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  1. IC Thread

    In roughly three months from now, the human military based-colony of Reach will fall. The planet will be burned into glass just as all of humanities planets that were conquered by the covenant. However, before Reach, there was a UNSC Frigate....the UNSC Arctic Wind. On board the vessel was Spartan team Pikeman, a smaller squad of Spartan IIIs that would assist protecting scientific assets and vessels. The Arctic Wind is pursued by a covenant carrier, the Divine Storm after locating a gigantic ForeRunner structure. An Oort cloud happened to pass by, causing disruption of all communications from both ships. It's a race against the clock as the spartan team attempts to re-establish communications with the UNSC before the cruiser begins major assaults on the ship. Luckily, upon forcefully landing on the ring structure, it is found that the cruiser will not fire it's plasma arsenal at the planet, instead, the cruiser expels massive amounts of troops and supplies to kill the humans and contact the rest of the covenant fleet.
    Note: I would appreciate at least two paragraphs of information.
    For Spartans and Sangheli, a picture or a list of armor pieces would be fine (pieces being the helmet, torso, left shoulder, right shoulder, *optional forearm armor, leg armor). As for human faces or sangheli faces, a brief description or a picture would also do.
    ALSO- you don't have to be a spartan if you want to be human. You can also be an ODST if you wish, but understand you won't be able to do Spartan things. Like vertically jump higher than a small tree or sprint for an hour on end and so on and so fourth.

    • I expect at least paragraph long responses most of the time
    • Damage tables are set at "Eric Nylund" level. This means, Sangheli can be shot in the face (without interfering with shields) if they have an open helmet. This also means that it takes little to puncture standard shields of Spartans or Sangheli.
    • All weapons can score headshots.
    • No forerunner weapons are allowed for your character. Sangheli with a Jiralhanae Spiker? Acceptable. Sangheli with a Binary rifle? Not acceptable.
    • Vehicles will appear, and will follow their performance guidelines based on their model and name. If the scorpion tank is just mentioned as "Scorpion" or the banshee is mentioned as "banshee" or "purple glowy glowy flying thingy" it is assumed to be it's Halo: Reach counterpart.
    • I will invent things for this rp, such as Mini-Scarabs and forerunner software/Ancilla
    Personal Characters:

    Name: Faith Carpenter
    Age: 17
    Species: Human Spartan
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Helmet off, Armor on
    Rank: Sergeant
    Weapons: M392 Designated Marksman Rifle, M6 G/GNR Spartan Laser
    Background: A younger spartan III, Faith excelled in precision. She was not one for handling recoil very well though, and is better suited for weapons with a slower firerate. Subsequently, she scored very high in training missions when allowed to be a scout sniper or over watch. She can also be great for taking down long range targets- but she does not fancy the hard to locate bullets commonly used for the sniper rifle and utilizes the more universal DMR that is good for long range combat. The young spartan is such a dead eye that she can hit an elite in the crack of it's armor, located around it's face, and kill it without touching the shields. However, Faith is not good at all in a zero gee environment and notably gets uncomfortable and suffers from a higher than average heart rate when in an environment without gravity. She received the lowest score in zero gee combat tests from any spartan to date. She was assigned to the Arctic for fear that she couldn't adapt to a changing combat environment but would be good at keeping a group of scientists safe of hostiles.

    Name: Jeremy Kov
    Age: 29
    Species: Human Spartan
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Helmet off, Armor On
    Rank: Captain Grade 3, Pikeman leader
    Weapons: Prototype MA5D Assault rifle, M45 Tactical Shotgun
    Background: From one of the earlier batches of Spartan IIIs, Kov displayed leader talent. He was placed in advanced courses and was forced to give up emotion in favor for discipline and respect. After training, Kov led a brief campaign that was to attempt to capture a prophet and force the covenant into a treaty. This mission was abandoned after a failed boarding attempt on a covenant super carrier due to a pilot error which nearly cost Kov his life, and took the lives of six of his squad mates. The mission was passed on to the remaining spartan IIs. Kov was re-stationed to the Arctic and put in charge of the spartan III security team set up to defend the scientific assets. He's skilled at Close to Mid range combat, preferring to rely on his fellow Spartans to pick off targets at a distance greater than his engagement range. Such engagements that would entice a rampaging elite to sprint into the target zone of a close quarter outfitted spartan.

    Name: Lak Mortumee
    Age: 34
    Species: Sangheli
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Standard Ruby Armor
    Rank: Field Marshall
    Weapons: Type-1 Energy Sword and Type-31 Needle Rifle
    Background: Lak is an aristocratic sword wielder who was born into a very upper echelon keep which allowed him instant access to being a higher rank. While in combat, he may seem like a typical elite, Lak is clever. He wasn't always a Field Marshall, serving on a personal hit squad for the prophet of Mercy to take out the human demons hiding in friendly covenant territory. Lak was then removed from the hit squad after it was believed that all of these humans had been killed. His work as a Field Marshall has been quite crucial, as his battle record is extensively distinguished from a minor grunt rebellion which resulted in the Mortumee keep cutting down more than a million grunts all together. Granted the keep is a few thousand individuals, it is quite impressive. Impressive enough to grant Lak mating rights, sword rights and the loss of marital rights. However, despite all of this, Lak doubts his faith- he prefers to hunt his foe, rather than to zealously destroy them in fear of harming his religion.
    Un-important Characters
    Name: Ship Captain Virgil Crane
    Age: 53
    Species: Human
    Info: Crane is an earth born sailor who got to his rank by merit against the rebels. Captain of the Arctic Wind.

    Name: Fleetmaster Argus Vadam
    Age: 48
    Species: Sangheli
    Info: Fleetmaster of the closest fleet. Prejudice against Jiralhanae. Not exceptionally religious but zealous when in combat.
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  2. Name:
    Victoria "Zero" Fanin


    Human Spartan


    Gunnery Sergeant

    M7S Caseless Submachine Gun (Unsilenced)
    M7S Submachine Gun (Silenced)

    Combat Knife
    Incendiary Grenade (2x)

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  3. Gave a small background, changed his pistol to the one from Halo: Combat Evolved (The M6D Personal Defense Weapon System)

    Also, This is what a UNSC Frigate looks like if no one knows :P

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  4. @XxFalloutxX @Urdnot Grunt

    1) CS Modified
    -My characters are WIP

    2)Added the Arctic Wind's image as the frigate Urdnot linked me.

    3)Named the Cruiser and added a photo.
    -All images in the first post are hyperlinks, so click their names to view.
  5. I added some to my characters background and why his number is B392
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  6. So we have two DMR/Sniper type people :P. Also, my guy can see farther! Mainly because of his armor xD
  7. The DMR is a very well rounded rifle ^_^
  8. Yes it is
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  9. Now we just need more people
  10. Want me to get someone to make a banner for this?
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  11. If you could, yes please...
    I have image we could use for it if you can find someone to do it.
  12. Yes, I can find someone. Show me the image
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    The banner will be up soon, so that's good news.

    Maybe we can get some more people!
  14. Hmm... As a big halo fan I'm definitely interested! I haven't had much experience in making a spartan character though, so a good CS will take some time, but I can do it! :3
  15. Oh yeah, banner was accepted today.
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  16. @york

    It shouldn't be to hard!
  17. XD quick question though; are we allowed to play as a huragok, or any of the other races (other than the sangheli of course) in the covenant? I have an rough idea for a spartan as well, but I kinda have a weird idea for a huragok character floating around :P
  18. @york
    Huragok, Jiralhanae, Kig-Yar, Sangheli, Lekgolo and Yanme'e are all playable.
    Saan 'Shyuum might be playable if I am given an interesting enough backstory on their position and role, but they can't be high prophets (like truth, regret and mercy)
  19. @Maddeline Alright, I guess I'll work on a spartan CS first, then a Huragok (maybe a prophet and/or a minor "cannon fodder" character or something too if any ideas pop up o.o)
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