Space Pirates

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  1. In the small, dilapitated village of Okatana there was only one working place and it was a bar. It was rumored that the Tesilact would land here, a huge and well known Pirate Ship. Once a year they headed for each planet looking for new recruits. There was nothing else to say because nobody knew much about them at all.
    However, the universes government was very much corrupted and anything was better than living on the only habitable planet left, Jupiter.

    The universes government known as P.P.P (Protecting Polocy of the People) was also held on Jupiter, once promising the security of the modern man a very long time ago. Now all they do is control them by secret threats. If anyone talked badly about President of Mars Luther Zadicus, disobeyed the law or rebel against the government then they would be "taken away", or in other words killed. With no other habitable planet, obeying was humans only chance at survival.

    One of the few humans waiting was a young woman named Lillith, a lady in waiting for one of the men of the P.P.P George Brannigan. Refusing to become a sex slave, she ran away to Okatana and is now waiting for the legendary Tesilact, for whom she had only heard rumors about.
    Many broken down men were there, waiting for life...for death...waiting for absolution.
  2. Marten had lived in Okatana his whole life. It was the only place that was just barely passed over by the PPP, since the town had nothing worth anything. Besides, he had been born in Okatana, and it was near impossible to get out of the dead-end town. Unless, of course, the fabled Tesilact was coming into port. Which, it so happened, it was.

    To Marten, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. He would finally be able to get out of Okatana, off of Jupiter, and finally get some excitement in his life. All his life, he had heard of what lay beyond the upper layers of cloud--beauty so great it made mortal men cry, treasure greater than any before it, and the chance to go down in history forever. Aboard the Tesilact, this all was possible. And, to a young Jupiterian, born of a human mother and a Jupiterian father, Marten saw pirating as his chance to be seen as not only an equal, but a welcome and wanted member of a society. In Okatana, he was a worthless halfing, and had no place among the human refugees or the native Jupiterians. He was an outsider.

    That day, Marten sat at the edge of the pier, watching the opaque orange and red skies for the silhouette of the Tesilact. Everything he owned was in a bag beside him: a couple changes of clothes, all of his money (which was only a couple hundred Jupiterian marks), and the ornate silver knife his father had given to him when he turned sixteen.

    Mumbling a prayer to the hydrogen gods that there would be nothing to slow the Tesilact's arrival, he raked his long, thin fingers through his hair, his amethyst eyes scanning the sky.


    ((I hope this is okay :) I don't normally do sci-fi rps xD))
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