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    The date was June 30th, 30XX. That was the day the people of Andria would remember forever. A new generation of magicians would be born, one that far surpassed any group anyone had seen before. Of course, every blessing comes with it's curse. You could say that the birth of this power was the universe's way to prepare Andria for the terrible threat that loomed overhead. What role will you play? Will you fight against the darkness, or become part of it? Only time will tell.


    World History

    Andria was a country born from dust. One of few countries scattered throughout the world, this particular area of was once rampant with war, disease, famine, and death. Although many tried to tame the wild spirit of the land, all of them ended up failing to do so. In fact, none of them lasted more than a week before they gave up hope or were otherwise defeated. That is, until three warlords banded together. They were the first three magicians to ever live. The three, who had been friends since birth, went on an intense journey for a sacred treasure. It was rumored that the gods had left essences of their power somewhere in the land that would become Andria in the future. After many years of searching for this treasure, the three men found it in the form of a red goblet, a blue goblet, and a yellow goblet. Each of these goblets, when drank from, gave the men the powers of magic. Using this newfound power, the Yellow Magician's superior intellect, the Blue Magician's incredible drive, and the Red Magician's amazing recruiting skills, they swiftly united all people across the lands to form the powerful land of Andria, the kingdom where this adventure takes place.

    The current rulers are members of the Emprilian family. This family was born hundreds of years after the initial formation of Andria. The descendants passed on the power of magic from the original users which is how magic users become more prolific. The Emprilian family was born through the marriage of Susan Suyuki, a Yellow Magician who was a direct descendant of the original user, and Agrin Oskra, a descendant of both the Blue and Red Magicians. They married and changed their last name to usher in a new era of ruler with no nominal relation to the original magicians. A side effect of this was a line of royals who were could be born with all three elements. This marriage took place 500 years ago.

    Over time, magicians rose to high positions in society due to their sheer power and historical prestige. This includes military positions, law enforcement positions, and jobs fighting in the colosseum, where their flashy fighting styles make excellent entertainment. While the outer edges of the country sometimes suffer from attacks from invaders, the capitol was largely peaceful, save a few minor crimes here and there. This is all about to change however. There are rumors that a person has developed a new shade of magic which has been dubbed "Black Magic." Several high ranking officials have been murdered, and people claim to have seen a dark figure prowling the streets in the night. What's more worrisome is that it seems the Black Magician is gathering an army. Because of this, the capital is preparing for war.


    General Rules

    1. Keep it PG-13 when it comes to both the words you use and how far you take the romance. Thank you.

    2. There really are no limits when it comes to character creation other than the requirement of your character to be human.

    3. Feel free to shoot any of your ideas at me at any time. I don't mind at all.

    4. Feel free to shoot any of your questions at me at any time too. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    5. When a large event comes rolling 'round, I'd like to ask that anyone who can participate does. I'll notify you in this thread when something like this pops up.

    6. Make sure you read both the General Rules and Magic Rules before making your character. This makes the grading process a lot easier and the RP experience more fun for everybody.

    7. Please erase the parenthetical guides in the Character Sheet. By doing this I'll acknowledge that you've read the rules, and it is necessary that you do this for your character to be accepted.


    Magic Rules

    1. Each person begins with only one shade of magic. Later on other shades can be learned, but for now you will only have one.

    2. Magic is used through manifestation. Each person begins with only one manifestation. It needs to follow the requirements of that particular shade of magic.
    Red - Forearms, Lower Legs, Head
    Blue - Broadsword, Whip, Scythe
    Yellow - Pistol, Spear, Bow and Arrow

    3. Manifestations are summonable when you use your magic. Although there isn't a particular reason, most people don't just have it summoned during every day life.

    4. You can't change magic on your character after it's been created no matter the circumstances.

    5. There is a natural supremacy amongst the shades:

    Yellow Magic's heightened speed allows it to bypass Red Magic's slower onslaught, and the piercing nature makes it easier to effect their armored form. Red Magic's tough and non tangible defense counters the strength and cutting abilities of Blue Magic while their wide range allows them to easily land blows on their less armored opponents. Blue Magic's superior strength gives it the edge when fighting against opponents that rely on fast hits such as those who use Yellow Magic. It's cutting ability is also able to destroy the physical manifestations of Yellow Magic.

    This does not mean, however, that a user of Yellow Magic will always beat a user of Red Magic (Or Red to Blue/Blue to Yellow). A person's skill plays more of a role when determining the outcome of a battle.


    Types of Magic

    Red Magic
    Damage Type: Bash
    Types of Manifestation: Magic "Armor"
    Advantage: Heightened Defense, "Explosive Type" Skills
    Disadvantage: Low Speed
    Summary: Manifested as armor on one's body, typically a shade of red, individuals have specific parts of the body where they specialize in using their armor. Red Magic is used for "Explosive Type" skills. These sort of skills, as the name suggests, cause physical explosions. The damage caused by it can be considered blunt-force or "bash" damage. Because of the armor created by this magic and the cover provided by the large explosions, this type of magic is hailed for it's prowess in defense, while the complexity and weight of these techniques lower the users speed considerably when this magic is being used.


    Blue Magic
    Damage Type: Cut
    Types of Manifestation: Magic "Blades"
    Advantage: Heightened Offense, "Plasma Type" Skills
    Disadvantage: Low Defense
    Summary: Manifested as glowing blue blades or whips, the attacking segment itself is almost liquid and somewhat amorphous. This doesn't take away from it's cutting prowess however. Blue Magic is used for "Plasma Type" skills. These sorts of skills, as the name suggests, involve the usage of the blue plasma blades on a users's weapon. The damage caused by it can be considered cutting or "slash" damage. These manifestations tend to be able to cut through most anything, and also grant the user a fair amount of strength when wielding them. As a trade off, Blue Magic has almost no defensive purposes, leaving people who use it open for attacks.


    Yellow Magic
    Types of Manifestation: Magic "Spears"
    Advantage: Heightened Speed, "Chromium Type" Skills
    Disadvantage: Low Offense
    Summary: Manifested as weapons or objects with sharp points, it is unique in that it creates real tangible material through it's manifestation. Even the armor created by Red Magic doesn't change the texture of the skin. Yellow Magic is used for "Chromium Type" skills. Chromium is a shiny, yellow, metal like substance only created by Yellow Magic. The damage caused by it can be considered piercing or "stab" damage due to the fact that creations of this type will always form a point. Manifestations of this magic are very lightweight and actually boosts the users's speed, but this also causes it to loose attack power.


    Faction Heads

    Akauta Emprilan
    Position: Head of the Andrian Military

    Bio: The eldest daughter of the king, she's given up the ability to learn other shades of magic to earn incredible prowess in Red Magic. She can crete armor on every inch of her body and the explosions she creates with her powers are incredibly strong.
    Faction Description: The Andrian Military is one of the strongest forces in the entire world. They are spread out through Andrian, but are most concentrated in The Royal City. Compared to your average city's police, each average member of the military is generally as strong as one of their captains. They are primarily in charge of public relations, body guard duty, and occasionally law enforcement.

    Base of Operations:


    Caerula Emprilian
    Position: Head of The Royal City's Police

    Bio: The younger daughter of the king, she's given up the ability to learn other shades of magic to earn incredible prowess in Blue Magic. She can cut through nearly anything and form any sort of blade as her manifestation.
    Faction Description: The Royal City's Police are far superior to any other city's police force. They might be smaller than the military, but their members are as strong as their counterparts. They are all focused in the Royal City, and preform strictly law enforcement rather than the variety of duties the military has.

    Base of Operations:


    Amarillo Varas
    Position: Owner of the Battle Coliseum

    Bio: Coming from poverty, this man is now one of the richest, most powerful humans in the nation. He owns the Battle Coliseum and has given up the ability to learn other shades of magic to completely master Yellow Magic. He can make any shape of piercing weapon, and he is the fastest man alive according to Andrian records.
    Faction Description: Made up almost entirely of Magic users (and strong ones at that) the Battle Coliseum is a place to earn money for fighters and to be entertained in everyone else's case. Intense battles happen here every day allowing the Coliseum to rake in thousands of dollars a day between admission prices, betting, and the casino built into the complex. They don't have any duties, but are expected as fighters of their country to help out when Andria is in danger.

    Battle Coliseum:


    Bio: L͎̬̙͗̇̆ͯͥ͋͂͜͡͡ơ̢̹̘̹̝͍ͩ̋ͪ̀r̺̱̙̙̦̥̤͇̜̎͋ͪ̂́e̛̱͖͚ͪ̍ͣ̆̐͂͝m̸̵̙̣̩͙̯ͥ̂̚̕ ̷̒ͦ̌̅̀̈̿͏̟̝̳̱͈i̹̜̖̹̥̍ͅp̳̙͆͌͠s̴͗͒̋͗͋̇̄̽̀͏̰̞̝̫̻u̾̉ͭ̀͑ͪ҉͙͍͔̼̘m͚͖̓̎̒̋̓͊ͧͬͩ ̲̮̝͇̭̪ͦ̏̈́ͣ̈͞f̸̍͂̔͑̈͆̊͏̭͙r͉̩̺͓̭̭̻͙̄͘͞i͎͔̠͉̩͊ͮ̈̆ͬ̓n̢͇̫͚͎̲̝͈͍͇̐̿̐g̸̦̣̈́͞ȋ̶̜̖̣̞̱̺̯͐̑̑ͯ̇̋̇ͅl̦̭̯̰̝̀̄̍̍̈́̉̊ͥ͡l̶̢̻̭̹̟̪ͦͯ̌̄ͅa̹͉̰͕̺̱ͥ̒͊̆̓̀̕͜ͅ ̡̲̠́͟͝a̬̞͔̅ͤͪ̾ͫͩ́̍ͫ́t̡̡̼̠̫̫͓̗̝ͥͭ̑̿ ͍̫ͩ̂̐s̨̗̹̝̤̞̦̝̐̊ͥ̏ͧ̅́̚̚e̴̳͚̗̤ͤ̇̀ͤͦ̀͡d̖̱̳̬̠̯̲̑̍ͭ̄̀͘͟ ̬̝̜̖͈̾̆̅ͬ͛̕n̛͈͕̤̬̦ͩ̽̆̽ͅĩ̫̭̼̙́͒̎ͤ̆̍b̶̵̙̠̃̓͛͢h̸̘̖̥ͯ̌ͦ̏̀ ͍̝̪̻̖̹̎ͨ̚͠ͅd̩̬̲̅͌̾͆ͣ̐̔̕ͅo̩̰̫͐ͬ̆ͮ̄̅n̢̠̬̍̈́̉̈́ͬě̶̪̺̯̮͎͙̺͗̎͆͆̅͛͂͢cͭ͛͊ͬ͊͒̇́͟͏̫̪̥͓ͅ ̫̣̬̫̞̻͇͌̄͂ͩ̅̃̈́c͕̲̃̾̈ͪ̓ͪu̿͏̢̜͓͙͖͈͎b̸͉̭͖̭ͥ̊̌̇͜͟i̛̝͂͂͗ͪ̀͢͡l̵͚͓̹̖̅ͧ̾̽̑̂ͬͥ́į̠͉̪͖͙̪̩͔̑a̦̥̼̬̥̦̋̔͗ͤ̂̓̚ͅ ͂̄̄̀͐͢͡͏̻̹̰̭̩â̴͓͍̂ͮ͊c̵̙̫͈͕̮̠͆̅͌͐́͠c̨̡ͮ̾͗͏̦̖̺̞͉͕̼u̻̦͍͇̤̙̩̔̿̑̎͆͘m̡̧͚̤̭ͦͣͥͦ̾́̚ş̶̳̏̒̇͢a̋ͭͦ͑̍̎̽͏̡̗n̝̰̗͇̙͖ͤͦ̂̏ ̵̗͚͙̾̐̐̑c͚̼ͭͯ͌̆̏̃͌ͩ͠ŭ̸̬̯̼͕͍̑̓r̝̩̤̪̳̥͌ͣ̓͗͐̑̕͡a͔͙̙̜͔̯͛̏͌̍͂̚͘͠ͅb̩̺̥̳̑ͫ̀̂ͭͧ̓͆̚͟i̬̥̠̘̺̊̉̈́̋̍͌͒̌t̫̩͍̟̣̀ͧͩ̐̆ͥ̌͋͢ͅu̷̲̠͋ͤ͆̉ͦ͌̔r̡̗͔̤̰̦̹̦ͥ ̮̱̼ͯ̍n̥̗͐̔ͧͭͭ͡ȯ̵̤̱͓̯͕̞͎̻ͯͫ̀ͮ̒̏ͭ͘s̈́̂̑͂͡͏̦̗̤̫̘̙͎͝ẗ̷͚̠̗̜̺̜̝̳͉́̊ͤ͒ͮͯr̶̨̲̰̭̥͕̙̅̓͒ͦͯ͛a̴ͪ͝͏̺͙ ̩͕̀͒ͪͬ̓̾̇ͧ̎̀ṛ̮̗̬̫̮ͫͮ̏̐̾͐̾̄͘ḭ̷͈̙ͩ͌̓ͬ͆ͫs̷͔͖̣͎̮̫̉ͯ͘ǘ̮̺̞̥͓ͣ̀ͅs̝͇̩̠͍̦̠̝̟̐͆͐́͗͊ͨͫ,̴̴̞͔̞̲̙̠ͤ͗ͮͬ͋͜ ̧͌͂́͆͐̿̑̽͏͖͉͈b̠͚̮͍͇͚̥͉͊ͥ̾ͬ͐͛i̊̅̎͒ͬͬ͌͢͏̹͔͠ͅb̢̗̩͚̙͕̃͂ͩ̂͝e̢͒ͦ͑ͮ͏̝͔̳̮̩̦̳̳ń̤̺̠͑ͤ͋̉͑ͨ̚͢͜͝d̰̦̩͓̤̫ͮͫ̔̿͆ͥ̾̕u͔̰̟̹͉͍̠͖̔̏̓͐ͯ̉̀mͣ͟҉͇͟ͅ ̥̼͇̰̖̹̯̦̈́̀͂̒͗̑t̙͓̜̞̝̖͉̆ͫ͡͡ơ͚̯̩̜̝̗ͫ͋͑̃̚r̡̢͖̪͉̼̺̤̙ͭͪ̃͛͞t̗̪̞̟̦̻͇ͥ̄̾̿ͯ͘ǫ̲͙̼̘̥̘̤̗̑ͯͣ͘r̖̗̮̝̤̰̉ͬ͟ ̝̝͚͔̲̏̂ͪ̃ͦ͛͢͞p̷̷̢̜͍̥̜̤̲̃͂̏̔o̸̴̮͙̝͔̺̲̠̯̔͐͊̏ͥ̓̋͊̄t̷̀ͣ̉̎̓̈́ͥ̀̚҉͚͓e̢̨̲̥̿͌ͬ͐̓̊͞ṋ̭̥̩͖͓̲̘̂͜͠t̮͈͈̟̰͈̍į̹͎͖̱̘̼̞̳ͪͦ̓ͩ̊͡ͅ ͓̻̠̤̣͚̀͒́̋̒̄̀ͅl̓̾ͫ͒̃̃ͣ̍͏̪̟͙͍͈̜̤o͂͆̈̚҉̺̟̯̼̻b̛̠̜̰͉͉̔̈́͜oͣ̐̂ͫ̄҉̰r̡̟̤̤̙͓̜͚̋̈t̺̹̼͓̪̔î̴͍̣̭͕̱̳̬̋͗̽̓s̢͓̝͎͇̥̯̭̈ͩ͠ ̢̲̳̩͇̪̻͓̋͋ͯ̑̔̾͞c̺͔̼̪̩͎̗͗̑͝o̢̻̝͓͐ṋ̛̘̱̯͓̮̗̩̃ͨ͊̊͘͝ũ͔̜͎͈̱̹̘̓̿ͧͤͬͬb̸̭͖̲͙̞̬̺͙̓ͯ̉͆̃ͪͥ͆i̩ͣ̽͆̒ͦ̓ͭ͢a̗̟͓̣ͮ̽ ̸̷̤̥͉̹͋ͧ͌̓̄͒͋̚͞n̢̟̞͎͔͙ͮ̾̽ͣ̋̓͡ḭ̻͓̜̗͇̫ͮ͑̎̈̋͌̚b̢̦ͦ͆̄͊̋̀h͙̱̳͈̺̩̲̪̖ͫ͊͗ͬ̽̎͡ ̧̫͕̣̖̺̙̠ͩ̋̃̒ͨͭͮ̆p͊͂ͯͫͦ͏̬̯̠͔͉̯̝̱ḥ͖̳͇̱̺ͧ́͘a̧̜̯ͪ̌͑̓̐ͨ͆͟ȓ͙͖̰̪͒̓ͧͮ͐͘ͅe̛̜̲̳̗̫̗̼ͦͥͫ́ṭ̵̫̙͑͊ͅr̗̻͖̝͖͓ͥ̋̒̇͆a̵͍̲̪ͦ̄ͣ̾̏̆̉͟͞ ̯̜̗̯͙̓̌ͯ́̚i̱̺̬͉̣̮͊͂̇ͮ̂̍̄ͬ̀nͯ̉͑ͩ̂͐͏̦̮̰̟̥̯ ̢̼ͨ̎̽ͤ͋l̴͚̒ͮͭ̓̐̾̈̓͊̀i̸̫͈̟̥̝̒̓ͩ͑ͥͪ̿̊̚͠b̷̝͔͓̏͋̈́͆ͣ̿̈́ͩe̘̣̤̰͎͖̝̐ͥ̉̓̉ͥ͋͡r͚̰͉͕͐̿ͣ̃̋̌̾ͬo̸̲͍̰̞͖̪͔̞͍͐̀͠.̸̧̤͋̒̄̒
    ̵̠̘͍̳̮͌͒ͮ̄͋ͭͤ́͢ͅDͥ́ͧ́́҉̣̟̘͚ų̱̹̬̤̪̞̋̔ͪ͝i̸̲͎̻͚ͬ́̅š̛̬̳̗̙̱̳̯̖̈̑̽̑ͥ͆̐ ̦̗̱̮̓̓̌̾̉͘a̶̱̯̯̱͛͋͆̐͢p͔̮̾̅t̢͖͈͔͉̦̼͉͛̒̀̄ͮ̃͊͂̉͟ȩ̵̣͓̲̥̟͋ͬ̐ͪ̒͒̋ņ̘͓̣̠͖͚̘͖͌̋̈ͨͬ̽̃ţ̛͚̩̥̫ͣ̄̅̄̈ͪ̉̕ ̤̗̜͔̫̈́̄̎̓ͥ̈́͂̃p̴̯͇͈͙͂̃ͮͥ̀̚ͅr̠̳̳̉̃͒͋ͬ̃͂͛ͥ̀͡ơ̴͚̥̮̜̲̩̬̼ͬ̈́̄̈́i̷̭̬̙͎̠͙̩̝͐̿̔̾̈́ͥn̶̳̟̬̽̅ͧ́ ̴̷̴̻͖͓̫̜̜̤ͧͦ̑̍̽̂ͧͪͬq̤̗̺̠̏̍͐̇͑͊ͦ̓̀u̯͈͕̣̝ͤ̐̒͑́ͅi̲͔̺͑̽̔̃ͩ͢s̼̪̪̣̝͇͙͛ͧͭͦ̒̓ͧq̴̢͓̞̼͎͍̹̱̀ͣͦ̂̇͘u̲̮͉̤͇̞̗̓̅͛̀͊ͧ̀͘e̵̺̱̳̽ͭ̂͗ͯͤ͘ ̲̰͇̥͔̥̏ͬ͊̆ͬ̍͞ͅt̵̨͓̪̮ͯ̀e͕̮̲̤̪̖͇̤̔ͩ̅͋̄m̖̞̟͚̰̩̮͆̍ͩ̕͜p̢̛̖̻͐̐ͩ̒u̴͓̗̘̹̞̞̯̤̐͊ͤ̓̈́͜s̲̹͖̦͍̎̈́̅ͩ̍̑̀ ̡̛̱̥ͥ̉̚͘ȧ͓̻̩̭̤̰̳̒͒̽̎͛ͨ́ͅc͓̟̣̲͙̬ͣͯ̽ͦ́ͅc͎͕̻̬͈̃̀͊̌͒̓̄͢͡ͅų̸̣̈́ͪͦͧ̓ͩ̚͝m̝͖̈́ͮ͗̆̕͘s̵͚͚̘̝̲̼̩̫̅̑ͣ͒̀̚͝a̷̭̩̺͐͒̋̓̓̋̋n̛̹͇̞̻͖̾͞ ̡͉̦͎̗̖͓ͧͪ͋͑ͫ͌ͅţ̨͉̤̟͈̼̹̭̼ͮ̑̊̍͑͘i͓̋ͨͩͨ̑ͬͯͤnͣ̒͆͂ͫ̐͠҉̺̭̰͇͈̱͚̻c̨͕̩̩̳̻̠̭̽͆͛͛͛͡į̻̗̲̣̠ͦ͂̄͑̇̅̐͋d̴̦̙͙̤̅ͫ̈̈͐͟u̷͍͍̳͈̟͍̣̎́̍̋ͯͮͯņ̭̻̻̲̥̜̳̠ͤͯ͛̋͊ͧ͘t͓̻̙̀̏͒̃͜͠ ̈́̈̋̎͂̆̈͏̱͕̭p̯̦̳͍̄̄͛͋ͨ̄̓̕ȅ̼͉̲̣̯̰͕ͭ͌ͫ͂ͮ̓́́r̬̞͉̦̬̓ͬ̓̍̉ͩ͋̚̕͢͡ ̣̫̙̻̫̫̓̏͒̈́͗̇̆̕ą̦͈͍͎̪͎̯͗ͪ̍c͐ͩ҉̶̮̤̰͔̼͓͇,̲͙ͤ̐͋ͧ͂̃̚̕ ̢̮̬͎̄ͤ͛v̴̗̼̠͕̼̫̯̫͆î͔̤̰̘̠̠̦͕̄̏ͫ͗̒̓̈́͘v̰̭͓͆̿ȅ̷ͥ͊͛̏̂̄҉͚̯̰̳͕̹̭ȓ̡̲̫̤͈̰̹͚̗̐͐ͫ̏ͬͧͅr̡̼̿̊́͌̈̈́̑a̻͇̔̀ͯͥ͡ ̼͖̱̹͔̽̎͋ͬͯ̿̑ͦ͢f̡̙̟̞͈̓͐͟ͅě̴̼̹̯͊̅͋͗̔́͢ľ̙̯͉̲͎̫̓ͬ̃̏͊̂ͬi̺͂̄̏ṣ̢ͧ͛̀͘ ̼͚͊̓ͨ̕͡ͅư̩̣͈͗̎̅ͦ͊ͅl͐͗͜҉͙̼̩͙̰͔̦t͚̫̞͌̓r̪̎̈́̓̄ͫ͗ï̥̻͎̃̇́͞c̴̟̙̈́ͬ̏ͥ͊͠͝i̳͓͕ͪͨͭ̾ͦ̀͗͗͢e̶͕̳̽ͬs̻̝̰͙̈ͮ ̖̯͍͎̥̆́̿̄̔̂̀ͅf̸̹̮̝̎ͥ̑̏͛ͨ͂͝ȇ̶ͪ̇ͨͥ̑͆҉̤̫r̵̮̮̻̼̜̜̞ͪ̓ͫͨ͌̋m͔̬̦̑̅ͣ̈ͪ͑͂ę̜̹̌̿n͐ͪͦ̑ͦ̄͊҉̜͙͖ṫ̷̤͍̤̺̣̋̏ͫ̈͌ů͇̰̖ͩ̃̀̃ͫ̏͘͠m̰͍̝̱ͥ̀ͬ̔̆̍̓ͫ̕̕ͅ ̨̖̫̹̹ͯ͂̂l̨̟̩̳̮̆̂͛̀o̳͉̪̯̘̞͈̻̓ͬ̌ͬͣͯ͛͛̕͟b̲̙͆̒ͭͣ͑ͩo̶̸̝̳̓ͬ̆̐̅͐̏͑͠r̤̠͔̂̚͟t͖͉͎ͣ̓ͦȋ̴̞̮̖͆̑ͦ̑̒ͧ͌͡s̷̻̩̺͓̝̼̹ͬ̇̊ͯ͊̐̉͆͛ ̺͙̪̪͚̤̈́ͤ̾̃̈̒̄c̢͉̬̯̘̒̎́͞ű̷̲ͪ̍ͫ͂̇͂r͉̘̱̖̖̰̰͆̉ͮͤ̀͜ͅa̽̔͆ͨ͏̻͉͖̮̯̬́b̨͙̳͌̊͘͜i̶̸̵̟͇̟̖̰̖̠̒͗ͅt̸̮̩̜̥̣̦̎͛̂̂ͥͫ́̀u̵̡̗͓̣͊̑̾̂̎̒̇ŗ̻̹̦͕̯̠̅̔͑̉̇ͩ̓͗͞ ̢͈̞̟̰̱͑͋̂̓͑̒͊̚͘ả̹̮̘̤͇́͝t̢̩ͣͩ̋ͣ͋ ̸̵̲̠͕̮͕̤̻͍͙ͪ́ĺ͈̼̟̗͚̤ͤͪͤ̽̑͑ȩ̸̝̞̰̝͍̝̎̾̓̓̿ͅc̶̘̩̩͈̖̫̹͍ͥ͒ṱ̩̥ͤ̇̓͐̀͒ų̮͈͖̱̬͗̌͌̇̇͂̒̿s̡̲̠̳͍͍̲ͪ̎̑ͬ̍ͦͫ͑,̷͖̜̰̤̫̊̅̏̌̈ͨ͡ ̨̡̦̭̲̻̀͂ͧr̷͕̬̠̹̠͎͓̈̓́͞h̘̹͍̰͒͒ͦ̏ͦ̉o̤̣̼͑̈́̈n̛̹̰͓̭̗ͮ̊͋̃̽ͦ̒ͤ͘c̨͖̣̲̰̈͗́̅͋̿ͨu̶̵͎͍͉͔̟̳̣̖ͩ͛͂ͮ̊͒͗̊s̷̞ͤ͐͗̀͠ͅ ̦̻͔̓͊͂̏̍̾ͅo̢͎̭͙̦͇͈͉͐̀́r͕̱̖̯̤̬̣̊͛̋̿͂̂̒̚͟͠͠n͒̅̃̆ͭ̒̾̑ͤ͏̸͕̜̫̩̣̭̬̤̀ͅa̵̧̛̐̂̌̽͒͗ͅr̨̈̀ͣ̒̍ͫͫ͟҉͚̺̦͇͈͎ȩ̵̻̱̳̹̎͒ͯ̅̒ͩͧ̑ ̯̳͇͇͐͌ͩ̏ͪ̆͆v͗́͏̟̗̞̭̥͟ǐ̶̡̥̬͚̣̺̳̗̈́̓ͪ̔ͪͩt̠̎ͤ̒͛̔͢a̺̟͌ͦ̕e̡̪̠̙̰͉̤̫͚͖̎̿ͣͥ́̇̔́ ͤͦ͠͏͇̙̗̟͓̮́a̖͙͖͚͖ͭͮ̓ͨ́̑͒p̗̼̙͗ͭ̊ͧͪ̔t̴̵̜̣̝̫̘ͧ̋̌̽̾̋̚͞ͅe̴̜̤̭͋̑ņ̶̶̱̱̤̼̦͉̦ͮ̌̄̋ͅt̪ͫ́͗̂̂ͭͩ̾̚͜͝ ̟̻͈̺̲̜̻̉l̴̨̘̣͑̾a̧̻͖̠͗̏ͬͬ́ͧ̒ͦ̍c̷̶̸̞̱̟͙̑ͭ̄́ͅi͒̿ͫͫ͆́͏̸̟͉͇n̷̬̫̦͖̯͓̓̈͆͜͟i̵͚̋ͥ̇͒ͩa̖̳͙̺̩͕͖̳̓̾͌̀̚͝ ̢̧͔̣̳̬̙̘̰̏̆͊ͅạ̴̡̏̿͒͗̄̽͐ͧḿ̡̧̼͓͈͎͔͍̤̆̏̽̎̓͢e͈͓̥̤͚̱ͫͅt̩͍̠̪̮̳̭̜̓̓́͜͠ ͖̘̫̯̮ͣ̍͗m̞ͣ͗ͮ̉ͣͯ͘ī̸̞̲̲̱̹ͧ͗̏̽ͨͮͯͮ͢.̨̛̠̳͍̳ͭͣ̏͠
    ̻̟ͯ͝G̲͕̯̽ͩ̇͐͛ͪ̀͢r̥̳͈͍̣̥̐ͯ̿a̛͈̳͓̖̻̤̾̄ͩ̀͜v͈̦̦̟̬̹̰͊ͭ̕i͆͑̈ͭ͒̂̌҉̟̳̲̲͖̥͈d̶̳͙ͤ͋̾a̢̡̟̲̼͑̉̇͛̑ͯͦ́ ̢̣ͫͪ̔ͫ̌̉ͥ̕p̵͇̣̦̼̯̪͒͐͞e̩̙̠̩͕ͣ̀̚l̳̝̞͎̦̮̽͑̿̑͠ľ͙͕̪̜̤͙̖ͦ̄̑ͅḛ̡̫͇̜̤̘̒̃ͦ̊͌͗̐ͫ͑͟ņ̘̦̗̫̼̮ͥͮͩͬ̊̽͜t͚̖͔̤̜̘̠̪̂̊́e̼͇͇̩͉̫̱̅ͨ͗̈́ͯͪ̚͜ͅs̴̡͖̤̫̙̳̭͙͒q͕̮̱̮͕͎̿ͥͫ̈̔̉͠͝ū̵̲̭̝̺͙̪̮̄́̀͟é̖̤̪͍̯ͮ͌̊̌͘ͅ ̭̫͚̋̔̂ͤ̌̆̅̈́͒ṿ̗̾̀ͬ̋͂͂͂͌̀o̮̱̞̫̭̣̯ͥl̏ͦͨ́ͫ́ͥ҉̧̛͚̱̘̝͉u̢̬͕̪̻̯̠̬͇ͦ͛ͬ͐͠ͅt͈͕̦ͥ͒ͮͪ̇p͌ͮ̏̾ͪ̈́͏̷̩̻͇a͈̹̦͖ͫ̽̋ͧͥ̀t̳̪̭͂̏͋ͫ͌͋̽ͯ͝ ͚̙̲̦̦̰͖̰̂̆̇̿̓̚͠e͉͖̟͔̼̝͉̅͌ͯ̎ͣ̉ṱ̴͔̹̘̠̝͓̪ͣ͗̾͐ͯ ̟̖̻̦̜̓͐ͭ̚u̥̹̯̼͔͓̲̺ͫͭl̔͗̒҉̸̛̗͖t̷̢̗͈͙͇̤̗ͨ̅ͥ̏̾͐̐r̡͖̦̙̠͚̹ͩ͑͗͟ị̸̛̼̗̔̂̂ͩ̏̂̍̆ċ̅̔͏͎̦̗i͍̠̗͍̠̝ͩ͆͛̑́̕͜e̛̯̻̔ͬͬ̉ͯͨ͒̐͢s̟͉͓̬̹̤ͮ̊́̑ͥ̋͟ ̦͎̻̃̽̓̆̂ͅn̝̫͔̘̯̜͆̋̂̊͊̊ͧ͌͒͠u̾ͯ҉̷̡̤̹̬̪̬͉͎ͅn̫̻̯͐č̶̷̤̘̼̳̲͈̰̌̓ͪ̐̂ͨ͢ͅ ͪ̓͛̈ͧ̽ͩ̒̂͏͕̘̤̱͙̳̘ạ̗̋̈ͤ̍ͨ͝e͓̖̭̫̓ͦͩͭ̑̆̾̀͢n̡̛͇̯̙͍̮̲̞̯͂ͩͪͤ͑͜ẹ̴̼̖̲͔̮̥̃ͭͥ̂͌̊͐̔a̍ͦͯ̀͂̐̆̚҉̘̺̳͙́͠n̵̗̼̭̮͈̜̖͇̎͊̍̚ ̢̩̉͆̓͌̓ͨ͂̅͡l̹̖̩͙̥͎ͭ͒ͧ̇͌̓̑͞a͐͐̓ͥ̓ͭ҉̸̦̪̰͓̜͘ô̧̤͎͇̩̣͚͙͔͋̾͊͗ͧ̀ͫ̚͘r̃ͨ͏҉̞̝͓̝̬̖̗ē̸̢͕͕͍̫̼͕͉͕̾̾ͫ̓̔̌̚e̙͈̪̣̖͍̎̉͐̃̿͌͛̔̑͠t̾҉̯̦̼,͈͔̤̎̓̓̄ͯ͆͋͗͢ ̴͔̟ͣ̏̃ͨ̿̌̐͂́͡l̲̰͕̲͖̓̿͒̍̏̄̊̀͞u̸̳̜͎̥̹̓̓c͕̖̜͈̹͕̣̥̟͛ͤ͐ͣ͜͜͝t͎̠͕̖̹̮͈̰̽͗̍̓̄̽͛͗͘͡͞u̡̡͔͙̥̼̹̫͑͒̀ͮ̅̿͛̏s̘̗̣̱͓̞͇̗͛ͭ̆̽̂̉ͣ͋ͤ̕͜͠ ̨̮͇̇ͫ̍̏̎͊p̺̬͉̑͋̏͂̎̓̇͘͝ų̲̠͙̣̤͉̏͑̓͗ŗ̪͆͆̃͂̽̋u͊̑̒ͧͦ̋̍̾͗͏̵̯̱͙̥̹͉̭s͎̻̝̼̮̺̪͎͋͢͡ ̆̎̔҉͚͇͎̖͙̀͡d̷̤̯̬͓̤̫̝̋ͫ̊ͪ͛i̖̯͋͊̐ͤͪ͋́͠͝a̱̳̙̼̻̒̌̍͗̌͞m̋̒̽ͭ̑̂̍̓̑͘͏̨͍̠̰͉̟ ̴̢͖͋̈ͩ͋̉vͦ̀ͧ̕͏̰e͓͙̯̩͎̙̙͋̅̚͞͝sͤͬ҉̣t͚̯͙̲̮̝̊͗̉ͬͯ̓ͧ͜i̢͙͙̩͐̓ͧ̾́͡b̶̵̹̬̪ͤ͋ͧ́ͪͫͨͬ͞u̵̥͔̘̠̫͈ͯ͂̉̎͑̇͟ͅl̴̺̼͇͇͌̇͐̏ų̤̫̺̳̦͎̭̭ͭ̀m͙̻̼͔̪̋ͥ͆ͪͪ̒̿͠ ̸̺̻̺̮͔̮̥̜̅̿͛r͎ͦ̈́̇ͩ̎ͧ̐ͭͯh̫͎̜̻͉̜̺̦ͯ̿̂́̃ͭ̏͌ö̷̙͈ͪͫͪ̋̆̆͊͟͠ņ̮͖̭̆̄͑̾̌ç̝̐ṷ̶̗̯̜̝̩̒ͧͯ́͟ş̣̟͉̮̓͌͊̅ ̴̤̣͚͕̫̙̲̦̼̀̏̓ͨ͒ͬa̡̖̗̝̹̤̱̙̮͛̚ř̴͍͔̇ͯ̇̏͑ͧ̀c͍̘̮͙̜ͬ̍͗̓̆u̸͙̯͈̳̟̳̣̯̺ͨ͐̋͑̓͂͐̓ ̵̛̙̬͎̩̪̪̦̜ͮ̑͠ļ̜̣͌ͬ̆̒͗͐o̶̧̨̫͉͚͔͑ͧ͐̾̿̚b̧̰̫͎̫̞̣̮͌ͯͪͦ͆̕oͦ͑̓̄̀͏̷͉̪r͙͍̰̦̻̼̉͊̇̊̇̃͂͝t̸̬̦̮̫̱̲̣̑̄i̸̡̳̟̪ͪ͗ͦ̉͊́s͔̯̘̠̭̿ͥ͒͞ͅ,̂̆ͣ̑͏̘̱̪̳͘͞ ̢̘̫͎̮̺͉͔͂̔͠v̤͍ͫ͑͌͋̓̿͠ê̴̄͆͒̒ͮ̄͏̖͍͍̞̪ͅͅh̡̫̞̟̅͌ͫͥ̊̍̿̒́ï̡͉̰̙͖̺̻̯͛͐̋͘c̦̩̞̦̲̩͐ͮ̋́u̹͂̔̄͊͋ͨ̌͐̚ḻ̸̛̭̼̤͇̲̜̜͆̋̀̏̒̓ͧ̕ạ͓͍̠̙͎̫ͧ̊̄̉ͮ ̵̜̻̻̏̒ͅv̵͇͖̯͔͉̅ͮ͊ͅi̡̨̙̹̩͕͍̻͆ͮͨ̉̍ͅv̶̜̯̰͈̿ͨ͌ȩ͓̏̂ͩͬ̈̉͠r̨̜̜̝ͪ̈ͣ̈́̃̚͟r̨̟̪͚̬̫̣̼͖ͮ̓͛̂ͥͩǎ̱̪͕ͦ̍́͘ ̥̞̙̌̍͂̕͢cͮͮ̍͛͋͋́͒͒͏̜̳ȕ̮̝͛ͣͤͯ̿̽͝ŕ̊҉̸̤͙a͙̙ͧͬ͋͊ͫ̃͌̏̐͘b̖̙̬ͥ̾ͬͮ̍̉i̶̸̧̘̰̩̝͊̿t̼̮̱̺̥̲̼̒ͯ́ͥ̾͜u̴̢̳̜̬̥̖̗͗ͮ̀̑̍̂̎ͤ͠r̸͔͙̤ͬ̂ͬ͐̌ͧ͌͑͂ͅ ͊̓̉ͧ҉̦̲̱̲̦͟ḿ͉͙͕̻̭͔͇͍ͦ̄ͩ͂̿̂͟͠a̵̧̜͖ͯͯ̌̍̓̿ṫ̪̙̱̮̦̭͍̾̋̂̈́̊͟ţ͉̠̝̮ͨ̋́̿ͭ̍ī͔̜̬̼̂̆͋͜͝s̹̯̠̝̯̼̬̟̥ͩ̇̉̄̿ͮͬͥ̚ ͙̤̬̻̈́ͫ̋ͫ̿̋ş̣̩͈̳̳͔̩͇̌̑͌̃́͐͒́ę͎͈ͭ̈́͗͛ͧͮ́͛́̕m̶͈̜̠̰̩̠̟͑̂͆p̼̬̗̲̮̣̜͆͜͠ͅẻ̶̗̬͉̥͕̑͑̊ř͓̟̞̟̭̪͕̏ͭ ̨͖̬ͥ̉͜ͅu̷̵̙̖͚̰̱̳̖͙͖ͭͨĺ̴̺͔̻̯͎̹͇͍̮͊̈̆̂́ļ͇͉̳̥̲̹̠̽́̔͒̊̏̈́͆͠ą̦͖̤̥̝̏ͭͬͥ͆͘m̷̡̮̼͉͎̜̗̈́̽͡ĉ̯͙̦͇̜̰̞̈ͪͯͩͩo̴̪͚ͧ́r̴̼̘̼͓̣̤̳̱͛̍ͥ͟p̷̹̮̪͈̪̺̦ͥ̌͌̓͘͞e̦̼̣̰͕̓̽̔ͥr̶̲̻͓̋ͪ̌ͬ.̴̧̩̮͑̍͐ͨ͋̄̿͂


    L͎̬̙͗̇̆ͯͥ͋͂͜͡͡ơ̢̹̘̹̝͍ͩ̋ͪ̀r̺̱̙̙̦̥̤͇̜̎͋ͪ̂́e̛̱͖͚ͪ̍ͣ̆̐͂͝m̸̵̙̣̩͙̯ͥ̂̚̕ ̷̒ͦ̌̅̀̈̿͏̟̝̳̱͈i̹̜̖̹̥̍ͅp̳̙͆͌͠s̴͗͒̋͗͋̇̄̽̀͏̰̞̝̫̻u̾̉ͭ̀͑ͪ҉͙͍͔̼̘m͚͖̓̎̒̋̓͊ͧͬͩ ̲̮̝͇̭̪ͦ̏̈́ͣ̈͞f̸̍͂̔͑̈͆̊͏̭͙r͉̩̺͓̭̭̻͙̄͘͞i͎͔̠͉̩͊ͮ̈̆ͬ̓n̢͇̫͚͎̲̝͈͍͇̐̿̐g̸̦̣̈́͞ȋ̶̜̖̣̞̱̺̯͐̑̑ͯ̇̋̇ͅl̦̭̯̰̝̀̄̍̍̈́̉̊ͥ͡l̶̢̻̭̹̟̪ͦͯ̌̄ͅa̹͉̰͕̺̱ͥ̒͊̆̓̀̕͜ͅ ̡̲̠́͟͝a̬̞͔̅ͤͪ̾ͫͩ́̍ͫ́t̡̡̼̠̫̫͓̗̝ͥͭ̑̿ ͍̫ͩ̂̐s̨̗̹̝̤̞̦̝̐̊ͥ̏ͧ̅́̚̚e̴̳͚̗̤ͤ̇̀ͤͦ̀͡d̖̱̳̬̠̯̲̑̍ͭ̄̀͘͟ ̬̝̜̖͈̾̆̅ͬ͛̕n̛͈͕̤̬̦ͩ̽̆̽ͅĩ̫̭̼̙́͒̎ͤ̆̍b̶̵̙̠̃̓͛͢h̸̘̖̥ͯ̌ͦ̏̀ ͍̝̪̻̖̹̎ͨ̚͠ͅd̩̬̲̅͌̾͆ͣ̐̔̕ͅo̩̰̫͐ͬ̆ͮ̄̅n̢̠̬̍̈́̉̈́ͬě̶̪̺̯̮͎͙̺͗̎͆͆̅͛͂͢cͭ͛͊ͬ͊͒̇́͟͏̫̪̥͓ͅ ̫̣̬̫̞̻͇͌̄͂ͩ̅̃̈́c͕̲̃̾̈ͪ̓ͪu̿͏̢̜͓͙͖͈͎b̸͉̭͖̭ͥ̊̌̇͜͟i̛̝͂͂͗ͪ̀͢͡l̵͚͓̹̖̅ͧ̾̽̑̂ͬͥ́į̠͉̪͖͙̪̩͔̑a̦̥̼̬̥̦̋̔͗ͤ̂̓̚ͅ ͂̄̄̀͐͢͡͏̻̹̰̭̩â̴͓͍̂ͮ͊c̵̙̫͈͕̮̠͆̅͌͐́͠c̨̡ͮ̾͗͏̦̖̺̞͉͕̼u̻̦͍͇̤̙̩̔̿̑̎͆͘m̡̧͚̤̭ͦͣͥͦ̾́̚ş̶̳̏̒̇͢a̋ͭͦ͑̍̎̽͏̡̗n̝̰̗͇̙͖ͤͦ̂̏ ̵̗͚͙̾̐̐̑c͚̼ͭͯ͌̆̏̃͌ͩ͠ŭ̸̬̯̼͕͍̑̓r̝̩̤̪̳̥͌ͣ̓͗͐̑̕͡a͔͙̙̜͔̯͛̏͌̍͂̚͘͠ͅb̩̺̥̳̑ͫ̀̂ͭͧ̓͆̚͟i̬̥̠̘̺̊̉̈́̋̍͌͒̌t̫̩͍̟̣̀ͧͩ̐̆ͥ̌͋͢ͅu̷̲̠͋ͤ͆̉ͦ͌̔r̡̗͔̤̰̦̹̦ͥ ̮̱̼ͯ̍n̥̗͐̔ͧͭͭ͡ȯ̵̤̱͓̯͕̞͎̻ͯͫ̀ͮ̒̏ͭ͘s̈́̂̑͂͡͏̦̗̤̫̘̙͎͝ẗ̷͚̠̗̜̺̜̝̳͉́̊ͤ͒ͮͯr̶̨̲̰̭̥͕̙̅̓͒ͦͯ͛a̴ͪ͝͏̺͙ ̩͕̀͒ͪͬ̓̾̇ͧ̎̀ṛ̮̗̬̫̮ͫͮ̏̐̾͐̾̄͘ḭ̷͈̙ͩ͌̓ͬ͆ͫs̷͔͖̣͎̮̫̉ͯ͘ǘ̮̺̞̥͓ͣ̀ͅs̝͇̩̠͍̦̠̝̟̐͆͐́͗͊ͨͫ,̴̴̞͔̞̲̙̠ͤ͗ͮͬ͋͜ ̧͌͂́͆͐̿̑̽͏͖͉͈b̠͚̮͍͇͚̥͉͊ͥ̾ͬ͐͛i̊̅̎͒ͬͬ͌͢͏̹͔͠ͅb̢̗̩͚̙͕̃͂ͩ̂͝e̢͒ͦ͑ͮ͏̝͔̳̮̩̦̳̳ń̤̺̠͑ͤ͋̉͑ͨ̚͢͜͝d̰̦̩͓̤̫ͮͫ̔̿͆ͥ̾̕u͔̰̟̹͉͍̠͖̔̏̓͐ͯ̉̀mͣ͟҉͇͟ͅ ̥̼͇̰̖̹̯̦̈́̀͂̒͗̑t̙͓̜̞̝̖͉̆ͫ͡͡ơ͚̯̩̜̝̗ͫ͋͑̃̚r̡̢͖̪͉̼̺̤̙ͭͪ̃͛͞t̗̪̞̟̦̻͇ͥ̄̾̿ͯ͘ǫ̲͙̼̘̥̘̤̗̑ͯͣ͘r̖̗̮̝̤̰̉ͬ͟ ̝̝͚͔̲̏̂ͪ̃ͦ͛͢͞p̷̷̢̜͍̥̜̤̲̃͂̏̔o̸̴̮͙̝͔̺̲̠̯̔͐͊̏ͥ̓̋͊̄t̷̀ͣ̉̎̓̈́ͥ̀̚҉͚͓e̢̨̲̥̿͌ͬ͐̓̊͞ṋ̭̥̩͖͓̲̘̂͜͠t̮͈͈̟̰͈̍į̹͎͖̱̘̼̞̳ͪͦ̓ͩ̊͡ͅ ͓̻̠̤̣͚̀͒́̋̒̄̀ͅl̓̾ͫ͒̃̃ͣ̍͏̪̟͙͍͈̜̤o͂͆̈̚҉̺̟̯̼̻b̛̠̜̰͉͉̔̈́͜oͣ̐̂ͫ̄҉̰r̡̟̤̤̙͓̜͚̋̈t̺̹̼͓̪̔î̴͍̣̭͕̱̳̬̋͗̽̓s̢͓̝͎͇̥̯̭̈ͩ͠ ̢̲̳̩͇̪̻͓̋͋ͯ̑̔̾͞c̺͔̼̪̩͎̗͗̑͝o̢̻̝͓͐ṋ̛̘̱̯͓̮̗̩̃ͨ͊̊͘͝ũ͔̜͎͈̱̹̘̓̿ͧͤͬͬb̸̭͖̲͙̞̬̺͙̓ͯ̉͆̃ͪͥ͆i̩ͣ̽͆̒ͦ̓ͭ͢a̗̟͓̣ͮ̽ ̸̷̤̥͉̹͋ͧ͌̓̄͒͋̚͞n̢̟̞͎͔͙ͮ̾̽ͣ̋̓͡ḭ̻͓̜̗͇̫ͮ͑̎̈̋͌̚b̢̦ͦ͆̄͊̋̀h͙̱̳͈̺̩̲̪̖ͫ͊͗ͬ̽̎͡ ̧̫͕̣̖̺̙̠ͩ̋̃̒ͨͭͮ̆p͊͂ͯͫͦ͏̬̯̠͔͉̯̝̱ḥ͖̳͇̱̺ͧ́͘a̧̜̯ͪ̌͑̓̐ͨ͆͟ȓ͙͖̰̪͒̓ͧͮ͐͘ͅe̛̜̲̳̗̫̗̼ͦͥͫ́ṭ̵̫̙͑͊ͅr̗̻͖̝͖͓ͥ̋̒̇͆a̵͍̲̪ͦ̄ͣ̾̏̆̉͟͞ ̯̜̗̯͙̓̌ͯ́̚i̱̺̬͉̣̮͊͂̇ͮ̂̍̄ͬ̀nͯ̉͑ͩ̂͐͏̦̮̰̟̥̯ ̢̼ͨ̎̽ͤ͋l̴͚̒ͮͭ̓̐̾̈̓͊̀i̸̫͈̟̥̝̒̓ͩ͑ͥͪ̿̊̚͠b̷̝͔͓̏͋̈́͆ͣ̿̈́ͩe̘̣̤̰͎͖̝̐ͥ̉̓̉ͥ͋͡r͚̰͉͕͐̿ͣ̃̋̌̾ͬo̸̲͍̰̞͖̪͔̞͍͐̀͠.̸̧̤͋̒̄̒
    ̵̠̘͍̳̮͌͒ͮ̄͋ͭͤ́͢ͅDͥ́ͧ́́҉̣̟̘͚ų̱̹̬̤̪̞̋̔ͪ͝i̸̲͎̻͚ͬ́̅š̛̬̳̗̙̱̳̯̖̈̑̽̑ͥ͆̐ ̦̗̱̮̓̓̌̾̉͘a̶̱̯̯̱͛͋͆̐͢p͔̮̾̅t̢͖͈͔͉̦̼͉͛̒̀̄ͮ̃͊͂̉͟ȩ̵̣͓̲̥̟͋ͬ̐ͪ̒͒̋ņ̘͓̣̠͖͚̘͖͌̋̈ͨͬ̽̃ţ̛͚̩̥̫ͣ̄̅̄̈ͪ̉̕ ̤̗̜͔̫̈́̄̎̓ͥ̈́͂̃p̴̯͇͈͙͂̃ͮͥ̀̚ͅr̠̳̳̉̃͒͋ͬ̃͂͛ͥ̀͡ơ̴͚̥̮̜̲̩̬̼ͬ̈́̄̈́i̷̭̬̙͎̠͙̩̝͐̿̔̾̈́ͥn̶̳̟̬̽̅ͧ́ ̴̷̴̻͖͓̫̜̜̤ͧͦ̑̍̽̂ͧͪͬq̤̗̺̠̏̍͐̇͑͊ͦ̓̀u̯͈͕̣̝ͤ̐̒͑́ͅi̲͔̺͑̽̔̃ͩ͢s̼̪̪̣̝͇͙͛ͧͭͦ̒̓ͧq̴̢͓̞̼͎͍̹̱̀ͣͦ̂̇͘u̲̮͉̤͇̞̗̓̅͛̀͊ͧ̀͘e̵̺̱̳̽ͭ̂͗ͯͤ͘ ̲̰͇̥͔̥̏ͬ͊̆ͬ̍͞ͅt̵̨͓̪̮ͯ̀e͕̮̲̤̪̖͇̤̔ͩ̅͋̄m̖̞̟͚̰̩̮͆̍ͩ̕͜p̢̛̖̻͐̐ͩ̒u̴͓̗̘̹̞̞̯̤̐͊ͤ̓̈́͜s̲̹͖̦͍̎̈́̅ͩ̍̑̀ ̡̛̱̥ͥ̉̚͘ȧ͓̻̩̭̤̰̳̒͒̽̎͛ͨ́ͅc͓̟̣̲͙̬ͣͯ̽ͦ́ͅc͎͕̻̬͈̃̀͊̌͒̓̄͢͡ͅų̸̣̈́ͪͦͧ̓ͩ̚͝m̝͖̈́ͮ͗̆̕͘s̵͚͚̘̝̲̼̩̫̅̑ͣ͒̀̚͝a̷̭̩̺͐͒̋̓̓̋̋n̛̹͇̞̻͖̾͞ ̡͉̦͎̗̖͓ͧͪ͋͑ͫ͌ͅţ̨͉̤̟͈̼̹̭̼ͮ̑̊̍͑͘i͓̋ͨͩͨ̑ͬͯͤnͣ̒͆͂ͫ̐͠҉̺̭̰͇͈̱͚̻c̨͕̩̩̳̻̠̭̽͆͛͛͛͡į̻̗̲̣̠ͦ͂̄͑̇̅̐͋d̴̦̙͙̤̅ͫ̈̈͐͟u̷͍͍̳͈̟͍̣̎́̍̋ͯͮͯņ̭̻̻̲̥̜̳̠ͤͯ͛̋͊ͧ͘t͓̻̙̀̏͒̃͜͠ ̈́̈̋̎͂̆̈͏̱͕̭p̯̦̳͍̄̄͛͋ͨ̄̓̕ȅ̼͉̲̣̯̰͕ͭ͌ͫ͂ͮ̓́́r̬̞͉̦̬̓ͬ̓̍̉ͩ͋̚̕͢͡ ̣̫̙̻̫̫̓̏͒̈́͗̇̆̕ą̦͈͍͎̪͎̯͗ͪ̍c͐ͩ҉̶̮̤̰͔̼͓͇,̲͙ͤ̐͋ͧ͂̃̚̕ ̢̮̬͎̄ͤ͛v̴̗̼̠͕̼̫̯̫͆î͔̤̰̘̠̠̦͕̄̏ͫ͗̒̓̈́͘v̰̭͓͆̿ȅ̷ͥ͊͛̏̂̄҉͚̯̰̳͕̹̭ȓ̡̲̫̤͈̰̹͚̗̐͐ͫ̏ͬͧͅr̡̼̿̊́͌̈̈́̑a̻͇̔̀ͯͥ͡ ̼͖̱̹͔̽̎͋ͬͯ̿̑ͦ͢f̡̙̟̞͈̓͐͟ͅě̴̼̹̯͊̅͋͗̔́͢ľ̙̯͉̲͎̫̓ͬ̃̏͊̂ͬi̺͂̄̏ṣ̢ͧ͛̀͘ ̼͚͊̓ͨ̕͡ͅư̩̣͈͗̎̅ͦ͊ͅl͐͗͜҉͙̼̩͙̰͔̦t͚̫̞͌̓r̪̎̈́̓̄ͫ͗ï̥̻͎̃̇́͞c̴̟̙̈́ͬ̏ͥ͊͠͝i̳͓͕ͪͨͭ̾ͦ̀͗͗͢e̶͕̳̽ͬs̻̝̰͙̈ͮ ̖̯͍͎̥̆́̿̄̔̂̀ͅf̸̹̮̝̎ͥ̑̏͛ͨ͂͝ȇ̶ͪ̇ͨͥ̑͆҉̤̫r̵̮̮̻̼̜̜̞ͪ̓ͫͨ͌̋m͔̬̦̑̅ͣ̈ͪ͑͂ę̜̹̌̿n͐ͪͦ̑ͦ̄͊҉̜͙͖ṫ̷̤͍̤̺̣̋̏ͫ̈͌ů͇̰̖ͩ̃̀̃ͫ̏͘͠m̰͍̝̱ͥ̀ͬ̔̆̍̓ͫ̕̕ͅ ̨̖̫̹̹ͯ͂̂l̨̟̩̳̮̆̂͛̀o̳͉̪̯̘̞͈̻̓ͬ̌ͬͣͯ͛͛̕͟b̲̙͆̒ͭͣ͑ͩo̶̸̝̳̓ͬ̆̐̅͐̏͑͠r̤̠͔̂̚͟t͖͉͎ͣ̓ͦȋ̴̞̮̖͆̑ͦ̑̒ͧ͌͡s̷̻̩̺͓̝̼̹ͬ̇̊ͯ͊̐̉͆͛ ̺͙̪̪͚̤̈́ͤ̾̃̈̒̄c̢͉̬̯̘̒̎́͞ű̷̲ͪ̍ͫ͂̇͂r͉̘̱̖̖̰̰͆̉ͮͤ̀͜ͅa̽̔͆ͨ͏̻͉͖̮̯̬́b̨͙̳͌̊͘͜i̶̸̵̟͇̟̖̰̖̠̒͗ͅt̸̮̩̜̥̣̦̎͛̂̂ͥͫ́̀u̵̡̗͓̣͊̑̾̂̎̒̇ŗ̻̹̦͕̯̠̅̔͑̉̇ͩ̓͗͞ ̢͈̞̟̰̱͑͋̂̓͑̒͊̚͘ả̹̮̘̤͇́͝t̢̩ͣͩ̋ͣ͋ ̸̵̲̠͕̮͕̤̻͍͙ͪ́ĺ͈̼̟̗͚̤ͤͪͤ̽̑͑ȩ̸̝̞̰̝͍̝̎̾̓̓̿ͅc̶̘̩̩͈̖̫̹͍ͥ͒ṱ̩̥ͤ̇̓͐̀͒ų̮͈͖̱̬͗̌͌̇̇͂̒̿s̡̲̠̳͍͍̲ͪ̎̑ͬ̍ͦͫ͑,̷͖̜̰̤̫̊̅̏̌̈ͨ͡ ̨̡̦̭̲̻̀͂ͧr̷͕̬̠̹̠͎͓̈̓́͞h̘̹͍̰͒͒ͦ̏ͦ̉o̤̣̼͑̈́̈n̛̹̰͓̭̗ͮ̊͋̃̽ͦ̒ͤ͘c̨͖̣̲̰̈͗́̅͋̿ͨu̶̵͎͍͉͔̟̳̣̖ͩ͛͂ͮ̊͒͗̊s̷̞ͤ͐͗̀͠ͅ ̦̻͔̓͊͂̏̍̾ͅo̢͎̭͙̦͇͈͉͐̀́r͕̱̖̯̤̬̣̊͛̋̿͂̂̒̚͟͠͠n͒̅̃̆ͭ̒̾̑ͤ͏̸͕̜̫̩̣̭̬̤̀ͅa̵̧̛̐̂̌̽͒͗ͅr̨̈̀ͣ̒̍ͫͫ͟҉͚̺̦͇͈͎ȩ̵̻̱̳̹̎͒ͯ̅̒ͩͧ̑ ̯̳͇͇͐͌ͩ̏ͪ̆͆v͗́͏̟̗̞̭̥͟ǐ̶̡̥̬͚̣̺̳̗̈́̓ͪ̔ͪͩt̠̎ͤ̒͛̔͢a̺̟͌ͦ̕e̡̪̠̙̰͉̤̫͚͖̎̿ͣͥ́̇̔́ ͤͦ͠͏͇̙̗̟͓̮́a̖͙͖͚͖ͭͮ̓ͨ́̑͒p̗̼̙͗ͭ̊ͧͪ̔t̴̵̜̣̝̫̘ͧ̋̌̽̾̋̚͞ͅe̴̜̤̭͋̑ņ̶̶̱̱̤̼̦͉̦ͮ̌̄̋ͅt̪ͫ́͗̂̂ͭͩ̾̚͜͝ ̟̻͈̺̲̜̻̉l̴̨̘̣͑̾a̧̻͖̠͗̏ͬͬ́ͧ̒ͦ̍c̷̶̸̞̱̟͙̑ͭ̄́ͅi͒̿ͫͫ͆́͏̸̟͉͇n̷̬̫̦͖̯͓̓̈͆͜͟i̵͚̋ͥ̇͒ͩa̖̳͙̺̩͕͖̳̓̾͌̀̚͝ ̢̧͔̣̳̬̙̘̰̏̆͊ͅạ̴̡̏̿͒͗̄̽͐ͧḿ̡̧̼͓͈͎͔͍̤̆̏̽̎̓͢e͈͓̥̤͚̱ͫͅt̩͍̠̪̮̳̭̜̓̓́͜͠ ͖̘̫̯̮ͣ̍͗m̞ͣ͗ͮ̉ͣͯ͘ī̸̞̲̲̱̹ͧ͗̏̽ͨͮͯͮ͢.̨̛̠̳͍̳ͭͣ̏͠
    ̻̟ͯ͝G̲͕̯̽ͩ̇͐͛ͪ̀͢r̥̳͈͍̣̥̐ͯ̿a̛͈̳͓̖̻̤̾̄ͩ̀͜v͈̦̦̟̬̹̰͊ͭ̕i͆͑̈ͭ͒̂̌҉̟̳̲̲͖̥͈d̶̳͙ͤ͋̾a̢̡̟̲̼͑̉̇͛̑ͯͦ́ ̢̣ͫͪ̔ͫ̌̉ͥ̕p̵͇̣̦̼̯̪͒͐͞e̩̙̠̩͕ͣ̀̚l̳̝̞͎̦̮̽͑̿̑͠ľ͙͕̪̜̤͙̖ͦ̄̑ͅḛ̡̫͇̜̤̘̒̃ͦ̊͌͗̐ͫ͑͟ņ̘̦̗̫̼̮ͥͮͩͬ̊̽͜t͚̖͔̤̜̘̠̪̂̊́e̼͇͇̩͉̫̱̅ͨ͗̈́ͯͪ̚͜ͅs̴̡͖̤̫̙̳̭͙͒q͕̮̱̮͕͎̿ͥͫ̈̔̉͠͝ū̵̲̭̝̺͙̪̮̄́̀͟é̖̤̪͍̯ͮ͌̊̌͘ͅ ̭̫͚̋̔̂ͤ̌̆̅̈́͒ṿ̗̾̀ͬ̋͂͂͂͌̀o̮̱̞̫̭̣̯ͥl̏ͦͨ́ͫ́ͥ҉̧̛͚̱̘̝͉u̢̬͕̪̻̯̠̬͇ͦ͛ͬ͐͠ͅt͈͕̦ͥ͒ͮͪ̇p͌ͮ̏̾ͪ̈́͏̷̩̻͇a͈̹̦͖ͫ̽̋ͧͥ̀t̳̪̭͂̏͋ͫ͌͋̽ͯ͝ ͚̙̲̦̦̰͖̰̂̆̇̿̓̚͠e͉͖̟͔̼̝͉̅͌ͯ̎ͣ̉ṱ̴͔̹̘̠̝͓̪ͣ͗̾͐ͯ ̟̖̻̦̜̓͐ͭ̚u̥̹̯̼͔͓̲̺ͫͭl̔͗̒҉̸̛̗͖t̷̢̗͈͙͇̤̗ͨ̅ͥ̏̾͐̐r̡͖̦̙̠͚̹ͩ͑͗͟ị̸̛̼̗̔̂̂ͩ̏̂̍̆ċ̅̔͏͎̦̗i͍̠̗͍̠̝ͩ͆͛̑́̕͜e̛̯̻̔ͬͬ̉ͯͨ͒̐͢s̟͉͓̬̹̤ͮ̊́̑ͥ̋͟ ̦͎̻̃̽̓̆̂ͅn̝̫͔̘̯̜͆̋̂̊͊̊ͧ͌͒͠u̾ͯ҉̷̡̤̹̬̪̬͉͎ͅn̫̻̯͐č̶̷̤̘̼̳̲͈̰̌̓ͪ̐̂ͨ͢ͅ ͪ̓͛̈ͧ̽ͩ̒̂͏͕̘̤̱͙̳̘ạ̗̋̈ͤ̍ͨ͝e͓̖̭̫̓ͦͩͭ̑̆̾̀͢n̡̛͇̯̙͍̮̲̞̯͂ͩͪͤ͑͜ẹ̴̼̖̲͔̮̥̃ͭͥ̂͌̊͐̔a̍ͦͯ̀͂̐̆̚҉̘̺̳͙́͠n̵̗̼̭̮͈̜̖͇̎͊̍̚ ̢̩̉͆̓͌̓ͨ͂̅͡l̹̖̩͙̥͎ͭ͒ͧ̇͌̓̑͞a͐͐̓ͥ̓ͭ҉̸̦̪̰͓̜͘ô̧̤͎͇̩̣͚͙͔͋̾͊͗ͧ̀ͫ̚͘r̃ͨ͏҉̞̝͓̝̬̖̗ē̸̢͕͕͍̫̼͕͉͕̾̾ͫ̓̔̌̚e̙͈̪̣̖͍̎̉͐̃̿͌͛̔̑͠t̾҉̯̦̼,͈͔̤̎̓̓̄ͯ͆͋͗͢ ̴͔̟ͣ̏̃ͨ̿̌̐͂́͡l̲̰͕̲͖̓̿͒̍̏̄̊̀͞u̸̳̜͎̥̹̓̓c͕̖̜͈̹͕̣̥̟͛ͤ͐ͣ͜͜͝t͎̠͕̖̹̮͈̰̽͗̍̓̄̽͛͗͘͡͞u̡̡͔͙̥̼̹̫͑͒̀ͮ̅̿͛̏s̘̗̣̱͓̞͇̗͛ͭ̆̽̂̉ͣ͋ͤ̕͜͠ ̨̮͇̇ͫ̍̏̎͊p̺̬͉̑͋̏͂̎̓̇͘͝ų̲̠͙̣̤͉̏͑̓͗ŗ̪͆͆̃͂̽̋u͊̑̒ͧͦ̋̍̾͗͏̵̯̱͙̥̹͉̭s͎̻̝̼̮̺̪͎͋͢͡ ̆̎̔҉͚͇͎̖͙̀͡d̷̤̯̬͓̤̫̝̋ͫ̊ͪ͛i̖̯͋͊̐ͤͪ͋́͠͝a̱̳̙̼̻̒̌̍͗̌͞m̋̒̽ͭ̑̂̍̓̑͘͏̨͍̠̰͉̟ ̴̢͖͋̈ͩ͋̉vͦ̀ͧ̕͏̰e͓͙̯̩͎̙̙͋̅̚͞͝sͤͬ҉̣t͚̯͙̲̮̝̊͗̉ͬͯ̓ͧ͜i̢͙͙̩͐̓ͧ̾́͡b̶̵̹̬̪ͤ͋ͧ́ͪͫͨͬ͞u̵̥͔̘̠̫͈ͯ͂̉̎͑̇͟ͅl̴̺̼͇͇͌̇͐̏ų̤̫̺̳̦͎̭̭ͭ̀m͙̻̼͔̪̋ͥ͆ͪͪ̒̿͠ ̸̺̻̺̮͔̮̥̜̅̿͛r͎ͦ̈́̇ͩ̎ͧ̐ͭͯh̫͎̜̻͉̜̺̦ͯ̿̂́̃ͭ̏͌ö̷̙͈ͪͫͪ̋̆̆͊͟͠ņ̮͖̭̆̄͑̾̌ç̝̐ṷ̶̗̯̜̝̩̒ͧͯ́͟ş̣̟͉̮̓͌͊̅ ̴̤̣͚͕̫̙̲̦̼̀̏̓ͨ͒ͬa̡̖̗̝̹̤̱̙̮͛̚ř̴͍͔̇ͯ̇̏͑ͧ̀c͍̘̮͙̜ͬ̍͗̓̆u̸͙̯͈̳̟̳̣̯̺ͨ͐̋͑̓͂͐̓ ̵̛̙̬͎̩̪̪̦̜ͮ̑͠ļ̜̣͌ͬ̆̒͗͐o̶̧̨̫͉͚͔͑ͧ͐̾̿̚b̧̰̫͎̫̞̣̮͌ͯͪͦ͆̕oͦ͑̓̄̀͏̷͉̪r͙͍̰̦̻̼̉͊̇̊̇̃͂͝t̸̬̦̮̫̱̲̣̑̄i̸̡̳̟̪ͪ͗ͦ̉͊́s͔̯̘̠̭̿ͥ͒͞ͅ,̂̆ͣ̑͏̘̱̪̳͘͞ ̢̘̫͎̮̺͉͔͂̔͠v̤͍ͫ͑͌͋̓̿͠ê̴̄͆͒̒ͮ̄͏̖͍͍̞̪ͅͅh̡̫̞̟̅͌ͫͥ̊̍̿̒́ï̡͉̰̙͖̺̻̯͛͐̋͘c̦̩̞̦̲̩͐ͮ̋́u̹͂̔̄͊͋ͨ̌͐̚ḻ̸̛̭̼̤͇̲̜̜͆̋̀̏̒̓ͧ̕ạ͓͍̠̙͎̫ͧ̊̄̉ͮ ̵̜̻̻̏̒ͅv̵͇͖̯͔͉̅ͮ͊ͅi̡̨̙̹̩͕͍̻͆ͮͨ̉̍ͅv̶̜̯̰͈̿ͨ͌ȩ͓̏̂ͩͬ̈̉͠r̨̜̜̝ͪ̈ͣ̈́̃̚͟r̨̟̪͚̬̫̣̼͖ͮ̓͛̂ͥͩǎ̱̪͕ͦ̍́͘ ̥̞̙̌̍͂̕͢cͮͮ̍͛͋͋́͒͒͏̜̳ȕ̮̝͛ͣͤͯ̿̽͝ŕ̊҉̸̤͙a͙̙ͧͬ͋͊ͫ̃͌̏̐͘b̖̙̬ͥ̾ͬͮ̍̉i̶̸̧̘̰̩̝͊̿t̼̮̱̺̥̲̼̒ͯ́ͥ̾͜u̴̢̳̜̬̥̖̗͗ͮ̀̑̍̂̎ͤ͠r̸͔͙̤ͬ̂ͬ͐̌ͧ͌͑͂ͅ ͊̓̉ͧ҉̦̲̱̲̦͟ḿ͉͙͕̻̭͔͇͍ͦ̄ͩ͂̿̂͟͠a̵̧̜͖ͯͯ̌̍̓̿ṫ̪̙̱̮̦̭͍̾̋̂̈́̊͟ţ͉̠̝̮ͨ̋́̿ͭ̍ī͔̜̬̼̂̆͋͜͝s̹̯̠̝̯̼̬̟̥ͩ̇̉̄̿ͮͬͥ̚ ͙̤̬̻̈́ͫ̋ͫ̿̋ş̣̩͈̳̳͔̩͇̌̑͌̃́͐͒́ę͎͈ͭ̈́͗͛ͧͮ́͛́̕m̶͈̜̠̰̩̠̟͑̂͆p̼̬̗̲̮̣̜͆͜͠ͅẻ̶̗̬͉̥͕̑͑̊ř͓̟̞̟̭̪͕̏ͭ ̨͖̬ͥ̉͜ͅu̷̵̙̖͚̰̱̳̖͙͖ͭͨĺ̴̺͔̻̯͎̹͇͍̮͊̈̆̂́ļ͇͉̳̥̲̹̠̽́̔͒̊̏̈́͆͠ą̦͖̤̥̝̏ͭͬͥ͆͘m̷̡̮̼͉͎̜̗̈́̽͡ĉ̯͙̦͇̜̰̞̈ͪͯͩͩo̴̪͚ͧ́r̴̼̘̼͓̣̤̳̱͛̍ͥ͟p̷̹̮̪͈̪̺̦ͥ̌͌̓͘͞e̦̼̣̰͕̓̽̔ͥr̶̲̻͓̋ͪ̌ͬ.̴̧̩̮͑̍͐ͨ͋̄̿͂



    Character Sheet
    Name: (First and Last Name required if they have both. Middle name/initial optional)
    Age: (13-27 years old)
    Sex: (What is their gender?)
    Sexuality: (Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual, Pansexual, or Asexual)
    Appearance: (Any picture is acceptable other than real photos. Descriptions are also welcome)
    Height: (In feet and inches)
    Weight: (In pounds)
    Personality: (At least 5 sentences)
    History: (At least 5 sentences)
    Likes: (At least 3)
    Dislikes: (At least 3)
    Starting Faction: (Police, Coliseum Fighter, Military, or none)
    Magic Shade: (Pick one of the shades above or you can leave this blank and I'll pick it based on your character's personality)
    Manifestation: (Only one to start. If you leave this blank then I'll choose something for you based on your personality. If you left the shade blank, but know what you want your manifestation to be, then just put one manifestation for each shade here.)
    Musical Theme(s): (Optional)
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  2. [​IMG]
    The girl is of average height with messy brown hair and a set of big blue eyes. She has many scars etching all over her body, but since she usually wears clothes that cover most of her body the only visible scar is on her left cheek. She seems quite brutal in appearance since Alma does have a constant scowl on her face.
    Name: Alma Rotemish
    Age: 22
    Sex: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Height: 5'5 ft
    Weight: 120 lb

    Personality: Alma is someone you would call a big grump. She is very stubborn by nature and also a serious character. She shows little to no tolerance for foolish behavior, especially towards jokes since she can barely grasp the concept of one. Her usual seriousness makes her unapproachable as a whole.
    During her time in the military-mind you, she still is in it-, she had demonstrated brutal ways in destroying her enemies, which shocked her allies and made them fear her slightly due to her calmness in the midst of battle.

    History: Originally, Alma was once a farm girl. Her family worked in the dairy business for as long as she could remember, and at the time of her youth she was a happy-go-lucky girl. For a simple citizen like her, Alma was able to live life peacefully.
    It wasn't until her early teens when she was able to hone her magic skill. Her family line had no magic users whatsoever, so this revelation had made the family practically go wild.
    "How did she do it?"
    "Where did it come from?"
    Those were the many questions they had blurted out. The family never came to a true explanation, but currently it didn't matter. What did matter is that now their daughter could go make them money, and what occupation could she take to do that? Well the military of course!
    Alma was sent off to a military camp and labored day after to day, training and growing hardier and breaking her once gentle shell of a girl.

    + Fighting
    + Dairy products
    + Sleep
    - Bickering
    - Booze
    - Obnoxious Behavior
    Starting Faction: Military
    Magic Shade: Red
    Manifestation: Legs
    Other: She has a pet bird... It's a bird, however the breed of it is unknown. It's a flightless bird with long stick legs and black plumage.

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  3. [​IMG]

    Name: Zensuke Strider Emprilian
    Age: 16 or 17.
    Sex: Male
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 169 lb

    Zensuke is a...calm and socially awkward young boy. He always seem to see the calmer, logical sides of things, and if his face carefully stoic, he will usually smirk or smile if he sees anything going his way, or something that pleases him. He's kind, even though he shows introverted traits; such as enjoying time alone training. His prodigal skill has brutally torn him away from others his age, and so his maturity makes him seem adult sometimes, so he's not a stranger to loneliness. He can get quit flustered around really...buxom females, but tries to play it off and seem his usually calm self. It's obvious that he's more comfortable - not happy, but comfortable alone. He will help if he can, and only when in small groups will most people see him smile, grin, or laugh without caution or wariness in it.

    Zensuke was originally the son of a travelling swordsman - A Blue-Magic user that was relatively well-known for his skill as a bounty-hunter. Zensuke himself grew up like his father, being a prodigal boy in the art of Blue-Magic - And being damn strong with it as well. He grew up with his own iron sword, and trained nearly every hour of the day to make his father proud. When his father passed away, Zensuke was sent to an orphanage - still only being ten. Most people shunned him for his magical nature, and rather infamous father, and Zensuke was alone. He trained by himself, until he was found by Caerula - The Head of the Royal City's police force. Zensuke was 'adopted' as her younger brother - mostly because she could see herself whenever the boy trained brutally in his small room, and Zensuke was taken away from the hatefulness of the orphanage. Since then, he has trained himself into the ground, even going to the coliseum sometimes to sneak in and fight some of their strongest challengers - only to come out on top. He plans on becoming the best member the Police Force has ever seen.

    + Training and Sparring
    + Coffee
    + Looking out into the sunset.
    - Brutal, unnecessarily violent people.
    - Bossy women.
    - Laziness.
    Starting Faction: Police Force
    Magic Shade: Blue
    Manifestation: A long, razor-sharp longsword that Zensuke can wield with either one-hand or two. He uses it as if it's extremely light-weight - showing his strength, despite his lean build. Whenever he unsheathes it from his back, it shows that the long blade is constantly a glowing sapphire blue, while the ebony hilt is engraved with the insignia of the police force.
    N/A. His clothing is the one in his picture.

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  4. Both are accepted.
    Musical Theme (open)

    "Umm, Im not sure if you can see me but if you want I could move my bangs if that would help..."

    "Uhh, names Dante. E Reed, is there anything you need? I can help if you ask, just come and get me."

    "Im eighteen, why are you wondering?"

    "Im sure I am a guy, If I wasn't I probably would be stuttering and flustered right now"

    "Why do you want to know? If you want to know if i'm dating then yes I am."

    "Im 5'11, a bit tall but I don't mind I guess"

    "Well im 164 lbs if your wondering, I could lose some though"

    "My personality? If anything asking me about my personality is the worst thing you could do I guess, I mean I come off as a reserved and shy guy to most people. Mostly due to me being well quite all the time, its not that I dont like talking. It more like I don't start it, if someone else engages it I will follow but most of the time they have to keep the conversation going. I just don't like talking about myself, its more interesting to hear what other people say about themselves. Although I may not be talkative, I am kinda helpful around as everyone knows they can trust me to run errands once in a while but I take favors from them so its like a service you know? Its usually small stuff like taking care of something or helping out with doing something."

    "Well, i'm also quite the introvert my friends say, I don't like going out that much and I usually have my head stuck somewhere else most likely far away from here. I just don't know, i'm just not a realist I always have weird dreams or plans but they never take flight due to the fact that I probably never believe in myself. But heck, most of the time those kind of plans fails either way and I most of the time never carry through so whats the point of doing them... Although not many people know i'm a hopelessly romantic, but keep that between us okay?"

    Dante was a silent kid both from home and with his friends, he was always reserved and well mannered most of the time. He was an easy kid to get along as he always agreed with people, whether it was just politeness or his own opinion no one really knew. Dante was that kind of person that people just accepted his reason and went along with whatever he did. At home, Dante and his parents were not close in anyway of course they did have their warm family moments but those were rare as his parents pressured him to doing many things. He hated his parents for several reason and generally close them off from knowing any of his friends, keeping his two lives separate as it was seemingly better that way.

    As he grew up he was quite trouble he never told anyone the source of his problems but he often went to the coliseum to, waste his time mostly whenever he wasn't doing anything the money that he earned was useful whenever he wanted to get away. However it was rare for him to use the money so, he usually just kept it saved up. He really didn't care if anyone noticed that it was him as long as he had something to distract him for the moment it would be good. Although still new to fighting, he was quite capable of doing combat as a beginner he had a small knack for it and didn't mind getting a bit rustled up. Outside the coliseum he often got into fights if someone provoked him and pestered him for a extended duration of time. This had happen to one of his former 'bullies' and he gave them a good beating which sent out a bad vibe through. His family eventually heard of it and gave him a good lecture about it before he simply decided to run away from home, although as unlikely as it seems it was easy to disappear as he was sure his parents definitely didn't know where to look for him. They didn't know much of their son, as he never gave much information to them about his personal life. Which had turned into a good thing as they could find his friends to talk to, but he was always cautious in case they ever found a string that could be traced back to him.

    "I sometimes like going to the ocean, I remember visiting a place there close where there was sand and you could run up and down forever. There we ate seafood, you couldn't resist it if you had a taste of where I like going to eat, although its sorta expensive its worth it. Outside anything being part of the sea, I like reading really its nice to relax my body after fighting in the Colosseum, not that I hate its just a perfect balance really and i'm because really sore."

    "Oh, I have many things to not like in my life and the people who occupy that number one spot are my parents. I dont care what you say, they deserve to have that spot because of their own actions and they deserve it. Besides them I hate being picked on, I only don't punch them right then is because I have a very... long fuse. If they keep the spark running its there own fault, they had what was coming really. But if they leave me alone, I will too. Also I hate people who are just simply a pain, for example I could be one to some people but I dont view myself as one yet. The people who I see as a pain, are the one who are stuck-up, vain and simply an ass in general. It aggravates kind to see those kind of people, makes me aggravated when I hear them"

    Starting Faction:
    "If anything besides a nobody, I am a regular in the middle to the bottom of the high ranking matches of the Coliseum"

    Magic Shade:
    "My shade? Its yellow if you want to know really, It kinda suits me because I like to end things fast without much blood if possible.

    "I have a thing called a Beretta, want me to show it to you? I promise i wont shoot you, well at least without aiming of course"​
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  6. Although I am noticing some grammatical issues and awkward wording, I'm going to accept you! If you'd like to then feel free to look it over and fix some things, if not that's fine, no pressure.
  7. ...Thats expected XD I get that everytime so I guess its good practice to go over my mistakes. Thanks for accepting me!

    ((Oh yay, I got a Tumblr post :D +1))
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  8. Black Sheep (open)

    Name: "Black Sheep. No, that's not the name I was born with."
    Age: "I'm twenty seven."
    Sex: "Male, obviously."
    Sexuality: "Sword-swallower. Problem?"
    Appearance: "Take it all in. Plenty of me to go 'round."
    Height: "Bigger'n you." 6'6"
    Weight: "Heavier'n you." 260lbs
    Personality: "First thing you'll notice 'bout me; you're an asshole, I tell you. Then I break bits off of you 'till you stop being an asshole. Someone said I'm, what was it, 'a strong-headed, vindictive, blunt lummox' after I broke something he liked, but before I broke something he really liked. I'm good at breaking things. Next thing you'll notice about me is I like to fight, mostly for other people but sometimes for the hell of it. Never sits right with me, when someone pisses on a little guy just cuz he's little. I see that, I get breaking. And when I'm doing something, you're not gonna stop me doing it or getting it done. Especially when I'm breaking things. I really like breaking things.

    Next, people notice I don't shame easy. I'm not afraid to stand out; hell, I'm already head and shoulders above most people, might as well make it work for me, right? Someone thinks they're talking down to me, they just make me dig my heels in more. I got called a black sheep of my family, I decided to up and own that frakkin' name. Done me more good than the one I was born with. Some people see my boys, think they can spit that at me like I should care. I heard all the slurs, none of 'em twice, none of 'em stuck. I give back good as I get, cuss a sailor's balls off. 'Course, you cuss enough people think you're stupid. When you're a big guy, people think you're stupid. So let me get this right out the way. I'm not stupid. Leave it at that.

    I do bore easy though. Another thing people confuse with being stupid. There's a lot to see, a lot to do and people just kind of stick around the same places, doing the same thing and talking to the same people. You tell me who's stupid, the guy who goes out and does new stuff every day or the guy who does the same thing every day hoping 'this time it'll turn out right'? Yeah, what I thought."

    History: "You probably figured this out already, but yeah, Black Sheep's not my real name. You can probably guess what sort of thing I had to do to get a name like that.

    What, you're still here? Fine. My birth name is Harrow Ignacious Sollarius Emprilan - that's not even the full version. All sorts of titles stuck on there too. Prince of Somewhere Boring, Duke of Who Even Cares, Heir to Blah Blah Blah. And yeah, you think I'm not particularly frakkin' royal, imagine how mum and dad felt. Blessed with a fine strapping lad, only for it to all go so wrong. I was born somewhere that looked nice, but wasn't. They wanted me to be something I wasn't. Kept thinking maybe we get him this tutor, maybe we send him to this military academy, we arrange this marriage, maybe we punish him this way he'll become what we want. I kept breaking things until they decided it was just cheaper to disown me and have more kids than it was to keep me around.

    Oh, and let's get this out of the way early on too. Yes, they're my younger sisters. No, we don't keep in touch.

    See, breeding and bloodline's a big deal up there. You find someone who doesn't want to breed, who likes doing things that can't result in babies with other people who don't want to breed, you got a problem. Words get thrown around like lineage and heritage and it's all crap. That's why they like to pass all those laws against it, get the priests to say it sends you to the pits. Especially cuz magic's connected to the blood, you know? All these upper class pricks have charts and maps drawn to make optimal babies. I needed to squirt our heirs, I wasn't going to, so I became the black sheep of the family. Hence the name.

    That's how I end up on my ass in the middle of nowhere with a purse with of coin, the clothes on my back and something to prove. It wasn't easy. I had to unlearn a whole bunch of stuff they teach you in palaces, like manners and dancin'. Some of the fightin' stuff was good, a bit. Bare-knuckle boxing though, that was always more my speed than dueling with poncy blades. I got up to all kinds of stuff over the years. Ran with a gang for a bit, then made it my gang, then signed up as a merc. Fought a bit in the Colliseum for the money. Did bodyguard work, traveled. Traveled a lot. Came back. Broke a thousand hearts, had mine broken twice. Picked up a hundred scars, buried a hundred douchebags, left more rotting who didn't deserve burying. I like to come back to the capital every now and then, just to keep an eye on the siblings and cousins. Hang around places I know they'll be and embarrass them a bit. Let the world know that their great and noble tree's got some rotten fruits on there. And let them know that they're not really them, they're doing what they're told."

    Likes: "You know what's awesome? Maps. I love maps. Collect 'em. Some of places I've been, places I want to go, places that don't exist. People in the capital thinks the world stops outside the walls, you know? And the food in those places, man. Foreign food - and I'm not even picky enough to say like one other country. Worth it. But you have to GO THERE, the stuff they sell in capital bistros is twice the price for half the quality. Last but not least, you gotta dance. And I mean real dance, not those scripted ballroom spasms. Got to be real, spontaneous. Round a campfire, two drums and a violin, with someone you're set on bedding. Work those hips!

    Dislikes: "What, only three? Frak. Okay, first of all - boredom. One life and so many people want to spend it bickerin' and doin' paperwork. Stupid. Uh, next I guess would be priests. You believe what you wanna believe, I just don't like people that go round telling other people how to live their lives. Worst are the ones who tell you that you're going to burn forever and then ask for a donation. I'm not paying you, hustler! Last would be, I guess uptight people. Goes right along with the priests in telling other people how to live. "You can't do that, it's rude! That's not appropriate!" Frak off, get a thick skin and welcome to the real world.
    Starting Faction: Freeroamer
    Magic Shade: Red
    Manifestation: Arms.

    Other: "There's a place down near the Colloseum called Queen's Court. 'S where I'm crashing while it suits me. As for my fighting style, it's a bit of everything. Different styles picked up on my travels. But above all else it's frakkin' dirty."
  9. I'm digging it, err... diggin' it rather. Accepted!
  10. Haha, sorry I didn't realize I posted the wrong link xD. Fixed I believe.
  11. Lilly, Red
    W. I. P


    "Lilly. Just Lilly."
    Lillian Ansel Summers

    "I'm still pretty young."

    "Last time I checked I was a lady."

    "Love is love!"

    "I'm below average."

    "People say I'm quite light."
    115 lbs

    "Why don't we hang out and you can see for yourself?"

    "Nothing interesting has happened in my past."

    "I like a lot of things!"

    "Not too fond of many things."

    Starting Faction:
    "I'm a bit of a loner."

    Magic Shade:
    "Yellow suits me well, don't you think?"

    "Archery was always a big hobby of mine."
    Bow and Arrow

    Musical Theme(s):
    "The songs that describe me the best!"

    "I think that's about it...."
  12. Name:
    Aramia Lyfis



    Apparence (open)
    As for the eyes[​IMG]

    5,6 Feet

    125 Pounds

    Aramia is a pretty easygoing fellow. Or at least this is what she wants to show. Her history, however, made her lose quickly her innocence and naivety making her pragmatic and material. She knows how the world goes and doesn't like to dream about possibilities or dwelling of the past. She's good at heart and would help openly anyone who she thinks is in need. When hunting, though, her personality change into one of a predator. Cold, merciless. She really wants to be free and works very hard to achieve that goal.

    Aramia's story begins into a noble family and as such she is refined. At the age of 10 she was engaged to a kind looking boy a couple of years older; they played a lot as children and, growing up, she thought he really was the one and only for her, something like her red string destined one. Never was she more wrong.

    She found out he (she never called him his name ever again) was just playing with her only 6 years later, on the night before their wedding: he called upon her and made her enter a room. There she found her parents and little brother. Dead.

    He robbed her of her house and money, stripped her of her title and sold her to the tavern's owner who used her as a dancer for the most important clients, promising her he would have freed her if she could pay back her sum 5 times. From then on she worked hard to gain the money she needed.

    She discovered her powers not long after. She was in the forest, hunting, setting a net when the man who betrayed her appeared in front of her. Aramia asked him why did he do such a thing just to be laughed at "How dare you talk to the Count?" she was asked.Her rage built up and exploded into a wave of strings that killed them all leaving her utterly surprised with those same strings forming a spider net pattern around her.

    From then on she trained and hunted during the day (concealing her identity as it would result into punishment at the tavern), to sell her preys, and danced and was abused during the night. This, though, never really got to her spirit, and pushed her to learn to control her shade perfectly.

    Aramia now hunts with just her strings and is grown into a beautiful young woman. She still has a long way to go to pay her 'ransome'. But, who knows, something can always happen.

    + Singing and playing
    + Reading
    + Freedom
    + Quiet

    - Being ordered around
    - Bearing tavern's harassement
    - Brawls
    - Dreams

    Starting Faction:

    Magic Shade:

    Like the ones tying her to her 'job', and that red one that man cut without thinking about it twice.

    Musical Theme: (open)

    Unfortunately I can't seem to find the full version with english sub... so this will have to do... T^T

    She's proud of her eyes and her left one glows when she uses magic
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  13. Interesting for sure. Approved!
  14. Thank you XD *jumps around happy*
  15. So, how should we bring our characters together? We're quite a diverse bunch so it might be good to set up some relationships beforehand instead of just "happen to be in the same place at the same time", right?

    For instance, I think Black Sheep and Zensuke would make good rivals. They mirror each other well - Zensuke was adopted by the family that kicked Black Sheep out; Black Sheep works often as a criminal while Zensuke's a police member.
  16. That's what I was thinking. While, on normal circumstances, Zensuke would avoid trouble with criminals and just focus on getting stronger to realize his dream, I think that they would make an interesting rivalry. A young, skilled prodigy against an older, more experienced criminal; not to mention that they are...brothers, I believe? Not by blood, but still.

    I think that them meeting at the coliseum would be a nice start.
  17. Yeah, a fight between them would be interesting. I see it being like the (old)Dante/Vergil three-act rivalry; first fight, Black Sheep wins due to his better experience, then the next fight is a draw and then in the third and final fight Zensuke's learned and grown and gets the victory.

    They're... maybe step-brothers? I mean, there's no blood relation and Black Sheep's been kind of disowned by the royals but is still technically part of the family.
  18. Maybe sorta step-brothers. Don't know, since Black Sheep technically isn't even a part of the Emprillian family anymore. Regardless, I think Zensuke would grow to respect the man, but at first, and maybe even a bit longer, he'll mostly see the man as something he himself doesn't wanna become.

    Ayy yo GM, when will we start?
  19. I'm looking for at least two more players. In the meantime, why don't you all intermingle here and figure some details out like Orion and Leo are doing; it'll help your posts flow more smoothly on the actual rp. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
  20. Waiiit! Before you start, can I join?
    I'll do it in a different format! I'm so bored right now...
    ---- --- --
    - -- --

    Their footsteps were like a waterfall, echoing through the halls and dancing with the children's laughter. A short boy standing at a height of 5'8" shooed them away, sighing as soon as their laughter were no longer heard.
    He sat down in the old wooden rocking chair, patting the dust off of his pants.
    "Great! They already messed up my appearance! Ah...! Please hold on, one second."
    After the boy cleaned up his image, he gave his audience a weak smile. It was just like any other scenario. After all, he was meeting new parents. His mother disowned him after his father died, and remarried another, much more wealthier and handsome man (history1) . Everyday he hoped the nature of these people who took their time to come in and listen to him were not like his former mother's.
    A woman wearing a silk dress dazzling with exquisite emerald patterns. She was the owner of the orphanage, and he liked her simply because of her carefulness with the children (like). He, too, liked children (like).
    "Welcome everybody!"
    "Hello." The family replied.
    "Hi..." the boy whispered, suddenly becoming quiet.
    "The orphan you've picked happens to have a name. His name is Clem Enoch Prescott," She winked at Clem, flashing a smile. "I really hope you give him the family he needs."
    The boy, Clem, slowly nodded his head. He was too embarrassed to speak. Remembering the wink that the glamoring woman gave him, he decided this must have been his lucky day.
    "My name is Clem Prescott! I'm fourteen, male, and happy to be in your presence!"
    The other woman in a pink polo shirt and black top pulled out a notepad. Obviously, she was the mother, and she was definitely prepared. When she spoke, she sounded unenthusiastic and tired. "All right, Clem. I've got a few questions for you..,"
    Clem watched her eyes scan frantically through the paper. His heart was pulsing through his chest, and he couldn't help to smile.
    "...How much do you weigh? Do you hate the color pink? What's your favorite animal? What type of girls do you like, and how do you usually act around children and adults?"
    The male beside her groaned and rolled his tawny eyes. The girl sitting on the floor wasn't even paying attention to the conversation, only humming a simple tune. The child beside the girl was busy on a black, rectangular device that he was engrossed in, pressing buttons vigorously. Clem's enthusiasm slowly declined, and he became serious right away.
    "Well, I see you like questions," Clem's eyes were staring straight into space, relaying the questions in his head. Surely, he wasn't getting this family to like him, nor did he want them to like him. "I weigh one hundred pounds (weight) if you must know. Pink is my second favorite color (like) , which leads me to my favorite animal. I like ostriches (like). I've only seen them in books, though! They all are pink..."
    The only two questions left were a challenge for him. Girls... weren't really his thing (dislike1) . He only started to love people when he got into a good relationship with them and got to know them - regardless of their gender (pansexual).
    "G-Girls, eh...? I... I think I li...,"
    Just then, the woman in the emerald dress barged in. She had a sixth sense to know something was wrong, and it was the time.
    "What are you asking Clem?" She asked, and when she got her answer, even her face had a pale shade of red. "W-Well, he hasn't had any experience with girls older than him other than us adults. He's obedient (personality1), I say so myself! He's happy and peppy to be around, but he is also clueless on the world around him (personality2). If you do intend to take care of him... please take care of him."
    The supposed mother looked at the supposed father and shook their heads. "We don't want 'em." They said, in unison. Clem, fire in his eyes shot up from the chair. Hands clenching tight, he wanted to punch someone, but he instead stormed off into the bedroom, crying. He was extremely touchy about these things, especially if someone didn't want him (personality3). He could understand if it was another relationship, but family?
    The green dressed woman peeked inside. A wave of sympathy engulfed her as she witnessed Clem crying. As she were about to step in, two children ran past her and into the bedroom, but quickly stopped when they saw the sight of their big brother crying.
    "What's wrong, big bro?" one asked.
    Clem sniffled, forcing himself not to look at them. "I know I'm worthless, and I'm starting to dislike even myself (dislike2)... but it's not just me! Sure... I was a mischievous child when I was little, causing havoc and chaos (history2) for Meg and the others, but I've changed! I've... I've changed from that devil child!"
    Clem seemingly forgot himself in his words, but the children remained silent. He looked up, tears streaming down his cheeks.
    "I'm not who I appear to be!I know I shouldn't cry like this... I saw father die with my own eyes (history3). I'm a strong kid who didn't cry (personality4) at that time (and history4) ... I couldn't understand. And now, I cry at this simple stuff, but never at the death of someone dear... Well, at least I can do SOME things right. I'm good with you guys, right? (personality5) Do you enjoy me?"
    "Y-Yeah..." the children responded, on the verge of crying as well.
    "Well, at least you guys care for me. I also had someone like that in my life. Hopefully, I meet them some day (history5), too."

    Clem, however, was nowhere to be seen the next day, and some assumed that he was traveling away. Truly, the children were as devastated as he was.

    - - - - --

    Starting Faction: None, since he's still an orphan wandering around. (possible way to meet anyway.)
    Magic Shade: Yellow
    Manifestation: Yari - A spear Clem picked up right after he had left.
    Musical Theme(s): this and this.
    Other: None!
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