Spar anyone? (Dynamite FIghters OOC)

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  1. I would like to spar with sombody it will me semi realistic but mostly fantasy type which includes you can use magic and there will be enhancements. BUT not to the point that you god mod. As a matter of fact no godmodding at all you can only pick from the following for enhancements. ( Strength, speed, vision, and mind strength. ) the enhancement you chose just enhances it by a little like say you got the speed enhancement , you would be able to ran faster yea BUT your oppnent could have the upper hand if they got the mind strengeth predicting where you will be and so on. You can have any type of melee weapon no projectiles and plus if you could, you don't have to, you can make a character sheet stateing what you have chosen.

    Good luck to whome ever accepts my challnge.. hmhmhmh..

    Name: Shaki nihomi

    Age: 18

    Weapon: Dual katana's ( One named thorn and the other named rose )

    Fighting style: Aggrsive but stragical ( Haveing a derp moment so please forgive my spelling )

    Enhancement: Speed
  2. Im up for this spar, I used to be a good fighter back on my old chat site.
    So doing one on here will be interesting.

    (And imr eplying back on our other rp now lol)
  3. Great then this will be a great brush up. I need a good oponent to fight against. And just letting you know i am quite good at useing katanas in roleplays. just fill out the stuff that i did.
  4. Name: Boku Cryptic "BoneCrawler"
    Age: Unknown (looks about 21)
    Abilities: Manipulating his own bone cells/Converting the water within his body or around him into a heavy green mist or mix it with heavy dose of deadly poison.
    Personality: Can be vicious if tampered with. Very calm around others, has his moments to be hyper, energetic, and romantic to the ones his close to.
    Appearance: His height reaches a point of 5'11, he wears tends to wears bladed boned shoulder pads that he creats from his own shoulder blades to cover as a shirt, over the "Shirt" though is a shuited jacket that crosses past his belt line jeans, the sleeves run passed his hands but are kept rolled up to his elbos. jeans he wers are mainly old and ripped a bit by the knees, but suitable for him to wear in combat or just to walk around freely. Hes never seen with a built blade unless its his own made from his bones. He extends his spinal cord from his tail bone to form a tail that extends out to 7 yards, the bone is hard and stiff inside his body, but outside, he is able to loosen the fragments to freely move them when and how he pleases.
    Sex: Male/Demon
    Hair: Long white hair, dropping passed his eyelids.
    Outter Layer, Pitch black with a swirl of green lines in the shape of Biohazard symbol.
  5. Hmhmhm perfect do you mind setting it up? you can pick the scenery and what not.
  6. Sure, i'll mkae the post and all. What do you want it to be called, and do you wanna just instantly start the fight off in the beginning or what?
  7. Well lets just let it escalate. and call it whatever you want.
  8. (( Pleas fix the post i stated in the oc that there is no projectiles. ))
  9. (( Sorry about that, slipped my mind. I was used to doing that attack in other fights i've always been in. Post fixed though. ))
  10. (( so.. you said nothing about avoiding my trip wire, so if you don't do anything you're entangled in the wire. Allowing me to easily kill you. Cause the way i put it, when yout sword hit my wire, and you jumped over to it, I pulled the wire, the sword and you are in the center of the wire still trapped. so.. yeah. ))
  11. ( Errrr edit post you never said anything in the past posts about any toxins entering my body. And if you did it still would have been negated due to me avoideing said cloud in the post before.... )
  12. ( Again really.. Not stated.. )
  13. (( I'll pm you, on how again ))