Spacecowboys, Bounty Hunters and Gangsters

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  1. Somewhere in New Jersey, Planet: Earth​

    Raenya glared up at the sky from atop her ship as a dry breeze blew through her hair. She had gotten tired of staring at the desert around her. She had landed in the middle of an abandoned town somewhere in the former Western states, she wasn't sure where since she turned off her location system to conserve energy. The people had most likely left after hearing of all the wonderful choices of planets they had once the gates had been put up so long ago. Why anyone would want to live on a planet like earth she had no idea. Her ship was running low on fuel and she had stopped to consider her options as far as getting off the planet.

    She had recently acquired a bounty on her head, due to no fault of her own, and so walking around freely was no option at the moment. Raenya sat up and stretched her arms high over her head, pulling the muscles in her stomach as she did so. "I guess I have no choice then," she sighed as she jumped down. "I gotta walk to the next town." She squinted her eyes and put up a hand to fend off the sunlight. It was there. Very, very far away, but there. "The longer I stay here, the more I start to realize just how sad of a planet this is..." She picked up her gas can and started walking.

    There were miles and miles and space between her and the next town but she had a higher endurance than most so it wasn't the worst walk she had ever managed. When she finally arrived she found the next town over to be rather lively. Se had half expected it to be dead considering the surroundings, but it was functioning just the same. She felt her pockets for her units. She pulled out the card and sighed. There wasn't much on it and she needed it for fuel but she was feeling pretty hungry.

    She sucked it up and went to the nearest station despite her stomach. She ducked under the wing of one of the ships there and went inside. Her bounty would have been put out two days ago, so she was hoping she wouldn't have too much trouble getting in and out of the place. As she walked out of the store someone grabbed her and covered her mouth with a hand that smelt a lot like gas. Raenya's first reaction was to lay the stranger out but if someone had seen her and possibly recognized her then overpowering him was not a good idea so she let the stranger take her off behind the building and decided to wait before acting. Hopefully someone had seen her.
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  2. The door to the Kitty was open, and Zedakaizer, or Zed as he called himself, or Kaizer as he called himself. He saw the pretty woman go in the store, a quick search online brought up her information. He wasn't surprised to see that she had a bounty, in this little section of space, it was more likely to meet a criminal or bounty hunter than it was a regular civilian. He figured she was here the same reason he was; fuel, supplies, and maybe a nice new toy to install in the ship. He pulled on a lever and a rack dropped down next to him, on it was an array of pointy, shiny, and mostly harmless things. Harmless if you were the one using them. He hopped from his ship and turned to follow her, after grabbing some crazy looking gadget.

    He didn't know why he had came back to earth, there wasn't much that interested him here. He had to hack his ship to make it safe to travel, whoever owned it previously went by the name Kool-aide or something like that. He liked Kool-aide, it was sweet and stored nicely. That reminded him, he needed to transfer some money. If he didn't take some out regularly his parents would get involved. They were lame, he didn't need them and they knew it.

    He saw the woman being followed, a real shady type of fellow. He tilted his head tongue stuck out of the side of his mouth. He followed behind softly jogging after them. He watched what was happening, he wasn't nearly as prominent as the woman, and his bounty was just a faction of hers. He lifted the strange gizmo and stepped out into view, "Hey you, what you doing to that woman?" He pointed the black, light covered, microphone looking, device at the man. "Or what are you planning on doing to her actually?" He was much smaller than man, but also taller, it made him seem lanky though and wouldn't cause much intimidation, even with an apparent toy in his hands.
  3. "Damn...." Zacary Yoxall says as he lays, sprawled, in his ship's cockpit, the protective dome withdrawn into the hull of the ship. "I'm so hungry! Why'd have to pour all that cash into upgrades?" Although, if it weren't for the upgrades, I wouldn't be able to get the money to eat, he thinks as he looks down. At the bottom of the cockpit lay a long, metallic, rectangular shape, akin to a long suitcase, only it had no visible means to open up. "I just gotta find that happy medium between food and work," he mutters.

    Just then, he watches as a rather attractive young woman ducks under the wing of his ship and proceeds to enter a building, a suspicious-looking man trailing after her, followed by yet another man with what appeared to be a microphone in his hand. "Better go see what that's about," he mutters as he stands and vaults over the side of his ship, landing lightly on the ground. After checking that his large revolver, a relic from an old time, yet still more reliable than the state-of-the-art sidearms, was fastened to his hip, he walks into the building.

    Stepping inside, he sees the two men, one taller and skinnier than the other, talking to one another, the lanky one asking what the other was going to do to the woman. Maintaining a relaxed air, he walks over with an easy grin and asks, "Hey, something wrong? Come on, let me buy us all a drink and we'll just let bygones be bygones!"
  4. Luckily she had seemed to catch the attention of another man who walked up behind them just as the unclean stranger was binding her hands. He had one of those thin electric bands that forced your hands together and trying to pull them apart caused a very strong burning sensation, along with occasional scarring. "Hey, maybe I've given you the wrong idea here," she started nervously. He pressed her face against the side of the building as he searched her pockets. Her anger continued to build. "Hey you, what you doing to that woman? Or what are you planning on doing to her actually?"

    Her captor turned her around roughly to face them. He looked normal enough but there was no telling if he was a bounty hunter or not. Honestly, he didn't seem like one considering it looked like there wasn't much strength to him and she always thought hunters were rather well equipped. He held something in his hand that he pointed at her captor. She rolled her eyes. Great, now this guy is going to get himself killed.

    Just as this thought came to her another man appeared. "Hey, something wrong? Come on, let me buy us all a drink and we'll just let bygones be bygones!" Earth was only seeming more and more pathetic by the second. He didn't have a very threatening air either. Today just keeps getting better and better. "It's her! I-It's not me! It's people like her that bring the sickness and no one can cure it. We need test subjects."

    Raenya began to take deep breaths to calm herself. She looked at the men across from her. "This guy is crazy! Are you just gonna stand there and let him take me or what? I'm waiting for someone to save me already!" Her damsel in distress facade wore off quickly and now she just wanted to go back to her ship and get off this sorry excuse for a planet.
  5. Zac watches as the man searches the woman's pockets, claiming her to have brought sickness to them. Sighing, Zac then says, "Alright. I tried being nice, but if that won't get you to let her go..." His arm had been laying across the man's shoulders. However, in an instant, Zac's arm then wraps around the man's throat, elbow underneath his chin.

    Zac then pulls the man away as easily as if he weren't even resisting, holding him firmly in a chokehold. "Now," he says, his voice quiet and serious, a complete one-eighty from the light-hearted tone he had used only moments before, "let's make a deal. You let this woman go and I don't snap your neck, got it?"
  6. Kaizer turned to the new voice, his eye implant running a deep net search on his face. An alert came bearing the name Bloodhound, and he tilted his head. What? This man is no dog... A follow up search revealed that Bloodhound was a bounty hunter. So that is why it alerted me... better play this safe. "Hey man, no need to kill the poor sod, he's obviously confused." He stepped forward and kept his device pointed at them, though just for the purpose of using it on the unknown man. "What do you mean disease, and test subjects?" He kept his distance, in case the woman did indeed carry some incurable disease.
  7. Raenya stepped back as both of her would be rescuers swooped in on the poor man. He just laughed. "All of those gates up there? They were what ruined us! All of those aliens and such coming down here, bringing their diseases... She's a Martian, she's the worst of 'em! But if I can take her back to the doctors then they can use her blood to find a cure. Don't you understand?"

    "Idiot. They already have a cure for Martian Sickness," Raenya said with a sigh. "Plus, they wouldn't let me into an earth hospital." To the other two men she said, "He's crazy, I told you. Everbody knows they have a cure for most of the illness other races brought to earth." She rolled her shoulders, which were starting to feel a little stiff.
  8. Zac can't help but chuckle, hearing the man claim the woman had brought Martian Sickness with her. "She's right. Martian Sickness has become as dangerous as the flu of old. But, if you think all Martians are guilty of that," he says, "then you should be more worried about me. After all, I've got my arm around your neck and I was born and raised on Mars, too."
  9. Zed tilted his head looking at them. He sighed disappointedly, and with a flick of his wrist activated the device in his hand. It buzzed for a second then a red light shown from it. The trio started to feel the temperature rise around them, and he said, "You talk to much, we gave you a choice and you chose wrong." With a sharp zwip sound the man holding Raeyna got blisters on his hands and forearms, "I suggest getting away from him." A high pitched whine came from the device and the temperature started escalating rapidly, in a few seconds the gas residue on the man would ignite, and if they were too close the flame might catch them as well.
  10. He's Martian too? Raenya stared at the stranger with his arm around her creepy captor's neck. He didn't look like much of a fighter, but obviously he could hold his own to some extent. She stepped back from them as she noticed blisters appearing on the man's forearms. She looked to the other stranger who pointed the microphone like object toward the crazy man. Do they mean to kill him?
    Her eye twitched. "Hold on!There's no reason to kill the guy. Just give him a good beating and go about you day; he's not worth the effort."
  11. Zac didn't have any problems killing people. His job demanded it of him sometimes. However, now that he knew the man was merely acting on a mistake, albeit an unfair one, he no longer saw reason for him to die, especially in as painful a manner as what this stranger had in mind. Not caring about his own safety, Zac steps between the two men, hand resting on his gun while his other hand held onto the man's sleeve to keep him from running. Ignoring the burning pain now affecting him, he says, "That's enough, stranger. Lay down your weapon or I'll have to be forced to shoot you." Although it'll most likely be the last shot I ever fire, he realizes.
  12. Kaizer tilted his head, at this range it is unlikely I would be able to avoid the shot... He huffed and the whining, and heat, stopped. He pointed the device upward and then with a bang, a ball of fire erupted in the sky above him. It was obvious it was caused by the device, but the fire didn't come from the device, rather, the air itself had burst with flames a few yards above. "I ain't putting it down, but I'm stopping," he turned to the woman, "oh it is no effort, just a simple point and burn."
    The blisters on the man's arms were quite serious, and the flesh was bright red and pretty much all the nerve endings were burnt off. It was merciful that last bit, but it would hurt like hell when they grew back. "I haven't met to many Martians, but Mr. Yoxall and the woman don't look infected with anything to me," he said to the captive man. He spun the device in his hand then dropped it into one of his pockets. If the bounty hunter decided to shoot, the device wouldn't help him anyways.
  13. Alerted by the fireball, yet another man came rushing in. "What the hell are you people doing with fire 'round here? You want to set the place ablaze?"
  14. Kaizer turned to look at the newcomer, "If I wanted to set the place ablaze, you wouldn't need to be asking." He spoke as if it was absurd to even think of asking that question. Zed moved back a little though, he didn't want to be too close to the bounty hunter if he realized who he was.
  15. He rubbed the back of his head. "Good point. I'm not entirely sure of how things go here on Earth. Anyhow - what WAS that anyway? I hadn't seen a fireball like that in atmosphere before..."

    He seemed completely oblivious to the current situation.
  16. Zedakaizer pulled out his device, fully turning away from the girl and two men. "Oh, that was a this little beauty. I call it a burner, kinda just, point and burn." The device looked like an early twenty-first century microphone. "It's a prototype, a bit more powerful and dangerous than the later models." He smiled, his scanner working to bring up information on the new guy. "So besides the crazy guy, what brings y'all to this hunk of debris?"
  17. The man looked absolutely fascinated by it. "Oooh, any chance I get to know how it works? Sounds that with a little bit more power, it would be an amazing ship-based weapon..."

    His scanner would bring up everything on file - name being Carlyle, his old occupation being shipbuilder, the murder of his wife and his trial pinning him as guilty of it (which, along with the private bounty on him, rose the price on his head to several hundred thousand credits), the visual identification of the last known ship he was aboard - the Circus Shuffle, one of his own creations - and his last known location - Benedict V, six systems over.

    The man coughed, looking slightly embarrassed. "I mean - yeah. Sorry about that. I was just here to gather some petroleum for my ship's systems and a box or two of MREs for a long flight. A little bird told me this place is usually... calm. Yeah, calm."
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