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    When you're not being your beautiful, roleplaying selves on Iwaku or working hard with jobs and school, what do YOU do to fill up your spare time? Do you study, or maybe kick back with some movie viewing? Maybe you're even more active than that and you pursue hobbies like football or participating in a band!

    How did you begin these outside hobbies and what keeps you doing it?
  2. i have no job or school
    and if im not on iwaku
    i am shopping online
    because the idea of getting things brought to my door is just great
  3. I would usually go out at night and gaze up at the moon and write in my book.

    Just being outside in the night air is soothing and the quietness of it all helps me clear my mind and think.

    What keeps me doing this is having a deep passion for gazing up at the moon.

    Wondering what it would be like to grasp it gently in my hand.
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  4. t
    i love to do that also but i dont do it allot because my dog thinks "she is outside that means its playtime" and i usually get jumped by a furry demon i lovenly call mina.
  5. Its truly something amazing.

    It also gives me a calming and peaceful feeling.
  6. really i must not think the same as you because when i look up at it i think
    man im so small compared to so many things and then i get all geeky and start thinking about all the things i am smaller than
    man i hope link saves us in time i dont want to be crushed by a moon with a face
  7. Be quiet and talk about your hobbies >:[
    When I'm not doing these things, I am usually reading, writing, or arting with a side of games. Occasionally, I go hang out with friends and things of that nature.
  8. I too love staring at the moon, it is peaceful and you can look at it without getting bored, but as Nightingale said, better be careful that it doesn't fall and if so that Link is doing his hero thingy and saves the world againxD

    I kick back with a movie/game/book mostly, and I always have music playing, but with 10 dogs I do spend a lot of time with them as well of course, playing and cuddling<3 But I also ride two times a week, unfourtunatly I can not afford to buy a new horse after my first died so I am stuck at a ridingschool but it is a lot better then to give up riding. I think I was born to love horses and my mom is a pure horse genius so I have been riding since I was about five or six so you can say I'm addicted:) I also am learning to play a piano myself so I tend to do that on my spare time as well.
  9. So no on Iwaku, not studying, and not at work?

    I love to dance, though this hasn't happened much lately do to money/time constrictions, but I will be starting back again in a few months because I love moving my body to music and when I do it as excersie it feels so awesome.

    I love to go on walks. This can be around the neighborhood, the downtown area or the woods.

    I love to read. I'm a nerd, I want knowledge even when it's not my particular point of study. My horribly curious. Not all books are fact books though, there's a good mix of fiction in the mix too. Like dancing not don't much lately but will in the next few months.

    I love traveling. Exploring new places, meeting people, just the joy of not knowing what to expect.
  10. The funny thing about budgets is you eventually come to realize that you make a lot less than you think.

    I've always been a bit of a homebody, and also enjoy a lot of alone time. So, when I'm not earning my small but noteworthy wage that miraculously manages to pay the bills, I can be found either walking around the neighborhood/small town I live in, or playing World of Warcraft. Yeah, it's a "monthly subscription" and all, but my entertainment budget is $15, so it fits perfectly.
  11. Most of the time, when I'm RP'ing and not RP'ing I'm playing games.

    However, I also love to explore outside, so usually after dinner I'll take my Ipod and wander around. Grab the large sticks to make me feel like a legit explorer.
    And during the evening, I'll watch TV if something interesting is on, or get out a piece of paper and start drawing.
  12. *blink* But this is my hobby.

    Other than this, I guess, I figure skate (in winter), and occasionally do martial artsy things (emphasis on the artsy). I chill out with friends. Right now, my hall is watching Game of Thrones on a weekly basis (but I'm behind two weeks Y_Y). I guess this past winter I did a lot of skiing/snowboarding (even though there was essentially no snow all season long O_O).

    Right now I'm supposedly doing research on some robots and GPS stuff, but I just want to toss it all out the window. D: *hates robots right now*

    Oh, and since that's the picture you started out with, I did a wee little bit of aerial silks once. =D It was fun, but the people who have the equipment have been super hosed and haven't had time to get together again. Set up takes like an hour. :X

    OooOoo! And bridge. When I can find 3 others to play it with me. ^^
  13. Iwaku. All day. All the time. Iwaku.'s my job, my hobby, my passion. 8D


    I love watching TV! INTERESTING TV. None of that reality show, talk show crap. >< I love movies and TV series. LOVE. Fantasy, action, supernatural, crime dramas. Loooove. TV = turn off brain time. Because my mind is always in over drive with plot bunnies, thinking about admin work, or real life budgets, chores, stuff... watching TV gives me an opportunity to just TURN OFF my brain and not have to think about anything for an hour or two. o___o

    I also really, really, really enjoy reading books! I've not had a lot of time for books in a long while though. :/ I'm really itching to read and I'm hoping after May is over, I'll force some time for more reading. I have a new Kindle now, so books are at my command. >:3

    COOKING. I love to cook. I plan all of our meals a week in advance, so I can perfect old recipes or try new ones. I ALWAYS "perfect" recipes we try out and taylor them to the tastes of our family. 8D I am currently working on a Cookbook blog to store all of my recipes to share with Iwaku and my family.

    Uum... that's about it. o_o There's a lot of things I enjoy, but there aren't a lot of things I am PASSIONATE about. Those three things are a huge daily part of my life.
  14. Work at Fun Park.

    Niece and Nephew park time.

    Music outside, singing to the world, dancing with the flowers.


    What keeps me doing them? ...Fun! I wanna be forever young. I wanna live my life. I can do that outside, inside, however I like.
  15. Music, gaming, other stuff.

    I got in to music when I was six. My family has a huge history of being musicians (my grandpa played seven instruments, my cousins all play violin/guitar, and my dad is a trained opera singer*), so it was only natural that I took up an instrument as well. Guitar ended up being my weapon of choice, and I took lessons from a family friend for a couple of years while we were living in Libya. Eventually we moved back to Canada, where I stopped playing guitar as much, but would still play on occasion. Then one day it was time to choose courses for high school, and while talking to our guidance counselor, he suggested taking band. I reluctantly agreed...and then to my dismay found out that they had no place for a guitar player. So my options were to either take up another instrument or drop the course for something else entirely. I decided to stay, and picked up the bass. I basically fell in love with the bass guitar that day and have been playing bass as my main instrument since then (almost twelve years now).

    The gaming is pretty self explanatory. I play a bunch of videogames, such as Starcraft 2, League of Legends (recently got in to this and am finding it pretty fun), and various stuff on my ps3. I also dabble in some card games like Lord of the Rings (mostly playing it solo for the challenge, but I have friends that are huge LotR fans that will play it co-op with me), and the Call of Cthulhu card game is pretty fun (I got in to it because I love the lore, and the game is incredibly fun which has made me stick with it).

    *My dad had to choose between becoming a professional singer or an engineer.
  16. Outside of Iwaku I've got my degree to keep me busy (3rd Year History student). I'm trying to make the most of being a student before I get kicked back out into society and I have to become a real human being again.

    As for hobbies, I might have mentioned the fact that I like paintball.

  17. I listen to music a lot, and I sometimes do it when I'm posting. But I also watch T.V. every now and then. I actually use Netflix more than I do our cable. Ghost Hunters, American Dad, and Family Guy are the shows I tend to watch the most. And like many of you know, I do a lot of art stuff, like painting or drawing. I used to read quite a bit but lately I haven't been feeling up to it. I go to the park every now and then to walk the dog. I really want to take up dancing or music lessons though.
  18. When I am not hanging out on Iwaku, or studying, I usually tend to play strategy games on the computer, read, write, gather ideas, or watch videos or series. Out of these, I think that reading takes up most of my time, because I frequent many webcomics, websites with articles, and I am also reading books in the meantime, although I have been not doing that too often lately. Frankly, it is quite easy for me to finish a book, but sometimes the translations in my country offer a sub-par experience when compared to the original works. Therefore, I try and read everything in its original form, and then decide whether or not the adaptation or translation is superior, which, as you can imagine, takes a lot of my time.

    Writing is also one of my main activities, as I am trying to perfect my story-telling as much as possible, and seek as many writing challanges as possible. The only problem with that is that I revise a lot: for me, writing down a story takes four rather long steps, and even then I can make small corrections. So what I am really aiming for is to be able to write well without the need for so many revisions, something that will probably take a lot of time.
  19. Watching mah favorite shows & movies, boozin', eating, listening to music, booty calls

    Things like that. Although I don't leave the house much, to be honest.
  20. When im not rping or skyping at school or my job im sewing >< I tend to make anime cosplays to go to cons.... there goes all the money I make from my job