shard Lance: A large, white, crystal shard materializes in the hand which Enoch raises above his head, typically his Dominant hand(right), which he then throws in an attempt to hit his opponent, it detonates upon impact, causing a considerable amount of damage to an unguarded enemy. (20 SP, Offensive)

    - Geode Blockade: One hollow, geode-like structure forms, entirely composed of a green colored crystal, it protects against more than one attack (an estimated 1-9 hits depending on how much stress is put on the barrier), this spell renders him immobile within while this particular spell is in use. (55 SP, Defence)


    General History: The town of Montes Cristallum was rather famous for it's hills filled with various deposits of crystals and other types of ores. Enoch was born and raised as an rather average child, while father worked as a miner and his mother worked as a Jeweler, it seemed that Enoch himself didn't share their interest in pursuing such career paths, but, quite frankly, he had no clue what he wanted to be when he grew up. Though, despite this, he's always been practicing magic on his own, often finding secluded areas to spend his time practicing. Progress was slow, and he had some particular difficulty with controlling his mana flow, but, soon enough, despite his incredibly fast burnout rates, he seemed happy with what he had developed, mostly on his own so far... He did find some time to visit the local library and read what he could about mana usage and manipulation.

    Present Life: Once he had hit the age of 19, Enoch realized that, in order to pursue a more interesting career (in his opinion) than what was offered in his hometown... He'd have to start traveling, finding a place that would suit his own interests better. Sure, he could survive perfectly fine on his own here, but, he just wasn't "feeling it" as one would say. With that in mind, he headed to the town this RP would take place in...
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  19. Character Name: Astra Gaunt
    Spell Theme: Cuteness

    Heart Bullet: Launches a heart-shaped projectile which will spare the life of any opponent it should have killed, instead causing Knock-out and reducing their SP to 0. (20, Offense)

    Look At Me!: Gives opponent a spell circle, Notice: User must target Astra this turn. (15, Utility). (30, Utility)

    Lovely Gift: Gives target 50 SP, if she gives them a kiss on the same turn, they also get +20 SP flow. (50, Utility)

    Too Cute: Astra gains an aura which causes weak spells and physical attacks to veer away from her for the turn. (15, Defense)

    • Gender: Female

      Orientation: Lesbian

      Species/Race: Human

      Height & Weight: 5'6'' 115lbs

      Age: 19

      Birthplace: Kingdom of Rikeira

      Outfit: Astra wears two red ribbons that are made from a frost wyrm's tail hide, they are cool to the touch. She also wears a sleeveless male tunic made from frost wyrm's hide that has been magically altered to appear pink, purple, and white. Astra does not wear shoes, and instead coats her entire body with a complex mixture of elemental essences that function for slight protection, sunblock, and has a faint luster.

    • Current Goal/Purpose: Astra cares little about being a knight, and instead seeks being the center of attention.

      Non-magical Talents: Note-Taking, Singing, Athletics

      Inabilities: Tactless, Obnoxious, Emotional

      Fears: Being abandoned, trapped in a small space, and becoming invisible

      General Personality: Astra is loud, proud, and boundary-less. She is always looking for people in need, and seeks praise at all moments. She also likes being right on top of people when she is talking to them, sometimes to the point of being mistaken for flirtation. Even when she causes a misunderstanding or evokes a negative reaction, she doesn’t seem capable of having her tempo disrupted. She can be quite vain at times, especially when it comes to finding rarities. Although it is clear that she lacks maturity in many ways, she is at the very least diligent and hard-working, and knows the direction she wants to take her life.

      Inner Personality: Astra has a very negative outlook on herself. No matter how much she accomplishes, she always feels inferior. She also possesses much more wisdom than one would expect from someone so outgoing and shallow. She is the type to struggle silently when people don’t outgoingly reach out to her.

      Secret: Astra had abusive parents, and she is greatly embarrassed with this fact. This greatly damaged her self-esteem.

    • General History: Astra comes from a religious family that believes magic is sinful, and still holds onto the times before humans learned to harness the power of the leylines. Astra would have been indoctrinated into this line of thinking, but as some members began to profit from the current practice of magic being used to create raw materials, infighting also began to grow. Although Astra was taught the family’s beliefs, while the parents were busy serving the kingdom, she was secretly being taught counter-material by close family members who she trusted. While her parents told her to keep her teachings secret from the outside world, those who taught her secretly told her to keep these counter-teachings secret from her parents. In both cases, Astra was told that the reason was because they couldn’t possibly understand reality, and they’d try to hurt her because they wanted to remain blind to the truth.

      This was a very unfair request to give to a little girl, and she was often controlled through fear. When the parents learned of the counter-teachings on Astra’s 7th birthday, it got ugly. She was frequently exorcised by her parents whenever they suspected she could be corrupted, and resented by family members, used only as a tool to attack her family’s credibility. Astra did her best to hide this from her friends, but ultimately the injuries became too severe to go unnoticed, and after having to avoid leaving the house for several days, a patrolling knight found her in a state that ended with calling in a healer, and a full investigation being conducted.

      Almost her entire family was taken away from her that day, as they were all connected in a plot to destroy the leyline the city was built on. Astra has been a broken person since that day. She was fortunate enough to be taken in by a teacher, and socially, she still wanted to maintain relationships with her friends. Except for the knight, the investigation team, and the teacher, nobody was aware anything had happened to her. There was a noticeable change in behavior however. Astra started dressing differently, and became much more physical in her interactions. She was also much more involved and energetic. Also, she now had time for sports, which she excelled in due to her diligence, hard work, and the fact it was one of the few ways she could feel better about herself. Her friends eventually began to accept this new Astra, but to this day, she still doesn’t know how to face herself and her past.

      Present History: Astra at about age 18 unlocked her magical potential. With both fear and curiosity in her heart, she attempted to cast her first spell. She fell in love with the feelings she felt when using magic. It was nothing like anyone had ever told her. Her guardian noticed this in Astra, and helped set her on the course of becoming a Knight. With daily training, Astra might be on her way to creating a life for herself, though honestly, she just wants to keep using magic and to help others out.
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  20. Character Name: Caelis Wolff

    General Appearance:


    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Hetero-sexual
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 20
    Birthplace: The Kingdom of Aagaru


    Current Goal/Purpose: To become a knight in order to secure the Wolff family’s safety and asylum

    Non-magical Talents: Horseback riding, Fencing, Playing the flute, and Composing

    Inabilities: Singing, Trusting

    Fears: Being completely alone, very tall heights, being captured by the royal family of Aaragu

    General Personality: Caelis is a relatively affable person. He’s the type of person that everyone kind of knows of and occasionally have conversations with, but few can call him a good friend. He’s friendly, polite, but seems a bit distant because he is so formal. Still, not many people have bad things to say about Caelis. It’s just that they don’t really have much to say about him in general.

    Inner Personality: While maintaining a friendly façade, Caelis is actually analyzing the situation and listening carefully to what others are saying. While seemingly superficial, Caelis can detect small discrepancies and anomalies that people tell him, which allows him to get a better understanding of people. It isn’t that he is using this information to later manipulate them, or anything like that. Rather, he is a naturally cautious person who finds it hard to easily trust people. Thus, the few people who Caelis calls his friends are people that he trusts implicitly. He is someone who doesn’t use the word friend lightly.

    Spell Theme: Anti-Magic/Holy Magic
    Spell Library:

    Magic Piercer: A concentrated burst of magic that disrupts and sometimes completely destroys magic seals. Causes seals to lose 20 SP and then lose 5 SP every turn until the seal is destroyed or a minimum of 10 SP is put into the seal to stop the leak. (20, Utility)

    Flash Cast: A very loud burst of light that causes temporary blindness/deafness to anything nearby (5 meters). (10, Utility)

    Protective Aura: A layer of magic is applied to an object that will completely negate any direct magic attacks that are weaker or equal in strength to this spell. (20, Defense)

    Spear of Light: A single bolt of magical energy that is capable of piercing through physical objects. (15, Attack)

    General History: Caelis was born in the Kingdom of Aagaru, a neighboring Kingdom. However, he was both fortunate and unfortunate to be born as a minor noble. The Wolff family is a cadet branch of the Richtofen Dynasty, the royal dynasty of Aagaru. Thus, Caelis was born with some privileges that most people couldn’t simply afford. He was raised with a great education with the expectation of becoming a minor lord of a minor fief. So, while he wasn’t born wrapped in rich silks, Caelis never had to worry about being hungry.

    He learned the basics that every lord is expected to learn, diplomacy, stewardship, and swordsmanship. To his surprise, he was also born with the ability to use magic, which just strengthened his claim to nobility as the nobility in Aagaru are typically the best innate magic users in the Kingdom. Thus, life seemed good and straightforward for Caelis. He would eventually take over his father’s lordship, marry a minor noblewoman and just oversee his family’s lands.

    Unfortunately, life had other plans. After an attempted assassination on the first and only born son of the King of Aaragu, the royal family began a purge of all potential claimants to the throne. This included the males of the Wolff family. Thus, Caelis’ father sent the Wolff family went into hiding while he remained to delay the king. Caelis, his mother, and his sister eventually found themselves in the Kingdom of Rikeira where they obtained asylum. They remained in the Kingdom, and lived quietly.

    However, this wasn’t the life that he wished for his family. They were essentially under the mercy of the Kingdom of Rikeira and could easily be thrown away as pawns or bargaining chips with the Kingdom of Aaragu. Thus, Caelis knew that he had to become someone of note. He had to find new allies to make sure that his family would never have to worry about their safety. Then after that… perhaps revenge, but he hasn’t thought that far ahead.

    Present Life: Thus, Caelis seeks to use his innate abilities to become a knight of the Kingdom. Perhaps, he could even manage to serve well enough to be trusted with a minor fiefdom. But, either way, he has to focus on the present and becoming a knight.
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