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  1. I saw this nifty link, which involves two kids who tied for winning the Scripps National Spelling Bee ( Jairam Hathwar and Nihar Janga with "Feldenkrais" and "gesellschaft," respectively).

    I thought that it was really cool and admire the hard work those kids put into this. But it got me thinking: do you have any special talents, particularly things that you worked really hard to get good at?​
  2. I am very good at talking at length about things I really like that other people don't give a shit about at all
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  3. You know at school you sometimes had those 'stand at the front and talk for a straight minute about ____ topic without repeating yourself or saying 'um' ' competitions? My highschool had those a lot, and I've always been really good at them.

    Staying up until stupid o'clock watching horror shit and reading creepypastas is another thing I'm really good at.

    I can completely change how I see something, think of it as day dreaming except I actually see what I picture in my head. If I was in my room and pictured being sat in a field then, through my eyes, I would be sat in a field and can perfectly visualise it. It's cool but isn't fun after you've had a nightmare and cannot stop thinking about it.

    Oh! And I'm really good at being annoying.

  4. I am REALLY good at guessing where a plot is headed and what is about to happen in a show or movie. 8D To the point that @Astaroth thinks I am a mutant.
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  5. I can, uhm... do a cartwheel?

  6. I'm very good at contemplating my life regrets...

    JK JK IN ALL HONESTY, I'm very good at:

    >Missing all my shots in FPS games even when the enemy is right in front of me.
    >Drawing...? (I actually put effort into that trying to git gud)
    >Eating a metric fuckton of food within a few minutes
    >9/10 times my gut instincts are eerily accurate (although I shouldn't jinx myself for that >.>)
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  7. Digesting a bowl of fried rice in 1.5 hours.
    Finding sexy anime men.
    Uh... making good snapchat stories whenever I play games?
  8. I'm the same way, I think it's just because I really have a knack for picking up tropes. Once, I was in Germany and watching this shitty horror movie in German, so my roommate and I were basically reciting the dialog we thought they were saying, and it almost always matched what ended up happening. It was awesome.

    I'm pretty darn good at stock class paintball, which is 10-15 round feed sticks, 10 round loading tubes, and those little 12 gram co2 cylinders on a pump action gun. Since I play woodsball, I'm almost always playing against guys with big 200 round hoppers, electronic firing mechanisms, and large air tanks. More often than not, I win firefights against those people or pull off impressive flanks that hit unsuspecting players from behind.
  9. Jack of most trades. Huehuehue.

    I wouldn't really say there's something that I'm particularly good at, that I've used time on. Innate skills, however...

    > Puns. Woo, it's a skill now.
    > Thinking of clever and persuasive responses to situations I have no control over
    > Learning
    > Di... gestion?
  10. I am apparently really good at Pokemon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire.

    I had a single game going for over the past week or so as I tried to fill up the Pokedex and grab everything that I had left to catch on the Ruby board. Once I got close to catching the last one I was like "hey, I bet I could just break the score counter and get it to display a bunch of 9's" since it seemed like I was pretty close to that point.

    Then I realized I had underestimated how many digits the score counter was capable of displaying. O_O And then, since I had spent the whole game gaining extra balls at a way faster rate than I was losing them (and it's not like those things are particularly easy to get...) and was in no way struggling to remain where I was, I wound up just playing really terribly on purpose because I wanted the game to be over so that I could switch to the Sapphire board (and if I just started a new game, then my current high score wouldn't be counted). So I had to actively fight against all the strategies that had been ingrained into my mind at that point, avoided certain powerups, committed sepuku when I accidentally gained those powerups, and then I still managed to catch like 5-6 more Pokemon and play at least one more bonus round, bringing my high score up significantly beyond the point where I assumed it would break before I finally got game over.

    And you know how, in a different thread, I mentioned that the save file I used to always have just erased itself out of nowhere and I had to start over? Well, because of that, I saw that a lot of the default high scores were still there -- and from that I was able to deduce that I had only ever played a grand total of six (soon to be seven) games in total since my save file was erased. I am one away from having a complete Pokedex, and all it's going to take is one more game on the Sapphire board. I am going to complete the pokedex after having played only seven games of pinball total.

    I wouldn't say it's a particularly easy game to begin with, since I definitely remember not being nearly as good at it and having to work to get to this point, but uh... yeah, the skill level I'm at now is kind of ridiculous. XD

    Odds are it's gonna take one long-ass Sapphire game to get that Latias, though. But I'm ready.
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  11. I can type really fast, and I use the correct QWERTY finger placement. 604 CPM/121 WPM on average (I just checked. It's actually supposed to be 609 CPM but I made two mistakes so the 5 points were knocked off the final score. I blame it on my browser's pop-up notice. ]:< That thing totally ruined my momentum). I have to admit, it feels good to know I'm better than most people at something. 8D Even if it's not a huge achievement or anything.

    Typing on a phone, on the other hand... :/
  12. I had a hard time finding anything I was good at, to be honest.

    But once I thought hard enough, I did find a few things.

    1. I taught myself how to type. The wrong way, to be sure. I can't do the whole "ASDF JKL;". I learned to type by myself using my index fingers. It hasn't slowed me down in typing at all though... I can be annoyingly fast. My mom tried to teach me the right way but I was too corrupted (and stubborn) by that time.

    2. I have a knack for knowing when a sentence is grammatically wrong. I edit quite a bit of my Mister's work. I do believe it's from all the reading I did as a child into my adult years. I won't say I'm perfect at it, but I'm pretty darn good.

    3. I tend to get along rather well with children. I don't know why, to be honest, but they like me. Maybe it's because I strive to be as childish as possible. ;)

    Oh! I just thought of something else.

    4. I am really good at reading things aloud. From articles to children stories. ^_^
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  13. This! People always wonder how I can reply fast. I can type between 80-100 words per minute as long as it's something I'm trying to say typing. With essays though, it takes me forever because I'm always flipping back and forth between sources.

    I'm a pretty damn good baker too. That's not just me saying that either. I make everything from scratch. No box crap unless I'm being lazy and even then I'm a bit squeamish about it. If I do use box ingredients though, I always add extra stuff to it so that it comes out better. I'm also awesome at making icing. Glazes I'm still working on, especially mirror glazes (My first attempt was a complete flop. It was shiny, but water thin. :() I make cakes so well that my kids refuse bakery bought cakes for their birthdays and anything I bake is usually gone after a day. =/
  14. Ermm..I can make a sound like a siren and howl like a coyote.
    I freaked some friends out once by howling, because after I did that all you could hear was a bunch of howling coming closer to us.
  15. my special talents are NSFW
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  16. I have an uncanny knack for seeing when a word is misspelled, but not knowing how to spell it correctly.

    The exception is prairie. Prairie looks likes it's spelled wrong all the time.
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  17. I can dissect pretty well any story that comes my way into its basic components, and then mimic it with ease. I guess that's a special talent?
  18. I'm very good at grammar, syntax, and spelling. It's not even a conscious effort anymore lol, I can easily proofread anything in a few minutes and spot almost all the mistakes. It annoys people though :/ some people just don't like being pointed out they write terribly!

    Despite having terrible hand-eye coordination (a little part of it being that I'm half blind) I'm actually really good at things like sewing, knitting, and anything that requires a bit of hand dexterity. Irony of all ironies, I also notice details before the bigger picture, but lately less so because I have other things floating around my eyeballs lol :/
  19. I'm very good at over analyzing things and turning nearly everything into a reason to feel bad about myself.
  20. I'm naturally mechanically inclined. Put any engine or motor in front of me and I'll have it peeled apart and put back together in short order. My dad still thinks I picked up a book somewhere, but I haven't. Knowing absolutely nothing beyond what something kinda does before dismantling it and learning.

    Also understanding foreign languages. All I really know is English and basic Spanish. Anything spoken around me from Arabic to something further down the Arabic sorta clicks and I can guess the subject pretty quickly.

    The Chinese teacher here at work loves stumping me. He loves when I figure it out more.
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