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  1. You're evil.

    Oh don't look at me like that. I know you've always known. You've always had an inkling that you were just a little bit darker than the rest.
    You always wondered why your version of "Looking on the bright side!" always involved death and crippling despair.
    Well there's a reason for that.
    And it all starts with your mother.

    I mean, she's a single mother, but she doesn't work?
    Where did all of that dough come from?
    The sky?

    Oh hon,
    You naive little idiot.

    Where's your daddy?
    What did you mother tell you? Did she say...
    "He's on a very very very long business trip?"
    Or did she try to ease the pain by telling you
    "He died in a fire."

    Well I have news for you.

    I'm your daddy.


    Oh don't be like that. After all it's...How does the saying go?
    Like Father, Like Spawn.
    Yes. At some point in your miserable existence you'll look like this too.
    If you make it that is.

    I have many children, and some of them have made me proud by passing the tests that I gave them and assuming positions as my demonic followers.
    And then some of them have failed me and I was forced to consume them to rid the world of their putrid presence.
    I do hope you won't become the latter.

    In short, you are a child of the devil and you have reached the ripe stage of being a teenager, where you start dating, learn how to drive, go to prom, and go on a horrifying quest to prove your worth to your father, Satan.

    As a devil spawn, you have a duty of serving your father in Hell as either a lowly minion or a Knight of Hell. The highest possible position and the most respected.

    Of course to achieve that position you have to pass one of your father's tests. And being who he is, those tests are never a walk in the park.

    The Test is split into four parts.

    The first one is to kill someone close to you and relinquish the human part of yourself. (Aka your soul! What? You didn't really think you'd be able to become a Knight of Hell and still keep your soul did you? Christ.)
    The test doesn't really have any rules except for this one; Do not kill your mother. Satan knocked her up for a reason, so she needs to be kept around.

    The second one is to find and group up with your brothers and sisters. You will then be approached by Satan's most trusted servant, Mistofeles, who will take you to an underground--No not 'hidden', literally under the surface--fighting ring where you will be pitted against each other. The one who defeats all of their siblings will be ranked as Dragon. The one who was unable to beat anyone or who beat the least amount of siblings will be ranked as Worm.
    (This part of the test will be decided by rolling dice. Meaning there will be combat but the effectiveness of the attacks will be decided by whatever amount you rolled.)

    The third test-- and for all your Worms, this is the last chance for you to redeem your pitiful self-- For the third test you must...Successfully kill an Angel. You're all weaklings so Satan doesn't expect you to snuff a big time angel like Michael or Gabriel, but at the same time killing a simple worker Angel wouldn't be very impressive. So instead you'll kill Heaven's beloved; Cupid. A fitting task, as Cupid is the embodiment of love, while you are the embodiment of hatred. Or you should be.

    The last test is the most difficult. You thought executing Cupid was tough? Try trying fighting your father. Yeah you hear me. You have to fight daddy. Naturally, since he is your father and one of the strongest beings on and out of Earth, killing him is impossible. But injuring him, specifically drawing his blood is...Well...It's possible, but extremely hard. So good luck, you'll need every bit of it.

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  2. Interested! Murder proves their lawlessness... maybe something that proves their leadership abilities, and something that proves they can manipulate? Not sure.
  3. @Whirlwind
    Great idea! Hm...Leadership.

    Maybe they have to find and join up with their brothers and sisters and fight each other in order to decide who is the more dominant one? And then they'll be ranked on who won the most fights? Oooh! Then the ones that were ranked lowest really have to prove themselves during the third test, so their father doesn't kill them off! :D
  4. That could be fun! :D
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  5. THIS. This is what every philosopher and Philosoraptor has been looking for since my old grandpappy Philosophorus Rex discovered puberty. A truly dashing roleplay that tests just how depraved a person can be. COUNT. ME. IN.

    From what I understand, the previous comments created part two of the test. I guess it's up to the old sadist himself to get this one rumbling in seven minutes or less.

    So, here's what we have so far:
    1. Murder of a loved one (not the mother-whore) to remove the weakness of the soul.
    2. Battle between siblings to remove rivals and prove leadership.
    And now, a third trial. The last step in becoming a demon in full. And it is something that can redeem those Worms who failed part two. Think. What is the one thing, the most heinous, sadistic crime against nature in a universe with the Devil? Murdering an angel. It proves loyalty and, with angels being some of the most beautiful things ever created, cements a spawn's place in Hell. And since an angel should be hardly easy to kill, it's perfectly redeeming for Worms if they manage to do it.

    A second idea, if that's not enough for you, would be a final fight with the Devil himself. Dad being too powerful for any imperfect spawn to defeat, the goal is only to draw and consume blood, consummating your transformation into a Knight of Hell.

    Sound good?
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  6. Oh damn, those ideas are kick ass. So extremely kick ass that I'm going to accept both of them. Thank you ever so much, Philosoraptor.
    And you too, Whirlwind. You both have helped me very much.
    And now on to the next step; Recruitment. I shall put in a banner request at my fave shop tomorrow and then begin creating the sign ups/ooc. Hopefully the RP will be fully created by Friday if not sooner
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  7. What are we looking at for an ETA?
  8. What's ETA?
  9. Well, here it would mean "an estimated time that you would have everything put together". The actual term means "Estimated Time of Arrival", and is used in the military for transportation and evacuation.
  10. Ohh coolio, well then the ETA is Friday. :3 Although I can't guarantee if more people will join.
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