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    The Divine Storm was continuing it's search for the relics left by the holy ones. As the ship went through the space, on it's own, it stumbled across a glowing cylinder the size of a seraph that had two engines on it's bottom and top sides.
    The shipmaster had left the Divine Storm to be commanded by it's Generals and Marshall's in case of the lack of signal. For the following six hours, it was Lak in control.
    "Send the rangers to retrieve the device" He growled, squinting his reptilian eyes. It had been boring, so far, as just about nothing had went on. A few banshees were lost in an asteroid belt but other tha-
    "Marshall Mortumee! Human signals emanating from this system!"
    Lak's mandibles shook as they spread from his upper jaw in disgust.
    "When the rangers retrieve the cylinder, we can confirm their presence. Though the prophets and the fleet master are not here, as temporary shipmaster I will lead us on an attack to burn the humans and send out an attack beacon for retrieval"

    Kov and Carpenter

    Jeremy gave Faith a thumbs up, as he unhooked a fuel line that was attached to the Arctic Wind, one of the last directly feeding the engine. He activated his gas powered backpack and glided into an airlock, where he waited for about fourty-five seconds to depressurize. He passed in the pressurize chamber, and then proceeded into the base after a few seconds. It was a simple fuel station in the middle of fucking nowhere.
    "Kinda pisses me off that you'll disobey my orders because you're scared of space. You're a spartan for Christ sake" Jeremy said;
    Passing Faith without even a large glance.
    "Space scares me. It's not worth it, personally. You could do it faster than I could" She said with a slight shrug as they walked down the corridor.
    Suddenly, the intercom turned on, "ATTENTION ALL CREW OF THE UNSC ARCTIC WIND. Thirty minutes until departure"
    "Sounds like our ride will be leaving soon"
    "Aye. Standing order is to retrieve the other Spartans on station and tell those helljumpers that lunch time is over. Don't want to keep the captain waiting"
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  2. Raegan, or "Ray" as most people called her wasn't much for words these days despite being all so talkative and quite loud in her childhood days. Alot of newcomers and marines often mistake her for a male which she didn't mind; this way she got alot less attention from most marines and newcomers who haven't seen her face as of yet. As usual today, she was browsing away on the public holo-pad looking for any new news on forerunner technology, hopefully some news about this large forerunner structure they were investigating... From what she had heard, it was some sort of... Artificial ring planet? In either case she was trying to contain her excitement of exploring this newly discovered Forerunner construct when the announcement she had been waiting for; "ATTENTION ALL CREW OF THE UNSC ARCTIC WIND. Thirty minutes until departure." She continued to browse the holo-pad despite the announcement though, orders were to wait for her leader(s) to retrieve her from wherever she was for a briefing and boarding instructions. "I guess waiting a little more isn't that bad... Hope whoever's job it is to pick me up will come soon though." She thought to herself as she browsed the holo-pad absentmindedly and let out a sigh; any new information on forerunner artifacts and technology was yet to be found there.
  3. "ATTENTION ALL CREW OF THE UNSC ARCTIC WIND. Thirty minutes until departure"

    The announcement was the first thing Isaac had heard from his room in hours. "It's finally time, then." The sniper had been meticulously cleaning his weapons and placing fresh rounds into clips. After loading his M6C and hitting the safety, Isaac attached his sidearm magnetically to the outer left thigh of his armor. All that was left to do was pick up his favored SRS-99 sniper rifle from the desk in front of his bunk, head towards the door and grab his helmet along the way.

    The door opened with the spartan fitting his helmet into place before taking off down the hallway at a brisk pace. He knew he was supposed to be retrieved by his new Fireteam leader, but showing some initiative never hurt. Besides, he had sharp eyes. Isaac preferred to use them. "
    UNSC Arctic Wind. Docking bay." The sniper repeated the ship and it's location to a few marines working security, letting them know that he was one of the Spartans on station that were needed for recruitment.
  4. Orussa lumbered through the vast halls of the Divine Storm alongside his brother. If one were to stand close enough, they could feel the two conversing with each other.
    Brother, I grow hungry and tired with all of this wandering, may we rest?
    Orussa asked his older brother, the spines on his back rising slightly as he waited for a response, his older brother was not as well versed as he was and it took him some time to form the words. As the two walked, they nearly crushed a Unggoy group that had gotten in their way, without so much as a glance towards the smaller, lesser race.
    Yes Orussa, rest is good, we shall meditate and walk later.
    Was all Colgava replied. they walked on for another hour until they reached their destination. They stopped in front of the Hunters Chambers. The large blast door stood much higher than most of the doors on the ship, Orussa stepped close to the door and vibrated his body inside the bulky armor suit, creating a deep rumble that acted as a key in some form. The doors slid up, opening to a tall ceilinged, oblong room. Two other hunters were already present in the unfurnished room, stripped of their armor, and mingling amongst themselves. Orussa and brother did the same, worming their bodies out go their armor, forming odd, bipedal creatures made of wriggling night crawlers.
    both pairs of hunters exchanged greetings, and relaxed on the ground, sinking into themselves until each of the brothers formed a single mound of orange worms.
    Orussa drifted off into meditation, feeling nothing but freedom of the recycled air and the hum of the floor as the thrusters began to fire.
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  5. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    The field marshal stood, his armor not on beyond his waist. He liked to expose his chest and mid section, riddled with muscle as strong as steel and scars as long as Unggoy arms.
    "I shall fetch a boarding party and lead it myself. I forfeit my hand as ship master; this ship doesn't do enough to cool my blood and passion for hunting the humans in the name of the reclamation. Let the rangers know to re-oxygenate their armor and to be ready to attack with our boarding group" With that, he left, putting on his underlying cooling "tights" and then sliding his armor on as he went down the hallway.
    He personally would decide which Sangheli, Hunters and grunts to bring with him...On second thought, the grunts would just be picked by who was at the air lock. None of them had exceptional combat records. He only wanted to start a panic- if they died, so be it. But this was not a human battle station. It appeared to be a civilian structure or floating junk pile. Human architecture always hurt his eyes- so blocky, compact and counter intuitively obvious with subtle colors like dirt, weeds, ocean and black. They had no respect for magnificent purples or extreme bright blues and pinks that would really define shape and character of an individual and his ship. As he pondered on this, he accessed the ships manifest. His hunter squad was his tried and true pair that he had heard good records of. Colgava and Olrussa, the bonded pair where called. As for his elite...Toha would be a good choice. They were former allies and the elite had good potential, despite having a very small keep attached to his name. But, then again, compared to the 'Vadam and 'Vadum keeps, all keeps were tiny...even the Mortum keep.
  6. Spartan259, #b3b300 Hot water fell across taut muscle, muscle that rippled and flexed just beneath a scarred surface. There were a multitude of linear lines carved into his dark mocha colored flesh. These were badges of honor, these were marks of damnation. Each line represented augmentation. Dr. Catherine Halsey had implemented the procedure: Project- CHRYSANTHEMUM; carbide ceramic ossification catalyst drug that made his skeleton virtually unbreakable and resistant to heavier impacts. Fibromuscular protein complex which increased the density of an individual's muscles, allowing heavier lifting. He could flip a 66 ton tank over and roll it. The retina-inversion stabilizer made color sharpness significantly improved upon, and night vision was adapted. And last but not least there was the colloidal neural disunification solution--greatly improved the individual's reaction time, decreasing the time taken to react by 300%. "Spartan time".

    Ever since he was six to the point where he was now, all he ever wanted was another notch. Another trophy, another kill. His hands were heavily calloused from years of tearing out throats and snapping necks. But the covenant wasn't the only enemy he'd faced. He'd been ordered many times to strike out against his own race. Flesh and blood human beings. The Insurrection of Mamore. It was the first time SPARTAN-III's were used against human population. That's what the Spartan program was for--originally. To patrol the colonies, protect civilian and government populations, crush uprisings in their infancy and ensure others didn't rise up as a result.

    With his dark hair clinging to his face, 259 reached over and turned the metallic knob shutting the water off. Stepping out, one could easily see the multitude of scars littering his body. From his chest to his buttocks, down his legs. It wasn't hard to guess what caused them. Needlers were explosive razor sharp shards. The scars from those made a tiger stripe patter down his arms and legs. Plasma bolts had caused third degree burns over his, melting fist sized portions of skin until it crinkled like putty. He was in the midst of putting his armor on when the alert was sounded.

    "ATTENTION ALL CREW OF THE UNSC ARCTIC WIND. Thirty minutes until departure."

    With a stone face, he slid his helmet on, strapped his skull to his hip and grabbed his M739 Light Machine Gun and then lifted an extendable rod with an energy-sword fastened to it placing the makeshift weapon on his back. Leaving the room he marched down the hall. He wasn't particularly fond of space travel--he detested it. On the ground he could control things, the outcome of a fight. In space, he was just floating there in a big target for a covenant cruiser to blast. He was a last minute addition. For some reason, the higher ups saw fit to reel him in with his fellow Spartans. But in his last assignment as a Headhunter, as someone who was sent behind enemy lines he was used to a partner--not a group. His last partner had died however, and he went against direct orders to leave her behind. Instead, he carried her lifeless body twenty-six miles to the pick up point.

    259 stopped once aboard Artic Wind, deciding it would be best to meet up with the rest of the Spartans in the cargo hold.
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  7. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Kov and Carpenter
    Faith strode down the hallway- locating the headhunter. She briefly ran two fingers along her visor, a "spartan smile".
    "I'm guessing you're our new forward gunner. Nice skull. The captain says you can go ahead and locate a place on the ship to stay." She said with a simple matter-of-fact tone. She spoke with a shaky voice- a voice that wasn't used because the usual spartan dialogue was hand signals. She had broken up with Jeremy, who went off to get Isaac and the ODST.

    "Spartan Isaac. Report to the ship. Point me in the right direction of the hell jumper lads so I can round them up"
  8. "Sir."

    Isaac was formal, greeted his new Captain and leader of Fireteam Pikeman with a salute. Nodding in understanding of the request, Isaac directed his head to the left. "
    The ODSTs have gathered in the Mess Hall. Room D-4 down this way. You can't miss it." With one more nod, the sniper walked past Kov to head for the Arctic Wind. The Captain could find his way around.

    Riding the elevator down to the Docking Bay, the Arctic Wind was at the center of activity right now. Marines with datapads, others loading crates into the ship. As soon as the lift came to a stop Isaac made a beeline for the cargo hold, his stride showed purpose. Inside were two other Spartans that were already engaged in conversation. One he recognized as a headhunter. His armor adorned with trophies; as their unit liked to call them, of slain Covenant. In Isaac's line of work, an intact skull was all but impossible to recover.

    The other was significantly smaller, black armor. Perhaps special ops? It was difficult to tell. Either way, Isaac approached them, his hand extended in greeting. "
    I'm Spartan Isaac. Captain Kov sent me ahead while he gathered up the others."
  9. Having gotten more than a little impatient, Raegan put on her helmet which had been laying off to the side of her and stepped out into the hallway silently fully aware of the masculine appearance her armor gave her. She walked along, stopping by the armory to grab her usual weapons; the XBR55, an experimental weapon with a secondary one round burst... It didn't make it onto the later models so she never "upgraded". Of course her favorite weapon there was the rail-gun, despite being an early prototype, it was almost like a mini-MAC cannon, and did it's job quite well, though it seems to have a little kick to it despite it being labeled "non recoil". Her combat knife was strapped to her left leg as per usual, and she walked to the explosives "section" to grab a frag grenade and an incendiary one; she hadn't used the two together yet, but was looking forward to the day a situation would call for it. Then she made her way to the docking bay which wasn't too far from the armory thankfully, heading inside the Arctic Wind, it seems the crew was already occupied with their jobs thankfully so none of them would pester her for the moment. Walking amongst the halls, she found three other spartans that have already arrived, all of them looked rather unfamiliar to her, which wasn't too surprising. The last mission she went on was one without much "action" so to speak despite the briefing, so she was shifted to one that would require both her skill in combat and forerunner technology right after, she hadn't bonded too much with the spartans on her previous team yet, so it wasn't such a big loss. The first thing that drew her attention from the three spartans that were already there was the one with skulls hanging off of him, it was easy to tell from the shape of his armor. It was a strange design choice to have her armor in particular look more masculine than other female sets would, but she prefers being mistaken for a male than being hit on constantly. Raegan stayed silent, but observed the male spartan that had caught her eye curiously, she wondered who would be the one to notice her first.
  10. Spartan 259, #b3b300 "I'm guessing you're our new forward gunner. Nice skull. The captain says you can go ahead and locate a place on the ship to stay." 259 Was looking down at the planet when he noticed a much smaller female spartan. The planet's eerie blue glow was reflected off her sapphire colored visor.

    "I skinned and cleaned it myself. It was a Zealot-class. He didn't have too much zeal after I crushed his chest." 259 Tinkered with the polished skull, flapping the extended mandibles. " It killed my partner, so I killed it. And I did so very slowly. I had to make it feel the pain she went through a hundred times over. She'd have liked it as a trophy." He let the skull fall back down to his waist. The barrel chested, seven-foot-six spartan turned towards her. From a side glance, one couldn't see the nicks and gouges in the titanium composite armor. But being large even for a Spartan, he was...decorated.

    Another Spartan approached, a violet colored male who was the the sniper support. He had extended his hand in greeting. Having been marooned on a planet for months at a time, it took 259 a moment to recognize the salutation and the large Spartan extended his own hand shaking it.

    "I'm Spartan Isaac. Captain Kov sent me ahead while he gathered up the others."

    "I'm Senior Chief Petty Officer Dorian. It also seems we have another one among us."
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  11. ~Toha 'Derai~
    Its been three weeks since Toha had last some action, and even that wasn't a whole lot of it. It's not a bad thing, really it isn't, you get to live longer, talk about things, get to finally contemplate your surroundings...but it does get boring after a while.
    Toha was assigned as one of the SO Officers to the 4th Special Operations Division upon the Covenant Cruiser Divine Storm. There was no current Shipmaster, and all forms of communication outside the ship have been offline for days, The reasoning for this is uncertain, but it assumed to be from one of those storms. The leadership instead was divided into shifts among the few Generals and Field Marshalls that inhabited the ship. Though Toha himself could be leading, the SO division was a whole thing on it's own outside the main forces, so the say could only come from the SO commander, Rtas 'Vadum, who currently cannot be contacted, so an emergency meeting was held to decide the course of leadership. Toha was one of four officers in the division, and he usually had not much to say in terms of the argument, he liked being the 'middle-man' of the system, always someone to lead, and always someone to follow, he felt at the same time powerful, and powered. And he preferred to keep it just like that.
    after a while of tedious waiting, it was finally decided that it was best to come under the command of the current 'shipmaster' until the communications were back online. It was quite an odd scenario indeed, usually we would still have jobs to do, we would still be at war with someone to care about leadership. But since all current given orders were completed long ago, it just seemed...odd to be put into the main force, not that he was complaining, he used to be in the main force as an officer once, who commanded his group of minors into the battle quite strategically under General Lak 'Mortumee, who ironically, was on this ship and, even more ironically, currently leading as the Shipmaster for the next six hours as it was stated recently.
    In other words, for the next six hours, it's like when he first entered the military force, despite all of the work he did... he ended up where he was when this whole thing started. Once again, this wasn't entirely a bad thing;it doesn't affect anything in the way the Honor Code goes by as it never expected for such a thing to happen, plus Lak was a good military leader, for when he charged into battle, very few of our brethren would fall in that battle, and Lak always wanted to kill a ton of humans and show off doing it, which most of the time, he did. Toha personally didn't like zealous show-offs, but Lak wasn't entirely zealous, he just really likes killing humans, and to Toha, that's a very good quality to have in this war.
    Just then word got around that a Holy Relic has been found.
    Toha was in one of the SO quarters with all three of his squad-mates, all SO's and all Sangheili brethren, they stood there staring at him as he knew what to do. In honesty, he was just as confused as they were, buthe had to say something, so hence he spoke in reassurance to them. "If it's really a Holy Relic, orders are bound to come our way from the Field Marshall. If I were you, I would get ready!" They nodded their heads in return and got ready as Toha went to put on his helmet, for most of his armor was on to begin with. He always wanted to think that death was always there, lurking. He put his very light blue-colored SO helmet and armor, which was an exception given his circumstances in getting to SO.
    Now new word was being received that humans are also being reported here as well, which isn't a good sign, Toha was also summoned with the boarding party, which really isn't a good thing either.
    Toha gathered his weapons and his squad, and reported to wherever the boarding party was at. Awaiting further orders. Upon awaitment, he thought to himself briefly.
    I seriously hope there's more in store for me this time! I don't want to get bored again.
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  12. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Lak sat inside the covenant boarding craft, activating and deactivating his camuoflauge to test it. He was awaiting his hunters and sangheli to join him to make a pre-emptive strike... He loaded down his needler rifle and recharged his shields before releasing them again. It was mostly to make sure everything was working but it was also to intemidate any Unggoy that might appear.

    Faith looked at the two Spartans, intrigued.
    "Isaac, I'm Faith. I'm new and don't retain much of a service record, but I scored high with precision weapons and spartan lasers during testing. I did however encounter some brutes when I served on the UNSC trebuchet and dispatched them with some heavy head shots from my DMR. Not to impressive beyond that" She said, trying to seem mildly impressive. Her voice was fairly soft, obviously young. She was trying to seem worthwhile to the Spartans, but she doubted internally that it would grant her respect.
  13. Realizing she'd better introduce herself before she's completely forgotten about Raegan spoke, her voice was strong, but a little quiet from the lack of use "I'm Raegan, spartan 473, most just call me "Ray", I work with forerunner technology." She spoke, realizing just how pathetic she just sounded, she figured she would leave out her rank and field experience, she's yet to see heavy covenant action yet, but she was looking forward to testing out her rail-gun. Her composure remained unchanged however despite the mixture of thoughts she had trying to give off a good for the new group she was assigned to. The first encounter was always like this; most spartans never thought too highly of her, or even forgot about her entirely until they were deployed. Still, she had yet to prove her skills in combat, but so far she had yet to even make a good first impression... She wouldn't let this little mishap get in the way of any team-work that was needed though, there was too much at stake here for that.
  14. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    "Toha. It's been many years since I last saw you- I noticed your name on the ship roster, and until now, I didn't know you were here. I don't anticipate you failing us in killing the humans on this structure."
    "Field Marshall Mortumee. The rangers have returned. The human cylinder is a beacon with some simple coordinates on it for lost human vessels. We will leave it floating for the fleet to find- it has a transponder attached. The coordinates direct it to a human military world that we may glass with the help of the fleet"
    Lak nodded...this satisfied him. Humans to kill. I hate the smaller brutes. But less smelly, I suppose He growled silently to himself.
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  15. Orussa and Colgura were roused from their collective trance, a Sanghelli had entered the chamber, announcing that the two brothers report to the boarding craft launchers. They slid along the ground, back into their armor, and trudged out of the door.
    I feel rushes of anticipation brother
    May your cannon spill the blood of our enemies.

    Orussa blessed his older sibling, the spines on his back stood straight and quivered as he thought of using new techniques he had seen in the holo-vids.
    Colgura on the other hand, remained silent, the spines on his back remained flat as they neared the launch bay.

    Remain by my side brother
    We have shields as well, remember.
    Colgura rumbled to his baby brother. They slowed to a stop at the shuttle, and faced the two, official looking Sanghelli. Lak 'Mortumee and an unknown elite in slick armor.
    They both bowed slightly at the two.

    Orussa and Colgura brothers, Field Marshall 'Mortumee.
    We are ready, with cannon and shield,
    For your orders.

    The 'rather felt than heard' voice of Orussa recited. Both brothers straightened from their bows and awaited instruction.

  16. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Lak simply nodded, and stood, keeping the boarding craft open. He let out a vicious growl, and several Unggoy waddled in, carrying plasma pistols and needler along with an Unggoy Deacon who sported a fuel rod cannon.
    "Lekgolo brothers. I want you all to be the second out of the craft. The grunts will lead, and as the humans reload, you will hunch down as low as possible. Make yourself an invulnerable wall. Toha shall be behind you along with myself- we will engage in active camouflage and kill the humans while they are distracted with the Unggoy and your shield" He said, with a calm breeze to his voice. It was calculated- he had put thought into it, having studied human battle tactics over and over again.

    Faith gave a slight head nod to the other female spartan.
    "Spartan Raegan, I'm Faith. It's a pleasure; I'm looking forward to watching out for the ONI spooks and scientist with you all" she said, semi-sarcastically. Not even Spartans liked ONI. For good reason. Black military operations, dirty deals with the rebels...the office of naval intelligence was anything but intelligent. Often, ONI would destabilize an allied group of people because they believed their enemies were more capable of winning- which, to them, made sense. To everyone else...not so much.
  17. Understood
    Yes, sir.
    They both replied, bowing once more before stomping into the craft. Colgava addressed his brother in their symbiotic language, his spines rattling and lifting from their flat positions.
    Brother, I have the beam cannon, wait for my volley before releasing yours.
    Yes, Colgava. Remember that you must lean into the hits from the human weapons, you always slide back when fired upon.
    The two concluded their plan, facing each other and connecting their heads in a short war poem that was spoken aloud.
    We bathe today in glory
    The weak tremble
    Before our mighty righteousness
    And we may slay the weaklings
    That lay before us.

    With the Sanghelli at our backs
    We commit our shields to them
    For their prowess knows no bounds.
    We commit our weapons to them
    So their longevity shall
    be withstanding.

  18. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    The doors slammed shut, and the craft rapidly shot from the ship, flying in at near light speeds.
    The field marshal floated in the zero gravity, pushing off of the back wall and actually gripping onto one of the Lekgolo to make sure that their "worms" weren't sliding out of place before getting against the wall and sliding into a seat that magnetically strapped him down.
    The ride was fairly bumpy, in a seat, as it bounced ones head around and could actually bruise flesh...if un-shielded, of course.

    After rounding up the ODST, Jeremy approached a console in the captains quarters and discovered a blip on the radar.
    "Captain. Covenant signature in bound to the fueling station. It's got a transponder attached to it, suggesting it's part of a large ship somewhere out here"
    Crane popped his neck, twisting it left and right. He had encountered the covenant before, and their captiol ship attacks and so on and so fourth back on Harvest.
    "we noticed it as soon as it began moving about forty-five seconds ago. Which is why we are leaving as soon as we can. The engines are roaring as we speak. If we invested all of our souls to defend this station they would just cut it in half with a plasma bombardment"
    "aye, but Sir, the soldiers on the fuel station deserve to know. At least we can evacuate them"
    "Thats more time than we have. If you can get them on this ship, that's great. But the airlocks are shutting in eleven minutes spartan. Then we leave. With, or without you or whoever else you try to save"

    The spartan nodded, and sprinted from the captain's station, running as fast as he could to the cargo bay to get to his Spartans and hopefully save some of the soldiers on the fuel station.
  19. Raegan nodded, rather glad she had received a response, though she herself wasn't too fond of ONI agents, an earlier cousin of hers had been abducted and sent away... She couldn't quite remember his name, which was seriously annoying when she thought about it too much. Looking out of a window as her thoughts began to drift back to the days she had been hoping to return home, they were rather rudely interrupted by a covenant boarding vessel, she remembered seen one before, but it had been part of a much larger invasion force... They often sent one or two ahead of the others as a "appetizer", a very brutal one of that "How many more do you thing we'll expecting?" she asked turning towards the others scanning through each and one of them, she wondered if any of them was more familiar with Covenant boarding patterns than she was since her experience on the field was very limited.
  20. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Kov approached the Spartans, breaking his sprint.
    "Lads, we have a problem. Round up the soldiers on the station and i'll make sure they broadcast the approaching covenant. They'll be attached to the stdtion soon and a containment team probably can't handle them. Divert everyone to just evacuate if possible!"
    With that brief order, Jeremy sprinted again, heading to the station command area where the microphone controls were.