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  1. Looking for someone who would be interested in starting a spar/fight rp with me. We can discuss the background story leading to it and what the characters would be like. I've done them before but am a bit rusty and am looking for someone who has done them before as well for a bit of a challenge, if not that's fine too. :)

    My only request is that you don't godmod, if I'm using the term right, basically not control my character for me and so on.
  2. Im interested in trying this out. I was a huge fighter on my old site so Im kinda interested to get a taste of how Iwaku does spars. =D
  3. Awesome! :D I'll admit I am a bit rusty, so bare with me, but I miss doing it. What kind of spar would you be interested in doing?
  4. Sword is my Best on the other site im considered the Blade master two years running with a huge tournament and everything, so Blades are my big game.

    Aside from that I can handle Martial Arts, and Non Overpowered powers like. elements, Fire, Water, Wind etc.. that sort of thing. My super specialties in that regard are.

    Sand/Earth, and Solidified Shadow.

    Honestly I don't know how Iwaku handles fights so Im kind of relying on you to kind of set the stage and let me adapt to it since this will be my first Iwaku fight and I wanna learn ya know. btw its nice to meet ya. Names Jack, you don't have to give out rl name or whatever i just don't mind giving mine. =D
  5. Honestly... I'm not sure, no one has told me no you can't do one. I'm more familiar with hand to hand combat but have dabbled with blades. If you're mostly comfortable with that one then lets do it. :) Yay shinny and pointy things!
  6. Alright shall we just do it here? I can post a short character sheet and you can do the same so we know what each other have available.

    Lets mix up Martial arts/ Hand to hand and Blade play, sound good?
  7. Sounds great and sure, we'll do the characters sheets and then I'll create a new thread. I'll place a link for you.
  8. (Character will likely be used for a story at a later point but is being used for a fun match here.)

    Name~ Jakku T. Seitori
    Age~ 17
    Height~ 5'11
    Weight~ 167Lbs

    Appearance~ Mid/Long white hair of a wild keep. Deep golden eyes. He is built for battle, but in a lean fashion. Jakku wears well made boots of a black color, same with his gloves. He wears a warriors skirt to cover his lower region and most of his legs with tattered ends at its bottom. No upper body wear aside from the strap for the shield he likes to keep on his back, and the belt that holds the sheathe of his weapon of choice.

    Personality~ Tactical. he personally loathes fighting for bad reasons, but will enjoy a game of sport any day as it is the way of the Seitori to accept honorable battle, so his father taught him. He is intelligent and unorthodox in battle, planning each move to capitalize off of the next. Jakku is a warrior to be feared mostly when commanding a small battalion, however if you find yourself alone face to face with him, it wouldn't be wise to take him lightly either.

    Primary Weapon~ He uses a One handed sword crafted of the special metal of his home land. It is sleek and fast built for quick strikes that make up for power. Against a bigger weapon its only advantage is maneuverability Jakku can alter the direction of this weapon with a flick of the wrist. This is his named weapon Arasira

    Secondary Weapon~ A Shield with two slits on either side of it. (Think Achilles shield from Troy) It is well built of the same metal as the other weapon, and is built to have a strong exterior but the metal is incredibly light for one who had wielded it for so long. The edge all along the shield has barbs, little razors that will act like a saw blade if they meet flesh and sometimes other weapons.

    Martial Skill~ Master Swordsman, Arena Fighter, Basic hand to hand to adapt with his weapon battlement, Tactical insight, and Physical/Mental Discipline.

    (No Unnatural Abilities used in this match~)

    Please let me know if i forgot anything you'd like to know~
  9. You two seem to have caught hold of my attention, I am highly interested in a spar/fight; however I am pretty new to this sit. I use IMVU but back in the day use to be a big time forum person, joining iwaku has left me puzzled on what all to do but I am fairly certain I can pick up fast. Anyway am looking forward to what both of you have to say regaurding my interest.

  10. Name: Lora B. Maleto
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 115 lbs.

    Appearance: Long brown hair, usually kept back in a pony tail for training, a few strands always seeming to fall into her face. Bright green eyes. She was small and slender but she never let anyone take that as a mistake for how strong she was. Dark green tank top clung to her form, same for her jeans, which had quite a few scrapes and holes from the past. Though most wore boots she chose black sneakers with white laces and tip of the toe. She always carried a long staff with her, cherry blossoms engraved all over the wood, around mixed company she used it as a walking stick to not scare raise suspicion of her.

    Personality: Spontaneous, she was one to think logically about something but never thought twice after her mind was set to something. Plus, if someone every got her angry there was no thinking, only doing. She enjoyed training, something she did quite often, and loved a random fight now and again. Having grown up in a rough environment she enjoyed it, it helped her stay prepared and ready for anything.

    Primary Weapon: Most of the time she stuck with hand to hand combat but if necessary she could use anything to defend herself. She was trained mostly with a staff and occasionally the sword but she knew best weapons were her hands.

    Secondary weapon: The staff, something she kept close and always on her person. The long staff was made and given to her by her Sena (hopefully I spelled that right >.<) when he felt she was ready for the responsibility.

    Martial Skills: Tae Kwon Do, some training in Tae Jitsu and Kung Fu. Mental discipline was taught but something she hasn't conpleted. Able to adapt to any situation and weapon if its her last resort.

    (I had more of a modern look for my character in mind. If you'd like me to change it a bit for yours that's cool. Oh and where did you want to rp to start so I can do a start up for the thread?)
  11. You can definitely set the stage I have no preference =D Are we starting right off into a fight? Or is it more so story first leading up to the fight?
  12. I was going to do something that lead up to it, so I wasn't sure if they would be in training together or just bumping into each and the wrong thing gets said causing a fight. I have a few ideas, still trying to decide which.
  13. Ill work with whatever just tell me when you have posted for the actual rp =D
  14. Alright Ill be back in a little bit I have to go do a few things then we can start up =D
  15. To wolfsin & Sophia,
    Would the both of you approve of me joining in on the fun. The notion of a three person free for all glistens with the word "interesting" all over it. Am looking forward to what the both of you have to say regarding this request.
    Thank You,
    ~ |Reign|
  16. If you woundn't mind, i'd love to join in on this, I used to be big in spar/fighting on the last chat site I went to, been a while but i think I still have what it takes to get back into fighting
  17. I personally am fine with it, Since we are kind of running it like a Dojo experience anyways. So it could be kind of a Dojo rp with multiple fights even if we really wanted to and we can make it about more than just the fights if people desire. Of course this is Sophia's rp so her word would be final. We could easily make this a 4-6 person roleplay and make it really interesting for a Dojo/ School style fight rp. Just my idea but lets see what she thinks aye? =D
  18. aight bet, btw what other website did you used to go to, for fights?
  19. I was/Am the Blade Master for two years so far from.. MOW or Macabre of Writing. I first learned to fight on MYB or Myearbook, which is now Meetme. v.v Thats where I really honed it down Im not sure if I am doing everything right according to Iwaku fight rules but Im hoping so. XD