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  1. Autumn is a magical time when it seems like half the restaurants and junk food manufacturers create special flavors for their products.
    The most popular is probably the infamous pumpkin spice but there are others, too!

    What is your favorite "special flavor"? Is it your favorite in general or just for one specific product?​
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  2. Hmmm... My favorite is probably all the peppermint flavored things that pop up in December. I never really go for minty things during the rest of the year, even though they're easily available in various forms.

    For autumn flavors, the one thing that comes to mind is something I first saw this year: Hershey's white chocolate and candy corn bars. It sounds like a strange mix, I know, but those things are amazing.
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  3. I love peppermint in December!

    And I've never tried 'pumpkin spice' flavored things, much less the Starbucks latte that started it all. But apparently it's ridiculously unhealthy and packed full of sugar and way too much calories. o_o
  4. Hm, I personally never actually go for seasonal flavours; I have my favourites that I always go for. Occasionally, like this year for eg, I finally tried a pumpkin spice doughnut. Unlike the way an acquaintance made it sound, the heavens and earth did not move. ^_^'

    I'm not really a maple flavour fan either, except if it's actual maple syrup.

    One thing I do love are apple fritters, which is something of an autumn thing, I believe, but they come all year round at Tim Horton's.

    Huh, wait, there is one thing I do like that shows up a LOT in February, besides chocolate of course.

    Cinnamon hearts! I love those 'em! The only spice I will willingly tolerate, lol.

  5. Gingerbread is my shit till the new year.
  6. There's a local restaurant that does specialty hot cocoas only during the fall and winter months so I guess cocoa? They are so good. I think they have around 8-10 variances. I don't know what they add to them, but they have an added spice that is amazing. Yum!
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  7. Cranberry English muffins.
  8. Right now, Starbucks has a chili mocha that's spicy and delicious. I also keep an eye open for the peppermint mocha a little later in the year, but other than that don't focus too much on the seasonal flavors (caramel, chocolate, and cinnamon are year-round requirements~)
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  9. Pumpkin Spice stuff
  10. In the spring here, there are many varieties of goods in "cherry blossom" flavor, such as chocolates, ice cream, ice coffee, etc. I think that is the one I look most forward to!
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  11. Cinnamon Turkish Coffee. Strong and scented is the way to go.
  12. Apple cider, maybe? It's not really a flavor but it reminds me of when I was younger. And sparkling juices for the holidays ^^
  13. Mm, Sakura flavor!!! <3
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