Space themed adventure anyone?

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  1. I haven't got down any particular plot points yet, but I do have some vague ideas that if people are interested, we could work with and flesh out.

    Basically there would be a 6 to 10 person crew out on some sort of space adventure, it could be for fame and glory or some sort of scientific research, anything. The crew could have all sorts of members on board, half human half alien, just regular alien or a regular human, robots, cyborgs, androids, anything of the sort, as long as you include some basic facts about their species (or specs if they're a robot)

    Also the position of captain on the ship is wide open as I would rather take either a science, or medical role aboard the ship!
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  2. I do love me some space roleplaying. Said you were looking for people, yea?
  3. Yes! I think I'll wait for more people to show interest before making a proper sign up, but I am definitely looking for about 10 people. Not too too picky when it comes to the level of writing as long as it's legible and not too short. More picky about if characters are over or under powered but I have a few ideas as to how I can prevent that from happening.
  4. Yea, naturally. Id be fine with playing a simple human xenobiologist (so he has some knowhow of some aliens but isnt broken in any way). What kind of concept are you going for in the long run?
  5. I'd like the rp to have an element of adventure in it, so, I suppose as with most adventures, there is some goal in mind. Seeing as the character you have in mind is also a scientist, perhaps a scientific expedition of some sort would work.
    I also would like the rp to have some focus on like, how the crew members of the ship all interact with each other, and give time for some character development stuff.

    I've also considered adding in some dice rolling if the site still has that option. (doesn't look like it though but I could be wrong) it would mostly be for any combat that might happen.

    Basically I don't have a super firm plot, so if you have any ideas feel free to throw them around! : )
  6. Do you have plans on making the story have multiple stages, chapters if you will? Because getting focused on player interaction with the ship environment, that may take up the better part of a "Chapter."
  7. I love Space themed anything! I had a really good rp based on space one time and it lasted months, I really need to get into rping again so hey i'm Navi :D
  8. I really prefer not having a lot of people because to be honest the less people there are the small the chance of a delay because some crap weasel doesn't respond to someone's post and then there's discussion about that person and whether or not we decide to move on without them and then it turns into a three day thing before anymore work gets done...BS

    I like the idea of a space crew on some sort of mission, bunch of science types with their muscly protection, most likely military. And the team could of been put together from all parts of the Galaxy by some super rich company or just one person to go to an unknown planet and 'research' its contents for 'science' but really their looking to enslave the primitive humanoid creatures or there's this drug their trying to sell on the black market idk something diabolical.

    Um someone wanna go from there?

    Oh! Oh! Maybe we could be some sort of team of trained military professionals or space rangers who have been gathered from across the Galaxy for a top secret mission or something.

    Ah im babbling...
  9. *crashes though window. Air begins to be sucked out into space* Ah, you should get that fixed. Also, totally in!
  10. *Stares while putting on space suit* Well um...since you're in you should probably fix that...
  11. I'm interested, been searching for a good sci fi RP
  12. More peeps...seems im the only female here lol
  13. Interested, if the timing is good I may be able to join.
  14. Another tin of estrogen fabulous hello there!

    So shall we bounce around ideas?
  15. *Throws a bowling ball at the window* I'm sorry this is beyond my mental capacity.
  16. I like the idea of a top secret mission to a unknown planet. We could pick up a alien egg and get all Alien Isolation up in here.
  17. Ooooo that sounds cool.
  18. I'm so excited *~*
  19. I assure you I will have enough estrogen for all of us.

    Is this RP going to be episodic in nature? I think that could allow us to revise, adapt or magnify the plot as we wished. I wouldn't mind if it were an official military ship, but a privately contracted crew is a good idea too. If you need a captain I'm interested. Is this a six to ten man ship we're planning on, or will we just be playing the important team members on a ship with a larger NPC crew?

    I thought dice worked, but according to that roll it probably shouldn't.

    If I'm the Captain, I also have a preferred ship (which won't actually be a pirate vessel).
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  20. Episodic?? Like having a plot one day and call it an "episode"
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