Spartan Program II (Sign Ups)

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  1. This is the Sign up thread
    This is where all the character sheets will be put, the will absolutely be no chat in the thread. This thread will allow me to find character sheets later.
    OOC Link:
    OPEN SIGNUPS - Spartan Program II (OOC)
    Age: (20-23)
    Date of Birth: (month and day)
    Spartan Number:
    Load out:
    Armor: (description, or picture, or both)
  2. WIP



    Vincent is all sharp angles and rough features. His hair is black and cropped short, shaved around the ears as per regulation. Augmented pale-gray eyes. His skin was once naturally tanned, but has paled over time. There is a faint childhood scar beneath his left eye, and another from his early years in training along the left side of his jaw.

    Vincent is on the taller side-- a full 7’3” out of armor, and 7’7” in. He is perhaps one of the stronger Spartans in terms of brute strength due to his heavy build, which is somewhat stockier than many of his peers. He is truly an armored tank.

    Age: 23.

    Gender: Male.

    Date of Birth: February 11th.

    Nationality: Hails from Tribute.

    Sexuality: --

    Skills: A skilled hand-to-hand combatant and marksman.

    Personality: Vincent isn’t much of a talker, even for a Spartan. When he speaks, it pertains either to the mission, his siblings, or his duty to the
    UNSC, and rarely anything else. This has given him an aloof reputation despite the genuine concern he shows for fellow soldiers and Spartans.

    He is naturally observant, with an impressive eye for detail and an unrivaled foresight that has saved his life and the lives of his teammates countless times. These skills, coupled with his clever strategizing on the field, has made him into a reliable Spartan who can be trusted to get the job done no matter the cost.

    Though he gets along well with other Spartans and, on occasion, fellow soldiers, his experience with civilians is lacking. His interactions with them are formal and uncomfortable, and thus he goes out of his way to avoid them-- with the exception of Doctor Halsey.

    He is a master at poker.

    Bio: Vincent was born on the Inner Colony world of Tribute. He neither remembers nor cares much about this time, and the only evidence of his childhood being a reality is a subtle and somewhat faded accent. There is little else to say about his early years, as they are especially unremarkable.

    Load Out: DMR, M6G Magnum.

    Armor: Vincent wears heavily modified blue MK. IV, reinforced with heavier forearm and shoulder plating for close contact. A specialized communications suite and advanced radar have been built into the helmet. The red coloring is purely aesthetic and serves only to mark the upgrades.



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