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    Witches aren't supposed to fall in love.

    But Ignis Susurri did.
    She fell in love with a simple human named Edgar White, and she had three beautiful little girls. She wanted to stay with her family forever, teach her daughters how to conjure and cast, and cherish her beloved Edgar.


    Witches aren't supposed to fall in love.

    A witch who falls prey to love is weak and a liability.

    So Ignis Susurri was killed by the Witches' Council and her little family was left alone. Her children were overlooked by the council because they were half human and therefore too weak to be important. But her daughters were important. They had each inherited one of Amaranth's three powers.


    Weather Manipulation

    and Necromancy.

    ஜ இ ஜ

    Tuesday, March 10th at 3:00 AM
    Edgar White stood on the balcony in his room looking out over the White family's land. He gazed at the sky and breathed deeply, relishing in the crisp, fresh air. The early morning's events had been...Spectacular. Edgar knew that once he fell in love with Ignis Susurri, his life would never be the same. He knew that when his daughter's were born that they would be different, but in a good way. He knew that when Ignis was...killed, things would be hard and there would be times when he felt like tearing his hair out, but he never abandoned his girls. He knew that there would be a time when they would need him the most even if he was fragile and just human. And this day had marked that time. Ignis had told him that a witch's thirteenth birthday was their most important. That day would determine their destiny in life, it would determine the hand they were dealt. Even though their daughters were half human, Ignis had been sure that her daughter's would inherit her abilities and she was right.

    As soon as the clock struct 12 AM the White sisters had gone through a transformation. Not a physical one, but more of a spiritual one that Edgar could see. He saw how their eyes seemed to brighten and fill with mirth and how for a second their skin appeared translucent. He had been afraid at first. Afraid that the Witch's Council had found them and cast a spell on the girls to kill them, but after about ten minutes, Edgar saw that everything was okay. Well...Not 'okay' but not horrible. All three girls had had a bit of an accident when their excitement caused their powers to fluctuate, but Edgar had been able to calm them down by gathering them in a hug and telling them that "Everything would be fine. No need to worry." Oddly enough, he hadn't been afraid of getting into their line of fire. He knew that they would never intentionally harm him.

    And now they were asleep, (or at least that's what he thought) and Edgar was trying to figure out if everything would be okay. He didn't know how to raise witches! He had enough of a hard time raising three girls! He knew the basics of what he needed to do. Withdraw them from public school and file an affidavit for home school and prove that he could provide the girls with a proper education. Which of course he could do he went to an ivy league college after all and he had...Well he'd majored in law with a minor in education, but the point was that he could teach them everything a human teenager needs to know. Now he just has to figure out what a teenage witch needs to know.

    But that was for when the sun was actually up and normal people were awake.

    Edgar left the balcony, closed the doors and climbed into bed and went to sleep.

    ஜ இ ஜ
    Tuesday, March 10th at 5:00 AM
    "Silvestris!" A harsh voice rang out through the hollowed halls of the Witch Council head quarters. A dark haired guard stood at the end of the hallway and glowered at the woman in question. She was no doubt upset over what she had to say in a few minutes. After all, being a guard wasn't very rewarding or exciting and rarely did a Council guard get to leave the Headquarters.

    Silvestris Aliquid was sauntering down the hall, with her hands swinging as she walked and a smirk sliding onto her face. She didn't like Guard Stoicae and relished in any moment she got to taunt her and flaunt her status to her.

    "Yes, Guard?" Silvestris asked, stopping halfway down the hall and pulling herself up to sit in one of the wide window ledges. She saw Stoicae's brow furrow with anger at being forced to come meet her. She knew what would happen if she ended up screaming the entire order from so far away.
    When she reached the other witch Guard Stoicae sneered at her, but Silvestris just smiled back.
    "You have orders to survey the three spawn of the wretch, Ignis Susurri. Their--
    "Thirteenth birthday was two hours ago. Yeah, I know. And I suppose I'm supposed to see if they came into their powers?" Silvestris interrupted much to the chagrin of the guard.
    "Yes...You are to see if they are strong or weak. If they are weak--
    "Seal them, wipe 'em clean and leave, but if they're strong deliver them to the HQ for obedience training. I know."

    Silvestris honestly thought a vein was going to pop out of the guard's head. Unfortunately Stoicae composed herself and breathed in deeply. "That is your mission. Complete it." She snapped and stormed back to her post.

    "Great, " Silvestris said to herself standing up and leaning out the window. "I was hoping for a vacation." She snickered and let go so she began free falling out the window. When she was about eight feet from the ground, she morphed into an eagle and set off to Manchester, Vermont.

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