Spectre City

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"And they said that they'd catch me.. Ha!" She slime girl smiled a little bit, as she was slowly reforming into a female appearance. The slime slowly began hardening, taking on a much more human appearance. The core remained intact, thus how she was able to reform and such. The core itself was like jelly, encased and kept close with a much more harder layer, acting as a shield. The slime girl began walking as a human in the underground area, with a few items that she stole, floating around in her jelly body. Gross, sure, but it was useful as well.
"I target the guards, yes. Just gives me another reason to kill them. And also, they're normally human. Those are the best." His usual smile returned a bit. Alistair, in spite of many things that have happened, smiles quite a lot. Sometimes, it looks a bit mischievous, though he never gets into too much trouble. Really, he smiles because he reminds himself of things worth smiling about. Cheesy, but it works. Somewhat. "Yes. It's always a bit of danger when I come up. A little fact not many people know is that vampires sense each other. Normally because of competition. We don't really like each other. And once a vampire catches prey, others want to come. Either because there may be other prey nearby, or because they want to fight with the vampire who went into a bit of a blood frenzy."
Levi walked down the tunnel to the entrance that came out in a cabinet in Smith's house. Slowly climbing the ladder embedded in the wall, Levi hears voices. It's sounded like Allistair and... a girl. Opening the door, Levi draws his body out, and almost rams his head into a girl sitting on the floor. "Ow! Dang, are you alright?" He asks her.
Listening curiously, Gwen watched the vampire before her with interest. "So have you ran into others like yourself before? Or has that yet to happen? I do believe you're the first vampire I've ever met. It's a fascinating issue...not that I want that to sound offensive. I've met other...species before, other elves, faes, even a troll and pixie or two..." She laughed a little, pulling lightly at a loose strand of hair.

About to continue, Gwen yelped as the doorway to the underground opened, forcing herself backward to avoid the person coming up clashing into her. "Bloody hell!" She whisper-yelled, glaring at the guy responsible, "A whole night being chased and attacked and now I'm having to watch out from others in the underground?" Gwen watched him, eyes faintly narrowed as their light blue hue darkened slightly.
"It's not offensive. Trust me, even vampires are interested in their own species. And yes, I have run into others. Newbloods, who don't know who and who not to pick a fight with." He was about to say more, but then there was an intrusion. "Levi? I thought we were supposed to be helping each other, not ramming into each other." Alistair laughed quietly, arms folded over his chest. "Well, looks like we have a nice little group now. I hope you two are well acquainted now, at least from bumping and the like. Levi, this is Gwen. Gwen, Levi."
Name: Lu'ulaieriastri Gaedrotte
Species: Werewolf
Gender: Female
Appearance: In human form, she has long black hair, most often pulled back in a tight pony tail, or braided at the nape if her neck. Her body is lithe, but strong. She is very athletic, built for speed. She typically wears a tunic and loose pants with a pair of soft, shoes, clothes that are easy to remove, and easy to put back on.
In wolven form, her fur is thick and a deep gray, with a white patch on her chest. Her right foreleg also white, stopping just below the elbow, and the back left paw is white as well. To be honest, she looks more like a very large dog than a wolf, a trait that has served her well on her ventures to the upper world.
In both forms, her left eye is a crystal blue. In human form, her right eye is brown, and in wolven form, it is a golden yellow.
Equipment: She carries a long sword and a pack to store her clothing in.
Lu padded through the streets, her muzzle to the cobblestone, as she searched for vermin. She'd been hunting in the woods just outside of town, and come up short. Her fur was covered in mud, and sticking up in odd places, a testament to her failure. She'd been hunting a large hare, having seen it while she was out and about in one if her usual monthly runs, and the damn thing had slipped from her grasp. But not before it lead her on a wild chase to and fro beneath fallen trees, through a shallow creek, and finally into a badger hole where she'd been chased off.

She was rather hungry, and more than a little upset, when her nose caught a wiff of several individuals. They weren't guards. Those always smelled of fresh air, and pride. No, these were denizens of the underground city she called home. With her nose in the air, she sniffed a half-elf, and a familiar vampire. She didn't much care for vampires, usually sought to avoid them, but the smiling undead was her personal favorite to mess with.

Crouching low to the earth, Lu crawled toward the entrance of the smith's shoppe, and as the human came up from the floorboards, scaring the elf, she pounced around the doorframe, and landed on the vampire's back, tail wagging and tongue stuck out.
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Alistair was completely caught off guard, caught in the middle of his jest. He hated werewolves. He hated wolves in general. But this one, he could stand, if it wasn't for the rancid stink that werewolves gave off. His nose wrinkled as he realized who it was, mostly because of the scent, and the fact that he wasn't being bitten to pieces. "Lu! I would think we had enough intrusions." Despite the fact that he sounded and looked upset, he was only teasing lightheartedly.
She hopped off his back, with a snicker and sat before him, tail wagging vigorously behind her. To her, vampires smelled like corpse's dipped in lemon juice, and smothered in cheap perfume in a paltry attempt to hide their stench. Though she'd tried to kill Alistair on their first meeting ,much like she tried to kill all vampires she met, he'd quickly convinced her that he was worth keeping about. Now, she knew him well enough to know when he was kidding, but she played at being sorry nonetheless. With a quick swipe at her muzzle, she rolled on her back for a few seconds, before rolling back to her front, and dipping her head low, as if to apologize. It was sarcastic, of course, but she knew he wouldn't mind. She then turned her attention to the half elf, and the human, going to each in turn and sniffing at their mouths in an atempt to catch their scent and in greeting.
He rolled his eyes, before patting her on the head momentarily. "Yes yes, I know. You are oh so sorry." And as she began sniffing at the others, he shook his head in disappointment. "Oh come on, you know that's no way to greet people. Come on, stop being a puppy about this, and act like a person."
It was a perfectly valid greeting, common amongst werewolves, and mortal wolves alike, but she knew the vampire wouldn't understand. When he berated her, she sat down, back to him, with a huff, and scratched her neck with her back paw, ignoring him while not ignoring him. When she was done, she padded out of the building and around the corner. For several minutes, she left the small group alone as she shifted into her human form.

It was a painful transformation, full of muscle relocating and bone reformatiin, but she did it quietly. Werewolves learned long ago that they needed to stay silent when doing such things. At this time, she was at her most vulnerable, unable to act, speak, scream, or defend herself should she come under attack. When her transformation was complete, she lay on the cold earth in silence for another minute or two before donning her clothing, and returning to the group. Her hair was braided at her back, and neat as can be. Not a strand was out of place. When she neared the vampire again, she pet him on his head, and giggled.

"So! Who'd you kill this time, and who are your new friends?"
Alistair knew not what pain and vulnerability went into her transformation. He has never witnessed a transformation, nor would he particularly want to. For one, watching his friend become nude, from a beastly form to a girl, wouldn't be so entertaining. He would rather not see her without her clothes, truth be told.
When Lu came back, he made a disgruntled sound as he was the one patted on the head this time. "It took you long enough. This is Gwen and Levi. The two had only just met, so you did not miss much. And only a guard. Don't say it as if I go around murdering for the fun of it."
"Oooooo....a guard? Where'd you stash him? Or did you leave him so that he could be found?"

She stuck her tongue out at him in jest, then rubbed her shoulders. Transforming was always tough on her. She was a little afraid of relinquishing control to the wolf inside her, and hated the feeling she got when she was vulnerable. She handled it, usually, with a light demeanor. The soreness she could handle, as it typically went away after a few minutes.

"I thought you would have known by now how long it takes. It's not like I can snap my fingers and be something else you know. I'm not a kitsune."

She crossed her arms over her chest. Then, as he introduced the other two, she smiled and waved at them both while storing their scents in her own memory for future use.

"You're so boring Ali. If I were a blood sucker, I'd be eating humans all the time. But then again, that is the biggest reason I don't hate you so much."

Her stomach growled, then, and she blushed with embarrassment.
"If you could catch them, that is." In spite of the comment, he tried to be considerate of her feelings. "We have other things you can eat. It must be hard to track animals in the woods." He smiled in sympathy. "And that's for me to know, and you not to figure out. What happens with my prey is none of your business. You ask me each time." He sighs. "You know if I did anything more, I would lose trust. We're just lucky I have control over myself. Newbloods try and murder anything that moves. If anyone suspected me of losing my self-control, I would lose my home. And unlike you, I don't think I could sleep outside. If you forgot, I blister and char in the sun."
She gagged a little at the thought of new blood vampires, but completely understood. New werewolves were a pain as well. If a human survived the transformation, more often than not, they had to be killed afterwards. Not all werewolves could control the wolf inside them.

"Humans are a lot easier to catch than rabbits. They're slower and clumsier. But they're not tasty like rabbits, and they tend to swarm, so no thanks. Elves are where it's at."

She smiled at Gwen and Levi ferally, obviously joking, then turned back to Ali with wide eyes before sniffing the air about him, looking for this food he mentioned. Her right eye was flecked with gold, her inner wolf temporarily awakened at the promise of food.

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"Don't rip me apart, I see that look. I started stashing for you. It wasn't easy, nor fun. It's disgusting to have fur in your mouth." There was a small satchel at Alistair's hip. He opened it, pulling out a dead rabbit. "It's a bit cold. I didn't know when I would see you." Making a face at the gross vermin in his hand, he tossed it towards Lu. "It's a good thing I don't use this bad for anything."
She caught it out of the air and hugged it close. She didn't mind that it was a ltitle cold, it was food, and she wasn't about to turn it down. She quickly pocketed the rabbit and giggled to herself. Normally she would have started to eat it right away, but normally whenever he gave her a rabbit, she was in her wolven form and not nearly as caring of blood in her fur. Since she was in human form, as hungry as she was, she abstained from tearing into the creature.

"You know this is th only reason I keep you around," She joked.

She pulled her rucksack to her front and rimages through it, "I found something for you...just gotta find it."

Her tongue stuck out as she dug through the bad. After searching by feel for several long moments, she groaned and opened it up with one hand then stuck her head inside in an attempt to see what was inside. It was a futile effort, however, as her head completely blocked out whatever light there was.

"I'll have to bring it to you later. I just can't find the damn thing." She pouted a little.
"I'm somewhat concerned what you brought for me." He quirked a brow. It was unusual that she brought anything for him. Mostly because they had such incompatible tastes. But he decided he could wait, despite his growing curiosity. "Don't worry none, I'm patient."
She frowned a little at his reaction. Sure it was unusual to bring him something, but that should have made h all the happier that she'd taken the time to find him something. Her inner wolf was perturbed that he wasn't bouncing for joy at the prospect of a gift from her. She harrumphed as her arms crossed over her chest. But as he said he would wait. She smiled a little.

"You'll like it, I think. I heard that vampires like pretty things. So it's perfect."
Levi listened as the two talked back and forth. Allistair he knew, but the wolfblood....she was an enigma. And he couldn't decide if the girl sitting beside him was a human or elf. "We should probably get into the tunnels. Guards are house sweeping on this street. I took out about half of them before I had to escape. But there are still a good 50 or 60 strong out there."
Lu was about to respond when her song nose picked up the scent of one of the guards. Her ears perked as she fell silent and her body stilled, and she listened to the sound of heavy feet ambling closer to the little group. A low growl rumbled in her chest, then, and her head turned slowly toward the doorway she had pounced through. Tossing her pack over her shoulder once more, Lu'ulaieriastri crouched low, and crawled to the door way. Carefully, she peeked her head outside just enoigh to see onto the street. There, in the distance, a figure confidently strode toward the Smith's home.

When she felt she had enough information, she dipped back into the building, and looked up at Ali, then over to Levi and Gwen.

"It's only one so far," She whispered.
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