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    H E L L O ⌋​

    Thank you for checking out my thread! I'm currently looking for one to three new partners who are interested in any of the plots below and would like to tell a story together. You can reply here if you're interested, but I would prefer a PM so we can get right to discussing.
    About Me/Looking For

    • A partner who is eighteen or older just for the sake of where the story might end up. I'm also just not that comfortable writing with minors these days. No disrespect and nothing personal.
    • I like to include romance in most of my RPs, but it's never something that I'd force. If our characters connect, that's awesome and if they don't, that's okay too. I get down with both platonic and romantic relationships.
    • Someone who plays all genders and is comfortable with different sexualities/identities. Please, no girls who only play girls.
    • A creative person who isn't afraid to throw a plot twist in every now and then to keep me on my toes! RPing is collaborative and I don't want to be left to do all of the work.
    • An adept or higher roleplayer! I get my kicks from well-written, dynamic, multi-paragraph posts and I'll be happy to give you the same in return. There is a sample of my writing in my RP Resume and I'd appreciate it if you had a sample too.
    • Just to clarify, length isn't everything. I'm perfectly content with 3-4 paragraphs if the scene is shorter, but I just like to know that my partner can bust out novels when things get dramatic.
    • Communication is key with me. If you're uncomfortable with something, are heading out of town, or just simply don't want to RP anymore--tell me! I won't be angry at you for anything, but being ghosted really sucks.
    • Nine times out of ten I use real people for face claims and even realistic art isn't my style a lot of the time. Basically, I don't watch anime and I don't want to write against it either. Again, nothing personal.
    • I don't know what else to preface this search with. I'm chill and if you are too then we'll probably get along. Eventually I'll send you playlists and share stupid headcanons with you. It will be good times.
    Plot One
    Futuristic - Slow Sci-Fi - Horror - Buildable
    After hundreds of years of sending messages into the sky, humanity receives its first response from intelligent life. Decoded, it simply says, "Be quiet before they find you."
    Plot Two
    Modern - Black Comedy - Demon Shenanigans
    One day, Satan gathers up all of this lesser demons and announces that they're going to be adding another sin to the Seven Deadly Sins. Whoever comes up with the new sin gets to be in charge of the department.

    Bonus: The demon who names the new sin was already in charge of Hell's complaint department.
    Plot Three
    Near Future - Sci-fi - Satire - Action/Adventure
    The year is 2050. Everyone has a chip in their body that monitors everything from location and heart rate, to phone calls and past purchases. YC (or MC) is a nurse in the ER when a mysterious stranger comes in without their chip.
    Plot Four
    Modern - Comedy/Black Comedy - More Demons
    A demon that writes messages on your mirror in blood. But they're useful messages like, "remember you have yoga at six."
    Plot Five
    Modern - Sci-Fi - Alien Survival Horror
    In the middle of the day, your TV suddenly turns over to the severe weather warning system. This blue screen, usually accompanied by a loud noise that prompts people to react, is oddly silent. This time it reads, "for the safety and well-being of all local citizens, this warning will be broadcast silently."
    Plot Six
    Modern - Superhero/Supervillain - Shenanigans
    A well-intentioned but gullible superhero misunderstood the phrase, "Make love, not war," and has been trying to romance the city's resident baddie with varying degrees of success.
    Plot Seven
    Futuristic - Sci-fi - Space Horror
    We finally did it! When the US accomplished its mission of putting men on Mars, the crew didn't expect to find an old, Soviet flag that had been placed down decades ago. The Soviets won the space race, but for whatever horrify reason, never said anything.
    Plot Eight
    Modern or Near Future - Survival Horror - Zombie/Disaster Scenarios
    You wake up on a quiet, suburban street and have no idea where you are. You start walking to find out, but after hours of searching you haven't encountered a single person. All is dead. Soon, night falls and all of the houses go dark. Except one.
    In Conclusion
    You can tweak, change and throw your own ideas into any of these plots. I'm really up for anything and would love to plot deeper than just the basic premise of what was mentioned.

    g o o d b y e ⌉​
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  2. Hey :) I'm interested in plot four or six ^^
  3. Super interested in plot #8.
  4. I'm already plotting four and six with someone D: I'm sorry.

    PM me?
  5. If you're still looking, I'd love to do number three!
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  6. hi there! dunno if you're still looking, but it's fine if you're filled; i'm not EXACTLY looking myself but it looks like we have similar interests. so i wanted to drop a note in case you ever wanted to discuss an rp at some point or at least talk about characters. o:

    my rp information is mostly found in the link in my sig, as well as in my rp resume. i'm really liking the dark comedy plots you have there because it's my personal headcanon that demons literally don't give a shit about anything, heh. i have one character in mind already.

    let me know if you wanna talk!
  7. That's also my headcanon! Demons just don't care, haha. I'm still looking, so send me a PM if you want to get to talking about some demon shenanigans c:
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