Special Items.

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  1. We all have items that we value.

    Whether it would be a watch, our cell phones, or just about any little thing that we feel is valuable.

    My item that is special to me is a little orange teddy bear.

    It was given to me as a child for Halloween and I still keep it to this day!

    (Not the exact picture)


    What do you value the most?

    What item do you keep always?

    Why is it so special to you?

  2. Let me see

    Iggy, a beanie baby lizard I got from my sister

    TJ, a plush tiger I got from my grandma

    An assortment of Dinosaur statues my other grandma painted and gave to me.

    I think that's about it, I have a purple master chief bobble head, but that's just more humorous to me.
  3. I have a tiny little locket that I've had since I was a baby. 8D I have no idea who gave it to me, whether it was my parents or grandparents. But there's pictures of me as a baby wearing it. And I still have it with me today.

    A lot of my first things with Gibs are special too. >>; Like our first Christmas ornaments.
  4. All of my jade jewelry, from a jade droplet that I got when I was a little girl to jade earrings. I also have a jade stone sculpted in the shape of the Goddess of Mercy which I wear pretty much all the time. The reason for that isn't so much for the religious factor, but more because my grandmother gave it to me.
  5. I have two stuffies: A grey Alaskan-made beanie-baby mushing dog & a little pink stuffed rabbit with beans in his tummy & a little yellow hat on his right ear. Their names are "Wolfie" & "Peter", respectively.

    I've had my Peter Rabbit since I was about 3 years old, running on a total of 20+ years with him now. I found him in a little stuffie bin in a thrift shop that my mom often took me to when I was little. When I looked into the bin, his little chocolate bead eyes were staring straight up at me. He looked so lonely. I remember having to beg my mom to get him for me. I just couldn't let go of him. Thinking back on it now, I think he was my first imaginary friend. He would often comfort me when I was upset & we used to play together at breakfast. I remember putting Cheerios on eyes & mouth, which would look like a surprised face. It always reminded me of "Mr. Pizza Head" from the 80s Pizza Hut advertisements & it amused me so much!

    God, I was such a weird kid... xD

    I've had Wolfie since I was 9, running on a total of 14+ years with him now. I actually received him as a Christmas Gift from my first "official" boyfriend. Wolfie was previously very well loved by said boyfriend & his twin brother. Now I continue to love him dearly in their place. After Peter, I think he was my second imaginary friend. Together, we've had many adventures & gotten ourselves into a lot of trouble. I remember I often used to sneak him passed my mom to take him outside with me, where he would help me make mud pies & sand castles & even bury me in the gravel at the playground. My mom would get so pissed when we came home as dirty as we did, especially because she would have to hand-wash him as carefully as she did. I suppose my constant worrying about her drowning &/or hurting him didn't help much either.

    Even though I'm getting to be in my mid-20's now, I still keep them. They've always been there for me, especially when I needed them the most, & helped me survive through the most difficult years of my life. I love them dearly & will probably keep them as long as can. <3
  6. ‚ÄčThat is rather interesting, Ani.
  7. :D



    I'm probably the only one here who still has a blankie but gosh darn-it I do! >:[ It's my Wolfy Blanket! :D I've had it forever and whenever I have a bad dream or feel uncomfortable falling asleep, I sleep with it >.> Don't judge.

    Another item of mine that I have is my Great Grandma's ring, my mum gave it to me when I graduated and my Great Grandma was very special to me, we'd always bake her famous sugar cookies and ginger snap cookies together and I'd go outside and pick the lilacs from the lilac bushes that surrounded her house. Being at my Grandma's house was my favorite thing to do ever when I was a kid. She passed away when I was young-ish and it was the only funeral I ever went to up until recently. I remember being too scared to cry because I didn't want to seem weak and I remember my Mum saying it was okay to cry. I didn't cry still though, but after a few months passed I realized that she wasn't ever really going to come back. When I graduated and my Mum gave me that ring I cried, so hard. It was one of the most happiest moments in my life because I finally had something that belonged to my Grandma :) I wear the ring almost everyday, along with the one my Mum bought me when I was born :)
  8. Special to me..

    Necklaces..I have this shell necklace I wore throughout my years in high school, unfortunately it is unwearable now due to the string being weak..But I still have it on my board for good luck and I value it along with the necklace I currently wear.

    There's also this small thin blue headband someone special gave to me. It may seem like just a simple headband, but it was the person who gave it to me that makes it special.
  9. I like this thread.

    My grandmother passed away when I was very young, I only have one memory of her... and it's not a good one (severe alzheimers), but before that time, she made two blankets for me, red with small black stripes one direction. I used the hell out of it, but she made another one for me, exactly the same but ten times as big, so I would always have it when I was older.

    and I have a necklace like Juku, though I DID wear it until the string broke, so I keep the pendant.