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  1. Rules
    -I'm not a grammar nazi but please check over your spelling for mistakes. I will make my own but I reread everything at least once.
    -No one liners. I prefer more than two paragraphs, but will except them if they are each at least 4 or 5 sentences at least. I believe in quality over quantity, however I need something to play off of.
    -I prefer to be the 'bottom'
    -Character sheets and discussions before hand are a must. I believe its important to get to know who I'm role-playing with in order to have a better role play :3

    Heads up!
    -I just got home from being with my grandma and out of the hospital after a car accident, so my replies may be a tad bit slow for a little while. I'm generally okay, just my sprained wrist makes it hard to write really fast, which is how I'm used to typing >.> I have to take interval breaks, but I will reply :)

    My idea

    I want to play in a Dragon Age universe, but it wouldn't necessarily take place during any of the games.

    The world is in peril again and there is an ancient Elven magic that can save them all. It speaks of a ritual and a 'chosen' elf needed to complete it, one who carries the magic within them. A large clan of dalish believe they have this elf among them. An elf girl, although not a mage, their keeper will send her out to complete this. Here's the twist, the keeper sends another elf with her, a male mage, he is slightly mistrusted for the weird ways in which he practices, it is he who is the 'chosen' not the girl. No one knows this but the keeper and the elf male. They both have studied the ancient texts and know what all the ritual entails, it must be kept secret to keep everyone involved away from harm. So he must pretend to know nothing and make the elf girl believe she is the chosen. Some how they are joined with a Qunari, by either hiring them, or he is escorting them to where ever this ritual will take place.

    I will be playing the male elf and the female elf, although her part will be small for the most part. I'm looking for someone to play the male Qunari. You may also play any other character you wish. This IS an MXM between the 'chosen' male elf and the Qunari, however there is a slight love triangle to be taken place.

    I'd like two things to happen.

    -for a scene a little bit into the story of my elf male being the decoy while the Qunari must escape with the female elf. This would happen because of some attack on them, and they must keep the 'chosen' safe, which they would still believe it is the girl at this point. However, my elf is hiding the power within him which he plans on using once they are out of sight to get ride of all the enemies, it drains most of his energy from him. ((one or two things could happen after this. Your Qunari could come chasing back to help my elf and find him bloodied on the ground but okay, while everyone else is dead. OR my elf would find his way back to the two of them in bad shape. Either would hopefully instill suspicion in your Qunari

    -A little further in the plot, When its revealed that my elf male is the 'chosen' and not the girl, but that also to complete the ritual my elf male must die to save everyone. My hope is by this point or two characters will already be in love so your Qunari will try to stop everything. To add a twist, the elf girl, enraged because she's in love with your Qunari as well turns against them and vows vengeance. ((this would ensue more plot and hopefully a bunch of other stuff.))

    This will be a sort of longer rp, so I'm looking for someone who can commit to it and add to it. Throw any idea out there and we can fix it up and roll with it. XD I'd like for it to get sexual but not right away for obvious reasons, love must build! haha. I haven't planned much else to the plot other than what you've read so you can add as you like. And if it helps it will be a sort of Alternate Universe So EVERYTHING does not have to ring Completely true to the game, I was just really wanting to use the elves and Qunaris XD

    Please let me know your ideas if your interested, or just ask me anything about whats above. Thanks!
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