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    Since a few people showed some interested, I decided to ahead and flesh out this idea some to get some input and hopefully hook a few more people. For anyone that didn't get to read the first post, it was basically a very vague interest check to see if anyone would be interested in a Danny Phantom-themed roleplay set in a slightly more realistic world and made out to be a more suitable roleplay. Originally I wanted to add in dark tones, but I believe that idea was scrapped in favor of more teenage angst and character development.

    The Roleplay Foundation

    A major plot event called the Meltdown occurred roughly five years prior to the present setting at a Masters Waterside Research Facility near Lake Eerie. The Meltdown was essentially a large explosion that leaked contaminates into the water, causing the summer campsite to be shutdown and a lawsuit from the city. Although Masters paid out and even went as far as helping to set new industrial codes and rebuilt several of his facilities, the Meltdown is still a blemish on his record and it sets the RP. The research lab didn't leak any dangerous materials into the lake; instead, it leaked a formula Masters was working on to allow him to stabilize his ghost form for longer. Much like the show, Vlad Masters is a half-ghost himself, but after years and an unsafe accident, his body was deteriorating. The formula reached dozens of kids at the summer camp, and that formula is what will be the driving force in creating half-ghosts later in life.

    This new generation of half-ghosts all share their time at the summer camp at lake Eerie, but aside from that, they aren't bound to anything major and they don't necessarily even have to have been campers during the summer as long as they were exposed somehow. This formula takes several years to kick in, however, it does so safely, so all of these ghost-like mutations will begin occurring around the time of the start of the RP and over time, unlike Vlad whom got all of his at once. Half-ghosts in this world are called Spectræ, or a singular one is a Spectre (pronounced Specter). The roleplay will take place in Amity Park, just like the show, and that's about it.

    So I'm still looking for input and I don't want to develop it without taking into consideration the opinions of interested parties.
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  2. I haven't heard about this show in years, but it's nice to see it remembered.

    Anyway, I'll definitely keep tabs on this.
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  3. Well, why not? I'm not really into dark takes on fun shows, but I guess it's good to start!
  4. When I say "dark" Danny Phantom, I guess I mean a slightly more thought-out dynamic with less good vs. evil and more of multiple shades of grey. Granted, there will definitely be antagonists. What I really am looking to do is make the universe more open and roleplayer-friendly so that there will be multiple avenues for attaining the status of half-ghost as well as one big, central plot event that causes a couple half-ghosts. Basically just a way to explain a whole bunch of half-ghosts while adding an element of plot interaction. If you really think about the villains from Danny Phantom, their premises were fairly dark. They just weren't taken to their logical conclusions because it was, as you said, a fun show. I also have an Avatar AU; I guess I have a thing for Nickelodeon. Anyway, although the RP will most definitely have a few darker twists just because I personally don't have the same inhibitions as the studio producers of an animated television series, more than likely the characters that are made for the RP and that interact with each other primarily will dictate how dark it really is. If you create characters filled with teen angst as opposed to a bunch of troubled teens with whatever backstories you can muster, then chances are, the roleplay will follow the tone of the show a lot more.
  5. I wanted just a little bit more interest before I moved on to anything..
  6. I'm interested
  7. Here is a URL for the OOC
  8. I'm interested. I loved Danny Phantom. And don't worry. I too kind of have a thing about Nickelodeon lol
  9. Again, I made an OOC for it! :D
  10. lol I just wanted to make sure my interest was expressed before randomly appearing in the OOC XD
  11. I've never seen the show personally but the concept of it and the rp itself do strike my fancy, I'll certainly consider joining
  12. I would love to join this.
  13. The ooc is already made as you can see on the first post of this thread.
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