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  1. Hello people of this fine role-playing website! For the last couple days I've been thinking about, and refining, an RP idea for the sci-fi board that I hope you'll find some interest in participating in. It's official title would be...


    . In the extremely distant future, when mankind has taken to the stars and colonized a vast network of solar systems for themselves, three massive factions are about to engage in a race to travel to a hidden solar system within deep space. This mission is essential to each, although for different reasons: this hidden system is purported to harbor a single gas giant, upon which (supposedly) exists an ancient alien weapon capable of obliterating entire star-fleets in mere minutes. Well, at least that's what some people claim.

    . The truth is, no one knows for sure what exactly they will find when they locate the system, but the nature of this mission is one of extreme desperation. While I will expand the details of each of these factions, there are three that currently rule all of known space.

    Interstellar Imperium

    The first is the Interstellar Imperium. The I.I. is the largest group, with seven known, habitable planets under their control, and at least twenty orbital space stations under their jurisdiction. The Imperium is also the oldest group: several hundreds of years after the first human colonies in deep space were established, and just before the creation of light-speed travel, the I.I. was created by the unification of the then world powers of earth in order to maintain order in space. This was an imminent need, as pirating, inter-colony skirmishes, and (in some cases) all out warfare became extremely common. The I.I. then took complete command of all the territories, establishing that the needs of all mankind outweighed the interests of groups or individuals.

    Members of the I.I. are typically assigned roles to perform within their own systems. Individuals who are discontent with the occupation or position granted them at birth, and by their class, have two options: they may become a part of the Imperium's military forces, or they may enroll in a universally standard education system with a declared profession that the Imperium will either grant or deny access to upon the participant's completion.

    Overall, the Imperium's rules are strict, but orderly. There is little crime, and an established system that works to keep the masses in control. They have the largest territorial control of any of the three factions. Unlike the L.P.R., however, they maintain conservative interactions with alien species. They allow inter-species trade in specified trade hubs, but do not allow residencies in their territories without strict governmental allowances.

    Above all else, I.I. members value duty, honor, and the collective good of humanity before all other races.

    Liberated People's Republic

    The second is the Liberated People's Republic, which has existed for the last three centuries. Where all roles and occupations are generally pre-determined in the I.I., the people of the LPR are a mix-matched bunch hailing from different backgrounds, who are renowned for creating and doing just about whatever they (as either individuals or groups) want to. While their host worlds are often drastically different, and chaotic in their management, both wonders and abominations of space technology often come from this group of radicals, who's only true allegiance is to their individual needs and desires.

    While the I.I. stabilized space, it robbed many people of their freedoms as well. After centuries of clandestine meetings, and secret arrangements, a splinter group within the I.I. garnered enough support and military prowess to launch an attack on the Imperium's capital to demand their freedom. After twenty years of bloody and intense warfare, the L.P.R--on the brink of total defeat--were saved after a group of engineers and scientists developed a weapon capable of destruction on nearly a planetary scale. The I.I., after witnessing its success first hand in the famed "Battle of Erodor", decided that the relative instability of the L.P.R. could lead to the dispersal of such a weapon commercially if it were allowed to continue in production. Reluctantly, the I.I. granted the L.P.R its freedom. Now, the L.P.R controls four planet colonies, and eight space stations, although the governing body interferes little with its protectorate territories, only demanding compliance when the issues it faces are a threat to the entire republic.

    The L.P.R also widely accepts alien races of all kinds into its territories, believing in free trade between races. Many communities are fully integrated between human and non-human species, although earth--which yet remains under the L.P.R's control--still retains a strictly "human only" residence standard.

    Above all else, members of the L.P.R. value ingenuity, personal profit, and the ideal that the universe--and all its riches--belong to all life-forms smart enough to seize them.

    Talledar Dominion

    The third faction is not comprised of humans at all. In fact, its not even comprised of any known alien races either. Only fifty years prior to the events of this RP, the group (known as the Talledar Dominion) warped into the fringe territories of the I.I., but refused to make contact with any of the probe ships launched in retaliation. Suddenly, and without warning, a war fleet of a thousand ships began bombardments on I.I. territories with advanced, radiation-based weapons beyond anything the I.I. had ever seen. A month later, they arrived in L.P.R territory and did the same. Both human organizations had fought sporadically over the years since their split, but each of the two human factions announced an emergency ceasefire, and tenuous non-hostility pacts to deal with the imminent threat.

    The Talledar are a hive-like group of cyborg creatures, who are impossible to categorize, as their ranks are made up of various races and beings yet unknown to human kind. Each of the Talledar retain individual memories, feelings, and personalities, but are all linked to a central data-net that doles out commands and directions to each of its linked soldiers. To the Talledar, who have already seized six planets of their own to create the Talledar Dominion. To the Talledar, conquest is all that matters. Almost paradoxically, they live to both serve their dominion, and rule the races under their control. Now, as the Mother-Mind demands her followers to once again expand, the Talledar face the greatest opponents in all of their species's history. Of all three factions, they have the strongest military capability.

    The Talledar Dominion has a history greater than all of humankind's, as it has assimilated and dominated individual, non-space faring, worlds for several millennia. Their only wartime disadvantage now is facing two space faring groups of sizable military strength.

    Above all else, members of the T.D. value power, victory, and the glory of death in combat.

    Obviously I intend to expand the lore of each group--and go into greater detail about what they tolerate and what they don't--when the story begins. Also, in the interest of not wasting time and effort, I elected to not go into detail about every world and alien race that exists, but be assured I intend to also explain those as well if this takes off.

    The basic premise is that this is a narrative based roleplay, meaning there is a central story no matter who you are in the galaxy. Each faction will have a specialized team put together to hunt for the hidden system, and in each group I'll be playing a mentor/leader character to help spur along the journey. That being said, the choices each group makes, and the quests they undergo as they explore each system will shape the events of this three way war (even though the L.P.R. and I.I. have a neutral relationship now, there is a sort of cold war going on behind the scenes), so your player decisions will be meaningful to the greater state of the universe.

    If I get enough interest, I'll put up an OOC with available races, and classes (which will be very loose and open to modification) to choose from. If there are any questions about the rough concept I'd love to answer them. :D
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