Specific Request- Romance w/ lots and lots of conflict

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  1. So, I just had this great/stupid idea pop into my head.

    I really want to play a medieval/steampunk/sometime arranged marriage between a prince and a princess of two small kingdoms at risk of being conquered by a larger empire. By combining their might they stand a chance of survival, so in order to seal the deal they marry my character, the eldest princess of Navrin, to yours, the crown prince of ____. He is brave and bold, perhaps a bit too much so, very outgoing and perhaps hot-tempered. She, on the other hand, is cripplingly shy and soft-spoken, preferring the company of mathematics and equations to people.
    Their marriage is almost off to a rocky start because he doesn't have the patience to coax her out of her shell with the war coming rapidly to their doorstep. On their "honeymoon" voyage from one castle to the other, he is seriously injured (by a storm, assassin, attack, whatever) and has to spend several weeks rehabilitating. During the day the princess avoids him like the plague, afraid of his temper that is only exacerbated by his pain, but once he takes his medicine and falls asleep for the night she often stays up for hours, wiping the sweat from his brow and singing lullabyes to try and keep him sleeping soundly. The only witness to this, a nurse or close friend of some sort, leaves before the prince is fully recovered.
    Knowing nothing of what she has done for him at night, he assumes that his wife is cold and just waiting for him to die so she can be free of the arrangement. Hurt by his attitude towards her, she is too shy to argue for her own defense and just continues to avoid him, taking him for an aggressive, demanding ass. This situation may or may not be exacerbated by a pregnancy which he suspects of being from another man.
    Anyways, eventually (perhaps with the return of the witness) the prince learns how wrong he has been. By that point, however, the war is in full swing and it is getting quite difficult to reconcile the situation.

    Anyways. I know it's lame and I want to play the girl. ;_; I'm so sorry. If it makes it any better, I LOVE doubling and I will gladly include a second pairing of YOUR choosing. :D Maybe some younger siblings are also being wed? Or a knight/warrior is finding himself most taken by a lady-in-waiting or something along those lines?
  2. Hey, Im interested! And i dont mind playing male characters so no need to worry haha
  3. sweet :)) pm me so we can discuss it :D
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