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  1. You've been at that facility for longer than you can remember, raised by scientists and spending time with others your age. Each of you has had a scientist assigned to you called a Parent, and your Parent has been there to give guidance and encouragement for your whole life. Your life is very structured and simple, and nothing truly strenuous is asked of you. As you got older, you got certain privileges such as internet access (limited to basic educational sites) and the chance to teach the younger children what you learned in class. Overall, you've led a rather peaceful life. Or so you thought...until that email showed up in your inbox.

    You and six others received this email recently (open)
    From: (no address)
    To: (your address)
    Subject: I need your help

    Hi there. Do you remember me?

    No, I doubt you would. That facility surely wouldn't leave your memories intact. For all I know, they've given you new lives, new identities. Regardless, I'm certain I have the right person.

    Now then, as you can see in the subject line, I need your help. I am being pursued by the very people who captured the rest of you. I would try to help you all escape from the inside, but I find it unlikely that I will withstand the procedure any more than you could. So from the outside, I will do what I can to free you.

    Okay, you might be thinking that you have no clue who I am and I am incorrect in my assumptions. Well, I have one question: do you get the sense that something is following you? A feeling so unyielding that you must perceive it as truth, even if you can't prove it? If so, two things.

    First off, you are being watched, but not by a malevolent being. If anything, the entity will undoubtedly be of help to you. Second, you have to be one of the people I'm looking for. Those entities are actually the reason you've been taken in the first place; you've been labeled as a "spectral magnet" and are being studied in nearly every waking moment. They waited a long time, studying your diet and genetics (among other things), but eventually concluded that neither of these things contributed to the issue. Then they stole you away and took your memories, the things most likely to convince you to escape.

    If you do plan to help me, go to the fence just outside of the forest during your outdoors hour tomorrow. I'll have a note on the inside of the fence with your picture on it. Even if they have changed your name, they'll probably leave your face alone. If not, then whoever does go, please find some way of disposing of the remaining letters. Actually, now that I think about it, you should go as a group so they don't wonder about "that one straggler" by the fence. So if you see someone else start walking to the fence, start walking by them.

    Finally, I have one last request. Don't show this to your instructors. It took me far too long to encode this message in such a way that it would get past their filters without being noticed, and I'd rather not have my hard work defeated by some uncooperative you-know-what. Thank you, and goodbye for now.

    Your friend from the outside

    The message ends there. What happens next?

    Well, it's up to you now, isn't it? Do you dispose of the email and push it out of the mind? Do you read it over and over, memorizing the contents? Do you circumvent the sender and show off the email? Or do you do something else? Let's find out.

    Of course, before anything else, here are the RP rules.
    1. All Iwaku rules apply.
    2. No overpowered/perfect characters.
    3. Feel free to describe the world around you in your own way if someone else hasn't already done it.
    4. Don't control someone else's character.
    5. IC fights between characters are allowed, but not in the OOC.
    6. If you plan to bring romance into this, keep it light.
    7. Please post four sentences at minimum.
    8. Most importantly, enjoy yourself!

    At certain points in time, you can roll a d20 to determine how successful you are in certain events. Nearly all luck-based or skill-based events would fit this description, but if you feel uncertain, feel free to ask whether or not your event counts.
    What The Roll Means (open)

    1-Didn't work, something bad happens because of your efforts
    2-10-Didn't work
    11-19-Did work
    20-Did work, something good happens because of your efforts

    Example: I try to open an unfamiliar door. 1 can mean it's locked and an alarm goes off when I touch the doorknob. 2-10 can mean the door is simply locked. 11-19 can mean the door is not locked. And 20 can mean the door is unlocked and an important document is sitting on the table inside. I would prefer that the interpretation of the roll be left up to me, though you can feel free to challenge that if you don't agree that the outcome was justified.

    Here is the facility schedule:
    Monday-Friday (open)

    7:00: Wake up
    7:30-8:00: Breakfast
    8:30-9:30: Early Morning Classes
    9:45-10:00: Indoors Recess
    10:30-11:30: Late Morning Classes
    12:00-12:30: Lunch
    1:00-2:00: Early Afternoon Classes
    2:15-3:00: Daily Appointment (you just have a chat with your Parent)
    3:30-4:30: Late Afternoon Classes
    5:00-5:30: Dinner
    6:00-6:45: Daily Check-up
    7:00-8:00: Free Socialization
    8:15-9:15: Return to Assigned Room
    9:30: Lights Out

    Saturday-Sunday (open)

    7:00: Wake up
    7:30-8:00: Breakfast
    8:30-10:00: Tutoring Meet-up
    10:30-11:30: Outdoor Recess
    12:00-12:30: Lunch
    1:00-2:00: Study Session
    2:15-3:00: Daily Appointment
    3:30-4:30: Review/Quiz
    5:00-5:30: Dinner
    6:00-6:45: Daily Check-up
    7:00-8:00: Free Socialization (monthly movie on Sundays)
    8:15-9:15: Return to Assigned Room
    9:30: Lights Out

    Finally, with that finished, we have the character sheet.

    Character Sheet
    Name (before kidnapping):
    Name (after kidnapping):
    Age (preferably 13-19):
    Appearance (picture, description, or both):
    History (before and after):
    What you know about your entity:

    Accepted Characters (Complete)
    Colton Haize/Desmond Airgid
    Mario Massa/Subject 11
    Jared Cellone/Melborne Astrovich Jr.

    Accepted Characters (WIP)
    Nicoletta Aisha Guzman/Ruka

    Dropped Characters
    Elizabeth Stella Valvoline/Iria Paxton
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  2. Name (before kidnapping): Colton Haize
    Name (after kidnapping): Desmond Airgid
    Age (preferably 13-19): 17
    Gender: male
    Appearance (picture, description, or both): If it is acceptable, my profile pic.
    Personality: quiet and deceptive, occasionally manipulative.
    History (before and after): will be added, too early in the morning for me to try to make a good one
    What you know about your entity: Not much, because of problems conversing/seeing the entity. Only know what shape is taken.
    Other: I will finish this ASAP, but like I said, its two in the morning, so I will finish after proper rest.
  3. @Shlavekt Looks good so far. I'm excited to see the rest.
  4. Character Sheet
    Name (before kidnapping): Mario Massa

    Name (after kidnapping): Subjet 11

    Age (preferably 13-19): 17

    Gender: male

    Appearance (picture, description, or both):
    Personality: He is mostly insecure of himself, but tries not to show it. Has a massive knowledge but never remembers anything unless someone says exacty what he needs to hear to relat his memories, wich has lead him to think he is dumb.
    Has a constant focus inside his mind to prevent loosing control so it's always calmed and tends to go away when things aren't confortable for him

    History (before and after): Mario was born in some place of south america, in a loving family, WHen he started to develop his first powers he called some atenttion and when he grew up, his powers intensified and killed his parents in a burst of mental energy that burnt his own memories. As a baby, he returned to a little orphanage and there's where he was found to be a Spectral Magnet, so he got his memories washed away again and brought to the facility to live to the current events.

    What you know about your entity: I can feel something like a massive wave follows me, so, since the e-mail, i think it is a water-entity

    -Can control minds and use many mental powers (cast illusions, mental bonding, mental explosions, mind reading, etc)
    -Constant struggle for control (can go berserker or injure himself, or lose memories, get traumas or whatever due to his mental sensibility)
    -Free-related memories (only remembers things with the help of seemingly unrelated topics, images or words)
    -Words of power (to activate his powers he needs to use words of power)
  5. @Shlavekt An interesting CS, though I am curious as to how his powers came to be.
  6. I though "why would a group even bother in taking my character and put him through so much?" and i decided that it was because of this and being a magnet. The Aquakinesis would be something granted to him via his entity and the psichic power would be his
  7. N A M E (Before kidnapping) : :
    Nicolette Aisha Guzman

    N A M E (After kidnapping) : :

    A G E : :

    G E N D E R : :
    Cisgender female

    A P P E A R A N C E : :

    { E Y E S } An odd cross between clear, pale blue and misty grey. Brushes of dark, very thick lashes frame the heavy-lidded shape of Ruka's eyes, giving her a look appearing slightly more sultry than sleepy. Though generally described as the 'window to the soul' quite often, her eyes are least likely to reveal any kind of emotions she feel. She hides them well, somewhat having great control over her reactions and showing only what she wants shown in her eyes.
    { H A I R } Ash blonde that's easily mistaken for a light brown shade in certain lighting. Normally has it worn down to bounce freely all the way to her waist, if not styled in a neat, high-ponytail or braided on occasion.
    { H E I G H T } She stands at 5'8 || Willowy legs
    { W E I G H T } 132 Lbs. || Slender build
    { C O M P L E X I O N } Fair with slight olive undertone. Her habit of moisturizing and cleansing her face on a daily basis help maintain a healthy skin texture that's smooth as silk and soft to the touch.
    { D I S T I N G U I S H I N G - F E A T U R E S } Shhh let me think about this first

    P E R S O N A L I T Y : :
    Absentminded || Calm || Secretive || Willy || Outlandish || Merciful
    [ W I P - I'll write something descriptive in a bit. ]

    H I S T O R Y : :
    [ W I P - It's going to be a looooong one D:< ]

    W H A T - Y O U - K N O W - A B O U T - Y O U R - E N T I T Y : :
    She doesn't - at least, she thinks she doesn't. >.>
    [ W I P ]

    O T H E R : :

    I'll leave this under construction for now just so I won't forget to actually start working on her.
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  8. @unicornx Looks good. Feel free to finish whenever you have time.
  9. Name (before kidnapping): Jared Cellone
    Name (after kidnapping): Melborne Astrovich Jr.
    Age (preferably 13-19): 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A tall, lanky teenager. His hair is dyed black and it covers most of his face. His face is sharp and angular, making him appear serious all the time. His eyes are blue, accented by his square wire frame glasses. His body is lean, covered in small but well defined muscles. He oft wears a black hoodie and baggy jeans, along with heavy black leather boots.
    Personality: Reclusive. He's a kind a caring person, it just takes him a while to trust people.


    Prepare for super edgy backstory of edgyness. Don't cut yourself reading it.
    He was never a very popular kid, it eventually lead to bullying when he hit sixth grade. His parents where at a standstill, and after the third broken bone he finally got self defense lessions. He learned Krav Magra, and the warrior's code. After the third kid had challenged him to a fight and went limping away to the hospital Mel was expelled from school. He was homeschooled until highschool, where he was passing decently.
    (I'll explain this in-RP later, and if we don't get our memories back then the martial arts isn't a thing)

    Nothing special here boss hog, just that he likes to dress up all gothic.

    What you know about your entity: Nothing
    Other: Knows Krav Magra, which is part of his pre-wipe history. If he doesn't recover his memories this'll be irrelevant. Basically I want to play a fisticuffs fighter.
  10. oh, i've seen how the Krav Magá Works... It's powerful, straightforward and really violent and... well, consistent
  11. WIP


    • Name (before kidnapping):
      "Who's that?"
      Elizabeth Stella Valvoline

      Name (after kidnapping):
      "Nice to meet you!"
      Iria Paxton |I-ree-ah; meaning peace|

      Personality Alias:
      "There are many different me's"
      Clover | Amber | Rylee | Liana

      "I'm still young."

      "Well, I can say I am a female."

    • Appearance:
      "I'm pretty average."
      Hair Color: Sandy Brunette
      Hair Length: Elbow
      Hairstyle: Straight and Down
      Hair Texture: Smooth and Silky
      Eye Color: Crystal Blue
      Body Build: Predominantly Ectomorph
      Height: 5'3"
      Weight: 125 lbs.
      Apparel: Her clothing all depends on which mood she is in. If she is Clover, it would be something comfortable to work in; If she is Amber, it would be flashy and fashionable; If it is Rylee, it would be boyish and shaggy; If she is Liana, she would be in frilly dresses/ skirts and anything girly. If it is just her alone, anything simple is fine to her.

    • Personality:
      "I have a split persona."
      Iria has a personality disorder where one point she will be herself and the next, a completely different person. she doesn't have any stress pushing down on her and is mostly cheerful but due to something affecting her brain, in one body, she had 4 different people in her who were given names based on how they act.

      Iria, the host of the body and is the one who has to suffer with the 4 people inside her. She is a motherly type and cares for everyone. She is an ENFJ type so she is easy to please but will act if harm is being done to those she care for.

      Clover, a hardworking and strong-willed persona that can act a bit like Iria but more fearsome. She doesn't relax and works hard to achieve what she believe what's best for Iria. She is mostly one of the few who would cause harm onto Iria's body due to having to get a few bruises to beat the baddies.

    • History:
      "My background."

    • What you know about your entity:
      "Hello? Is someone there?"
      Every step she takes, she feels as though someone is watching her every move. She can't say what it is but as long as it doesn't cause any harm to her, she is fine with it. She's not sure about her other persona's opinion about it though.

    • Other:
      "Additional things needed to know of me or me's?"

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  12. @PandaChu You've been accepted. I hope you finish soon; I would certainly like to learn more about her(s).

    And that applies to everyone's characters. Speaking of which, considering the speed at which people have been joining, I think it isn't too unreasonable to wait for the other two spots to be filled before I start the IC. Please reply if you disagree; I'm certainly open to suggestions.
  13. I wanted to pick a style that was fairly effective and fast.
  14. Hey, I am planning on getting my CS finished soon, but we have been moving, so no internet D: even now, I'll probably get yelled at for this.....
  15. Ah, I'm sorry. I feel like I gave you all the wrong message when I said I was excited to see the profiles finished. I wasn't trying to rush anyone; I was just attempting to convey my interest in your characters.
  16. Okay, so considering that I may have been overconfident in my assessment of the situation, perhaps it would be better to start with the current group and go on from there. If a really long time (say, 2-3 weeks) passes without any more interest, a couple of you can make a second character to fill the remaining spots. How do you feel about this idea?
  17. Name (before kidnapping): Colton Haize
    Name (after kidnapping): Desmond Airgid
    Age (preferably 13-19): 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance (picture, description, or both): If it is acceptable, my profile pic.
    Personality: quiet and deceptive, occasionally manipulative.
    History (before and after): Before Desmond was taken, he was a mischievous boy who enjoyed counting the times the cops would show up to talk with him. On his most recent expedition, he was going to fight some neighborhood thugs, and when he walked over there, he passed out. That is when they got him and he was taken to the facility, and they did their work on him. He now is still mischievous and likes to annoy people with his actions, not so much his voice, which he finds too much like the entity thing the email talked about.
    What you know about your entity: He knows that the entity and him share similar vocal patterns, and it seems to be of a semi-solid form, of which he believes to be a wolf, but that much is only able to be told through his peripheral, when he spins toward it, it fades from view and comes back later.

    Side note (open)
    Sorry, after looking at my sheet, I ended up not liking some things, so I changed the wykaye thing and I hope that it is all good to go now.
  18. finally finished, thank you for posting so it was moved back to my inbox, else it may have been lost to the void.....
  19. small is better, i tell you