Spary a Bit of Paint on an Osprey

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Hello there.

I have an interest check up for a mash-up between Kancolle and airborne/land military vehicles.

My character for it is going to be a V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor helicopter, though I cannot find any images of an Osprey in the style of the other characters in the RP.

If you do not know what a V-22 looks like, here is a picture of one.

I'd want the character to be drawn in an anime art style and be in a similar vain to this.

If anyone is interested in drawing her, either post here or PM me so we can discuss details.

Note: Please be advised that I do not have money to be able to pay for the comission. Thus, I would like it done for free, or for a piece of automotive artwork of your choosing, though I won't be able to draw said piece of automotive artwork until at least the 10th of this month when this was posted.