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  1. Hello! My name is Spark! I've been roleplaying on Iwaku for awhile now, but recently I've run out of partners. Its horrible I know. So here I am! I have a few ideas, but I also like to talk plot with my partner, usually pretty in depth. As I get partners, I will cross out ideas that have already been put into play. If you really want to try one thats crossed out just ask! I'd love to talk about it! Alright, moving on to the ideas!


    Game Universe:

    Project Freelancer Alpha Two: Alright, so I am a huge fan of a web series called Red vs. Blue. It was created by a company called Rooster Teeth and around season ten, has a huge theme called Project Freelancer. The Freelancers are trained to be elite, and are working to obtain these things called Fragments. Those fragments are turned into AI's. If you've played the Halo games, its all the same mechanics, but different story. If you're interested in something of this sort, PM me.

    HellCraft: Based off of the lovely game Minecraft. Same mechanics but with a different story. I plan on including Herobrine, Alpha Ghast, and all the Minecraft "Legends." I'm thinking more of a horror story with this one, where two miners, both in search of riches go find a Canyon within an old Mineshaft where a Nether Portal has been built. Neither know what it is, or what lies beyond the eerie purple glow. If you are interested in this one PM me!


    TV and Movie Fandom Universe:

    Criminal Minds: So what I'm thinking for this one is maybe there is an agent that has this major obsession with a certain case and ends up being kidnapped by the perp from the case of obsession, learning that the perp had been just as obsessed with her, long story short, they fall in love, and perp is possibly killed. Same with the others, PM me if you're interested.


    Other Plots:

    Tragic Love Story: BEWARE CLICHE AHEAD. Two normal people fall in love by accident, one of them has been hiding their disease, Leukemia from the other, and as they become sicker they are forced to admit that they won't live much longer than another few months or years. But I want this one to be really heart-wrenchingly sad so PM me if you're interested!

    Cute Love Story: Two since kindergarten best friends are hiding their feelings for each other, and even dating other people to make the other jealous. Needless to say they both got really great at acting. Senior year comes and goes and its time for them to go off to college, but their colleges are very separate. Maybe a few time skips, and they meet again someday as adults and catch up when one admits that they always loved the other but the other has moved on and is engaged and blah blah blah. PM me!

    Bullied to Love: This one is also kind of cliche. Normal teenage girl continuously bullied for no reason. This can go one of two ways. The first being Knight in Shining Armor, where some new kid jumps in to save her, and the second is the Suicide Attempt. Girl gets sick of the shit she takes, and finally reaches her breaking point. After the attempt head bully boy realizes what he's done to the only girl he's ever loved and tries to right his ways, but forgiveness is not easily found in her heart. PM me!

    Warriors Heart: Two nations have been feuding for thousands of years. The fighting drags on and blood is spilled endlessly. The two Kings, both tired of having their own peoples lives sacrificed meet for a truce. The Prince is to marry the other kingdoms Princess. The Prince is on board for the sake of peace, but the Princess, rebellious as ever refuses to see him. The marriage is an arranged one, and the princess hates her husband to be. What could possibly go wrong? PM me!

    A Pirates Tale: I was thinking of maybe a gender-swapped pirate idea, where the girl is the ruthless bloodthirsty pirate and the boy is a captive. And somehow someway the fall in love and stuff.


    That's all I have so far! And just for reference, I prefer MxF and I prefer to play the female character. I can also play FxF if the plot allows it. Thanks and have a supercalifragilisticexpialidotious day! Somehow, I feel like I spelled that wrong...

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  2. Could you explain the Project Freelancer Alpha Two plot idea a bit more? I'm a huge fan of Halo but I haven't watched Red vs Blue.
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  3. I would like to rp with you for Project Freelancer Alpha Two and Hellcraft :3 buuuuut I'm still new and (I'm going to sound stupid) I don't know how to PM yet ;-;
  4. I would absolutely LOVE to do the cute love story, or the first one of bullied to love :D
  5. I'm willing to do Warrior's Heart. PM me?
  6. I like the second Bullied to love or the gender swapt pirates :)