Specific Plot Idea, Looking for a Male Character

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Hi, so first of all thank you so much for taking the time to look at this and I hope we'll get to RP! If you find this intimidating, I'm very sorry. If you forget something on the list while we RP that is OKAY, I'll just remind you haha. Pretty please don't be intimidated or afraid to talk to me or express concerns!

What You Can Expect From Me:

~I am a mimic writer. This means that whatever you write, I'll write. If you give me one paragraph you'll typically get back one paragraph. If you write 5, expect 5

~ I tend to write really long (upwards of 7 paragraph) starters or filler scenes when my character is not interacting with yours. However when our characters are talking or having dialogue, expect one or two paragraphs.

~ My writing is overall literate, and though I will make some minor spelling errors it won't become excessive. I do occasionally swear in RPs.

~ My main character will always be a female, but I can easily do male NPCs

~ A basic bio sheet of age, name and appearance. It can be elaborated upon at your request.

~ Open to RPing in PM or thread

What I Expect From Partners:

~ No slurs or derogatory terms please

~ Minimum of one/two paragraphs per response for dialogue, at least three for non dialogue. In fact I am pretty open (even excited) to try collaborating on a post to preserve length without unnecessary filler material.

~ If I haven't responded I am probably trying to think of a response of just need a break. Even if I am online during these times, please wait at least two days before messaging me and asking about my reply.

~ If you lose interest or don't like something I did or said please, please tell me right away

~ Write in the third person :)


I am open to the idea of erotica but only with someone that I have been RPing with for a long time and am comfortable with. So let's just not even discuss the concept of liberteen unless it's like way far in and we both decide to write it. Otherwise sex scenes can be the classy 'fade to black' or vague description you might see in a YA novel.

Now that that's out of the way, what I'm really looking for here is a hate to love relationship. Things I love but don't necessarily need are
  • Jealous/possessive behavior
  • Prank wars
  • 50s diner scenes
  • Diverse characters
  • Snarkiness

My Character is part of a group/gang of teenagers that escapes the boredom of their small town by thrill seeking and causing trouble on weekends. One of their favorite favorite things to do is party on the train the runs through the outside of town. They get in all kinds of trouble from hitching rides to the next town over, jumping off the top of the moving train into the town reservoir, to even standing in front of the oncoming vehicle and seeing who chickens out first. On the last night of school the teens through a huge party on the tracks, which the cops bust. Everyone scatters, but my character gets caught.

It's her last straw with the law. Her parents don't really care where she ends up so it seems like My Character will be on the first bus to juvy. However the well meaning police chief is convinced they can redeem her. The chief make a deal with the judge that if my character can 'turn her life around' by the end of the summer, she gets off on only community service. The chief isn't satisfied though. They assign their (unwilling) son your character to keep my Character out of trouble.

Your character is used to getting everything he wants, but for whatever reason he's can't get out of this. He decides to just get this over with so he can get on with his summer. Girls love him, so how hard could it be? Except he hates her. And she hates him. Shenanigans and romance ensue~

The two types of character I had in mind were the arrogant asshole type guy and the snobby popular kid but he's your character so do whatever works for you! By the way I am looking for a male character but whatever gender you yourself are is fine by me.

PM me if you are interested and we'll talk details!
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