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Space Pizza Express, at the edge of the Cheb Asteroid Belt, on the far side of the Gunwalloe System, offers you the tastiest pizzas in the galaxy!

From every corner of the universe come aliens, bounty hunters, space scum and diplomats, all hungry for a taste of cosmic ambrosia.

The secret? Millenia-old recipes and pizzas hand-spun in zero gravity. That and the award-winning service!

Today is just another busy day. But all is not well in the pizza paradise.

Trouble is lurking just around the corner...

NAME: (No Albanian names allowed - they've been wiped out in this timeline)

ROLE: (You can either work in the pizza restaurant or be a visiting space traveller)

SPECIES: (Anything goes)

APPEARANCE: (Images make me happy)

STUFF: (What materialistic commodities are bound up in the fetishism of your proto-capitalist pseudo-identity?)

REASON: (Why you here? Why? Why you do this? WHYYY?!!!)

TONE DRONE: This is a comedy sci-fi in the style of Space Balls, Red Dwarf and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It's a roleplay about good pizzas and the perils of fast food. I will troll the fuck out of anyone who interprets the above statement as an excuse for lolsorandom bullshit. You people know who you are.


The best I could come up with was Jennifer Aniston, anyways.
Jennifer Aniston.

ROLE: Disgruntled Space Waitress
SPECIES: coming soonAPPEARANCE: coming soon
STUFF: Space cigs, space flask (to get her through the shift), nail file, standard space waitress apron with a modified quantum singularity stitched into the front pocket's inner-lining- this allows for optimum storage potential, headphones (for ignoring customers)
REASON: Something about working her way through Intergalactic Community College for an alien cosmetology certification, though she hasn't taken any courses for almost a millenia.

NAME: Chuck

ROLE: Pizza Technician


STUFF: Space suit with assorted pizza tools.

REASON: Chuck was part of the original expedition that landed on the asteroid where the Pizza Express is built. His team discovered the fabled Recipe of Raduar, inscribed on alien ruins in the heart of the asteroid, which gave instructions on how to make the famous Dark Matter Stuffed Crust that won the restaurant its universal fame. Chuck guards the recipe to this day and remains the most proficient of the Zero-G chefs.
NAME: Kendra Sademies
ROLE: Live Horse Rancher & Cyberhorse Mechanic (Ever seen a cyborg horse go on the fritz? It's bananas!)
SPECIES: Humanish
APPEARANCE: 5'5", dark brown hair, brown eyes. Covered in dirt and grease a vast majority of the time. Wears no make up. Clothing casual and forgettable.
STUFF: A sack of tools, a single gun, a ship parked out over there, a little bit of space cash, and an uncashed check.
REASON: LONG LONG LONG DAY'S WORK. HUNGRY. NEED PIZZA. Might KILL someone if she doesn't get that pizza. It took two days to do an on-site fixing of some guy's cyberhorse and she's too damned tired to make it home. So pizza and a hotel it is!
Well, you better UN-BUSY yourself!
Ugh. You know this is my kind of thing; it's odd and chat.

I'll see about trading breaktime for early leave. Otherwise I'm likely to show up an hour in at the earliest.

You want to play a sassy waitress, Coffee? I'm going to have to drop out of this one. >_>

I'm taking on some extra shifts at work, so I will be working tomorrow night. *Spends the money on lotto tickets and malt liquor*
T ^T
Teg-san is so cool..
I was excited to chat rp with her involved...
-whimpers softly.-
NAME: Garfield

ROLE: Stray Space Beast

SPECIES: Xandovalian Hungerer



STUFF: I ain't got nuffin'.

NAME: Francois Foret

ROLE: Pizza Waiter

SPECIES: Humanoid newt


Francois is a proud Newtman, despite the fact that his people are denied citizenship from most planets for being slimy and a little standoffish. From childhood, Francois was taught by his parents to never accept this fact and to prove that despite their penchant for sitting in swamps and licking their own eyeballs, his people had a right to be accepted also.

Childhood was not east for Francois. Being considered a second-class citizen means that you don't really get rights or benefits and all that awesome stuff. Francois has lost limbs (they grew back) many times to the bullies who had citizenship. Despite this, he had the love and support of his family which pretty much amounted to nothing. He moved away from home when he was a teenager.

REASON: Francois seeks to teach people that his race is as hardworking and respectable as any other, but the best job he could get was a waiter. So he's doing that.
Name: Lucy

Role: Extra Long Haul Space Trucker

Species: Slolphinant


Stuff: Pulse beam laser gun, used for protection only. Mini kittypillar, a cat/caterpillar-type alien pet, named Chessy.

Reason: Space Pizza Express is on her usual trucking route.
Name: Skyflames Sorrowstream

Role: Visiting Space Traveler

Species: Tauren

she has green eyes but she also has cataracts which makes it hard to see her eye color. She is also very elderly looking and has patches of her fur balding. Her horns look very worn.

Stuff: She does wear the robe and the staff.

Reason: She wants pizza.
NAME: Nameless, though definitely not Albanian.

ROLE: A penguin... that wants delicious pizza.

SPECIES: A penguin.

APPEARANCE: A penguin. apenguin.jpg (the one on the far left)

STUFF: a strong desire for fish... on a pizza.

REASON: For want of a delicious pizza... with fish.