Spectre City

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    Welcome to Spectre City.
    The year is 637. The King ordered a full arrest on the villagers of this city, due to a secret society that is thought to have its roots deeply embedded into the people here. The smart people left, the smarter people hid.
    Now, the overcity is completely abandonned, but folk live underneath the cobble of the town. Creatures of all kinds—ones that get along, and ones that don't—live in secret tunnels beneath the city.
    There are men who constantly survey the city, knowing of the existence of this underground civilization. They have not found the entrance yet, but they know that people occasionally come up for supplies.

    Will you be caught, or will you fight for your rights as citizens?




    Alistair Cimon
    A hidden dagger and a small vial of life energy, used only when void of any nourishments (blood)

    Alistair was never quite fond of the way he lived. Honestly, would you be if you were living beneath your old city like a cowering sewer rat? Well, at least he didn't have the same issues as some of the folk who lived here. They had to constantly return to the surface to get food, to get water, to see the sun. None of those did Alistair any good. Occasionally, he would sneak his way out for a meal, just to avoid growing bloodthirsty around the people he has come to grow acquainted with. But many people have neglected to speak to one another. Maybe they are all scared of sharing secrets, or even talking. After all, even though they have a common goal of surviving as a community, there's a large threat of betrayal...

    Even so, Alistair attempted to make the best of his time here. And so, why not have a bit of fun? He noticed people getting ready to go up to the surface. Maybe he would join them; make a meal out of a guard who keeps circling the area like a vulture. ​
  2. Name
    Jasmine ryotesei
    A pitch black katana

    The voluptuous kitsune was always known for causing mischief. She was always in trouble , but no on could deny her results on scouting missions to the surface. She prepping for her next trip when she saw a familiar face approach her. It was her best friend Alistair. "Hey, Ali, how are you."
  3. "Oh you know. The usual. Basking in the unruly glow of the unfortunate little mischievous ones who try and cause trouble down here." He leaned against the cold wall, arms folded across his chest. The light was dim, but he could tell that she was looking fine as always. It was almost a shame that Alistair wasn't fond of women. Almost. "What kinds of things are you hoping to nab from the surface this time?"
  4. Name
    Veronica Davids

    Slime (With Core)


    Human Appearance (open)

    Slime (open)

    She mainly uses magic, thus the core. She may use magic that involves manipulating her slime, let it be shape shifting to attacking.


    "Fufufufu... You really think you can contain me in that steel stuff? Really now."

    A girl of a dark, purple substance reformed, standing in front of the guards whom were guarding her cell. They were drawing out their swords, however, were entranced by her appearance, as she had a 'lack' of clothing on. "What? You've never seen a woman?" She cooed, even though she didn't really have the genitals to be an actual woman, she just had the body shape. The men were trying to get back on their feet, trying to slice off her arm.. Only for it to grow back due to her being made of slime. A smile appeared on her face as she was backed to the wall, slowly slipping herself through, and slipping her way through the crack in the wall in order to escape; too easy. She was probably going to retreat, back to the underground civilization, however, she didn't need to go through the entrance; she just needed to find a crack and slip through into the ground. Of course, it was easy for her at the very least.
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  5. Name: Levi Merrick

    Species: Human

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Tall, Long hair that is always messy,

    Abilities: Tracking, Foaraging, Hunting, (People say that these skills are unatural because he seems to not even try when using them.)

    Equipment: Three daggers in his belt, Two daggers in each of his boots, Longbow and quiver full of arrows, Drakonslayer sword on his back

    Levi runs across the rooftops of the overcity on his way back to the house where the door to the undercity was. seeing the house surrounded by guards, he pulls his longbow and an arrow from his back, preparing for a fight.
  6. Alistair could hear commotion from above. He decided to take a peek before the rest of the crew went out, giving Jasmine a pat on the shoulder, before taking off. He crawled up one of the secret entrances. This one was inside a house, underneath the floorboards. He pushed the boards up, easily getting into the house, before covering it again to assure the safety of the rest of the people.

    He took notice to two things: The slime girl, one of which he has not spoken to before, but has seen, and he also caught the scent of a human upon the rooftops. It was simple for him to pick up the scent of a human. Alistair stealthily exited the house, and hid in the shadows, watching in case someone came by.
  7. Levi quickly fires three arrows, dropping three of the guards without them even noticing. He leaps to another rooftop, all the while firing arrows. He leaps onto the roof of the safe house, shimmies down the gutter into an alley with no guards, and descends into the undercity.
  8. Name: Gwendolyn (Gwen, Gwennie)
    Species: Half-human, half-Elf
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Silver-white hair, kept braided most of the time, especially when going above to the surface for supplies. Eyes are the lightest of blue but will darken and change according to mood. Lithe, agile and athletic body with trademark pointed ears but also a brand of 'E' burned onto the inside of her left wrist from the one time she was captured and 'categorized' when she was younger before escaping.
    Equipment: Two curved daggers, on in her right boot and the other strapped to her left forearm under her long sleeved shirt. Wicked looking swords at her back, sheathed unless needed. And a leather satchel to carry supplies in.


    Gwen leaned against the door of the house she had barricaded herself into, panting heavily after just managing to get away from and outrun a cluster of guards. Her satchel wasn't helping things, weighed down by the amount of supplies she had managed to geab for the community under her feet. Herbs for medicine and healing, seeds and food already perfect for eating. Not to mention a rabbit and a few squirrels too.

    Leaning her head back against the door, she heaved another long sigh and closed her eyes briefly. She's then forced to turn away from the nearby window as the glass shatters and yelling commences outside. Muttering and cursing under her breath, Gwen diesn't waste any time getting the hell out of there by using a window to the back of the house.

    By the time it was safe for her to return, her sword was tightly gripped in one hand as blood glistened against the steel. Her braid was coming out in a few places and loose strands of hair framed her face as she irritably cleaned her sword. The sleeves of her shirt were also slightly ripped from glass and clise calls with swords and a part of her hem was ripped off for a makeshift bandage after aquiring a flesh wound from a poor gunshot. She was grubby and messy, that's for sure, and looking forward to a good bath after dropping off what she had collected.
  9. Alistair strode towards a guard, who had not yet seen him, and tugged him into the shadows. There wasn't much fighting involved, considering the guard was surprised and underprepared to fight a vampire. And so, Alistair had a little snack, before leaving the guard down in the dirt.

    Afterwards, he decided to check on any others who may have been out here. He remained as cautious as always, not wanting to run into another guard. Alistair would gently knock on each door, not loud enough that the guards would notice, but loud enough that whoever was inside would hear. And at one door, he heard someone inside draw their breath sharply in surprise—a girl. Most likely who had come up to grab some supplies, but got stuck. He was sure he knew the voice, but not very well. Alistair whispered between the crack in the door. "Is it... Gwen? It's only Alistair here. Are you alright?"
  10. "I'm fine." She hissed softly in response, sitting against the wall beside the door as she heard the voice of a fellow resister. "I just...ran into some trouble. I'm okay now, you can move along. I've got this." Gwen continued, shifting slightly where she sat as she took a moment to just regain her energy and strength. What was worse was that she missed the curfew last night, meaning she had no way of getting back to the underground entrance until day break. She was exhausted from being too worried to sleep. "Alistar, isn't it? Too bad our first meeting has to be like this. But please...move along. I'll be back later."
  11. He felt somewhat bad. Alistair never liked to leave anyone behind, especially when he has an opportunity to make a friend, and a close ally. "As you please. But I would like you to stay safe. There are other creatures, besides the guards that lurk. If ever you need to get back urgently, come to the smith's old home. I will let you into the underground." And after a moment, he pulled himself from the door and started through the darkened streets of Spectre City once again.
  12. Not really wanting to be alone at her moment of weakness, Gwen was too proud and stubborn to call him back. She was definitely going to try and make it back to the Smith's old home...she just wanted to get to the safety the underground provided. Pulling herself to her feet and wincing at the slight pain in her ribs, Gwen pulled open the door and peered out, watching him head down the street silently as her bag of supplies weighed her down on the one side. Other creatures? What else was out there that would want to hunt them down like the guards?

    Frowning, she gathered herself along with her possessions before finally slipping out of the house she had hidden herself within.
  13. Alistair had gotten to the Smith's home without running into another guard. He probably looked a mess, with the harsh reality of how damn over romanticized people believe blood sucking to be. It was horribly gruesome, and people seem to think it's a clean procedure. He should really clean up his face. And so, as he waited at the Smith's home, he found a cloth to wipe down his chin. No use meeting a good Ally while he looks like a monster.
  14. He would be safe for a few moments to clean himself up before Gwen finally got to the Smith's old house, clutching her side as the other held tightly onto her bag. She eventually got to the door and checked her surroundings as she leaned against the wall beside it, knocking quietly for anyone inside to hear. "Anyone there? Hello? Alistar?" Gwen whisper-called, glancing back around a second time for any oncoming attacks.
  15. Alistair sat up, glad he had cleaned up quick, and moved to the door. He opened it slightly, peering out, before opening the door fully. "Glad you came. Come, before anyone sees." He whispers, before closing the door behind Gwen. There was a cabinet, which he opened. It was a small entrance, so you had to crawl at first, but then it led to a dirt tunnel leading down, which was high enough for even Alistair to stand straight up. "We're very lucky. Sometimes, you can get followed without being attacked."
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  17. Giving him a grateful smile, she glanced to the cabinet he went to next to reveal the opening. "Mind if I just...sit down for a bit?" She mumbled, finding a nearby armchair to settle into slowly and dropped her bag of supplies. "One of them got in a good hit before I took him out." Gwent sank back against the rocking chair, gaze flickering around the room before settling back onto him. There was a lingering, copper scent in the air and she knew that it wasn't from the blood on her sword. "Are you bleeding? I can...smell blood. And it's not from me..."
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  19. Alistair gave a nod of understanding and closed the cabinet for the time being. He decided to take a seat on the floor, watching the window. The smile he usually keeps faded a bit from his face. "No, I'm not bleeding. I don't quite bleed anymore. At least, not exactly." He sighed a bit. "It's someone else's blood."
  20. Gwendolyn showed no shock at this new piece of information, having heard rumors of what Alistar was amongst the people underground. "Oh." She merely murmured in response, pushing a hand through her grubby hair which now looked more grey than silver after everything over the past twenty-four hours. "So you come up here to fed instead? That's good of you...who do you target mostly? The guards that try to kill us? Where other vampires like you the kind of creatures you were trying to warn me about earlier?"
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