Space type sci fi, anyone?

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    Hi, I'm Sam(antha). Random nerdy chick. c:​
    I'm getting a really random, wicked craving for a sci fi roleplay. As in, something to do with spaceships and interstellar travel. Plot... I don't have a specific one and would totally love to brainstorm one with my partner, but something high action would be preferable. Yes, romance is on the table, but I will not have it be the plot. A little side thing would be great, though. c: No mature roleplay, though, I'm pretty awkward when it comes to that.​
    In other words, I want some sci-fi world building.​
    Also, fantasy elements (elves, vampires, magic, etc) are definitely something I wouldn't mind adding in, but they're optional.​
    My standards:
    I would prefer someone who is at least decent with grammar. Length doesn't really matter, as long as you give me something to reply to. As in, "She smiled." is unacceptable, while "She smiled and asked, 'What about you?'" is perfectly fine. Keep your characters realistic, please. No fairy princess vampire doctors who model in fashion shows on the weekend.​
    My abilities:
    I can do five or six sentences per reply. Maybe more, maybe less. I have a good grasp of grammar, and my vocabulary isn't incredibly impressive but not small either. I do curse, but if you'd prefer that I didn't, I can totally omit those words. I'll probably play male for this roleplay, so.​
    Pretty sure that wraps it up. c:​
  2. Wait.... Did you just said Space?


    And action too? Where do I sign?

    So, did you had some plot you would like in particular? Something in mind?
  3. Something involving battles and guns and explosions, pretty much. I'm really craving something military or mercenary centered, but I'm totally flexible. c: Plot wise....We could have them crash on a foreign planet? Get caught up in a war? Take down an evil pirate?
  4. Mmmm... Pirates you say? I think I'm starting to see it... What about some kind of super secret pirate of some kind that trades information of all kinds. the thing is that guy / gal is really sneaky an no body know where is he / she hiding. Playing as some sort of special forces unit, catching that information trader could be the main goal, leaving the RP kind of an "open world" for us to explore, with crazy quests and explosions, action scenes and space, lots of space.
  5. That sounds perfect. Small, elite unit going up against someone armed with the most valuable thing of all-information? Hell yes.
    I'm going to PM you so we can figure out the details. ^^
  6. Oh, I'm so excited!

    Can't wait for Space!
  7. Still looking for roleplays, guys. c:
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