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  1. In the year 2790, A young human by the name of Reilly Atwood came across a ship in a scrapyard, in an attempt to loot it for cool stuff, he found that it had an extremely rare AI pilot. Following it's instructions, he was able to repair the ship, but with a catch... the AI would let him be the captain. Reilly almost immediately started putting up Help-Wanted posters, with the instructions for all takers to gather in the same scrapyard where he found the ship in order to join the crew and perform dangerous jobs for large amounts of money.

    Open spots will include the AI pilot, engineers, medics, fighters, translators, pretty much anyone who can contribute something to the crew. Crew can be human or aliens. In this lore, the majority of sapient species look somewhat like humans, due to being created by a precursor race.

    Current Species.

    Humans: Appearance does not need explanation, often viewed as ferocious and determined by the other races.
    They appeared in the midst of an Ice-Age, where brutal stubbornness was what got them through it.

    Chromatics: Resemble humans but with a far wider range of hair and eye color, Heterochromia is common, and colorful tattoos or face-paint are often worn. They are often viewed as energetic and materialistic.
    They evolved in an environment with almost no predators, so became colorful and lively, much like Earth's birds of paradise.

    Vampires: Resemble humans with monochrome hair, pale skin, and red eyes... essentially being all albino. They are very vulnerable to UV radiation, and lack the ability to sweat.
    They are often viewed as patient and efficient. They evolved mostly underground, where they hid from the numerous and deadly predators.

    Jotun: Resemble Humans but average about seven and a half feet, and are extremely strong, capable of running 40 miles per hour, and can bench press 1800 pounds in Earth's gravity. They also have sharp teeth and claws, and an almost entirely carnivorous diet. They are often viewed as proud yet loyal.
    They developed in a situation where an abundance of mega-fauna forced them to gain strength and speed, as well as a tighter pack mentality.

    Scavengers: Resemble Humans but with shades of light blue, light green, or pink skin and glowing eyes of blue, green, or yellow with no visible sclera or pupil. They often show very little skin through their clothing, and have the ability to telepathically communicate with any being containing Scavener blood in it's brain They are viewed as mysterious and protective of their belongings.
    They evolved similarly to humans, but a nuclear war caused them to be set back centuries, and gave them strange abilities before they were able to advance back to the space age.

    *Additional Races pending.

    *Suggestions and questions for plot and the races are appreciated and encouraged.
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  2. May I introduce a new race?
  3. Can I play the AI? I think it could be pretty fun being this kind of omnipresent existence that's interacting with every part of the vehicle at the same time.
  4. seems interesting i may have interest.
  5. I would be up for a roleplay......


    Joking aside, i like the sound of the concept and it has potential. The only concerns i would have are pacing and posting. I've been burnt by several group Rps on another site to the point where i just went "Screw this, if they ain't giving me a chance to post, i am outta here". Dislike trying to catch up on 50 pages because i slept or had life. But aside from that, i would love to be a part of this RP. :)
  6. Well, I think I'll have this up by Wednesday at the least. If anyone wants to add something to the lore or race list, PM me so we can discuss it.
  7. Added two more races to the list. The powerful Jotuns and the telepathic Scavengers.
  8. I may have to postpone this 'till tomorrow, a headache has been negatively affecting my ability to properly organize the lore and race info, and I want to make sure it looks good.

    I'm sorry if anyone was particularly excited to have a character up today.
  9. Ooh I'd be interested in joining this
  10. Bugger mcbugging's Bugger! Forgot about this. Life decided to be naughty for a while thus i had to beat life back into submission. Or something just came up and i was being witty about it with that statement. Either way, Life caused me to lose focus on RPs and CSes. Will aim to start on mine ASAP!
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