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    Witches aren't supposed to fall in love.

    But Ignis Susurri did.
    She fell in love with a simple human named Edgar White, and she had four beautiful little girls. She wanted to stay with her family forever, teach her daughters how to conjure and cast, and cherish her beloved Edgar.


    Witches aren't supposed to fall in love.

    A witch who falls prey to love is weak and a liability.

    So Ignis Susurri was killed by the Witches' Council and her little family was left alone. Her children were overlooked by the council because they were half human and therefore too weak to be important. But her daughters were important. They had each inherited one of Amaranth's three powers.


    Weather Manipulation

    and Necromancy.

    Tempest White - Weather Manipulation /Taken
    Gale White - Telekinesis /Taken
    Ember White - Necromancy /Taken
    Edgar White
    Silvestris Aliquid/ Taken
    Witch Council Inspector 2

    Edgar White and his three daughters live in Manchester, Vermont on 19 acres of land. The land was purchased in full by Ignis two years after her daughters were born, and Edgar and his daughters take great care of it. They live in a expansive and tall house that was built with magic.. Each member of the family has their own room decorated however they please. The White family is pretty closed off from the rest of the city, and they keep to themselves. Fearing that their powers would activate in public, Edgar resolved to home school his daughters until they learned to control their newly discovered abilities.

    This role plays starts just after the three daughters' thirteenth birthday on March 10th at 12:00 AM on a Tuesday.

    The first witch is not known, but most witches believe that the first witch was created during the Salem Witch trials. They believe that this witch was the creator and source of all witches, but unlike her descendants she was not 'born', but created from feelings of agony and hatred. They believe that this witch suffered greatly at the hands of the Puritans and summoned great power within herself to seek revenge upon them, although it is unknown how she achieved such power.

    After that witches were born all over the world, and although some chose to travel by themselves, most witches came together to form covens. The Witches' Council was one of the first covens to be created and is therefore one of the oldest known. They consist of a large group of witches were three ancient women rule over them with an iron fist. It is them who decide what is acceptable and what is not. They create the rules and the others follow them without question. Those who disobey are annihilated by the direct servants of the three witches, the inspectors.
    The inspectors are powerful witches who serve the three witches with unwavering loyalty. To become an inspector is a harsh and brutal trial, and most inspectors are chosen at birth and taken from their parents to train for centuries before they are deemed worthy of serving one of the three witches.

    Every female descendant of a witch inherits their mother's supernatural traits, making them a witch also. Any male descendants are cast to the side as they can only be born human and are considered useless. A young witch is never as powerful as an older witch, and they can usually only perform basic magic, such as transforming small inanimate objects into insects or mice. Or they can charm basic household objects to fly or perform their duties without control. (A broom sweeping by itself for example). A young witch only achieves full power on or after their thirteenth power. It is then that they discover their magical specialty. Most witches only have one specialty but a rare few gain up to three. These rare few are closely watched by the Witches' Council and kept in line if they ever stray.

    A witch is born by through magic. When a witch decides to bear descendants they must under go a sacred ritual. A witch must give up a part of themselves, be it an arm or a leg and create a child from this. However a witch must not undergo this task alone. A fleet of at least twelve witches is necessary to complete this task successfully, if done with less than twelve, the resulting creation may be deformed or otherwise monstrous. If the task is successful and the descendant is a witch accept them into the fold. But if it is a male, cast it aside.

    It is forbidden for any witch to bear a descendant by use of a human male.

    There are two storylines in this role play. The first involves the White sisters and their father.
    But the second involves too new Witch Council Inspectors who have been tasked with finding out what powers the White girls have inherited. If the powers are strong, then the White girls are to be taken back to the Witches' Council Headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts. But if the powers are weak, they are to be sealed and left alone. However the personalities and morals of the Witch Council Inspectors are up to you (the roleplayer), so how will things pan out?

    As you can see the posting expectations for this role play are intermediate. I expect at least two paragraphs every post, in third person, past tense. Spelling and grammatical errors should be at a minimum.

    There should be no godmodding, special snowflakes or otherwise perfect characters.

    All three girls have medium brown skins, obsidian colored eyes and jet black hair. It's up to you whether the hair is curly or whatnot. The girls are all 5'7, although their weight varies depending on their individual diets. Each girl has an [you choose the shape] reddish brown birth mark on their left shoulder.

    Edgar White is a skinny Caucasian male with a sharp looking nose and large spectacles. He's in his late twenties.

    Have fun!
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    Role: (One of the White Sisters/Edgar White/Witches' Council Inspector)
    Specialty Magic:
    Personality: (At least three sentences)
    Physical Characteristics: (Hair style/Clothing Style/Body Type etc)
    Biography: (Only if Edgar White or Inspector)

  3. Ember "Emmy" White




    Specialty Magic:

    Considering her source of magic, it's perfectly understandable that she prefers isolation and absolute privacy. The only companionship that she willingly accepts is that of her family, specifically her fellow sisters. While her mind is fluctuating with thoughts and ideas that frequently haunt or torment her to distress, she restricts herself from speaking unless absolutely necessary. She usually communicates through physical gestures.

    Physical Characteristics:
    She has several, various sized and positioned, Ravens on her left shoulder blade that are birthmarks she has had since birth. Her hair is confined to tightly curled ringlets and her hair never seems to grow longer because the ringlets just get tighter with any additional length. When using her Necromancy Magic her eyes become completely black or white, depending on the specifics on the spells.


    Hair Style:
    (Basic appearance as well, if that's alright.
    I know her eyes should be jet black, just replace that mentally. LOL)


    - Graveyards
    - Darkness
    - Sweets
    - Ravens
    - Moonlight
    - Silence

    - Churches
    - Artificial Lights
    - Sourness
    - Doves
    - Sunlight
    - Noise

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  4. 170 centimetres and only 13 years old? Damn that's pretty brutal. I like brutal. Must be magic genes. MAGIC GENES.
    I never use RL pics, mainly because I can't get a constant, ideal source, so I'll leave this app as all words.

    Tempest White



    One of the White Sisters

    Specialty Magic:
    Weather Manipulation

    I guess you could say that Tempest is like the weather - always changing and very aggresive. She has a really short temper that will often result in her going berserk when faced with danger, and she always overdoes things. She means good and tries to be nice, but she finds it hard to express. She treasures her family and will protect them.
    Her first course and plan will always be resorting to violence. Her second course will probably be something crazier and more insane that isn't already part of head-on brutality.
    Deep inside her is a playful personality, who actually just wants to have fun, to play and be free. And by be free I mean...
    ... a lot of things.

    Physical Characteristics:
    Tempest stands at about 170.18 centimetres, or 5 feet 7 inches. With mild mocha skin and a curvacious yet slender figure, a set of long chaos locks that almost veil her obsidian black eyes are displayed. The locks that bind her are about 5 centimetres off the ground. Her hands and legs are most dainty.
    She has a few magic tattoos around her body. The first is the a lightning-shaped tattoo underneath her left eye. The next is what appears to be a snowflake-like spell rune of about 10 centimetres in diameter, with the centre being her navel. There is one on her lower back(tramp stamp area) which appear to be two intertwining spirals.

    Cute things
    Beautiful things
    Taking on challenges
    Becoming stronger

    'Tedious' Plans
    The lack of a mother​
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  5. @Crow

    It just occurred to me that I never gave a description as to what Ignis Susurri (their mother) looked like. So here she is! Ta-da!

    (Oh and a bucket of rainbows on your CS posts means that I have approved them)
  6. Name: Gale White
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Role: White Sister
    Specialty Magic: Telekinesis
    Personality: She may appear as slightly spoiled, but that is because she has the ability to move stuff around without actually having to get up. She likes having things bend at her will, and come to her when called. This has also been her downfall. She has become slightly lazier than she should, so her weight is almost an issue. Fortunately, she has noticed this slightly early on, and wanting to keep fit, she is trying to remember to actually get up and do some sort of movement - thought it doesn't always work.
    But she isn't all spoiled and lazy. She does have a slightly helpful side. If she sees that her family may need assistance to reach something or need/require anything, she has it fly to them. Doesn't bother her since she technically doesn't even have to get up.
    Physical Characteristics:

    (But slightly shorter)
    She has shorter hair than Tempest, but longer than Ember. She loves the slight curl and hopes to maintain it that way. She doesn't have to mess with it too much or do anything so that it looks nice.
    Her body type is slightly more of the pear shape, and she slightly struggles with her weight. Something she is trying to master before she gets too far in her teens and it becomes an issue.
    Her style is oddly slightly girly while being comfortable. She prefers skirts and dresses because it doesn't take nearly as much effort to put on.

    Books (traveling in mind, doesn't have to do it in person)
    Having people and things come at will
    People listening to what she says/asks
    shade of a tree on a warm summer day
    Some sort of predictability

    Something unexpected/not going as planned
    Working out (although an occasional jog is okay)
    People ignoring her.
    Having to do something she doesn't want to.
    (I can adjust as needed)​
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  7. Name: Silvestris Aliquid / Alice Sylvester*
    *In human society only
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Role: Witches' Council Inspector
    Specialty Magic: Animal Morphing
    Personality: Like her name sake, Silvestris is a beast. She knows what she wants and she will pursue her goal until she achieves it. Mercy and sensitivity are foreign concepts to her, but only because of how she was raised. If she were raised by her parents and not the Witches' Council, Silvestris might have grown to be kind and caring, but unfortunately that is not so, and so she has grown to be a wild dog, shackled only by the Witches' Council. She listens only to them and anyone else who tries to control her, gets severely damaged, both physically and mentally. She isn't the type to mince words and will tell you exactly how she feels about you, whether you want to hear her opinion or not.
    Physical Characteristics:
    Silvestris stands at 5'10" and weighs about 165 lbs, with most of that being muscle. She has a dream catcher tattoo on her right upper arm, and a Native American Totem pole in the middle of her back. She tends to wear crop tops, cargo pants, with thick belts and combat boots, no matter what the weather or temperature. She usually has her hair pulled back in a tight pony tail and tied with a simple black band. When she is human society, she wears the same type of outfits, but adds earrings, earring cuffs, necklaces, several bracelets, nail polish and makeup. Not because she thinks that's how all human females dress, but because she likes to 'doll' herself up when undercover.
    Biography: Silveris Aliquid was born on the outskirts of Salem, Massachusetts in 1998. Her name wasn't always Silveris Aliquid, in fact it was Lucida Esse, her current name only came after she was taken to live with the Witches' Council. But that part comes later.

    Silveris was born to a wonderfully ordinary witch named Hilara Esse, who's specialty magic was weaving magically clothing. Hilara had the Witches' Council's favor because she made charmed clothing that they could use when they went into battle that was very sturdy. At first, Silveris did not gain the attention of the Witches' Council, because she was believed to be ordinary like her mother. But although they shared the same blood, Silveris was nothing like her mother. She was a wild child who her mother could barely control, and she had no respect for authority. When the Witches' Council members came to receive their battle armor from her mother, Silveris would readily approach them, ask questions that demanded answers, and if her presence was ignored she would lash out violently. This was what caught the Witches' Council's attention. They just knew that such a witch would not be granted an ordinary specialty.

    So at the age of nine, Silveris was taken to live in the Council headquarters. Her training there was brutal and unforgiving. She was taught to obey the Council members without question and whenever she rebelled her instructors inflicted painful curses upon her. It took a few years, but after awhile Silveris turned into the perfect student. She listened to her teachers and she carried out their orders to a T. She never questioned anyone, and when her thirteenth birthday came and she was a given the name Silveris Aliquid, which meant Wild Thing, she didn't even question that.

    It was her unwavering obedience that convinced the three ancient witches to send her to check on the White Sisters. Her mission was to take them back to the Witches' Council headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts, if their magic was strong, but if their magic was weak, she was to strip them of their abilities, erase their memories and leave.

    Make up
    Flying (in one of her bird forms)
    Being told what to do by non Council members
    Being mimicked
    Being ignored
    When little human girls mistake her in her cat form for a regular cat and grab her
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  8. I was imagining the most basic form of Weather Manipulation being like... launching a variety of weather blasts(lightning, snowflakes and hail, wind blasts) from our bodies, with manipulating the clouds to do so being the next level. I'm guessing I'll go with that?
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  9. @Crow

    On the subject of power control and usage;

    At first the girls' powers will be sporadic and heavily dependent on emotions, seeing as they are powerful specialties and the girls weren't raised by witches so they wouldn't even know how to control them. So for example, say someone pissed Gale off and in her anger she made everything in the kitchen fly up and start swirling in the air. And the angrier she gets the faster the objects move. Then when she finally calms down everything just drops to the ground. But later on if she wants to get something to levitate towards her, it will only tremble for a minute and then stop. That would be how the girls' powers worked at first. But as the rp moves on and they train to control them, they will be able to perform more powerful spells.
  10. Sounds awesome. I can't wait to begin. :)
  11. I suppose we could begin now, with just us three and have Edgar be an NPC, either you guys or I control. I'll put up a description of him and a personality. Hmm...I think I'll create the IC either tomorrow or later today.

    If any of you guys want to make a second witch inspector feel free. But there doesn't really have to be more than one. ^_^
  12. I haven't forgotten about this guys! I'll create the IC tomorrow. :3
  13. *Is this still happening?*
  14. Oh shit, I totally forgot about this thing. Uh...Okay so, I got occupied with other things, but I'll try to make it happen!
  15. @Nica @Crow @Oyoa
    Hey guys! I'm super sorry for just going silent on this! Are you guys still interested?
  16. Yes I am.
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  17. Yes! I saved a spot in my list of RPs to make room for. XD
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  18. I'm still interested, yes!
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  19. Okay, I'll be making the IC tonight!
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