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  1. Spellheart
    The Tales of Two in a Floating City

    > Main Characters <

    Amiko Windflurry | SPP 100, SPF 5, SPC 0 |
    Shibo Aozoa | SPP 50, SPF 10, SPC 5 |

    Current Relationship Status: Friends

    > Side Characters <

    Marcy | SPP 50, SPF 10, SPC 5 |
    Kazzian Aozoa | SPP 80, SPF 35, SPC 20 |

    > Briefly Met NPC's/Opponents <

    [PAGE 02 BATTLE]
    Unnamed Silver-Haired Boy | SPP 20, SPF 20, SPC 20 | Defeated by Amiko's 'Astral Storm'
    Unnamed Brown-Haired Boy | SPP 30, SPF 10, SPC 0 | Defeated by Amiko's 'Astral Storm'

    Notable Events Timeline <

    Page 01: Shibo and Amiko meet for the first time.
    Page 03: Shibo and Amiko win their first battle together. However, Amiko is taken away for questioning.
    Page 04: Shibo defeats Marcy, who reveals her true relation to Amiko.
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  2. Amiko Windflurry
    Brief History: Amiko was born into the military class of the Windflurry family. Although her family has the military class distinction, her parents were completely unsuited for the profession and fell out of power due to an occupationless life. Amiko grew up without anything expected of her, and she spent much of her early life sheltered by her family. In spite of this, Amiko's natural curiosity led her to have a chance conversation with a famous philosopher from the outside world. Inspired by his words, Amiko became enthralled with the intellectual side of her occupation. She made communication with the outside world as much as she was allowed, which quickly put her on watch lists and estranged her from her friends. As a result, she grew to become somewhat protective of her relationships. People were willing to interact with her because she frequently gave up her time to assist the sick, she had a friendly personality, she was cute, and she frequently tutored everyone in the class, but nobody wanted to grow close to her. She seemed disconnected from reality from the perspective of her peers. Amiko made up for the lack of close friendships with friendships in the outside world. Now that she has entered the workforce, she is likely to face yet more disruption from the government to undermine her power and influence. Amiko however just hopes that she can use her talents to defend Spellheart.

    Spellheart Characteristics
    Guard Type: Ward Heavy, Low Resistance
    SP Pool: 100
    SP Flow:5
    SP Control:0

    Melee Weapon: Spirit Forged Scythe
    Appearance (open)

  3. Shibo Aozoa

    Age: 19
    Brief History: Shibo was born into a family consisting of parents and a brother who were highly skilled and respected military units. The Aozoa family has always been military-focused, with some of the late Aozoa family members being of a notably high rank. Taught the ways of combat almost instantly as she grew up, Shibo persevered through hard training offered to her by her brother and father, showing a natural affinity for magic and swordplay. Often encouraged by her calm and extremely talented older brother in the military, Kazzian, Shibo follows in the footsteps of her sibling, wishing to be a 'hero' to the people and protect Spellheart from any oncoming threats.

    Shibo's thoughts on the outside world have always been very vague outside of Spellheart. Her family have always told her how glorious and great the place is - which she believes is true, to some extent. Deep inside, though, Shibo has always wondered what lies underneath the floating city. Deciding not to question it and follow her dreams, however, Shibo didn't ever bring it up - making her safe from various watchlists and the like.

    Shibo has always been an excitable and loud individual, showing great strength and a massive amount of determination to work to where she feels like she belongs: the military. However, Shibo has had some difficulties on the academic sides of things, often needing to put in a lot more work than others to pass various exams. Thanks to her burning will to push through and follow her dreams, though, her below average intellect didn't get in the way of her graduation. Engaging in various community services, clubs, and generally doing little things to try and make Spellheart a better place before she gets within the military, Shibo is currently a respected and prized daughter to the Aozoa family, even if she's always been loud and reckless in the past.

    Guard Type: High Resistance, Weak Ward
    SP Pool: 50
    SP Flow: 10
    SP Control: 5

    Melee Weapon: 'Arhyzzian Jagged Sword' (Seen in pic) - A simple yet effective blade forged from metals that can transmit Shibo's magical energies. It's made from cheap materials and is nothing special, as Shibo isn't a high enough rank or an old enough age to be given anything special just yet. A ward is placed in the hilt of the blade, which is replaceable if it breaks.
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  4. Yesterday, the graduating class of 2200 attended their graduation ceremony to be unleashed into the workforce. Many would fade into obscurity due to failing grades, but the exceptions, the top 15% of the population would be going on to fill the jobs left by the retiring generation. As per tradition, students were paired with another student of the same discipline and gender, but from different classes, to take their joint application assignment. This assignment would filter down from the top 15% of top applicants to the 5% that would actually hold jobs.

    From this graduating ceremony, Shibo received the following letter:

    Tomorrow, you are to escort Ms. Amiko Windflurry to the arena receptionist room by 7:30AM. She should have the application tickets needed for you to take your application assignment. See to it that both of you are in proper attire for your first mock battle. Tardiness is grounds for an instant failure. You represent the finest students of your generations. Continue with your hard work to keep our city grand.

    Maximus Lionsbane (Spellheart Academy Headmaster)

    P.S. Amiko Windflurry lives on 1120 Mavrik Street.
  5. Hands in her pockets and her blade holstered at her back, Shibo rubbed her eyelids drowsily as she enjoyed the fresh morning air, and the usual golden glow that embraced the city at early morning hours. The buzz of excitement and accomplishment from being part of the graduation ceremony was still in the back of her mind... hah! And they said she was too 'dumb', too 'unfocused'. Shibo gave a little triumphant smile to herself knowing that the seemingly endless barrage of boring books had been worth it. But, she knew it was far from over.
    "Ain't gonna be long before I catch up with you, Kazzian~." She whispered to herself playfully.

    Re-reading the letter to double check the address, Shibo also took note of the time via a little brass watch that emitted a blue glow. 5:57AM. Best to be super super early, just in case.

    So... ah... this 'Amiko' chick was going to be her partner, huh? Shibo bit her lip a little, a little anxious of what she was going to be like. It wasn't that she was shy, it was just... nerve wracking. What if they didn't work in combat together? What if they had a completely different mindset? It wasn't like there was a big amount of time to get to know each other and prepare some awesome team tactics for this mock battle... and that was probably part of the challenge of it. Shibo had made some pretty strong and close bonds with friends in the past, but... all of them had dropped out, pretty much. Except for one. Hopefully Amiko would be on the same wavelength as her... and not distractingly pretty. Hiding her preference for women was getting hard.

    6:14AM. Thank God for Spellheart's super easy travel systems, or it would've taken her a lot longer to get here; Mavrik Street was damn far away from where she lived. Dressed in smart yet combat-suitable clothes, Shibo fiddled with her snow-white hair, brushing it out of her face and trying to look as presentable as possible. Best to make a good first impression, even if she really didn't care what she looked like. Counting the numbers on doors up from 1100, Emiko eventually found herself looking at '1120'. A nice place... time to meet Ms. Windflurry.

    Coming up to the door, Shibo took a deep breath, before giving the door a few firm knocks with her fist.
    "Oyyyy! Anyone ho-" Shibo hollered out, before realising that was super informal, and she hadn't thought before calling out how she usually would. Crap. Maybe she didn't hear? Clearly her throat, Shibo pretended she hadn't said anything and corrected herself.

    "*Ahem*. Is this the residence of Amiko Windflurry? Uh... this is your... new partner here, Shibo Aozoa! Exciting, huh? I was told to escort you to the arena...?" Shibo called out, sweating nervously with an unsure smile. Jeez... that felt really weird and awkward. Hopefully Emiko was actually awake and properly dressed... otherwise things were gonna get off to a real bad start.

    Please don't be a bitch... please don't be a bitch... please don't be a bitch... Shibo mentally hummed to herself as she waited for the idle door to open or respond.
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  6. Although Shibo makes it to the correct residence, there doesn't seem to be an answer. The dwelling is only built for one person, so it seems unlikely that Amiko couldn't hear the summons. Though, you do hear a voice. It sounds sleepy, but it also has a soft and smooth vibe to it, "Are you here to pick me up already?" Although Shibo hears the voice, it just doesn't seem to be coming from anywhere.
  7. "Oh.. u-uh... yeah. Haha..." Shibo called out unsurely, clearly a little shaken by the sound of the voice. Was she using telepathy or something? Wouldn't be a huge surprise, but it sure felt weird having someone talk from seemingly nowhere. Scratching the back of her head a little guiltily as she'd probably woken the girl up, Shibo twiddled with a strand of her hair as she talked.

    "Er... sorry if I'm a lil' early. Thought I'd come sooner rather than later just in case, y'know? Take as much time as you need to get ready. I'll just... wait out here." Shibo called out, before taking a step back from the door. From a small, navy satchel around her back, Shibo withdrew a granola bar, unpeeling the wrapper and chewing it nonchalantly whilst she waited.

    Amiko seemed to be pretty gentle and chilled from what she'd heard so far, which was nice; people like that were great in her opinion. Shibo hoped her early appearance hadn't annoyed them before they'd even properly met. They were gonna need to get through this, after all...

    (On phone right now; can't Skype.))
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  8. Amiko drops down from the roof, landing behind Chibo. Amiko seems to still be in nighttime attire. She is in a purple nightgown that seems to be made of a comfortable silk substance. Looking over Chibo, Amiko seems happy. Still with a sleepy lisp, "I'm really happy you came to get me. Since they always pair people up with someone from a different class, I was worried about getting paired with someone who wouldn't show up. If the escort never shows up, then you don't even get a chance at the military."

    Realizing that she was making implications, "Oh, but I don't mean you were like that or anything. You seem like you are strong and reliable." Amiko blushes, taking a stand of her hair and grasping it nervously. "Sorry, that I'm not ready. I had a crazy last night. I was actually asleep on the roof until just now. I'm not really all here yet. I'm not good at waking up early."

    Pulling out a house key from under a plant, Amiko unlocks the door, "If you want, I can make breakfast to make-up for it."
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  9. Shibo genuinely didn't know what to say. At first, she thought a girl had fallen off the roof of the house, so she instinctively dropped her granola bar and tried to catch her - which only resulted in a miss and her flailing dumbly.

    In terms of all introductions she'd ever had with anyone ever, someone jumping from the roof in their pyjamas had to be one of the most bizarre one yet. Blinking as she watched Amiko, Shibo wiped crumbs from her mouth plainly, before shaking her head and chuckling to herself lightly at the absurdity of what just happened.
    "Wow... er... of all the things I was expecting, that was the last. Is sleeping on roofs the norm round here? ...Should I try it sometime, too...?" Emiko asked with a grin, though not in a teasing manner.

    Despite this, Amiko herself seemed... nice, to say the least. A gentle and warm-hearted person. And there was no denying it: she was a cutie. It was taking some serious resilience for Shibo to stop her cheeks from going even a little bit red, but she managed nonetheless. She certainly seemed like an 'out-there' girl... hopefully Shibo would get along and not be too loud for her? Ah... only time would tell.
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  10. *this might change what you want to have Shibo do, so I'll wait to see if you want to adjust your post*

    When Shibo brings up the roof sleeping, she suddenly turns bright red. "I, I um. Oh this is embarrassing. I didn't mean to make it sound like sleeping on the roof was something I just do all the time. I don't do anything strange like that. I actually wanted to sleep in my bed, but..." Amiko gives a pained expression. She definitely wanted to explain herself, but something was holding her back. Disheartened, "It is just really complicated. Please, don't try it. It is really cold sleeping outside at night, and I'm sore all over from sleeping on such a rough surface." Realizing that she probably was causing more harm than good, "I umm, sorry." Amiko bows her head to Shibo, "I'm just having a really rough start to my day. I'll do my best to try to keep it to myself from now on."
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  11. "...E-Eh, nothing to apologise about. I should be the one saying sorry for being so nosy." Shibo mumbled, rubbing her head awkwardly and blushing a little as Amiko bowed to her. She was probably the most polite and gentle-hearted girl she'd ever met, which only made her feel all the more bad that this girl had been freezing and sore ontop of a roof for unknown reasons. Shibo had just thought she'd got drunk after a party or something - but she clearly wasn't on of those types. Alcohol was sort of frowned upon, anyway.

    "Let's, uh, forget that happened. My bad for bringing it up." Shibo said with a shrug.

    Confidently yet somewhat shyly, Shibo presented a hand forth to Emiko to shake. It was a common thing she liked to do with people; you could tell a lot about a person by the strength of their grip.
    "I'm not sure if you know my name already, buuut, I'm Shibo Aozoa. Spellsword. Pleasure to be your partner~." Shibo said with a smile and a wink, tightening a leather strap that kept her sword firmly in place.
  12. Amiko grasps ahold of Shibo's hand. The cold Amiko had endured immediately makes itself known. The poor girl has little to no body fat, so she must have been completely defenseless against the cold. She also seemed to shake just slightly. Her grasp seemed firm enough to suggest she knew how to give a proper handshake but delicate enough to suggest she didn't have much hand strength. Amiko looks right into Shibo's strong red eyes, "Shibo. That name really suits you. My name is Amiko, Amiko Windflurry. I know we are just going to be together for the application assignment, but let's do our best together."

    Amiko then releases her hold on Shibo, sliding her hand delicately to her side while the other opens the door. Unlike most of the military path girls, Amiko seemed to move with a sense of grace. The movement seemed refined enough to have possibly been practiced. She didn't fit into the mold of the typical military girl. Pulling the door entirely, Amiko remained behind the door to hold it open for Shibo, "Go ahead. It is nicer inside. I thought you'd be coming, so I already prepared iced water. It is waiting for you on the dining table."

    The interior of the home seems quite barren. Much of the space isn't used. It looked almost akin to how a house looks when they are trying to sell it to potential buyers. The furniture that did exist seemed quite girlish and artistic. White, gold, and purple seemed to be the predominant colors of the furniture. The walls, however, were painted with a pastel variant cyan wave pattern atop an otherwise white wall. The floor was carpeted, except the entrance to the bathroom, which appeared to be tiled.
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  13. "Yeah! That's the spirit. I'm sure we'll do great." Shibo said with a wink as she released Amiko's hand, putting it into her pocket as she looked around herself for a moment. Man... she wasn't kidding about being freezing cold. It made her wish she had some sort of magic that could safely warm her up, but she didn't specialise in any of that sort of stuff. It made Shibo all the more curious why Amiko had slept on the roof in the first place, but like she said, that was best kept to herself.

    "Oh? Uh... sure. If that's okay and stuff." Shibo replied as Amiko opened the door. Her footsteps were heavy and a little clumsy as she entered, moving in a strong yet casual manner. She didn't feel fully relaxed yet, as there was still that little awkward 'meeting a new person' feel hanging in the air, but she was sure that'd go away in time.

    "Nice place you got here. I really like the purple, actually." Shibo commented as she looked around the house. The place had a fresh smell to it, and even if it was a little barebones, Shibo liked the quaint feel to it. It was a lot neater than her place in comparison, where Shibo had a lot of clutter lying just about everywhere. It made the place feel nice and roomy. "Speaking of purple, random fact about me number one: it's my favourite colour. So this whole theme really appeals." Shibo added with a smile. She wanted to say something about Amiko's eyes at this point, but that'd probably be classed as flirting. She barely even knew her anyways.

    Soon enough, Shibo found the dining table. Hesitating for a moment before doing so, she took the water and drunk half of it in one big gulp. Wiping her mouth with her arm, she grinned at Amiko.
    "Man, thanks for getting that ready for me. I forgot to take a drink with me, so you're basically a godsend." She paused, before taking another big sip. "Mmf... *gulp*... random fact about me number two: I forget to do a lot of stuff in the mornings. Drinking being one of those things today." Shibo said with a chuckle, before starting to relax a bit. She decided to wait a while before bringing up any more conversation, as she didn't want to barrage Amiko with her loud chatter.
  14. Amiko followed Shibo inside, all while listening to Shibo go off on a monologue. Not that Amiko found the process a chore. On the contrary, Amiko found the company warm and lively. Most of the people she spent time with kept such a solemn atmosphere and held up their guard so tightly, it was as if she couldn't see who they were at all. Shibo wasn't like that. Although she probably liked to exaggerate and she seemed rather nervous, it felt like she had met someone who looked at her as a potential friend. Just that much felt like a such a different feeling.

    Amiko already knew that the only reason this kind of relationship was possible was Shibo's lack of caution. While most of the citizenry learn through social cues to know and avoid people who are publicly called to the administrative offices, there are on occasion those who don't have the social awareness to avoid introducing themselves to people who will ultimately drag them down. Amiko felt sorry for Shibo since Amiko's status could drag down Shibo's chances at employment.

    Amiko smiles a soft smile towards Shibo, "I'm glad to hear all these thoughts from you, but I think you are worried too much about breaking the ice with me. I want to get a shower and get changed before we test, but when I get back could you tell me more about yourself? I want to grow closer to you, so when we fight together, I'll be able to trust my ambitions with you." Amiko gives a soft giggle as she looks towards Shibo with kindness in her eyes, "I'll be right back, ok?"

    Amiko steps into the bathroom and begins her shower.
  15. "A-Ah! Yeah, sure thing~." Shibo said with a nervous smile, fidgeting a little as she watched Amiko leave to the bathroom. Looking at the wall in thought, Shibo wondered how she should best describe herself for when Amiko came back. 'Just another wannabe military gal' seemed like an appropriate sentence, but she supposed she could say a little more. That'd wait for when Amiko was done with her... shower.

    Hearing the shower start running in the other room, Shibo bit the inside of her cheek and tapped her feet on the ground quickly as she sat, removing certain thoughts from her head. No. Bad brain.

    As she continued to wait, Shibo relaxed in her seat a little as time passed, crossing her legs and closing her eyes. The serenity of the place was soothing; this district seemed to be a lot calmer and less noisy from down South where she lived. Shibo began to wonder what sort of caster Amiko was in her idle thoughts, too. Although some girls were full of surprises, the handshake from earlier wouldn't suggest she was a spellsword or melee-focused type. Likely magic-focused?

    Resisting the urge to say something stupid like: 'want me to get you your clothes?', Shibo waited patiently for her partner to get changed.
  16. Amiko doesn't take much time getting herself cleaned and dress, clearly out of consideration both for her escort and the limited period they'd have to get to the arena. Despite her condition, she doesn't even wait for the water to warm up. Although she would be going into a fight, Amiko didn't have anything specially made for the occasion, so she simply picked her school uniform for the occasion. Like most mages, Amiko had access to a small Aether pocket which she could use to store items without the burden of carrying them herself. For now, she just had the standard access given to all citizens which could only hold as much as could be stored in a typical backpack, but if she passed then she could get the upgraded military access.

    Coming out of the bathroom, Amiko can no longer veil that she was quite cold. She jitters visibly; her hair still relatively wet. Unfortunately, time had not been fortunate to the group, and they'd need to move soon if they expected to get to the arena at walking speed. Apologetically, "Sorry. I tried to get ready as fast as I could, but I don't think I can keep my promise to make breakfast. If you will allow me, I'll treat you to lunch afterward."
  17. Opening one eye as Amiko re-entered, Shibo's eyes quickly widened as she realised she was shivering. Come to think of it... the shower had been super quick. Had she not even given the water time to warm up?

    Blinking, Shibo checked her watch as Amiko spoke. Crap. She was right; they'd need to jog if they stopped for breakfast now. Time sure had flew, for some reason.

    "Uh, don't worry about it. You must be freezing; here." Shibo said, taking off her smart white jacket, revealing her copper-red and white battle wear underneath, and holding it out for Amiko.
    "Please, wear this for now, kay'? You'll catch a cold or something worse at this rate." Shibo mumbled, looking concerned for a moment. Shibo was notably bigger than Amiko, so on her it would be like a coat.

    "Oh, and I've got a spare granola bar if you want it whilst we're walking. That way, we're even." Shibo said with a wink, heading near the door and ready to get going when Amiko was.
  18. Amiko looks embarrassed, "I didn't realize it was showing. I knew it felt like I was shaking, but it felt like that since I first woke up. In all honesty, I'm probably already going to get sick, I just wanted to get through the fight. If I can do that much, then I can just take the next day off." Amiko looks both longingly and guiltily at the clothes Shibo had offered her. Amiko wanted to be able to simply accept the clothing, but since she would likely be taking tomorrow off anyway, she didn't know how to feel about taking the clothes off of someone else's back.

    Amiko then realizes that she had gotten herself completely lost in Shibo's kindness, and forgot an extremely obvious fact. She is in her own house. She can just walk a few steps to her own room and have as many layers as she wanted. Amiko turns bright red, not understanding what possessed her to lose her sense of reasoning to such a degree. She had nearly taken Shibo's clothes off her back for literally no reason at all. Trying to play off her embarrassment as a response to the nature of Shibo's question, "And, as nice as your offer is... I umm, live here and all. I have clothes just upstairs. I'll just get a jacket or something. But thanks for the thought..."

    Amiko runs to her room and comes back sporting a thin black jacket. It doesn't seem nearly warm enough, but Amiko seems visibly happier. She even stopped shaking. Jogging over to the door, Amiko opens it and then looks behind to look at Shibo. Warmly, "Let's get going. We can talk about stuff on our way."
  19. Slinging her jacket back over her shoulder, Shibo gave a little nod, looking a little red. Kinda dumb for her to forget that houses had clothes... come to think of it, why had she forgotten Amiko could just go and grab her clothes upstairs? Shibo supposed her reaction was more impulsive than logical, because seeing the poor thing shiver wasn't an enjoyable experience. As Amiko opened the door, Shibo gave a big smile.
    "U-Uh... yeah! Let's go."

    Walking with her usual confident style as she began to walk with Amiko, Shibo rubbed the back of her head as she took a deep breath of the open air. She clearly felt at home here, even though she hadn't really visited this district much. Spellheart was a true home for her.

    "Sooo..." Shibo mumbled casually as they walked. "You wanted to know a little about me, right? Well... I guess I should start by explaining to you how I fight. We can think of how we synergise that way." Shibo said. Unslinging the sword from over her shoulder, Shibo made sure no people were nearby, before unsheathing it to quickly show Amiko.

    "This here is an Arhyzzian blade. Dunno if you've heard of one before. A simple little thing I got for my eighteenth b-day. It's great at 'parrying' enemy spells." Shibo explained, showing the simple yet quite pretty jagged design as she walked, before sheathing it again and throwing it back over her shoulder. "Soo... as you might've guessed, I'm a spellsword. I don't mean to brag, but... I think I'm pretty good with defensive spells. If you're in trouble, stand behind ol' Shibo here. Don't worry, I can handle it." She said with a wink. Some of her spells were a lot more complex than that, but she figured she shouldn't talk about it too much.

    "What kind of magic do you use? If you don't mind me asking."
  20. Amiko listens with interest as Shibo shows her weapon and explain her fighting style. Cheerful, "That works well for me. I'm not extremely developed as a mage. Despite having lots of mana, I have a lot of trouble casting spells. It takes me a long time to cast even basic spells. So, depending on the situation, I have two different methods of fighting. The first involves using lots of cheap spells to give me an edge in my melee combat. The second is to hide away for a long time, then ambush my opponent with a spell too large for them to deal with."

    Amiko then realizes something, "Oh, but I'm getting ahead of myself. I inherited my melee weapon from my parents. Since they ended up unemployed, they couldn't make good use of it, but it dates back to the glory days of the Windflurry name." Amiko drops a large, narrow, black, metal rod out of her aether pocket. At first, the weapon appears to be some sort of dual sided spear due to the spiral grip pattern and sharpened ends. However, the instant Amiko takes hold of the rod, the weapon reveals its true nature. Two scythe blades made entirely of purple energy erupt out of the ends.

    Continuing on with conversation as if she hadn't done anything impressive, "The weapon works best when I can keep the opponent on the defensive, so I tend to have a more aggressive style. If I can't find a good place to hide, my defenses are rather poor though. So I was so glad to hear that I was paired with someone who could protect me."
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