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  1. "Oh so you're straight? So is spaghetti... Until it gets hot..."

    It was the first day at college and Oliver was already in his dorm, earlier than everybody. He had unpacked everything on his side of the room. All of his clothes were neatly stacked up in his closet, all of his blazers were hung up nicely and his desk set out perfectly. Oli didn't know who his roommate was, he just got given the number '213' and a key to get him started.

    As he waited in the early hours of the Monday at his desk, already working. His first philosophy class was on Nietzsche and Oliver was preparing to become top of the class. And he went full on. He was in a navy blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up, glasses on his face as he read through the book. His thickly framed glasses balanced on his nose as he read. Oli was a morning person. In fact, any time after 5AM was his peak working time. Most people told him he needed to 'slow the aging process' because he was so mature. And dressed it too.

    Oliver sighed as he looked at his watch before turning his head to the side towards the door. Surely his roommate would be here soon, Oliver was anxious to meet him.


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  2. [​IMG]

    He’d packed too much again and he knew it.

    ”I told you this would happen, moron!” his sisters words echoed in his head, bringing the faintest of bitter smiles to Cheng’s already somewhat flushed features.

    ”So you did, so you did…”

    Barely able to carry all his bags and other belongings on his own, Cheng bravely fought his way through the corridor of the dormitory. With one large bag strung to his shoulder, the handle of his spacious suitcase in his right hand and numerous bags in his left, the relief he felt when he reached the room 213 was indescribable. There was only one minor problem: With both hands full, how was he going to open the door?

    Breathing a deep sigh, Cheng let go of the suitcase, starting to rummage through his pocket for the key. Great, I better not have lost ten minutes after receiving them. Luckily he had not, which became apparent as he finally pulled out his keys. The brief moment of panic had been completely unnecessary. In fact, he wouldn’t have needed the keys in the first place, as it turned out the door was already open. Pouting his slightly at his own clumsiness, followed by a shrug, Cheng pushed open the door and glanced inside just somewhat curiously.

    Peering at him through a pair of thick glasses was a young man. He was tall and toned, in other words; the exact opposite of Cheng. But oh God was he handsome. For once, Cheng was glad to have gone the more ’ordinary’ route. Leaving out wigs and contacts, what was left standing in the doorway was a young man with soft, slightly stylized brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Black had seemed the most appealing today, so both the tight fitting shirt, sweater and pants he was wearing were…well, black. The only contrast in the mix were his purple and white striped scarf, and of course the thinner, purple and red striped one.

    ”Well, aren’t I just the luckiest,” he mused, his expression cracking into a smile, ”what a handsome young man for a roommate I’ve got,” pausing, he frowned slightly as he glanced down at all his baggage, ”you… wouldn’t mind helping me carry all this inside, would you?”
  3. Just as Oliver went to turn back to the book, the door opened. He was staring over at a slim guy, in all black. Oliver expected quite the opposite of the words coming from the guy's mouth. His roommate looked so delicate and sweet. It made Oliver feel a little heated in the cheeks, but nevertheless, he stood up and ignored the compliments, going straight to the bags. "My pleasure." Oliver smiled politely as he walked over to the large bag and collected it from him, carrying it into the room. He placed it down on the bed that wasn't his, sighing out as he did. What was he carrying in there? It sure as hell was heavier than what Oliver had carried in.

    Oliver quickly turned to face his roommate and smoothed out his shirt before boldly offering his hand. "I'm Oliver Logan, it's a pleasure to meet you." He smiled politely as he held out his hand. Oli had such a bad tendancy to speak formally, in all situations. He called it 'practice' for when he was going into politics. Others said it made him seem superficial, but he really wasn't. Oliver just wanted to be polite.​
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  4. "My pleasure.”

    This guy… was surprisingly polite, Cheng had to admit. It sure as hell wasn’t like most youths these days but it was pleasant nonetheless - if not perhaps just a little bit stiff. Cheng, although usually polite in his way of speech, would usually ditch most formalities. ”They’re such a hassle,” is was what he tended to say before offering that pleasant, rather charming smile of his. ”And a gentleman too,” he chuckled as he followed inside, placing the suitcase right next to his bed before dumping his plastic bags on it next to the large back Oliver had carried for him. ”Thank you.”

    "I'm Oliver Logan, it's a pleasure to meet you.”

    Cheng smiled, accepting the taller males hand. ”I’m Zhao Cheng.. although most people call me Cheng. Feel free to call me by my given name as well,” the slender boy turned his attention to the bags, unzipping the large one. This was where he’d put some of his clothes, wigs and smaller cosplay related things. There were more clothes in the suitcase, along with his laptop and drawing tablet, some manga, anime and a few books (the majority of which were either written in Chinese or Japanese). His eyes narrowed into a slight frown. I’ll need to unpack all of this…
  5. As Cheng took his hand, Oliver shook it firmly before taking it away, nodding, "It's wonderful to meet you, Cheng." Oliver smoothed out his shirt again before turning around, "Uh well." He looked at the closets, "We have two closets and one bathroom, I'm not particularly bothered about how you conduct yourself but I'd appreciate it if you didn't go into my closet." Oliver pointed over to his filled wardrobe and looked over to the case. He couldn't help himself from frowning down at the array of colourful wigs and oddly coloured clothing, "Anything of... Yours-" He motioned to the suitcase, "Can go on your side." Oliver looked up at Cheng before back down to his desk.

    "Well, I hope our experience together is pleasant." Oliver had such a formal way of speaking. He smiled before sitting back down at his desk, pulling up his chair to it. He pushed up his glasses and opened up the book again, getting more comfortable into the book. As he did, Oliver peeked over to the suitcase again briefly. It was a curious sight, Oliver hadn't come across anybody who well, wore wigs. ​
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  6. Cheng’s lips quirked into a smile, his eyebrow raised as he peered up at the other male. ”You really think I’ve got nothing better to do than rudely go rummaging through other people’s belongings?” he was amused, to say the least. Even if he tried to fake a slightly offended expression, his true emotions were shining right through it, ”Don’t you worry, dear. My parents did a better job raising me than so,” and with that said he grabbed the bag, carrying it over to his closet before placing it down with a soft thump. Wigs and cosplay related clothing went to the upper shelves while normal clothing was sorted into the lower ones. Delicate articles were hung and before he knew it, he was almost done sorting at least his clothes.

    "Well, I hope our experience together is pleasant."

    Turning around he beamed at Oliver. ”So do I, Oliver.” Even so, what really went through his head all throughout that moment was: please don’t be a judgmental asshole, please don’t be a judgmental asshole, please don’t be a judgmental asshole. Cheng had received enough experience with that kind of person to last for a life time. Sharing a room with one for a longer period of time would, to be frank; be a pain. Not that Cheng had any intensions of letting it influence him in any way, even if this happened to be the case. Cheng would be Cheng, whether people liked it or not.

    ”So…uhm…” the youth sat down on his bed, briefly glancing over at his remaining bags before deciding he could tend to it later. Focusing his dark orbs on Oliver once more, Cheng tilted his head a little to the side. ”Tell me a bit about yourself,” if they were going to be roommates, they might as well get to know each other, no? Nevertheless Cheng couldn’t help but feel just slightly awkward. His new roommate didn’t seem like the most talkative of people.
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  7. Oliver felt like he was staring. And he kind of was. What sort of student would need clothes like that? Not to mention the wigs. He furrowed his eyebrows as he focused back on the book, realizing he hadn't actually been reading anything on the page. He muttered a curse as he went back to the top of the page before he was distracted again.

    "Hm?" Oliver perked up and turned to face Cheng. "Oh well. I'm Oliver Logan, Uh.. I'm majoring in Politics and Economics." He twisted a little more as he took off his glasses, they were irritating his eyes a bit. Oli placed them down on the table before turning to him again, "I'm also doing Philosophy." He nodded. Usually he was good with talking, but these were the times when Oliver noticed he was sort of boring. "I like really dull stuff like suits and Plato." He let out an airy laugh at his bad attempt of humour.

    "What about you..." Oliver looked over to the bags and thought of a better question, "What's with the um, the wigs?" He looked back at Cheng, hoping he wasn't like, a drag queen. Oliver had nothing against them it's just, they're so, dramatic. Too dramatic for the conservative Oliver.​
  8. Cheng listened quietly, although intently to Oliver’s introduction. Even as he spoke, he had the feeling Oliver’s eyes were boring right through him. Being stared at wasn’t exactly unusual for Cheng; be it fangirls or strangers thinking he was a peculiar prick, it was something he’d gotten used to over the years. He didn’t really mind the attention; at least not most of the time. And yet, now when Oliver did it he somehow felt just slightly nervous. He couldn’t explain why, he just did. That in itself was rather unusual for Cheng.

    ”Politics and Economics sound fun,” that was no lie. Despite being an artist at heart, Cheng had always had an interest in especially politics. It used to frustrate him a lot when he realized that he was one of the few children interested in keeping up with the news and recent events. As such, his rants and opinions had often been unwelcome among other children, which for the most part had no idea what he was even talking about. ”Heh… and it seems like we’re both taking philosophy, so I guess we might bump into each other in class,” now the slender boy was grinning, seeming genuinely pleased by the thought.

    At Oliver’s mention of liking ’dull’ things, Cheng’s expression reverted to a slightly more serious state. ”Boring? Hardly; I find suits look incredibly sexy on men. Women too, I would suppose. Formal wear brings out a certain elegance in people. They shouldn’t be underestimated,” he chuckled softly, seeming quite amused by it all.

    "What's with the um, the wigs?"

    Let them judge if they feel so inclined. ”I’m cosplayer, so most of them are for my hobby,” he smiled, reaching for one of the bags which had been entirely dedicated to wigs. Out of it he pulled a really long, white one, which would reach all the way down to his hips if he wore it. ”I cosplay a few characters, but mostly traditional Chinese garments,” Cheng ran his slender fingers through the long, white hair of the wig as he looked thoughtful for a moment, ”although some of them I wear casually too. They’re incredibly practical if you often find yourself changing hair color and style. It puts less strain on your hair and is a lot of fun too,” he pulled out another wig. This one had been cut short and was a bright pink color. ”See? They give me the artistic freedom I like,” this was just as good as any time to mention it, ”I’m majoring in Digital Arts and Fine Arts, so I suppose it’s just another way for me to express myself.”

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  9. "Oh?" Oliver said quietly as Cheng pointed out men looking sexy in suits. That wasn't Oliver's purpose - To look sexy - The suits were to make him look smart, sophisticated and mature. But he guessed sexy would work to. Not like he wanted to look sexy for this guy. His eyes stared at Cheng as he spoke. It was a problem, Oliver stared too much at the speaker, it had been pointed out to him during debates in politics. It was also nice to see they had a common interest. From what Oliver was seeing and hearing, they weren't going to have anything else to talk about. So the philosophy would be a great conversation.

    His eyes focused on the wigs. He didn't mean to be rude at all but, he just didn't get it. "So, you like dressing up?" To him, it sounded childish, but once Cheng pointed out he was doing art, Oliver mouthed an 'ohh' and nodded. "I guess that's very interesting." He smiled politely, "I guess I just don't come across many wig-wearers in the politics school. It must be an artist thing." He laughed awkwardly. But it must be, the only person Oliver knew to wear a wig was his grandfather - And that was a toupee.

    "Do you mind if I hop into the shower for a second? I didn't manage to get one this morning." Oliver put his glasses down onto the table and stretched out a little. Quickly, he began undoing the top buttons before realizing Cheng was behind him, "Oh Gosh, I apologize." He blushed a little as he quickly ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind him. Why was he being so awkward today?​
  10. He was staring at him. Cheng was sure of it now. He didn’t know if it was because his roommate thought he was weird or simply had a bad habit of staring at people- but it made Cheng feel just slightly nervous. Not because he minded being looked at- on the contrary. Cheng loved the attention. No, the problem here was mainly that he didn’t know the reason as to why Oliver was staring at him. It wasn’t exactly like he could just… ask either. ”Hey, why are you staring at me? It’s rude, you know.” No, definitely not.

    Cheng pouted slightly as he considered Oli’s words. ”I’m not sure if it’s so much an artist thing as much as it’s simply just a fun hobby… although I do suppose the one must at least have a string of artistic interest to be into it. Honestly it’s really not all that unusual. As you said, I think it depends on what kind of people you hang around,” he paused for a brief moment, frowning just slightly, ”I grew up with a sister who’s got an amazing sewing talent. She also happened to have a huge interest in Japanese animation, and went to a lot of conventions. I suppose I was simply dragged into it all… but it’s fun,” he was smiling. When he was younger, his sister used to love sticking him in a wig and cute dress. For some reason, Cheng never really minded. Especially not when he got a lot of positive attention for it at the conventions. Then again, he’d also gotten into trouble because of it at numerous occasions. Nowadays he didn’t crossdress very often, but when he did… well, most wouldn’t even be able to recognize him as a guy. Cheng made a perfect trap.

    ”I don’t mind, go ahead.”

    He’s blushing, that’s adorable. Yet the look he gave him was innocent, if not slightly confused. ”There’s no need to apologize,” he said in amusement, shaking his head slightly. They were both men, what was the problem? Cheng certainly wouldn’t have minded seeing a bit more of that tanned flesh. Maybe that’s the problem… he reasoned before shaking his head at himself and reaching for his bag. It took him a moment to find the book he was currently reading; a Chinese boys love novel by the name Feng Yu Jiu Tian. Laying down flat on his stomach, Cheng proceeded to diving into the story.
  11. As he got into the bathroom, Oliver looked at the time on his watch, he still had time. Plus, today he only had two hours of Politics, focusing on European Policies. It would be fairly relaxed. He began undressing, hanging the clothes on the towel rack carefully. As he looked back to the mirror, he saw his own naked body. It sort of made him sigh, frowning a little. Oliver poked his abs, he could probably use a couple more hours at the gym. Sure, he was pretty toned, but not toned enough. Not at least, to how he'd like to be.

    Oliver sighed, giving up on poking at himself before jumping into the shower. The water was cold at first, but it soon heated up. Hopefully Cheng wasn't planning on showering, because Oliver had full intent on using all of the hot water. He quickly scrubbed himself down with the soap he had placed in here earlier. He washed his hair and rinsed off. Thinking of Cheng, Oliver wondered more about the boy who was so odd in his eyes. Oliver wasn't quite sure how to feel about him. Sure, he was certainly nice and definitely not a jerk. But the whole, wigs thing confused him. Nevertheless, it was something he could deal with.

    Once he was dried and clean, Oliver pulled on his boxers. He went to walk out, almost forgetting his roommate was even there. Dammit, he thought, letting go of the handle. Oliver was the type to lazy around in his underwear if nobody was going to look. But he felt it was decent to keep your clothes on around another person, unless that person is your lover. And Oliver wasn't gay. He quickly pulled on his shirt and pants, before walking out again. "Hey, it's all yours if you wanna use the bathroom. I've got reading to do - What are you reading?" He looked down to his own book before back at the one in Cheng's hands. ​
  12. Several weeks had passed since Cheng moved into the same room as Oliver. Although he overall really didn’t have any reason to complain (ok, Oliver could be a bit stuffy at times, but not so much that it became a bother), things were slowly beginning to get complicated. The brunet wasn’t exactly sure why, but for some reason he started caring about Oli’s opinion — especially about him. Considering Cheng is the kind of person who never gives a damn about anyones opinion and just does what he wants anyway, that in itself was a mystery to the youth.

    Why did he care about Oli’s opinion? The guy probably thought he was an alien or something anyway. Besides, why was he wondering about what Oliver was thinking in the first place? As far as Cheng was aware, there could only be one reasonable explanation for this — though Cheng wouldn’t let himself think that was the case. Oliver was most definitely not gay; not in the least. Cheng could keep flirting with him on a superficial level, but that was as far as he’d ever get. He knew it, he’d known it to begin with… and yet he still couldn’t help himself but feel slightly frustrated.

    Think of something else. A voice in his head chimed, sounding irritably cheerful as he let a heavy sigh escape his lips. He was sitting cross-legged on his bed, his back to the door as he focused on the sketchpad on his lap. The assignment was to make character designs for a protagonist and an antagonist — though since Cheng was still struggling with the concept itself, that was way easier said than done. The only thing he’d managed to jot down rather half heartedly so far was a messy portrait of Oliver. It was definitely not what he should be doing.
  13. Even though Oliver's mind was being overloaded with Marxism, Nietzsche and Reforms, somebody else managed to take up time too. His damn roommate made appearances in his mind constantly and it was beginning to bug Oliver. He rarely thought about anything else besides his work, so his roommate was certainly unwelcome. Plus, he wasn't ever going to admit to anybody, including himself, that he really was thinking about another man.

    It didn't make him gay though. Right? Oliver loosened his waistcoat as he strolled into his dorm, spotting Cheng on the floor. Recently, Oliver was being a little too overly defensive. Everything Cheng said irritated Oliver, and the poor kid probably had no idea why Oliver continued to get to irritable.
    It wasn't like Cheng was even doing anything. Just, him being there reminded Oliver that he was thinking about him.

    "Hey." He said shortly as he took off the waistcoat and put it on the back of his desk chair. He the loosened up his tie and undid some buttons. He let out a sigh and collapsed into his chair, facing away from Cheng. Sure, he was nice to Cheng as much as he could be, but as soon as Cheng even so brushed past him, Oliver felt irritated, mostly at himself. Maybe he needed a girlfriend? All Oliver knew was, Cheng was on his mind more than Oliver bargained for. He turned on the laptop and waited for it to load. As it was quiet, Oliver decided, he was not a rude man. "What're you drawing?" Oliver asked, staring at Cheng through the computer screen.

  14. "Hey. What're you drawing?"

    The very moment he heard Oliver's voice, Cheng jumped just slightly and hurriedly slammed his sketchbook shut. It was an automatic reaction. He didn't know how Oli would react to seeing a scribble resembling himself – and Cheng wasn't ready to take any risks and find out either. Instead he tried to brush over the surprised reaction with a cheeky smile, turning away from his computer screen so that he was actually looking at Oliver; even if his roommate was facing away from him. Nevertheless, he couldn't hide the faint red tint dusting his cheeks.

    "Nothing special, love. I'm making character designs for a project, but it's not going particularly well," he placed the sketchbook rather carelessly on his bed, yawning and stretching as he got on his feet. It wasn't even a complete lie. Cheng had tried to do his assignment, even if he did get distracted halfway through.

    "What about you, Oli-chan?" Cheng asked, tilting his head to the side as he headed over to Oliver, curiously peeking over his shoulder. "How was your day?" his chocolate gaze shifted to his roommates face, which suddenly definitely was way too close to Cheng's than would be socially acceptable. Or rather, it was the other way around. Cheng was way too close to him. He found himself doing this quite often lately – sometimes on purpose and sometimes... it just happened.

    This time around it was probably the latter. As such, Cheng made sure to straighten up and move away from Oliver again, sitting down on the foot end of his bed as he tried not to look flustered. It was hard with a heart that felt as though it was beating in his ears.
  15. "I'm sorry to hear that.." His voice was quiet as he began opening up essays. He found one on Marx and tried to read through it. It might of been easier for Oliver if he had actually been listening to the lecture rather than pondering over which colour wig Cheng suited more. What colour did he suit anyway? The darker colours did look nicer...

    "Eh?" Oliver jumped, noticing he had totally got caught up in his own thoughts again. Oliver leaned away from Cheng, trying not to get too close. "Oh, it was fine. Lectures were tedious..." He mumbled, he coughed and narrowed his eyes at the words on the screen. He exhaled deeply as Cheng slinked away again. This was getting awkward. But it was only because Oliver was making it so.

    It went quiet for a few minutes as Oliver typed in an irritated way. This was how it had been for a while. Maybe he should just relax. Oliver took his hands away from the keyboard and sighed loudly, putting a hand to the back of his neck, rubbing it. "Ugh..." He shut his eyes, trying to calm himself down from the unneeded huff he had got into.​
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  16. Awkward silences had become quite common, lately. It unnerved Cheng, since whilst he didn't mind moments of silence, even in conversations; awkward silences were certainly a different matter. There were rare occasions when Cheng didn't know how to act. With Oliver around, these occasions had become...well...less rare. It probably wasn't only Oliver's fault, though the way he sort of awkwardly seemed to avoid even getting close to Cheng certainly didn't make it any better. Part of him felt sad about it; almost as though his roommate was disgusted by him somehow. People thinking of Cheng as strange wasn't all that unusual – usually he didn't care. Yet for whatever reason the thought of Oliver thinking of him as such affected him more than it should have.

    Sighing, Cheng propped up his feet on the edge of the bed, hugging his knees to his chest as he tried to figure out what to say or do. In the meanwhile he wearily watched his roommate hack away irritably on his keyboard. Judging by his roommates actions, Cheng wasn't the only one feeling mildly distressed. That they should feel distressed for the same reasons, however, Cheng somehow doubted. Resisting the urge to tell Oliver that if he kept typing so violently, he'd most likely end up destroying the keyboard, the Chinese youth let himself drop backwards onto his bed, landing with a soft thud.

    "Maybe... you should take a hot bath or something," he suggested wearily, keeping his chocolate gaze locked on the ceiling, "it usually helps me relax..."
  17. "Yeah..." Oliver agreed. If only Cheng wasn't being so insistent in his mind, he'd be fine. Since the essay was half done and Oliver was rather stressed, a hot bath sounded great. "I'm taking your advice." Oliver stood up, half slamming down the lid of his laptop as he began taking off his shirt. They had both, sort of come acustomed to seeing eachother's bodies now. Still, it didn't stop Oliver from going bright red when he saw the milky colour of Cheng's soft torso. Oliver undid his shirt, hanging it on the back of the seat before fiddling with his belt, "I'll be like, half hour." Oliver flashed a half smile at Cheng as he whipped off his belt.

    He spent a long time in the bath. The water relaxed him, a bit. Still, Cheng floated around in his mind. Oliver had almost given up fighting it as he imagined the soft eyed boy, sitting in the bath next to him. It wasn't like he was fantasizing about a super, muscular man. Cheng was rather feminine, maybe his mind had mixed it up a little. Oliver sighed, what did it even matter? Cheng was flirty with everyone, and Oliver certainly did not want to enter a relationship with a boy. With a huff, he emptied the bath and crawled out to change.

    Oliver walked into the dorm again in just sweatpants, "I'm so done. I don't think I could possibly handle anymore essay writing." Oliver sounded tired, his words just filling up awkward silence. He walked over to his bed and flopped onto it, rolling his head to look at his roommate.​
  18. Cheng tried not to stare too much when Oliver removed his shirt, though still found himself sneaking a peek. Just for a briefly, of course. It would be hard enough to explain to Oliver when his roommate was in a good mood. Like this, Cheng doubted it would be a pleasant experience. "Feel better, honey," he encouraged softly, entwining his fingers thoughtfully as he returned Oliver's half smile with one of his own. As soon as he was out of the room, however, the brunet crashed into his bedsheets and pillows, burrowing his slowly reddening face in the soft fabric.

    "Why do you need to be so terribly hot and not be into guys? It's very hard on me, you know..." he was mumbling into his, and although he was sure no one heard him, it was still almost like he was expecting an answer to his complaint. Obviously, he never got one, which after a few minutes of brooding, had him to pick up his sketch book once more. Yet no matter how hard he tried to think of something else, Oliver still wouldn't leave his mind.

    "I'm so done. I don't think I could possibly handle anymore essay writing."

    "You still look rather tense... has something happened?" Cheng asked after a moment of consideration, tilting his head to the side.
  19. Yeah, You.

    Oliver sighed as he thought, turning his head away from Cheng. "No." He said, with a sour tone. He felt so bad for acting like Cheng had wronged Oliver in some way, but it was his only defense mechanism. "I'm just sick of it." Oliver mumbled, staring at the ceiling. He couldn't understand why. Oliver didn't want to accept the fact he simply was attracted to Cheng. If he just admitted it to himself, it would make life so much easier. At least, for him.

    It went silent for a moment as Oliver thought. He was being plain rude and he had to stop it. Curiously, Oli looked over to Cheng again. "...Cheng?" He took a deep breath in, "Are you, gay?" He asked before sitting up. "I don't want to intrude, seriously but..." He licked his lips, crossing his legs and folding his arms over his exposed chest, "You just seem, into men? Please, I do not want to offend. I'm curious." Oliver felt awkward and instantly regretted asking. It didn't even occur to him that he wasn't giving Cheng a chance to fit words in as he spoke quickly, "I mean. I'm curious about you. I mean, that we haven't spoken about that and I haven't asked you about your relationships. Shit, I'll stop talking now..." Oliver went red. That was the first time he fucked up his words. ​
  20. Cheng tilted his head to the side, watching Oliver carefully. "Sick of it." Sick of what? Once again Cheng found himself genuinely confused by Oliver's actions. It wasn't like he'd done anything that could possibly have offended Oliver, right? Or at least Cheng didn't think so. Of course, if that was the case it would probably be best to resolve it soon. He was just about to ask, when Oliver suddenly looked at him, asking a question of his own.

    "...Cheng? Are you, gay?" He asked before sitting up. "I don't want to intrude, seriously but... You just seem, into men? Please, I do not want to offend. I'm curious. I mean. I'm curious about you. I mean, that we haven't spoken about that and I haven't asked you about your relationships. Shit, I'll stop talking now..."

    Oliver's words elicited a soft laugh from the brunet, a look of amusement crossing his features. So this was what it was about? Cheng could only see two ways this was going. Either Oliver would flip out, as Cheng had experienced several men do in the past when he confirmed their suspicions, or Oliver would finally be able to relax – for whatever reason this question had been bothering him. "Well, yes," the Chinese youth mused, "I thought you knew that already. I mean, I haven't been very subtle about it, have I?" he paused for a brief moment, regarding Oliver as he let his words sink in, before speaking again, "Is that what's been bothering you? Now, if you're wondering about my relationships... I've had several boyfriends in the past but none currently..." he trailed off, flopping onto his stomach and grabbing his pillow to rest his chin on it, "what about you? Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?"