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  1. Charles knew what was going on. He knew hoe dangerous this new job was.
    It was to watch some people at a clinic, with only a few here.
    the place held people who killed, and that didn't mind him.

    " hello...?" he said as he looked up at the flickering lights and the empty front desk. He brushed a strand of hair out of his face and let himself think.
    he knew what happened. A person broke out and lost it.

    Charles walked to the front desk, seeing one of the nurses lifeless on the floor.
    a sudden foot step was heard, it was steady yet slow. "who is it?" he said trying his best to be calm, he knows what what to do if he tries to get him. "my names Charles, whats yours?" he said choking up.
  2. Mason turned the corner, checking very carefully to make sure the escaped patient was not around. He saw the person who had just entered the hospital and walked cautiously toward him "who are you?" Asked mason as he looked around
  3. "Charles...you?" he asked, taking out his flashlight. "I don't know what's going on here," he chuckled nervously, still keeping his distance. Charles shined the light into the Mason's face, examining him.
  4. "Mason, and this whole place has gone to hell. I wish I had caught you while the door was still open, they have electric locks and since the power is out they are locked. The emergency generators are giving some power, but not enough to do anything" Mason put his hand infront of his face to block the light
  5. Archie was a guard once the power went out he went to the armory. thinking if things were not going to get better he had to protect the weapons. only two pistols were gone once he arrived. this told him that the inmates hadn't yet reached this area. he grabbed 2 hand guns and a shotgun. with ammo just in case he ran into other guards or nurses. he locked to cages with pad locks. and headed to the red zone. he moved through the halls slowly not really able to see. until he came across a flash light. is that mason he moved to the two men "hey mason do you know what happened?"

    ((ooc: i kind of assumed you are both guards. and xxdarkest_Assassinxx do you mind if Archie and mason know each other if not ill change my post ))
  6. Mason heard Archie coming down a hallway behind them "no I don't, but patient zero is loose and he's killed multiple people. By the way, this is Charles" said Mason as he gestured to Charles. "Charles, this is Archie"
  7. Patient zero Archie thought to him self.. why him out of every on"hey Charles you new here?..(he looks to mason ) I picked these up have you seen anyone else alive I think most of thee workers got out before the lock down"as he spoke he handed the men a gun and the extra clip he found keeping the shot gun.
  8. "yeah, I'm pretty knew here." he said looking over at the front desk that held a dead body. The lights started to flicker back on again, letting the dull light show his face.
    he had tired eyes that matched his bruising pale skin and black messy hair, almost looking sick.

    he looked back at Mason, with a sympathetic smile. "Where do you the patient went next? I'd say a place where you could easily get out of here." Charles thought to himself.

    the phone on the front desk started to ring violently. "oh..." he said rolling his eyes to the phone.
  9. Archie smiled "well welcome to the job. The phone began to ring near Charles. I just stood there. I could hear screams in the distance. " I think it would be best if we stick together until we find patient zero. At least this way we could see who is alive and left in here with us. " I look back to the phone ring number 5 I turn around and point my gun. Some one turns the corner and footsteps are hheard as they run down the hallway.
  10. "Did anybody call the police?that's the most reasonable thing to do right now." he whispered.
    Charles grabbed Archie by his collar , putting him under the desk along with himself. He held onto his arm, shaking as he started to breath.
  11. "Dude chill we are guards we have to be on point panicking now would not be good for any one" Archie put his hand on the one charlie placed on him and removed it. He looked up to mason "hey bro you want to start the sweep at the back of the facility and work our way up through the rest of the building.... (looking to Charles ) no first call the electric company and get the power up. Then call the police. He gets up and walks to the door trying to see a way to get through it.
  12. "I work here but I'm not a guard,I'm a therapist." he stammers out. The lights started to flicker out again.charles turned back on the flash light. "We can only use the phone when the lights go back on, than we have the electricity. " he said. "where do you think the patients has gone next?"
  13. "Sorry I just assumed you were , well it explains your uniform.The phone lines are connected to the generators . Along with the loud speaker there is only enough gas for 24hours of power . So you can make the call ." Sighing in disbelief of the situation he places his hand on his forehead. "Have you ever used a gun do you know how to load and reload the clip , as for the patients I would say if not trying to find a way out hiding but firs you have to tell me what exactly is patient zero. All we know is that he is a shoot on contact patient and being with this company as a guard that's all we know . But you know more I mean you do work with them tell me "
  14. "This is my first day at the clinic! I just got here." he said in frustration. He took the gun and reloaded it himself, annoyed about how everyone thought he was stupid for being here. "I barely know anything about patient zero." Charles scoffed, shining the flashlight down the hallway.
  15. Mason turned toward Archie after he loaded his gun. "Patient zero is a criminally insane man who got sent here because he would burn and skin people alive. He told the police that God gave him the task of sending people to hell. Once he got here, he acted violently toward anyone who even came near him. He's the most dangerous patient we've ever had"
  16. "great," he said as he walked down the hallway."it was probably him calling us, Archie check where that call came from."
    charles' flashlight shined on a large trail of blood,the longer it went the more smeared it got. "someone's dragging a body..."
  17. "Charles you're with me, Archie you find where that call came from." Mason began walking toward the blood with his gun raised. He put his back against the wall just before the corner then peeked around
  18. Charles went right ahead to the hall way, following the trail. "its fine, the blood is dry. He hasn't been here for a while." he said calmly walking. " ...its leading to the elevator." he said shining the light on the door.
  19. Mason walked next to Charles following the light with his pistol. "This is some wired shit, being stalked from an asylum"
  20. Charles looked at mason, trying to figure out his face. For a therapist he was pretty bad at reading body language. "how old are you?"
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