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  1. I had this idea about a space story / opera that really got me eager to turn it onto a RP. Said that, I'm now looking for someone who enjoys space stuff, future-like technology and of course, space, as much as I do and then sail through the unknown into a ludicrous adventure which will bring us smiles, laughs, tears, sadness, joy, intrigue and many things not even me can expect!

    So the idea I had in mind is pretty basic: Humanity has advanced like a lot, has super cool technology, there are no more wars or conflicts, everything is like a fairy tale. But what now then? To the stars! Yelled someone. But there was a problem: Technology may be very advanced, but the laws of physics say we cant go faster than light, and so, the distances can travel in space are quite limited.

    But that was until now, for Nanocorp, the greatest technology company ever, has developed an engine that is capable of faster than light speeds! Incredible right? So those white coat smarties had duct-taped a few of those engines into an awesome, jaw dropping frigate and put a whole bunch of different people inside. Guess what is missing? You, me, some space and we got ourselves one of the greatest space stories ever talked about in this thread!!!!
  2. This is so AWESOME. I would love to join you on your journey into space FASTER than LIGHT! Wooooooo! I am now very interested in this idea..may I join you?
  3. [​IMG]


    So, there would be anything else you would like to discuss, add or talk about?

    Picture of the ship, by the way:

  4. That ship is so awesome XD *dies*, everything is all futuristic techie stuff?
  5. Yeah. It has it's limits tho. I mean, there is no immortality or rouge A.I. stuff killing humans. The technology is futuristic, flying cars, space ships, some planets on the solar system colonized, etc, but there is nothing super-crazy, I mean, humanity just found a way to travel long distances in space, that's pretty much the limit.
  6. Okay. Makes sense =) Let's see...think of anything else?
  7. Okay..I will.
    This is going to be awesome...XD
Thread Status:
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