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    About six months ago, the UNSC Infinity discovered a planet called Requiem. All hands onboard were not prepared for the battle that soon ensued against the covenant, and a the nightmare that was released and would soon back them; Prometheans. The Infinity received help from John-117 by a stroke of luck of his presence on Requiem. With his help, the Infinity was off the ground and back in action just in time to combat the Didact and thwart his attack on Earth.

    It's been six months since then, and the UNSC has decided Requiem might have more to offer us. You've been called under the banner to serve aboard the Infinity and smack some Promethean heads with some Covenent split-jaws. You and three other Spartans are fresh from the core and under a new name.

    Fireteam Crimson. Welcome aboard.


    • No god-modding. Spartans are very capable soldiers, and made to be nearly unstoppable forces of military science; they are not invincible. The gadgets and suit functions do apply but are expendable.
    • EVERYONE is a Spartan-IV on Fireteam Crimson. However, you are able to make your character a previous Spartan-II or Spartan-III, but by the time they've joined Crimson, they will have undergone the SPARTAN-IV Program.

    • Armor may be customizable by parts and color, keep it within Spartan standards. [Primary + Secondary + Emblem]

    • Weapon damage and effects are bumped up to realism!! All functions-from ammo type to range-will play a realistic factor in performance. Which means automatic weapons, like the assault rifle or Storm Rifle can go long distance, and Ranged Weapons such as the Battle Rifle or DMR still have superior range capability. A headshot from a beam rifle/sniper rifle is an instant kill, as well as a shot to the chest area such as: Diaphragm, rib cage, and neck. A shot to the shoulder will at least disable it slightly upon impact. Headshots/Critical hits from load out weapons must break your shields first.

    • Armor abilities are restricted only to UNSC grade abilities: Thruster Pack, Jet Pack, and Regeneration Field. Covenant and Prometheans armor abilities can be picked up in the heat of battle or in the research deck of the Infinity. Cool down time applies to Covenant and Promethen abilities only. Thruster Packs and Jet Packs are technically gadgets so they do not have cool downs.

    • Appearance can be a picture, a description, and or both! Preferably, I use screenshots of my Spartan in order to make things fit exactly how they look. If you'd like, message me and I'll design your Spartan, take a screenshot, and send it to you to use!

    • Weapons are available only up to a number of three. All weapon types are available. Ordinance weapons however count as two due to their power and possible weight difference. If you dual-wield SMGs they may count as one weapon, due to their lightweight structure. Take your load out into account of physical capability.

    • Know Your Role: Fireteam Crimson has roles and it's what makes us so lethal. Are you the team sniper? Heavy? Leader? Engineer? Marksman? Etc.

    Character Sheet:

    /Appearnce/(armored and unarmored):

    /Weapon(s)/(maximum of three)
    /Support Upgrade/:
    /Tactical Package/:

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  2. Reserve me a spot :D
  3. The rules have been updated, and so has the CS Skeleton! Everything has been covered, so there shouldn't be any questions. However if some still remain, feel free to ask them in messages!

  4. /Name/: Dylan R. Bennett

    /Age/: 32

    /Gender/: Male

    /Alias/(nicknames): Dylan/ Dyl/ Crim-Lead/ Crimson One

    /Role/: Team Leader

    Armored (open)

    Unarmored (open)

    /Personality/Traits/: Dylan stands firm in his beliefs and is known for being flexible in all given situations. His charisma and optimism are genuine to the UNSC and made him a first choice to lead Fireteam Crimson; along with his tactical genius and creativity in battle, Dylan leads Crimson with legendary prowess.

    /Weapon(s)/: MA5D Assault Rifle + M6H Magnum

    /Support Upgrade/: Dexterity

    /Tactical Package/: Mobility
    /Biography/History/: Dylan is a career military man of the UNSC with a wife and a daughter on the way. Before being selected for the SPARTAN-IV program, he severed 12 years in the UNSC Marines as an Orbittal Drop Shock Trooper. He was stationed on Reach from the beginning of the invasion. Seeing so many of his brothers in arms die has left Dylan somewhat brash and slightly short-tempered. However, his service in the Battle of Earth proved him to be very capable and controlled through each operation during the war. He's served with SPARTANs before on Reach, and found them to be more impressive to watch than to be.

    Dylan R. Bennett was born in 2526 on Earth in New Phoenix, Arizona. In 2544, at the age of eighteen, Dylan enlisted in the UNSC Marine Corps and served under many major opperations including the liberation of Harvest and the Fall of Reach, where he served with the 123rd Shock Troops Division. On August 29, 2552, Reed and a few other Troopers fought along side SPARTAN-B312 to ONI: Sword Base on demolision orders. Where the SPARTAN proceeded inside, the Troopers were ordered to stand-by outside and hold the line. After hours of holding back heavy enemy resistance, Kalvin and his team were picked up by a nearby Pelican just before demo-charges were blown and the base was burried.

    He was later relocated to the shipping yard where the Pillar of Autumn would soon be in drydock, Dylan took comand of a small Marine company and had them secure the yard for the remnents of Noble Team and the Autumn. The steady soldier was tested to his limits of leadership as enemies came from all over trying to retake his position. They held them off from dusk to dawn, and were eventually pushed back from their primary position. While this did compromise their survivability, he and his Marines were still able to hold on until SPARTAN-B312 and EMILE-A239 were able to break through the enemy and deliver a package to the Autumn. After their arrival, Dylan comendeered a warthog and made his way to a left over Pelican Dropship at dock. He managed to catch up to a UNSC Cruiser that made a spli-space jump to Earth, where he was able to be debriefed and sent home to his family for a few months of R&R.

    On October 20, 2552, Dylan was redeployed to New Mombasa apart of a larger ODST unit ment to take the Prophet of Regret's flagship hanging over station. When they were suddenly hit with an EMP, Dylan's pod went hurtling down and crash-landed in the center of the city. Still intact inside, he managed to pull himself together and spent his time wondering the streets, trying to keep up with what was left of his unit. He found work along the streets helping Marines and Troopers alike secure multiple sectors of the city. It was when he secured a cornered bunker holding multiple civilians inside that he met his future wife, Diana Wades. He spent day and night working his way out of the city with as many survivors as possible, then leaving the rest of the work up to Gunnery Sgt. Buck and his team to finish the job. Dylan there after didn't see much more action after the events of New Mombasa. With the end of the Human-Covenant War in December, he's been home with his pregnant wife who he later married at the memorium of John-117 and the many marines that fought in the war on March 4, 2553.

    Three months after the birth of Dylan's daughter, he was addressed by JUN-A266, a previous SPARTAN-III and member of Noble Team, who then recruited him into the SPARTAN-IV program. Before truly commiting, Dylan spent a few days questioning whether or not being a SPARTAN was good for family relations. After some persuasive conversation from his wife, he made his decision and took the position. Dylan served aboard the Infinity as one of the new recruited Spartans that embarked on the expedition to Requiem, which lead to his first hand experience of Promethean warfare and his first meeting of John-117; fighting up front with him as they pushed along the Covenant forces trying to board the Infinity.
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  5. Character Sheet:

    London Scar
    /Appearnce/(armored and unarmored):
    London is very smart, being raised by strict parents, both being lawyers. Growing up with two exciting and older brothers, London became careful, always thinking about things. Lastly she became persuasive, taking after her parents.
    M7 Caseless SMG (Silence) 2x
    CQC Knife

    /Support Upgrade/:
    /Tactical Package/:
    AA Efficiency
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  6. @Toxic Flower Looks nice, but with a few issues:

    1. Put her personality and traits into a summary rather than listed words, It gives a better description of what type of person they are.
    2. Their gender says male, but checking the appearance it's a female. Minor mistake, so no big deal there.
    3. That is a SPARTAN-III.... Crimson consists of SPARTAN-IVs. If you need help finding an image for a female SPARTAN-IV, message me and I'll search or provide a screenshot.
    4. Be sure to match her armor to her role on the team. If she's the scout, then she'd most likely utilize MJOLNIR GEN.2 Scout armor. Again, if you can't find a worthy image, message me and I will provide.
    Other than these minor issues, she's good build. Also for quick input, combat knives are a default weapon of use. If you placed the knife as a signature weapon to fill in a third slot, tere is no need ^^.
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