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  1. Before I say my request I would like to state that all who want to pm with me must write in third person with somewhat proper grammar (I am no Nazi but make it understandable) and must post a minimum of one meaty paragraph per post, normally I require two but I am really in the mood to play this.

    I want to play a forty-five to fifty year old man who is a vampire. He actually looks forty-five to fifty but is way older than that so there is a possibility of age play in this. I can play mxm or mxf, I don't mind either way. But the only requirement for you is to help come up with a plot where our two characters can stick together. I don't mind some cliche things but the more interesting you are the more likely I will pick you.

    Pm or post, it is up to you.

    * So everyone knows, to me age play is when there is a ten plus year different between two people.
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  2. I'm Interested, what sort of setting where you hoping for. I mainly do fantasy/medieval
  3. Still Looking.
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