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  1. For Sci-Fi Universes, space travel is almost always a must have. In order to travel to different planets within and outside of the solar system or even to other galaxies, you need some pretty impressive technology.

    You don't have to be a science wizard to create your space travel. All you need are the hows and whys, and be consistent.

    Here are some things to think about:

    • What is the source of your space travel technology? Special fuels? Magic? Dark matter?
    • How easily is this obtained? Is it rare or expensive?
    • Who has access to space travel? Everyone? The government? A single planet? Specific alien races?
    • Are there multiple methods of space travel? Ships? Wormholes? Teleportations?

    If you can think of anything to add in, please do!
  2. Realism. It may sound weird to ask for realism in a fantasy section, but one must make the technology as believable as possible and the characters must behave accordingly as to their position and the technological development of the world. A prime example of doing this wrong is the Alien movie. The characters are behaving like unintelligent vulgar scum, something like some mercenary group today would while simultaneously being able to fly a spaceship and operate incredibly complex technology. That just can not and will be in that situation and it greatly hampers the viewer's ability to be absorbed by the plot. I don't mean that characters can not be scum just because they are in the future. No, by all means, they can be scum but the challenge is to make them the scum of the future, not the one of today. The book is better, though. Another example, which seems almost retarded and idiotic to me is when large ships (I mean mother-ships as big as a city) are being flown by... a joystick or something similar. I mean, okay, for smaller battle ships it can be okay, but other than that it's simply ridiculous. A good example of realism in sci-fy you can find in anything by Sergei Lukyanenko who, in my opinion, is probably the best sci-fy author of our time. Another prime example that comes to mind is Redemption Ark (the whole series is called Revelation space) by Alastair Reynolds, he really puts the "science" part in his sci-fy which many others fail to accomplish. He is also great in depicting the scum of the future. The only real fault is that sometime the science is too much for the uneducated such as myself and in the third book of the series I had to consult my father to explain me the content of whole pages.
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