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  1. He collected them. Feathered creatures of every age, color, gender.... all of these things. It made his collection more diverse. Some of his birds were rowdier, others were silent. Some of the others.... the prettier ones.... he would occasionally take to his bedroom. Although he rarely took the same bird twice in a week. His name was Edgar Von Struss, he had blonde hair cut in the latest fashion and always wore suit pants and a button up shirt. He was quiet unless angered, kind unless crossed but his birds... they were not people to him. He cared only for their bird halves, shining in their guilded cages but there was one he was fond of.... in a weird way. He beat her and used her and put her on display in the back where only he could see her. His tropical bird. But as any good collector did he loved to show off his gaggle. So he would hold dinners. It was at these dinners they would be complicated and if enough money was offered he would occasionally rent one or two to a good friend.

    Russ was the son of a lycan lord in the outer territories... he was forced to go with him to this posh dinner and he felt uncomfortable in his clothing. He hardly wore a shirt at home and being in this suit made his skin itch. He walked around the room looking uninterested at all the birds, he found his chair, his name written on a card and his lip curled back in a snarl, assigned seating. And so he sat, his chair directly facing the bird spoken of above.
  2. Lana knew what her master had planned and always very scared at these events. She stayed curled up in her cage using only her rags to hide her body and tried not move so much. She occasionally would look down to see who was there. Below she saw Russ and her master looking up at her. The moment she saw Russ her heart skipped a beat, hopefully he'll be able to help and get her out of here. Those were only high hopes though.

    Her eyes were like emeralds that only shown brightly as a star at night, wavy blond hair with red highlights, tan skin and beautiful teal wings. She didn't have much clothing except for the rags that her master gives her.
  3. He saw her and she was ragged, very pretty but he didn't look with much interest. Edgar chuckles and opens her cage pulling her out by a chain around her neck. " Gorgeous little thing isn't she? Exotic as they come, rainforest song bird. And she is a great lap ornament, still lovely and tight. Either of you want her for your lap today or shall I have the scrumptious thing myself" h grins darkly hand between her legs, he used her all the time at dinner. That's mostly when he did so, she was told she didn't deserve a bed.
  4. She looked away as the others looked upon her, trying to hold back tears. His hand between her legs made her cringe again and again. She didn't like being touched this way nor in front of people but she was obedient no doubt about that.
  5. His father laughs and pinches her breast seeing her wince, " I would break her. A wolf needs a real woman. And Russ? He don't much like girls on his lap when he eats" Russ says nothing although the statement is absolutely true. So he takes her to the table and when he sits he unzips his pants, " good now little whore sit, you know to swivel and bounce. Behave real pretty now, we have guests" dinner was served, plates and plates of food would be brought out. She would be offered none, she had a job and was expected to fulfill it.
  6. She nods and did as she was told. As he ate and the guests were there, she didn't make a sound unless her master requested it of here. But she knew his rules and would obediently follow them. Swivelling and bouncing she felt her breasts bounce at the same time. She felt the eyes of the other guests on her.
  7. When he finished eating he grabs them and squeezes them, " mmmm good girl. I will make sure you get the scraps tonight. Unless anyone would like to take her home tonight?" He posed the question and Russ was surprised when his dad raised his hand, " I will take her She looks like a ride" He nods and smiles, " get up and service him girl" when she got up he would smack her ass
  8. Nodding obediently she went over to the lycan lord to service him. She curtsied/bowed to him showing respect, she wasn't one of much words since this is the only life she knew.
  9. He nods, " come Russ" Russ got up and followed him, she was thrown in the back like a spare tire and then pulled out and thrown into the lords bed bottom up and she was used rather ruthlessly from behind, blood dripping down her romp to her legs and his hand is inside her the other fondling her breasts as he bites into her flesh. She was boring after an hour of this so he sent her away, to his son, stumbling and barely alive
  10. She was crying as she entered Russ' room and fell to the ground in a nearby corner. "Help." she said weakly with tears in her eyes but cringed away from him. "Please, don't hurt me." she said softly almost a whisper holding her legs to herself.
  11. He got up and went over to her, he could see the bites and the bleeding and he frowns, " come here. Hush" he scoops her up, she was so light....he carries her to the tub and puts her on her knees gently cleaning her off and sighs, " you okay?" He rubs her cheek softly," lets get you in the blankets I bet you just want to sleep"
  12. This was the first time anyone has shown her any decency. "Uh.... I think so after living a life of being a slave for someone who collects my kin and does as he pleases with us. And now your father really hurt me. I don't know I'm scared." she said softly lowering her head as she let Russ clean her up. "Sleep would be nice along with some warmth. I don't remember what if feels like anymore."
  13. He nods and drys her off carrying her into his bed, he sets her in the blankets and then strokes her cheek, " my father has never been decent with women. Here" he picks up a heavier blanket and kisses her forehead. " Goodnight little bird" he settles in bed next to her, breathing softly as he focuses on sleeping and not touching the woman next to her
  14. "Thank you. I can see and feel why" pulling the covers over her some more. This was perfect if she lived here she would be happy. "Goodnight." curling in a ball on her side, placing her wings over her for more warmth and comfort. As she slept she cried softly and did this every night.
  15. When he heard the crying he turned around and gently put his arms around her pulling her small frame to his chest, " sssssh none of that. No crying in this bed" he strokes her cheek and just coos at her
  16. As soon as he pulled her in close to him, the crying started to subside and opened her eyes to look at him. "You don't understand, there are always tears in my eyes." with a shaky whisper of a voice. No one has ever been this nice to her and his coos were just what she needed. "Why are you so different from the others?"
  17. He wipes them from her eyes and listens to her with a soft smile, she was so pretty and cute.... and broken. " Because, you haven't done anything to deserve different treatment. You are just a woman who needs a bed, and I am a man with space for her. You were just crying and I don't much like tears"
  18. "Again, thank you." curling back up into a ball turning away from him and using her wings to hide her wounds and broken body. Closing her eyes she tried to sleep and finally the tears stopped. If there was a way to stay with Russ, she knew her master wouldn't like that at all.
  19. He nods and when she turns away so does he. He settles in bed and about half an hour later she hears him snoring, his leg occasionally kicked in his sleep but otherwise he did not move. In the morning he looked at her, her soft curls..... he sighs. " Too bad you have to go home today"
  20. She didn't mind the kicking nor didn't bother her slumber plus she was in a deep dream and didn't wake up when he spoke. She was happy for the first time ever and didn't want it to end.
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