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  1. Players 6/10

    You're evil.

    Don't look at me like that.
    I know you've always known.
    You've always had an inkling that you were just a little bit
    darker than the rest.
    You always wondered why your version of "Looking on the bright side!"
    always involved death and crippling d e s p a i r.
    Well there's a reason for that.
    And it all started with your mother.

    I mean, she's a single mother, but she doesn't work?
    Where did all of that dough come from?

    Oh hon,
    You naive little idiot.

    Where's your daddy?
    What did your mother tell you? Did she say...
    "He's on a
    very very very long business trip?"
    Or did she try to ease the pain by telling you
    "He died in a fire."

    Well I have news for you.

    I' m y o u r d a d d y


    Oh, don't be like that. After all it's...How does the saying go?
    Like Father, Like Spawn.
    Yes. At some point in your miserable existence you'll look like this too.
    If you make it that is.

    I have many children, and some of them have made me proud by passing the tests that I gave them and assuming positions as my demonic followers.
    And then some of them have failed me and I was forced to mutilate and consume them to rid the world of their putrid presence.
    I do hope you won't become the latter.

    In short, you are a child of the devil and you have reached the ripe stage of being a teenager, where you start dating, learn how to drive, go to prom, and go on a horrifying quest to prove your worth to your father, Satan.

    As a devil spawn, you have a duty of serving your father in Hell as either a lowly minion or a Knight of Hell. The highest possible position and the most respected.

    Of course to achieve that position you have to pass one of your father's tests. And being who he is, those tests are never a walk in the park.

    The Test is split into four parts.

    The first one is to kill someone close to you and relinquish the human part of yourself. (Aka your soul! What? You didn't really think you'd be able to become a proud citizen of Hell and still keep your soul did you? Christ.)
    The test doesn't really have any rules except for this one; Do not kill your mother. Satan knocked her up for a reason, so she needs to be kept around.

    The second one is to find and group up with your brothers and sisters. You will then be approached by Satan's most trusted servant, Mistofeles, who will take you to an underground--No not 'hidden', literally under the surface--fighting ring where you will be pitted against each other. The one who defeats all of their siblings will be ranked as Dragon. The one who was unable to beat anyone or who beat the least amount of siblings will be ranked as Worm. The rest of you will not have any fancy rank names. (This part of the test will be decided by rolling dice. Meaning there will be combat but the effectiveness of the attacks will be decided by whatever amount you rolled.)

    The third part-- and for all you Worms, this is your only chance for you to redeem your pitiful self (and if you don't well...Your Dear Daddy will be making an appearance.)-- For the third test you must...Successfully kill an Angel. You're all weaklings so Satan doesn't expect you to snuff a big time angel like Michael or Gabriel, but at the same time killing a simple worker Angel wouldn't be very impressive. So instead you'll kill Heaven's beloved; Cupid. A fitting task, as Cupid is the embodiment of love, while you are the embodiment of hatred. Or you should be.

    The last test is the most difficult. You thought executing Cupid was tough? Try fighting your father. Yes you heard me. You have to fight daddy. Naturally, since he is your father and one of the strongest beings on and out of Earth, killing him is impossible. But injuring him, specifically drawing his blood is...Well...It's possible, but extremely hard. So good luck, you'll need every bit of it.

    I am the GM and my word is law.

    No Godmodding.

    Cursing is allowed in this role play and there will be a shitload of cursing.

    Teens might be present, so no sex scenes. If you want to rp creepy sibling sex, I suggest you do that elsewhere but not in this thread.

    All characters need to be age 13 to 17.

    The appearances of your characters only change after certain tests and I will talk about that below.

    One character per person. No twins.

    I know the characters in this rp are basically psychopathic and immoral little shits, but when creating a background do not do this; Sally killed two kids when she was in kindergarten but because she was a child she couldn't be locked up/punished. Then when she got older she stabbed her step father twenty seven times when he told her she couldn't have a whole cake for dessert, but no one could prove that she did it because there was no evidence.
    Don't do that. I will reject your CS immediately if you do.
    *Some rules are subject to change.

    Third person
    Past tense
    Two paragraphs (at least five sentences each) minimum.
    Posts that do not adhere to the posting requirements will be Smited.

    (What happens to your characters appearance after the tests)
    After the First Test
    Red tinted pupils.
    Ashen skin.
    Slightly pointed ears.

    After the Second Test*
    Teeth will become pointed.
    Pupils will be completely red.
    Nails will elongate into claws.
    Horns will begin to grow (they'll look like bumps on forehead)
    *See Demonic rankings for specifics.

    After the Third Test
    Skin will become light red.
    Skin will become thicker and harden somewhat.
    Physical capabilities will greatly increase.

    After the Fourth Test*
    Skin will become darker red.
    Nails will become black/brown.
    Horns will grow fully (you choose what type/length/width/amount)
    *Refer to rankings for more details

    (Depends on how many people join but here's an example)
    1 (Highest)
    10 (Lowest)

    After the second test, spawn 1-5 will begin to grow wings. They will be small at first. They can either be bat wings or dark bird wings.
    After the fourth test, the remaining spawn's wings will grow to full size (you choose).

    (Delete words in parentheses)


    Name Meaning:
    Birthday (Month/Day):
    Place of Birth:


    Distinguishing Marks:
    General Appearance: (Written description or real picture)


    Current Goal/Purpose:
    Fondest Memory:
    Biggest Regret:


    General History: (Two paragraphs, at least five sentences each)

    Zinnia Clark - Whirlwind
    Cora Garrison - Polystical
    Zack Kori - Moogle-Girl
    Lucas Batista - The Philosoraptor
    Lilith Oke - Cwolf0615
    Christopher Dorian - FiliaFlammae
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  2. Name: Zinnia Clark
    Name Meaning: Beautiful flower
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Age: 16 years old
    Birthday: 3/14
    Place of Birth: London, England
    Family: Mother ~ Danica Clark

    Height: 5’4”
    Weight: 115 lbs
    Hair: Short, black, straight across bangs
    Eyes: Green
    Distinguishing marks: several small pale white scars all over her body

    General Appearance:

    Strengths: Acrobatics & gymnastics, some martial arts training, endurance, agility
    Weaknesses: Long distance running, strength training/weight lifting

    Personality: Zinnia is out for herself. She wants what she wants when she wants it. Whether that means ending up helping someone or hurting them she could care less. She is a very vain girl and selfish. At the same time, she is not entirely heartless. She doesn’t like killing people. Doesn’t mean she won’t do it if it’s her or them, but she doesn’t like it. She comes off rather cold and calculating, and it is far from a front. While some who are evil burn with a passionate hate, Zinnia rests in the iciness of her demeanor. She seems to have that patient filter hardwired between mind and mouth that means every small expression, tic, and word expressed were extremely thoughtful.
    Current goal/Purpose: To get everything she wants
    Aspirations: Cat burglar
    Hobbies: Gymnastics, jujitsu, dancing, fixing things
    Likes: New shiny things, a hot cup of tea, winning
    Dislikes: Ignorance, good too shoes, thinking too much
    Talents: Charming others especially men, flexibility, sprinting, showing no emotion
    Inabilities: Putting up with children, being tied down to anything, wasting time
    Fears: Being left locked alone in a white room with nothing and no one but herself and her thoughts
    Fondest memory: When she got the car she now drives free from a guy just for being ‘pretty’ as he put it
    Biggest regret: Not setting up that vat of pig blood for the prom queen like she’d threatened

    General History: Zinnia’s mother always claimed she’d been manipulated by her father until she got pregnant, at which time she got out of dodge. She uses this act of apparent ‘heroism’ to claim Zinnia owes her anything and everything which becomes rather annoying to hear from drunk trash. Her mother raised Zinnia alone. Her mother was actually a cat burglar, who used her abilities of endurance, agility, and charm to aid in her thefts to help support herself before her daughter was born. Zinnia inherited all of her mother’s traits in this area.
    Zinnia wasn’t very popular growing up until about age 13. It was like a switch flipped in her mind. The adults in her life called it maturity. Really, Zinnia had spent so much time of her life observing others, she’d realized speaking only when necessary made the most sense. And Zinnia never wastes emotion. Her mother was the only one who didn’t like the cold, seemingly unfeeling girl her daughter had become, claiming she’d end up like her father, but Zinnia ignored her mother’s concerns and enjoyed her new popularity, gained by the confidence she had built through arrogant smirks and harsh words spoken with a cool tongue. Zinnia knows about her mother’s old ‘job’ too and feels she has no right to judge her lifestyle.
    If she’d ever been caught, Zinnia’s rap sheet would make someone do a double take. Theft, arson, drugs, assault… but as she’s gotten more manipulative with age she really prefers getting others to do the dirty work.
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  3. Ooooh, I'm interested. Let's see if I can put together a good enough character.
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  4. I imagined her using them when committing burglary and what not, but doesn't mean she's good at them, so I removed it.
  5. Oh, okay, accepted then. ^^
  6. Thank ya ^^


    Name: Cora Garrison
    Name Meaning: "Maiden"
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: African American
    Age: 13
    Birthday: 7/18
    Place of Birth: Manhattan, New York
    Family: Deborah Brandon (Mother), Charles Brandon (Step Father), and Missy Brandon (Older Step Sister)


    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 114 lbs
    Hair: Dark brown, and curly. Usually tied in a loose pony tail or tucked under a baseball cap.
    Eyes: Light brown.
    Distinguishing Marks: A light pink scar on the bridge of her nose, where her sister accidentally cut her during a fight.
    General Appearance:

    Strengths: Running, Jiu Jitsu, navigating obstacles, climbing and strategic planning.
    Weaknesses: She can take too many hard hits, she can't lift heavy objects.


    Personality: Cora is a born follower, meaning she'll find the strongest person around and follow them until she comes across someone better. She's the type of person to put all her apples in one basket and risk everything on just one thing. That being said, she isn't stupid, she just looks out for herself by discovering people's strengths and weaknesses. Cora is a smart and fiery girl who doesn't like being pushed around and if she is, she will have her revenge in some way or another.
    Current Goal/Purpose: To become a Knight of Hell and gain her father's undying love and favor.
    Aspirations: To become the highest ranked demon.
    Hobbies: Making lists and collages, reading her sister's diary, reading at the library.
    Likes: Sweets and candy, her father, bubblegum pop, shiny jewelry.
    Dislikes: Her step family, being at home, team sports, her mother's change of attitude towards her.
    Talents: Rapping, she can do a handstand for three minutes, she's double jointed.
    Inabilities: Being straight with her mother, speaking up to her crush(es), sitting still for more than ten minutes.
    Fears: Becoming a worm.
    Fondest Memory: When she was seven and her mother took her to Disney Land and they rode all of the rides together.
    Biggest Regret: Encouraging her mother to start dating again.


    General History:

    Cora never really needed to know about her father. She'd only ever known her mother and at the time they were extremely close. Cora and her mother did everything together and they rarely ever fought. For a time, Cora thought that all they ever needed was each other but as she grew she began to take notice of how her mother tended to stare longingly at couples. Cora always pointed this out, but her mother would just smile at her sadly and assure her that she was okay, but Cora could tell that she was lying.

    It was in fifth grade that Cora finally began encouraging her mother to reenter the dating world and find someone to make her happier, and after a year and a half, Cora's mother met Charles Brandon, a southern gentleman with a twinkle in his eye and a thirteen year old daughter who he adored. He soon began adoring Cora's mother, but the only thing he didn't adore was Cora. For some reason, even though Cora tried her hardest, she just couldn't get along with the man, or his daughter who seemed to have a permanent attitude problem. Cora often got into huge fights with her new older sister and in the end, she was the one reprimanded for not being the bigger person even though she was the youngest. Cora brought this up to her mother, but her mother was so happy with her new husband that she couldn't see past her own happiness to see that her daughter was terribly uncomfortable and unhappy. Soon the two of them began to drift apart and Cora began spending all of her time alone at the library, where she would curl up in the reading area where she'd write a million little stories about how she killed or punished her step family for destroying the relationship she had with her mother.

    At age thirteen, when she found out about her father, Cora decided that she would past his test and go with him to Hell, because nothing was holding her down at home.
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  8. I'll get mine up shortly.
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  9. I'm definitely going to try and make a character for this. I've been watching it since the interest check, and it looks really cool.
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  10. Oh yeah, if you guys have any questions feel free to ask them.

    Also, it seems I have forgotten to mention how everyone will meet if some characters are in different countries. I have decided that there will be a universal train station to a level of Hell where everyone will meet and proceed to the fighting ring.

    @The Philosoraptor

    I'll be posting more information on the Hell train when that part of the test begins.
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  11. Name: Zack Kori

    Name Meaning: His last name is derived from the Japanese word "koori," meaning "ice."

    Gender: Male

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Age: 17

    Birthday: April 17th

    Place of Birth: Rossland, British Columbia, Canada

    Family: Alexia Kori (mother)


    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 161 lbs.

    Hair: One of his more notable features. Its wavy, shoulder-length locks are dyed a pale shade of lavender, the color faded enough to give a peek at the bleached blonde underneath.

    Eyes: Icy blue, and relatively small.

    Distinguishing Marks: There is a tattoo of a blue Chinese dragon on his lower abdomen, on the right side; he had it done the day after his 16th birthday (the Canadian age of consent).

    General Appearance: Zack is tall for his age and rather intimidating. Thick, visible muscles are already seated on his arms, though his chest and legs have seen less focus. His narrow, bony face is all angles around the nose and jaw. Narrow eyes glare at everyone as if they were nothing more than worms.

    Strengths: Zack is rather strong and knows how to move pretty quietly. He also has a high pain tolerance and relishes the cold long after others are uncomfortable.

    Weaknesses: Though he can sneak around, Zack is not very quick on his feet. When restrained, he flies into a panic and is almost always unable to direct his movements enough to escape.


    Personality: While other people would describe Zack with words like "creepy" or "cold," he prefers "quiet." He only speaks when necessary, and even then, it's in the shortest sentences and tersest tones possible. Contrary to popular belief, he is very intelligent, and confident that he can reason his way through any problem, with only minimal help from others. That all said, he has a very adventurous spirit and loves to travel and explore. He's been to every continent at least once, whether legally or not.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Zack feels frustrated and confined by his humanity. He envelops himself with stories of horrible monsters and dreams of one day gaining that power. At 17 years of age, his peak strength is coming up soon, and it's all downhill from there. In short, Zack's primary goal is to keep getting stronger, beyond the dreams and expectations of everyone he's ever met. And if he succeeds in the trials about to face him, he might just reach that goal.

    Aspirations: His main goal aside, Zack hopes to one day visit every country in the world.

    Hobbies: Geology, origami and papercraft, smithing, spelunking.

    Likes: Cold weather, flying, suspenseful books, nature.

    Dislikes: Having his movement restricted, people who don't fight smart or speak quietly enough.

    Talents: Lateral thinking, basic wilderness survival.

    Inabilities: Working in a team, taking "no" for an answer.

    Fears: Dying before reaching his goals and/or leaving a lasting mark on the world, cleisiophobia (a form of claustrophobia; fear of being locked in an enclosed space).

    Fondest Memory: The first time Alexia ever read a fantasy story to him. He feels like it kickstarted his motivations in life.

    Biggest Regret: Ever attempting to date someone. Boy did that turn out badly.


    General History: Zack was always a rather quiet, introverted child. His mother treated him well, giving him anything he could ever want, with the condition that he didn't pry too much into the affairs of his father. He was always presented as some big, important figure, surrounded by mystery and intrigue, but Alexia never shared his name or why he was never around. Zack's curiosity was squashed by frequent presents and promises of an amazing future; eventually he became complacent with the gifts lavished on him and stopped asking questions. He was already displaying some psychopathic tendencies and began seeing his mother as a means to an end, after all the material wealth she offered him seemingly in place of meaningful care.

    In school, at first the other kids made fun of him. They called him girly for having such long hair and creepy for never speaking, always staring. He didn't cultivate any lasting friendships, and frankly he didn't want to. Other people his age bothered him. They were all so loud and short-sighted. To put a stop to the bullying, he started to pull harsh pranks, including planting fake blood in kids' lunches and spreading rumors that the much-loved principal was terminally ill. His miniature warpath culminated in the murder of the class hamster; he dismembered it in secret and snuck its paws into the soup that would be the school lunch that day. That earned him a hefty suspension penalty, but at least when he returned, no one made fun of him anymore.

    His reputation followed him to high school. The others were afraid of him and gave him plenty of space: just the way he liked it. His mother suggested he go to therapy, expressing her own fear and worry at what her son was becoming, but Zack vehemently refused. As far as he was concerned, there was nothing wrong with him. It was everyone else that was strange. Brainless morons, the lot of them. Perhaps it was time for some paternal intervention.
  12. General Characteristics

    Name: Lucas "Luke" Batista

    Name Meaning: Light giving

    Gender: Male

    Ethnicity: Cuban-American

    Age: 17

    Birthday (Month/Day): January 1st, 1997

    Place of Birth: Miami, FL

    1. Gemma Batista - Mother
    2. Maria Matos - Aunt
    3. Jorge Matos - Uncle
    4. Mateo Matos - Cousin
    5. Helena Matos - Cousin

    Physical Characteristics

    Height: 6'5"

    Weight: 161 lbs.

    Hair: Brown, trimmed into a crew cut.

    Eyes: Brown

    Distinguishing Marks: A large tattoo on his torso depicting two black letters, "L" and "K", standing for Latin Kings, set on a gold five-pointed crown from his gang days. This piece of art is disrupted by a large scar over his sternum caused by a stabbing years prior, also from his time with LK.

    General Appearance: 17227.jpg

    Strengths: Stamina, overall strength, speed, and durability.

    Weaknesses: Headstrong, infrequent and unpredictable spasms of pain from his poorly treated scar.

    Mental Characteristics

    Personality: Few people remember what Luke was like back when he was younger. Either they weren't around, didn't care, or are dead. He was brash, arrogant near to narcissism, and angsty. He was irritable and perpetually pissed. At his heart, he was greedy and ambitious, perhaps a result of his upbringing. this made him the perfect target for the Latin Kings. But his near-death was what turned him around, or, as the police liked to call it, "scared him straight". To this day his anger is tempered, and he is much more amiable than before. He is soft-spoken, but is more than prepared to assert his opinion when the time comes. Luke prefers the happy thoughts and feelings to the darkness, a darkness he has learned to lessen by channeling it into his actions. Anger is fuel for action, but unacceptable in the presence of family. He puts up a well-built façade of innocence and kindness (some of which is genuine), but knows deep down that he is ruled by his selfishness and hate.

    But he learned too much from his old mentors with the Kings, and it's hard to forget the anger they taught you to hold on to, hard to break away from that past. His rages are volcanoes (coming far too frequently as of late), and his vendettas will live as long as he does. Another side effect of Luke's time with the Latin Kings is his view of people: Children are inherently weak, and cannot be judged until tested. Adults deserve respect based on their strength. The weak are pawns, and the strong are kings. The strong are Kings. As a result, he enjoys the company of children and those adults he sees as strong, though is instinctively a loner. Those who are weak, he ignores or sets out to destroy.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Since the revelation of his parentage, Lucas has begun to sink back into his darkness. The strength held by his father tempts him more than he has ever been before, and the promise of even a sliver of it makes his mouth water. His only reason to live at this point is to have the respect of he feels he deserved, and to never be a mortal worm ever again. At the same time, he feels the time is right for taking revenge on those who wronged him.

    Aspirations: Born in a home with few to encourage him to excel, and raised in a gang that threw him to the dogs, the only thing that Lucas has is his strength. His only dream is to be the most powerful man on Earth. Once, it had been only that: A dream. Now, he sees it as a reality waiting to be born.

    Hobbies: Amateur Parkour.

    Likes: Power, money, and black cats.

    Dislikes: Hector Lopez, half-truths, and the elderly.

    Talents: Parkour, street-fighting, lying.

    Inabilities: Loving people, accepting his dad and new family.

    Fears: Weakness.

    Fondest Memory: One night he shared with his ex-girlfriend when he was still a Latin King, two years prior.

    Biggest Regret: Not killing his rival Hector when he had the chance.

    Historic Background

    General History:
    Born on the streets, live on the streets. Gemma Batista gave birth in a back alley on a dingy Saturday night, the baby delivered by a disgraced med student because she couldn't pay for a doctor. The father was absent, and had been since conception. Yet Gemma's obsession with the mystery man led her to name her son after him.

    Lucas spent the entirety of his life caring for his heroin-addict mother, and protecting her from the leeches that he had to call Tía and Tío, who sucked away the money that seemed to constantly flow towards them before he or his mother could ever touch it. At age eight he was helping out in a McDonald's, cleaning tables and mopping floors for two dollars an hour. His days were spent working odd-jobs for those who were willing or desperate enough to let him help. Sometimes he wasn't even paid. At around the same time he turned thirteen, the Miami branch of the Latin Kings had begun to get in motion. Lucas was recruited by the same guy he learned to despise later in life, fifteen year-old Hector Lopez, and was accompanied by his best friend Fernando Valdez. They both started at the bottom, as neophytes in the Primitive Stage of gang-banging and violence. Fern grew up first, and got tired of the life. Lucas never did.

    He became the best runner in the gang, making deliveries from one side of the city to the other in half the time of someone with a license by avoiding the traffic and traversing the rooftops of the urban landscape. He taught himself Parkour with the internet, and really learned through trial and error. Luke learned to hurt, and he learned how to hurt others. He beat and stabbed, kicked and punched, and yes, even killed. He earned more money than he ever did working those odd-jobs, and made sure to set some aside for his mother, while treating himself as well. At fifteen he started dating Jasmin, the only person Luke ever saw as his equal. Their relationship was deep, and escalated rapidly, much to the dismay of the jealous and bitter Hector.

    Luke's old life ended the day he was accused not only of stealing from the Kings, but also for snitching to the FBI. Knowing the accusations to be false, Luke promptly unraveled the accusation, revealing that Hector had, in fact, been embezzling from the group for years, and that the "snitching" was where Hector had deliberately sabotaged those Kings who were on to his game. In that moment, Luke had Hector in his sights, literally and figuratively, but decided against killing his "brother". The favor was not returned when Hector charged him and plunged a knife into his chest. Luke was left there to die as Hector seized control of the Miami Kings by force. Only Fern remained, and was the one who managed to get him to a "doctor", who managed to extract the knife and close the wound, but was unable to do anything for the pain. To this day, Luke is reminded of his injury whenever he truly overexerts himself with flashes of pain. While learning to work them into his routine, they still haunt him as a perpetual weakness.

    At age seventeen, Luke regards himself as a reformed man. He helps out at a local soup kitchen, volunteers as a mentor for younger children, and even works with the local DARE program to, on a personal level, hinder LK from getting any new customers, and on a public level to actually try and help his protégées. He cut most of his ties with LK, rarely talking even to Fern, and especially not to Jasmin. After he learned about his real father, however, the darkness, the rage and arrogance, the hate and violence, began to resurface. The very thought of knowing, the justification of his philosophy, is beginning to expose weaknesses in his wall of lies. And now, there are only two things on his mind: Power... and revenge.​
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  13. There you go. Some Cuban flame for this RP.
  14. @The Philosoraptor

    Okay I know that I accepted your CS already, Whirlwind, but I just reread my original post and saw that I mentioned Satan providing his baby mama's with money. So both of you guys' background don't really work unless you include something about how the mother used the money elsewhere

    Also, Philosoraptor;
    The inabilities part of your CS confuse me because there was no mention of a new family and why would Lucas be having trouble accepting his father because you already mentioned that he craved the power that his father held and also valued strong people.
  15. Easy edit. Just made burglary her mom's job before Zinnia was born.
  16. Accepting his father? Who had never been around his whole life (not to mention being the lord of lies and whatnot)? Admiring someone or craving what they have doesn't mean you have to like them.

    As for new family, I mean all the other spawn of Satan out there. How would you feel if you had a bunch of brothers and sisters you'd never met before showing up?

    If it needs to be changed, I'll do it, but I just wanted to justify it before I did.
  17. Oh okay well
    Well now that you've explained it, that parts fine. Now just add a reason as to why Lucas and his mother were poor despite receiving money from the devil.
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  18. Read the top of the bio. His aunt and uncle moved in with them and took most of what they had.
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