Speak of the devil....

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  1. And she will appear!

    Hello everyone, you can call me Dev.

    I took a major break from roleplaying for about a year, but now I'm back! Problem is, all of my friends have disappeared on me, which means I'm looking to make new friends. :)

    A little about me, I'm pretty open minded as far as stories go, and I don't have any real preferences, as long as the plot is good I'm good to go. I will admit though that Sci-Fi isn't exactly my thing, but you can always ask me anyway if you think you have something that might change my mind.

    Anyway, this is me. Looking forward to playing with you all at some point!
  2. Hey. :D I'm normally known as BoredAsUsual, changed it up for Valentine month theme. ^^ Sci-fi isn't exactly my thing either. So if you're ever in need of another roleplayer, I am at your service. :3 And always up for anything as long as it is explained and not too sci-fi.
  3. Thanks! Welcome to you too. :)