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  1. So, this isn't an Idea I think should be implemented into Iwaku as such.

    Well it is, but it was more just a thing people do way over on the MSPA forums.

    Specularnaodms. Funny word. Don't have to call it that. Nobody even remembers why it's called that.

    Anyway, what it is, in simple terms, is something special.
    Say, you've made 999 posts. Well, you do something special for that 1000th post.
    Any post number worth marking, really. 42. 100. The year of your birth.

    And how you make it special? By doing it any way you want. You could write a poem, or draw something, or compose a song.
    You can do anything, just make it special.

    Not something that should necessarily become a huge thing here, just something interesting I thought should be shared with the good people of Iwaku. (Iwakuians?)
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