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Spanking time.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by The Butterfly, May 6, 2011.

  1. I hear it's your birthday, Blade. I've made this thread for you to come in and let me wail on that ass. Pun intended.

    Happy birthday. Here's a moose: :moose:

  2. Happy Spawn Date, J.

    Heehee. <3
  3. Wail on my ass!? W-well, if it's you, Pete, then I suppose...

    XD Also, thanks, Apple.
  4. So I see THAT NIGHT worked wonders >D

    Happy Birthday to my favorite Poke'nerd!
  5. I'm obligated to wish you a happy birthday, however, I've decided I'd rather force you into an agreement that makes you look ahead to the future. And thus began the anniversary for yourself day, have a good one and don't forget to buy yourself a gift :)
  6. Since you are my newest minion Iraqi... Acquaintance, Happy Smurf Day.
  7. Happy b'day, Moonie~

  8. The title to this thread is VERY misleading. :(

    Happy Birthday, anyway.
  9. Moonie is growing up so fast!!! *tear*.....now which weapon should i use >3 ?
  10. XDDD Tegan!

    Thanks though, everyone! Once I claim my prize for winning the race, it'll totally make my day!

    Oh yeah, and the whole... spending the day with family... Because... I should cherish these moments, and stuff... >>
  11. "You know, Pam, if you get me drunk enough I'll have sex with you."
    "That, That's a Catch Twenty-two there... You see, the amount of alcohol I would need to have sex with you would-"