Spell Binding

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  1. Draco looked out the window of the carriage as they rode into Hogwarts school. Despite what he often said, he was actually quite fond of the school, but for reasons only known to himself. He couldn't help but smirk a bit, though it looked smug and cocky. He sat back in his seat, looking around as they entered the familiar castle. As he looked around, he finally spotted the boy who was often thought to be his enemy.

    Harry Potter.
  2. Harry as usual was surrounded by people, always so many people. Hermione was talking about some book she thought would be really useful and Ron was yelling at the twins - something to do with a joke they had played on a girl he liked. And there were so many people gathering around. Trying to see him - Harry Potter. Some were quite quiet about it but Harry had spent his whole life surrounded by admirers so he could pick out the people looking at him easily. Then there were those who didn't bother with subtleties. There were people pointing at him obviously and whispering and sometimes it was just too much. He was glad to be back at Hogwarts - his home but sometimes he wished for a little animosity.
    He caught the eye of Malfoy from down the corridor.
    He knew their relationship was based solely on hate but just looking at the guy he felt calmer. It was a stupid thought - they just got into fights whenever they were near each other. But when he thought of Malfoy and he saw a deserted, quiet beach.
    And a little peace and quiet would be good right now.