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  1. I'm Sabine. I'll write you one to four paragraphs per reply, your choice.​
    All I ask is that you don't suck and are fairly active.​
    The craving I have is for a very specific pairing. My character is the son of the Earth goddess and a farmer. Your character is the woman he loves. The problem is, every time they think they stand a chance together, something (or someone) gets in the way. That life ends and another begins- he can remember everything perfectly, but she, being entirely mortal, only remembers her past lives in dreams and echoes, and is shocked time after time to see the man from her dreams in real life.​
    This will probably take place over several time periods as they are reincarnated again and again. Also, I use the term "she" loosely; this can be a homosexual pairing, or she can be reincarnated into a body of either sex (he, I'm thinking, gets pretty much the exact same body every time as his reincarnation process is different, though I might make a female form of him if you prefer). ​
    I can do this on here or over email; whichever works better for you. ^^​
  2. Any chance of them getting together?
  3. I'm interested in this, too! I can respect the first come first served rule, but if you're okay doing two of these, I'd be into it.
  4. Go for it! I was just curious. :)
  5. I'm fine doing two of these. ^^

    And yes, there's a pretty good chance they'll get together at least once over the course of their many incarnations, though I think having them be split apart once or twice will build the tension and make it all the sweeter when they finally do.
  6. Okay ^^ Is there anything else about the plot I should know? I have a basic idea on the character I want to do, as well as the various reincarnations I want to have, but I'm just curious before I make any solid plans.
  7. I think that's pretty much it. The plot is fairly vague, but I have a couple of ideas for different time periods. The one I've love to start out in is a medieval-esque setting with a corrupt church- sound interesting to you?
  8. Shall I make a board? Or would you prefer message or email?
  9. Just a thread is fine ^^
  10. I'll send you the link when it's made. ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.